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10 12 7 Editor’s Letter

THE COURAGE TRIBUTE 16 Fitness for the New Year
TO LIVE Byron Fouty holds a spe-
Wilenchik’s Walk for Life cial place in all our hearts.
is in honor of city council-
man, Tony Wilenchik, who
demonstrates a promise to
As one of the thousands
whose life was taken in the 20 Mortgage: Get a Tax Break!
war on Iraq, this is a tribute
his community as he battles to a young man whose

22 Talk of the Town

courageously through a bravery and kindness will
difficult and life-threatening forever be remembered.

26 Government Round-Up
17 19
LOVE TO BALDWIN 30 Marketplace
The grand opening of Love High school students will

35 Sweethearts Bio
to Swim and Tumble School now have the opportunity to
will take place early this compete for The Hal Bald-
month, where owner and win Municipal Government
local resident, Mary Reilly- Scholarship, named after
Magee will open their doors the Mayor for his dedication
to kids from ages 6 months and service to the com-
to 99 years old. munity.

10 12 14 17 19

It’s a brand new year. A time,
in which, I’ve made peace with
the past through reflection and
resolution, and now embark
on new beginnings and greater
opportunities in 2009. With the
onset of another year for which
to learn and grow both personally
and professionally, I set out to find
those people whose influence and
tenacity speak volumes about
character and truth. We’ve chosen
to spotlight many special individuals
Schertz, Roy Jr. continues to serve

I’m sure you’ve heard of Wilenchik’s

Walk for Life. His determination and
will to live as he battles cancer is an
uplifting and heart wrenching story of
a man this city loves and admires. Of
all the challenges we face on earth,
make Schertz the wonderful, economically
the community with a clear mission for strong city it is. We only exist because
the future. of our advertisers and keen community

There is tremendous growth in the city,

with residential communities sprouting
throughout the area, businesses moving in
and expanding, as many new residents call
Schertz “home.” The magazine is growing
Tony remains optimistic as he accepts as well. We’re moving online. Find us at
his fate fighting, making every day
count. You’ll find
more stories of interest with an assortment
in Schertz who are great examples of photos, information and 24-hour
of what we should each aspire for. A Tribute to Byron Fouty, a young interaction. It’s 2009 and an exciting time
The attributes of successful men 19–year old soldier who died while for Schertz Magazine.
and women encompass a diverse on duty in Iraq will always carry an
b y s u pportin
portfolio of qualities for which stand important place in our hearts. His join us
out amongst a crowd. example of honor and duty at such Please zine and the tz!
ga er
a young age exemplifies the true the ma ul City of Sch
This year I challenge each of our sacrifice of one human being for
readers to travel beyond your another.
destination, revel in the moment to We’ve filled this month’s issue with articles
be the very best you can achieve, As a new year begins, I want to to educate and inspire you. It’s a new year.
in work, at home and in the emphasize to all our readers, Take advantage of the great opportunities
relationships you build with those advertisers, and those who support that lie ahead. Allow 2009 to be a
around you. our publication: “We could not beacon of hope towards advancement
do this without you!” Our goal at and enlightenment. As we each travel
The examples of individual traits Schertz Magazine is to inform our our individual paths in life, sketch a bold
I aspire to model after are within readers about what is taking place statement of who you are, display it to the
each of the people we feature in this in our local government and within world. Don’t be afraid to be noticed in a
months issue. Roy W. Richard Jr. the city, improving the quality of life crowd. Smile and feel confident. Live in the
is the ultimate personification of a for each of our residents. We are moment, for within every moment, there is
leader. In the history of his family’s this community’s magazine, here to meaning, there is truth…there is YOU!
devotion and vision for the City of showcase the people and places that

Nicole Ochoa

JANUARY 2009 7
A Legacy of Leadership
Judge Roy W. Richard Jr.

A Father’s Influence
In 1950, a man named
BY Roy W. Richard Sr. opened
EDUARDO ROMERO a small dental office on
Main Street in the quaint
town of Schertz. For forty
years, he was known as
the city’s local dentist. Roy
Sr. believed passionately
in serving the people, and
he had a solid plan in mind
that went beyond his role
as solely a member of the
community. The vision
and leadership of Roy Sr.
led him to become Mayor
Richard in 1960 when
he was elected as the
second Mayor of Schertz.
Mayor Richard Sr. held his
position until 1972 when
he resigned to become the
majority owner of what is
now, Schertz Bank & Trust.
However, he remained
very active in the local
political arena.

