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Ward 12 (Uptown Chapter) Community Action Network (CAN) April 27th , 2009 - 6:30 p.m. Sudbury Public Library Main Branch Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Brian Kelly, Acting Chair and Secretary; Louis Delongchamp, Treasurer; Pamela Nelson, Communications Coordinator; Joscelyne Landry-Altmann, Ward 12 Councillor, Ginette Forget-Rose, Community Development Co-coordinator, Leisure Services. Janelle Bast, Daniel Boucher, Peter Clark, Bonnie Jackson, Richard Munn, Judith Prior-Kelly, Irene Przbysz, Jim Robidoux, Francis Thorpe, CAN residents Guest Speakers: Bryan Gutjahr, Manager of By-law Enforcement Services Agenda Item 1. 2. Welcome by Acting Chair Brian Kelly. Approval of previous Minutes: Copies of Minutes were distributed to attendees; Brian Kelly indicated that in future, minutes would be distributed to attendees either by e-mail or by post prior to the following meeting. 3. Outcome of presentation to Municipal Heritage Committee: Judith and Pam presented at the April 14 Heritage Committee meeting, and the Committee was greatly in support of investigating our area as a Conservation District. Jason Ferrigan is preparing a plan of action, but was not ready to present as of this meeting. He will tentatively do so at the May meeting. 4. Presentation by Police Services Levels of Crime statistics: In the absence of the scheduled speaker from Police Services, Ginette presented some information on crime rates. Numerical data were not provided; in several categories, the results for January April 09 were: New Sudbury below average, Uptown average, and Donovan above average.

2 It was noted that the information is very general in nature. What was not provided was any historical data, to identify trends in the situation. It was suggested that another attempt be made to have a guest speaker attend the meeting; arrangements to be discussed further. 5. Presentation by Bryan Gutjahr, Manager of By-law Enforcement Services. Mr. Gutjahr listed the numerous services for which his department (of 12 staff) is responsible, including zoning, signage, parking enforcement, lottery licensing, etc. Six By-law enforcement officers are each responsible for about 28,000 residents. Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. 4:30 p.m. M-F, and problems outside those hours need to be referred to Police or Fire services, as appropriate. A number of attendees had questions in this regard; it was apparent that the many requests/complaints would be handled only on a priority basis. Topics included parking, neighbourhood noise (e.g.: barking dogs, etc.), stray animals, tenant disturbances, litter, etc. A lengthy discussion ensued regarding [illegal] parking problems, and Mr. Gutjahr reiterated that off-hour/safety-related parking issues should be referred to the Police. Inadequate signage was also cited as part of the problem. A clarification was made regarding the presence of private parking enforcement personnel at events. The Executive will contact Nicole Charette at the Rainbow District School Board to follow up on alerting event attendees regarding parking restrictions. The discussions then moved to all forms of noise complaints. I brief, Mr. Gutjahr indicated that it was necessary that two or more complainants were needed to get a response from By-law or Police services. Garbage management (individual and business/apartment) was discussed. The attendees described problems with container overflows, untimely placement of garbage on the street, etc. It was suggested that someone from Waste Management be invited to speak to the group regarding garbage bin policy. Ginette undertook to arrange a guest speaker for the next meeting. 6. Clean-up Blitz Ginette Forget-Rose Ginette described the May 9 city-wide Blitz, with respect to process, participant waivers, obtaining garbage bags, etc. A number of attendees expressed interest in participating, and Jim Robidoux kindly offered to coordinate the event. The CAN is required to register their clean up by contacting 311, in order to obtain bags, etc, and to have participants sign waivers for the event. Jim will take care of this. 7. Discussion of CAN priorities: deferred until the next meeting

3 8. 9. Recruitment Strategies: New Business: The subject of the COPS program was raised. It was stated that a training session was scheduled for June, and Jim Robidoux expressed interest in getting involved. Lucia Taskinen, (Citizens on Patrol Coordinator) is the contact person in this regard. Funding for the CAN expenses and initiatives has been obtained. A chequing account will be opened, and Louis Delongchamp, Treasurer, will maintain the account. deferred until the next meeting

10. 11.

Next Meeting: May 25/09 Adjournment