The act of Mayor Richard’s

tenacity and promise to
promoting the future of the
city inspired not only the
people around him, but
it changed the dynamics
of his own family; in
particular, his son, Roy
Richard Jr., named after
him. Their relationship
was one built on a strong
foundation of closeness.
Every family has a story to tell; “He was my personal
hero,” says Roy Jr. “At
a story that contributes to a greater the time, the single most
good and demonstrates a profound important person in my
truth of how one man can influence
a generation of people. The Richard
Family of Schertz inspires the efforts
and foresight of a family who took
the initiative to promote a city and its
people to greater prosperity.
The Next Generation Making Significant Strides the betterment of Schertz.
Today, Judge Roy W. Richard Jr., Judge Richard was sworn in as Over the years, Judge Richard
a Justice of the Peace in Precinct Justice of the Peace on January watched his father advocate
3, demonstrates his father’s same 1, 2003. Under the Justice of for city improvements that
loyalty and commitment to the the Peace court, his jurisdiction would change the dynamics of
community as he strives to create oversees all fine-only criminal Schertz both economically and
a better place for residents and cases, Justice and small financially. “My father began our
the city’s youth. Judge Richard claims; however, the amount great path to solid economic
was born in San Antonio, but of controversy cannot exceed growth and every Mayor since
spent his entire life in Schertz. $10,000. If there is one thing any has built and improved the
After graduating from what is person who walks into Judge foundation he established,”
currently Clemens High School, Richard’s court can expect, says Judge Richard. The former
Judge Richard went on to Baylor it’s consistency. “We make Mayor’s belief that local people
University and graduated from sure everyone understands should profit from within their
Law School. the procedures of the court own community led him to
from the beginning so there acquire Schertz Bank & Trust.
“I always had an interest in aren’t any misunderstandings,” “My father wanted to take funds
history and politics,” he shares. he explains. Judge Richard’s and put them back into the
In 1976, Judge Richard became court presides over both civil city’s schools and organizations
the hearings examiner for State and criminal cases. However, to promote the city and the
Comptroller Bob Bullock. In he allows a pre-trial procedure quality of life for our residents,”
the years following, he pursued beforehand to help those he asserts. Judge Richard now
private practice. His role in individuals who want to contest takes over his father’s position
the community extends to their case to see if it can be as owner of the bank. In
many areas including lawyer, resolved without the cost of addition to acquiring the bank,
Justice of the Peace, Economic going to trial. his father purchased a water
Development Board Member and well site in Garden Ridge in the
owner of Schertz Bank & Trust. Like his father, Judge Richard 1960’s, ensuring a good supply
exhibits both authority and of water for the future. Today,
initiative as he sets out to FM 3009 is named after Roy W.
make substantial changes for Richard Sr., who sadly passed
away February 1, 1990.

A Legacy of Leadership members of society,” he says. coast was one of their favorite
Judge Richard co-chaired getaways. “My dad gave me a lot
Judge Richard is the second the last three facility advisory of freedoms in my life,” he says. “I
generation of a political committees to assess the facility didn’t ever want to let him down.”
prowess that leads Schertz into needs of the district. “One of Which is perhaps the reason he’s
a new frontier of possibilities. Of the greatest investments a spent a significant part of his life
the many roles Judge Richard community can make is in its serving others, just like his father.
takes on in the community, he children,” he imparts. The Richard family represents not
parlays his expertise as Director
only how one family can make
on the Schertz Economic Outside of the office, Judge a difference through hard work,
Development Corporation. “We Richard enjoys spending time fortitude and determination; but
have a wide variety of ongoing with family and friends. “It’s a demonstrates how the act of
projects with new businesses very good life,” he remarks. All one person can inspire others
coming to our area,” he of his children are graduates of to reach above and beyond for
remarks. “However, our goal SCUCISD and currently attend the people and place closest
is to see the money we invest college. His eldest daughter to their heart. “I tell my children
returned many times over in the recently graduated from St. what my dad once told me: you
best interest of the people.” As Mary’s Law School. only get out of something what
a Judge, he’s been increasingly
you put into it,” he says. “From
involved with the school district, As for the future, Judge my father’s efforts and through
handling all truancy cases and Richard’s hope is to aid in a the continuity of great leaders we
disorderly conduct. He hopes solid economic path for the have today, I continue to focus
that through the court system, residents of Schertz that is built all my energy toward establishing
he’s able to encourage these on prosperity and continuous and maintaining a good quality of
individuals to correct their growth. As he reflects on past life for all of our citizens.”
behavior in a fair and firm way. memories spent with his father,
“My greatest reward is to see he shares the joy of the two
these kids become productive playing golf. Fishing at the
The Courage to Live:
City Councilman Tony Wilenchik

There are moments in the cancer. He was told he only forty years ago. While Tony was left with little hope
course of a lifetime when had six to nine months to stationed in Norway, he as doctors informed him
we are forced to face the live. met his wife of thirty-one it was non-operable and
unimaginable. An unexpected years, Valerie, who is from chemo-resistant. “It was a
turn of events can cause Almost two and a half England. They first came shock to me,” admits Tony.
upheaval to the normalcy of our years later, Tony continues to the San Antonio area in “I was 170 pounds, in good
day-to-day lives, leaving with on the fight of his life. In 1984 and, eight years later, shape and healthy. I couldn’t
it a question which one cannot the community, he serves decided to move back to believe this was happening.”
deny asking: why me? Those as an active member of Converse before making
are two words Schertz City city council. He extends their home in Schertz. After There was only one
Councilman Tony Wilenchik his support to various retiring from the Air Force possible alternative.
refuses to ask but, nonetheless, organizations educating in December of 1998, Tony He began conventional
are inescapable. For those who and advocating for cancer joined USAA. He worked chemotherapies. Over the
love him, those who respect research, giving of his time in life insurance and later course of time, some of
him, admire his work, his and effort to his family and transitioned into banking the therapies worked, one
tenacity and will to live, one friends and to the people where he became a showed progress for about
cannot help but wonder, WHY? of Schertz, exhibiting a Certified Financial Planner. eighteen weeks, while
true commitment to his others proved unsuccessful.
Tony Wilenchik, also known community and radiating a But, in 2006, everything He was later referred to
as an experienced and avid fervor for life that inspires all he’d known, suddenly took the Cancer Treatment
marathon runner, has lived a those around him. That’s why a dramatic turn. Tony went and Research Center in
healthy, active lifestyle for more the City of Schertz dedicates into the hospital for hernia San Antonio to begin new
than forty years. He’s run forty- this year’s newly inaugurated surgery. Within a couple Phase-1 experimental
three marathons, participated in annual cancer walk as of days, he felt extreme treatments. For thirty-two
the Boston marathon four times Wilenchik’s Walk for Life. nausea and discomfort. weeks, the tumors began
and even ventured through Doctors performed a CAT shrinking and stabilized. In
fifty mile races. But in June THE DAY THAT Scan only to realize he December 2007, progress
2006, his life took a terrible turn CHANGED had stage-4 cancer found stopped and the treatments
when doctors diagnosed him EVERYTHING outside the colon wall. No discontinued. After that
with Stage-4 Leiomyosarcoma Originally from New Jersey, other tests had revealed it time, he’s undergone three
Tony spent a before. “It was metastatic other experimental programs
significant amount of to the liver,” he says. “It’s that either didn’t work at all
time traveling before a rare cancer only found or only showed potential for
making his home in about nine percent of a brief period.
in Texas. He joined cancers.”
the Air Force over Tony will soon begin the fifth
experimental chemotherapy.
“It’s difficult,” he admits
as he must patiently wait
to hear every six weeks
whether or not the tumors
are shrinking. “I’ve been

can’t give
up hope.”
able to tolerate it well here everyday as a volunteer it won’t stop Tony from Insist on answers to your
physically. But my tumors are doing something meaningful being there to support and questions on the availability
definitely growing,” he adds. for my community, which is raise awareness. “Without of new medicines. Stay active
Up to now, doctors have very important to me.” research, I wouldn’t be alive mentally and physically. Don’t
removed nine tumors from today,” he shares. “Cancer give up hope and always
his body. Oddly enough, he’d As a member of the city research helps keep people believe in God,” he shares.
only begun with five. “Tumors council, Tony acknowledges alive longer. I’m a walking Tony’s uplifting message
pop up all over the body,” he all the work they’ve billboard.” speaks of his strong will and
explains. “The ones that are accomplished as a collective audacious spirit to overcome.
removed are done so if they effort. “I’m proud of the As his story continues to In his own testament to
affect my quality of life.” way we’ve handled growth inspire countless others, survive, he will forever lift the
in the city, both residential Tony remains an optimistic hearts and minds of those
The root of Tony’s illness and commercial, while voice for those struggling who have had the privilege to
was found to possibly be maintaining a quality with the same heartache know him.
from a toxin he may have of life and a robust tax he and his family have
encountered almost forty base to support our had to find the courage
years ago while stationed at a services,” he says. Tony to fight through. “I would
base in Vietnam. “I may have recently celebrated seven tell someone like me,
had some kind of contact with years on the council this you can’t give up hope.
the herbicide, Agent Orange,” past December; by far, You need to be proactive
he describes. His illness longer than any other on the Internet. Educate
has been determined 100% councilperson. “I’m no yourself. Talk to your doctor.
service-connected. different than any other city Learn more about
member,” he emphasizes.
It’s been two years and the “I’m just more aware of what the Wilenchik Walk
cancer continues to progress. goes on because of my daily
“The only thing that’s going involvement.” for Life on Page 24!!
to save me is some kind of
chemotherapy to shrink or kill Today, Tony continues to
the tumors,” says Tony. “They stay active in a number of
say it’s just a matter of time roles. As a veteran, he joined
now unless they can come up the board of Operation
with a cure.” Homefront. After working
as a Financial Advisor for
several years, Tony now
A WILL TO SURVIVE teaches the Dave Ramsey
“You live life and at the time,
Financial Course to city
you don’t realize all the people
employees, their families,
whose lives you’ve touched,”
and anyone else who
says Tony. “When I got sick
wants to learn.
it was astounding to my wife
and I how many people from
“The city has given me
all over responded, called
a place to be when
and prayed for me. That was
I had nothing,” he
tremendous. None of this has
says. “My goal is
been easy for us, but their
to give back to
support has made it a lot
the city and to
more bearable.”
the people. I
know I will.
In 2001, Tony was appointed
I’m living it
to city council in order to fill an
now. I want
unexpired position. Since that
to continue
time, he has been re-elected
to help
three more times; in 2003,
people and
2005, and 2007.
serve others.”
“I’ve become great friends
with Don Taylor,” he shares. A MESSAGE OF
“He visited me everyday in the HOPE
hospital when I was sick.” Tony hopes to be strong
enough to walk with his
After realizing the immensity fellow friends, family and
of his illness, Tony had to slow the community at the 1st
down. He gave up many of his Annual Wilenchik’s Walk
active roles in the community for Life, but as he notes,
except for his position on the being in a perpetual
city council. “I started out by state of anemia may
helping with city projects. I’m prohibit that. However,
A Tribute to

Twelve hours after he was on a coffee table to show a

born on April 17, 1988, visitor, a War on Terrorism
Byron Fouty was wheeled Service Medal, Prisoner of
into his mother’s hospital War Medal, the Bronze Star,
room with a sign that and the Purple Heart.
read, “Feed on Demand.”
A nurse then winked at Spc. Fouty, 19, and two
Hilary Meunier and said, other American soldiers been captured, and I was just
“You’re going to have your were reported missing for devastated.”
hands full.” more than a year after their It’s a horrible feeling, and
unit was ambushed on May Meunier said that for more I’m sad of the outcome, but
Meunier certainly did, 12, 2007, near Baghdad. than a year and a half she there’s some relief knowing
recalling that at an early His body was found July 9, cried and prayed that her he’s back on American soil.
age Fouty already had 2008, along with Sgt. Alex first-born child and only son And he’s buried near me, so
developed a stubborn Jimenez, 25, of Lawrence, would be found. “I worried I can visit his grave. I know
streak and independent Massachusetts, buried in a that he was injured and not he’s in a better place.”
spirit while growing up in grave in the Iraqi village of receiving medical attention,”
Walled Lake, Michigan, Jurf as Sakhr. she said. Although she said she
that would eventually lead misses her son terribly,
to his decision to join the The day after Fouty But as each day passed and Meunier believes his spirit
Army to serve his country – attached to Company D, months turned into a year, is still with her, and while
while fighting in Iraq. 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Meunier slowly began to reminiscing about his life,
Regiment – was kidnapped, resign herself to the possibility she told of the time when
“The first time I tried to the Army sent two military that Fouty might be dead. Her at age 6, Fouty wanted to
punish him at age 5, he personnel to Meunier’s fears were confirmed when show off for a girl, so he
climbed out the window home, when she was living on July 10, an Army chaplain decided to jump off a jungle
and tried to run away, but in San Marcos, to deliver the and another military official gym thinking the snow
I stopped him,” Meunier bad news. returned to her home to would break his fall. He
said from her home on confirm his death. broke his leg instead.
Oak Street surrounded “I was notified on Mother’s
by mementos of her Day,” the 45-year-old “I had believed for some Fouty, she recounted,
son’s young life: Fouty’s Schertz resident said. “I time that he didn’t make it enjoyed outings to the
official Army portrait, the saw them walk across the because of who they were lake in Oxford, Michigan,
folded American flag that grass, and my heart just captured by, and there were and spent his spare time
draped his coffin, and sank. I thought he was no POW camps,” she said. “I away from school playing
several medals that lay dead. They told me he had had prepared myself for this. football, skateboarding,

12 JANUARY 2009
snowboarding, After enlisting in the Army in
and hockey. September 2006, Fouty was
He also was a deployed to Iraq in January
die-hard Detroit 2007.
Red Wings fan
and was a wizard “I noticed how his eyes
at playing video shined after he found some
games. happiness and purpose,”
his sister, Sarah Anne Dibler,
Meunier also told a Michigan newspaper
recalled that Fouty, who following a July 22 memorial
possessed a great sense service in Novi. “I know he’s
of humor, could walk into a watching over us with the
crowd of strangers and return same gleam in his eye.”
home, having made several
new friends. He also enjoyed a It was Fouty’s intention,
good nap. “I used to joke that Meunier said, to re-enlist in
he could sleep standing up,” the Army to become a medic
his mother said. after his tour of duty in Iraq.

Shortly after dropping out Fouty never got the chance.

of Walled Lake Central High He was buried July 25 at
School, Fouty told his family Fort Sam Houston National
he wanted to enlist in the
Army. “I took him to the
recruiter’s office,” Meunier
“I noticed
said. “He wanted to go into
the infantry and fight. I begged
him to do anything but the how his
eyes shined...”
infantry, but he was bound
and determined to fight (in
Iraq). With his IQ, he could
have chosen any field in the
A Taste
Like No
Other: BIG

Step inside the cozy, sports- school and spent years as a also possessed a passion On Wednesday nights,
centered pizzeria in Schertz, cook for high-end restaurants for cooking as he grew patrons enjoy bowling
Texas. They’re known for and resorts in San Francisco up preparing multi-ethnic night. “Everyone comes
their Hawaiian style pizza and and Naples, Florida where he foods from Hawaii and the in ready to play with their
eclectic sports-centered venue. worked as a Sous Chef for Philippines. “I’m a simple bowling shirts on,” he
Upon entering, a friendly staff three years. After spending cook with a few tricks up my says. The non-smoking
member greets you; perhaps, many years traveling, Guthrie sleeve,” he says. restaurant caters to a
it’s the owner, Guthrie himself, wanted to make a more highly sports oriented
who welcomes you inside and permanent move to a place “Hawaiian Style” recipes and demographic. Walking
asks you to sit down. Whether he could call home. He scrumptious pizzas have in, patrons notice an
you just came in for a quick remembered visiting San become the restaurant’s assortment of sport jerseys
bite during lunch hour or its Antonio as a child. “It was a staple. “You don’t ever want to pinned on the walls. “All of
sports night with a group of comfortable little city,” Guthrie re-invent the wheel,” he says. our jerseys are donated,”
friends, this local Schertz reflects. I knew it would be a “We have a smaller menu, but says Guthrie.
hang-out makes superior great place to live.” After a year everything we do, we do really
service their priority and; not to in San Antonio, Guthrie and his well.” In the restaurant, he
mention, it’s where you’ll find wife, Adriana who is from Brazil, showcases an array of hot
some of the best pizza around. agreed to move a little farther Currently, the interior of Big sauces he’s collected from
from the city, and Schertz Papa’s reflects more of a around the world. “This
Pizza in the Making possessed a certain aura of restaurant quality; however, has become Schertz’s little
Growing up in Makaha, familiarity to his hometown in Guthrie is in the process of hang-out,” he says proudly.
Hawaii, a small town on the Hawaii. integrating new apparatus that
southernmost part of Oahu, will create a sports bar feel Big Papa’s Pizza
cooking became Guthrie’s Guthrie bought the restaurant, and atmosphere with multiple For Guthrie, consistency
passion. He attended culinary originally named Tailgaters, televisions, games, darts, golf, has been key to his
in December 2007. He’d and an Internet jukebox. success. From a menu

“...but everything we d
of scrumptious and tempting by to deliver an appetizing 18-inch made to satisfy the roughly one year ago, all his
specialty pizzas, mouth- pizza to your neighbor’s entire family. “My customer concentration is focused
watering appetizers, and more, doorstep? The pizzeria offers base is extremely loyal,” here. “I wouldn’t sacrifice
customers enjoy a variety of free, full service delivery to he notes. “It’s all repeat what I have right now,” he
favorites including the Big Schertz residents. business. We’ve never had a says.
Kahuna and The Epic pizzas. complaint.” While he doesn’t
The Mango Chipotle rings are a “I love cooking,” emphasizes boast about the success Come On In
“must-have” appetizer. Some of Guthrie. But while most of his of his business, many The pizzeria provides an
the ingredients in high demand experience has been cooking accolades are expressed intimate atmosphere with a
include Portuguese sausage, in the back of the house, he from those around him. friendly staff that welcomes
that isn’t typically found in says he enjoys a different However, he doesn’t hesitate you in, asks you to sit
Texas. “I have it specially perspective running the entire to show how proud he is down and takes your order.
delivered from Hawaii,” says operation. “You must have a of what he’s accomplished There’s never a rush, they
Guthrie. Or the luau style Kalua passion to do this. I’m here with the help and support simply want you to make
pork “It’s cooked slowly for thirteen hours a day, seven of so many others. “I have yourself at home and enjoy
fourteen hours in the oven, days a week. It’s truly a labor employees who are all the atmosphere and flavors
which gives it an amazing flavor of love.” dedicated workers and who of Big Papa’s Pizza.
when added to our pizza.” I couldn’t manage all of this
Costs are reasonably and without,” he says. “There is a Big Papa’s is located at
He grows fresh basil in the back competitively priced. The Epic trust we’ve built as a team.” 1420 Schertz Pkwy, Schertz,
of the restaurant to which he which includes an abundance TX 78154. The pizzeria is
adds to another favorite pizza of delicious toppings like In response to expanding open daily from 11am-10pm.
called Summer Delight that pepperoni, ham, pineapple the restaurant to multiple Daily happy hours are from
includes fresh tomato and basil, and jalapenos ranges from locations, Guthrie says he’d 3pm to 7 pm. To contact Big
ricotta and ham. Have you seen only $7.99 for a 10-inch pizza eventually like to. However, Papa’s call (210) 566-6464.
Big Papa’s pizza cruiser driving to $17.99 for an enormous only opening his doors

do, we do really well.” JANUARY 2009


Holidays – The Aftermath:

It’s Your Life, Live It Fit!
The Holiday celebrations are over, but the question everyone must ask
themselves is how can we recover from the weight gain and stress that
ultimately comes with it?

According to the American Heart Association, the

average American gains between 5-8 lbs over the
holiday season. One of the best parts of the holidays
is all the delicious food we indulge in, but what people The added stress associated with hectic schedules
don’t realize is the extra pounds and inches gained can and financial worries during the holidays also
be reversed! You’re probably thinking, “great, where contributes to excess weight gain. We can all agree
were you a month ago,” but as I always say, “better late mental health is as important as physical health, but
than never!” often we neglect both!
1. REST. Getting more sleep is crucial to your
energy levels, and will help you be more productive
Cleaning up your diet should be goal number one, both at home and at work.
and here are a few helpful tips to get you on the 2. VITAMINS. It’s sometimes difficult to get your
right track: daily recommended dosage of vitamins and
minerals in your diet, so be sure to take a daily
1. PORTION CONTROL. The first thing to vitamin with antioxidants.
remember is it’s not so much what you eat, but
how much of it you eat. Portions are a major 3. TALK ABOUT IT. Don’t keep your feelings locked
factor in determining just how your body digests, up! Talk to a family member, friend, pastor, or even
stores, and utilizes what you put into it. seek professional assistance if needed.
2. PACE YOURSELF. Slow down when eating,
and encourage children to do the same. Your
body will have a better chance of letting you know
you’ve had enough.
3. EAT SMALL, MORE OFTEN. Several small
meals are much better than two large ones where
you are so hungry you overeat! While these helpful tips can help you bounce back after the
4. SNACK SMART. Stock your shelves with holiday season, there is another other way to help with both of
healthy options like fruits, vegetables, and these issues for maximum benefit. Exercise is about movement
nuts for snacking! You can’t eat junk if it’s designed to increase lean muscle, improve your cardiovascular
not there! health, and strengthen bones, joints, and muscles. By
accomplishing these things you’re able to burn the calories
needed to keep off unwanted inches and pounds, while
lowering your stress levels!

Workout facilities like Anytime Fitness, located at 3820 FM equipment they have on hand. This year Anytime Fitness clients
3009, can help you achieve your fitness goals and get you have lost a combined 172 inches! And, for a limited time only,
on the right path to living fit. Their staff of certified personal mention this article and join Anytime Fitness with NO enrollment
trainers will meet with you to assess your strengths and fee! What do you have to lose, except maybe a few inches?
weaknesses, and introduce you to the state of the art Happy New Year!
- John Cedio – GM/CPT

Schertz Grand Opening:

Love to Swim and Tumble School
Do you love to swim? Most and founder. “We define emphasizes Mary. What variety of classes including
people might feel a bit a swimmer as having the does that mean? As she gymnastics, non-competitive
intimidated by the athleticism ability to swim three-hundred denotes, it’s swimming for games and team work, sports
of a professional swimmer, yards continuously.” fitness, perhaps to participate preparation, cheerleading and
while others profess a lifelong in a triathlon, preparing to more.
fear or simply say it’s just As an accomplished, take a trip to the Caribbean,
too hard. Everyone has their competitive swimmer, coach, or being with friends at a Parents have the convenience
own story from children to teacher and lifeguard, Mary’s swimming pool. “Having of watching their children
adults. However, swimming passion for swimming has taught adults gives me a through glass windows
may be one of the most successfully translated to the great perspective on what to simultaneously in the pool
glorifying expressions of people they serve. It seemed do with children,” she adds. and gym areas. Boys can
physical labor, as it is both a natural progression to open When teaching children, Mary elect to participate in Rough
challenging and rewarding a new location, in a city that notes that kids respond to and Tumble, which is a sports
on many levels. A baby can holds a special place in her swimming similar to their preparatory class for boys
exercise more muscles in heart. Mary is now thrilled to parents. “When parents have ages 5 to 8 years old.
the water, and improve their expand the school into her fear, the kids have fear.”
coordination and balance. For own community of Schertz, All of the staff and coaches
a child, they build confidence where she resides with her For children, there is undergo extensive training
as well as both physical husband and two children. tremendous value in the art in multi-areas of teaching.
and mental endurance. An “We’ve received such a of swimming, but Mary tells They unite together with
adult can overcome fear, positive response from the parents to stay supportive a common vision for the
train for a triathlon, and get city,” says Mary. “People throughout the children’s community, utilizing their skills
a great workout. Perhaps have been calling to sign learning. “Kids plateau in and experience to inspire
most importantly, for those up and ready to join. It’s their learning,” she explains. their students to achieve their
of any age, from infants to wonderful.” “Parents have an expectation goals, both as swimmers and
the elderly, being able to of consistent advancement, as individuals. Not only is
swim can save your life or One of the main reasons but it’s an educational Love to Swim a place where
someone else’s. Regardless Mary has devoted so progression. Kids overcome, people come to learn, but to
of individual goals, swimming much time and energy to master skills and move on.” make new friends, enriching
is a wonderful way to exercise developing the school and That’s why having consistent one’s life in a supportive
the entire body while gaining promoting swimming in the exposure over time is so environment that challenges
confidence, stamina and area, is because she says important to the curriculum you to reach new goals, and
control that can, in turn, they are in the business Mary and her team have helps you take the steps you
benefit every facet of your life. of impacting the drowning developed for the student’s need to attain them. “It takes
statistic. “The majority learning. courage. It takes believing in
This month, Love to Swim of drowning deaths are yourself,” shares Mary. “When
and Tumble School opens a preventable,” she says. “We Another component to someone goes from saying
brand new location in Schertz. need to educate people to the school includes a gym ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can.’ That’s the
Their original location is in learn to really swim,” she area directed by Elaine greatest accomplishment.”
San Antonio where they have advocates. “It broadens what Bangert, Program Director,
been since January 2006. they can do in their life.” who possesses over
Swimmers range from 6 30 years of gymnastics
months old to 99 years of age. Mary admits lots of people coaching experience. The
want to learn to swim, but Tumble School is designed
Love to Swim and Tumble there is a fear. “Swimming for children engaging in
School has one defining goal: is hard,” she says. “People gymnastics, while developing
To create life-long masterful underestimate it.” However, physical and social skills.
swimmers. However, to while it may pose its own set There are Rolli Pollie classes
accomplish this feat “it takes of challenges for adults, it is for children 18 months to 36
consistent swimming,” says attainable. “We want to help months of age. For kids’ ages
Mary Reilly-Magee, owner people learn to swim well,” 3 to 8 years old, there are a

Love to Swim and Tumble School opens January 5, 2009

at 6044 FM 3009, Ste 285, Schertz, TX 78154. For more
information call 210-566-4096 or visit
JANUARY 2009 17
Darla Vosburg is the
winner of the ‘Find
the Plane’ contest in
the December 2008
issue of Schertz
Tales Magazine.
Brad Bailey,
City of Schertz
Media Relations
Director, presents
a Bellacino’s gift
certificate at the
restaurant. Ms.
Vosburg was the
25th respondent to
correctly identify
the advertisement
‘hiding’ the plane.

Look for this

HIDDEN Schertz
plane in one
Schertz Tales Magazine
somewhere in every
issue of Schertz ‘Find the Plane’ Winner
Tales. Be the 25th
person to email
com and win!

18 JANUARY 2009

It is hard to imagine that 50 years to pursue leadership roles in civic
Named in
have passed since the City of
Schertz was incorporated. And,
while he hasn’t been here since

Taylor further described Baldwin’s

Honor of
the beginning, Schertz Mayor Hal
Baldwin and his wife Barbara have
career in the Air Force, his
work with Urban Renewal, Schertz
called Schertz home for more than
forty years.
his time as Tax Assessor, as
SCUCISD business manager,
as a city council member, and
Since relocating to Schertz in the
late 1960s, Baldwin has witnessed
a sleepy town of less than 5,000
ultimately as mayor. “Under his
leadership, the City has nearly
doubled in size and continues
Hal Baldwin
residents grow into San Antonio’s to develop economically and
largest suburb. During that period financially,” said Taylor. “The Mayor
of rapid transformation, the retired has dedicated his life to Schertz
Air Force Senior Master Sergeant and he epitomizes public service.”
has been present for the booms
and the busts, as well as the good According to council member Tony
and the bad. In May 2008, Baldwin Wilenchik who helped establish the
entered his 15th year as Mayor program, the $1,000.00 scholarship
when he was reelected to office provides a vehicle for rewarding
with over 80 percent of the vote scholastic excellence and honors
and in the process he became Mayor Hal Baldwin, “a great by the application deadline. The board
the longest serving Mayor in the American who has dedicated over will judge the essays and select the
region. 35-years of his life to municipal top three applicants to be interviewed.
government.” Final selection of the scholarship
In recognition of the mayor’s recipient will be made in May with the
service to the community as The annual contest is open to award being presented at the student’s
well as his work in both city and any City of Schertz high school graduation ceremony or at another
school government, Schertz City senior either enrolled in an appropriate location.
Manager Don Taylor unveiled accredited high school or being
the Hal Baldwin Municipal home schooled who is currently Following announcement of the
Government Scholarship program in a civic/government class or scholarship program, the usually
following a city council meeting on being taught about government. jovial Baldwin was nearly speechless.
November 18, 2008. Surrounded Brad Gildea, Special Projects Surrounded by his wife Barbara and
by four generations of Baldwins, Director for Schertz, said that most of his family, he thanked the men
as well as current and former every fall an essay topic will be and women who helped Schertz literally
City of Schertz employees, selected by a three member “make the map.”
management, and council scholarship board. Schools will
members, Taylor read through the be notified and the information More information about the Hal Baldwin
Mayor’s accomplishments and about the program will be posted Municipal Scholarship program is
explained to the audience that “the at various city offices. Participants forthcoming and will be available at
scholarship was established to must then submit an essay and To view photos
be an annual essay and interview a nominating letter from their of the scholarship program kick-off
competition with the expressed civic/government teacher or their ceremony, visit us at
purpose of motivating students parent if they are home schooled


JANUARY 2009 19
P PROPERTY TAX your exemption (and lower necessary changes, to taxes from their taxable
taxes) for 2009. Here are ensure all your exemptions income (up to $1,000 for
ADVANTAGE the website addresses are in place for 2009. married couples and $500
for the three counties that for others). Talk to a tax
If you purchased a home to live Schertz spans, along with If you have owned and specialist to find your best
in as your primary residence, it phone numbers if you prefer lived in your home for a option.
is considered your ‘homestead” to call in. Of course you while and never filed - it
in the State of Texas. You get can always go in person if is not too late for 2009. A full year of interest,
a property tax reduction on one you prefer. There are no refunds for plus property taxes, plus
home you own - the home that previous years, but you mortgage insurance on a
they label as their “homestead.” Guadalupe County can file for 2009 forward. home valued at $185,000
Just register the home as your It’s your responsibility to equals about $14,566. If
homestead with the county 830-303-3313 or 210-945- ask for the exemptions, or you are in a 28% tax bracket
appraisal district and apply for 9708 you will not receive them! and you bought a home -
the homestead tax exemption. Bexar County you would not have to pay income tax on that $14,566.
The appraisal district serves 210-224-2432 INCOME TAX This would reduce the
all the taxing authorities - city, Comal County ADVANTAGE amount of tax you owe for
county, school, water district, the year by $4,078.
etc - yet you only have to file 830-625-8597
once to have the exemption put This is the big savings!
Federal income tax law $14,566 seems like a lot of
in place for all your property You may also be eligible money to be paying out - it
taxes. allows you to itemize and
for additional property tax deduct from your income comes to about $1,214 per
exemptions - disability, – dollar for dollar – the month. What would rent
This is a free service provided over 65, or agricultural use have cost you? Would your
by the appraisal district and it amounts you have paid
exemptions for example. for interest, property tax landlord have given you
can save you several hundred Be sure to check them all back $4,078 of that rent at
dollars per year! and mortgage insurance
out! on your homestead. You the end of the year?
Go to the website for your itemize these deductions
Eligibility for an exemption on Schedule A of your tax When you take the tax
County Appraisal District and is based on ownership of reduction into account, the
pull up the form for Homestead return. Even taxpayers
the property on January who take standard home has actually only cost
Exemption. Fill it out and send 1, so now is the time to you $874 per month!
it in to make sure that you get deductions will be able
check it out and make any to subtract property

20 JANUARY 2009
The Benefits
of Home Ownership

Did you buy or refinance a home in 2008?

Good for you!

But don’t stop there! Now is the time to

make sure you take advantage of the three
ways you can still save additional money:
property tax, income tax and with the new
interest free income tax credit for first time
home buyers.

If you receive a very large federal income tax return the new home owner owes still due out of your proceeds
tax refund, you may want and can receive a refund - not just a deduction from from the sale. When the
to review your W-4 with check from the IRS for up taxable income (like the home is sold, if there is not
your employer to see if you to $7,500. If you owe tax, property tax and interest enough money to pay back
should adjust the amount but it is less than $7,500 you deduction). The credit is the tax credit, the balance
of exemptions you are can get a check from the calculated as 10% of the owed is forgiven.
claiming. IRS for the difference. home purchase price, with a
maximum credit amount of Talk to your tax preparer
Instead of receiving such There is a repayment $7,500. to see if you qualify for this
a large refund at tax time, requirement so the Federal credit,
you may find it more Treasury gets the money 3. There is an income limit
beneficial to contribute back and hopefully home imposed - single taxpayers Property tax exemptions,
more to your 401k or to buyers will benefit from with incomes up to $75,000 income tax deductions and
increase your take home stabilized and eventually, and married couples with up to a $7,500 tax credit!
pay. Just another benefit of increasing future housing incomes up to $150,000 Ahh, the beauty of home
homeownership! prices. You pay the $7,500 qualify for the credit. If your ownership!
back at a rate of $500 per income is above the limit,
year over fifteen years. you may still qualify for a
2008 HOUSING partial tax credit.
AND ECONOMIC There are a few rules:
4. This tax credit works like
RECOVERY ACT 1. To qualify you must be an interest free loan and
TAX CREDIT must be repaid at a rate of
a “first time homebuyer”
- meaning you have not $500 per year over a fifteen- BY
The 2008 housing stimulus owned a home in the last 3 year period. MADGE
package, which was passed years - and you must have RASHELL
to help stabilize home prices purchased a new primary 5. You do not start making
and increase home sales, residence between the payments until two years Madge Rashell has 28 years
makes some first-time dates of April 9, 2008 and after the credit is claimed, experience in all phases of real
homebuyers eligible for a up to July 1, 2009. so it will be 2010 or 2011 estate closing, legal and finance
before payback begins. areas. Currently a financial
$7,500 tax credit. literacy consultant and manager
2. This is a TRUE Tax Credit of a thriving mortgage banking
How does it work? You just - a dollar for dollar reduction 6. If the house is sold, you company.
claim the tax credit on your in the amount of tax that must pay the entire balance

Schertz Tales Magazine

Launches Online Website
The World Wide Web is all the
VRTX Technologies rage! You can find out just about
anything as it’s happening.
Promotes Protecting Now Schertz Tales has joined
the Environment the information age with the
Stay up-to-date with what is
It seems as though everywhere going on in and around the
you turn today companies are Schertz community. Check out
proclaiming they are “green” Exclusive Online articles; video
and “eco-friendly.” Of course, and photo updates; community
for many organizations these happenings. Also, leave us a
are buzz words that help them comment and get sneak peaks
communicate new initiatives to of future issues of Schertz
the consumer, not functions of Tales. Check us out at www.
their industry.

VRTX Technologies is
different. While the company is
environmentally-friendly, it actively
works to ensure the description is
not just an ideal, it is a way of life. To enter your event or
Learn More about VRTX
Technologies online at announcement in Talk of the Town, email
your entry to
Knights Win State Football
The Buffalo Valley There were two additional
Youth Association Knight’s teams. The Flag
Knights started playoff Team competed well
competition within the throughout the season and
Texas Youth Football were playoff contenders.
Association (TYFA) on Flag head coach Todd
November 15, 2008. All Porter led his team to the
four teams made the semi-final round, eventually
playoffs and the Midgets losing to State Runner-up,
and Rookies advanced to the Hutto Hippos. The Knight’s
State Finals in Round Rock, Junior Team, led by head
Texas on November 30, 2008. Coach Mike Miller, won 1st
For the first time in BVYA place during regular season
history, we brought home two play. This very talented
championships in a single year team was upset in the first
– the only organization in Division
round of the play-offs, which
2 to accomplish that distinction. was a surprise for the entire
league. All four teams now
The teams began practicing in head into the off-season
the hot August heat last summer. where most will start playing
There were many kids who did not basketball and, later this year,
continue on with the season, but baseball. Buffalo Valley Youth
most were ready to go when games Association, the premiere
began. This is just the second season youth activity organization
that the Knights participated in the of south Texas, is extremely
Texas Youth Football Association, so proud of all of these student
expectations from other organizations athletes and the cheerleaders
were not high and now these kids are who supported the boys
known around the state! throughout the year.

Tara Berr hy by:

We Are The
The Knights (Midget Division), under head
coach Sean Brown, won a hard-fought game
against the Brush Country Rattlers from
Pleasanton, Texas with the final score of 12-7.
These teams are comprised of boys, ages 6
and 7. With this win, the Knights finished the
season with a perfect 11-0 record.

JANUARY 2009 23

Wilenchik’s Walk:
Raising the Bar for Cancer Research
“It’s just a random only 3 people a year are clared cancer-free in Decem- away and support our family
occurrence that changes diagnosed with this form. ber 2006! Wilenchik has also members and friends like
lives, and sometimes takes After visiting with his doc- beaten the odds and survived Tony Wilenchik who need ex-
our friends and loved ones tor, Justin was referred well beyond the six-month perimental research to help
away,” said Cindy Raleigh, to the Cancer Therapy & prediction given him by keep them in the fight.”
wife of cancer survivor Research Center (CTRC) doctors in 2006. And while
Justin Raleigh and an at The University of Texas Wilenchik is now preparing to “Wilenchik’s Walk for Life
event organizer of the 2008 Health Science Center at begin a fifth experimental pro- was formed with the singular
Wilenchik’s Walk for Life. San Antonio. goal of raising money for the
cedure shortly, he is still going
strong over two years later. Cancer Therapy and Re-
In August 2006, Raleigh’s Like Raleigh, Schertz City search Center and support-
husband Justin, a young Council member Tony According Schertz Assistant ing its mission to conquer
active 29-year-old, was Wilenchik was diagnosed Manager John Bierschwale, cancer through research,
diagnosed with cancer. “It with cancer in the Fall of research and prayer are prevention and treatment.
does not care how old you 2006. He was told that why people like Raleigh and Scheduled to take place
are, how many children his cancer was non-oper- Wilenchik are alive today. March 7, 2008 in Schertz,
you have, how long you able and chemo-resistant: “Who cancer strikes is indis- the walk itself is set for the
have been married. It does He was only given six to criminate,” said Bierschwale. morning of March 7, 2009.
not care if you are healthy nine months to live. Like “That is why everybody needs Participants will have the op-
and happy. It can come at Raleigh, Wilenchik and his to do there part to support portunity to walk individually
any time.” family never saw it com- cancer research and institu- or as teams on Schertz Park-
ing. In point of fact, Tony tions like the Cancer Therapy way. The walk ends at the
At the time of the diag- was still running mara- & Research Center in San Old Schertz Public Library
nosis, Cindy and Justin thons just a few months Antonio.” where there will be plenty of
had been married for 7 earlier. Ultimately, Tony food and entertainment for
years and were blessed was referred to CTRC In early 2007 City of Schertz the whole family. Sponsors,
with a beautiful daugh- and participated in four employees decided that it volunteers, donations, and
ter. “My world fell apart,” separate experimental was time to develop a pro- teams are currently being
said Raleigh, “He is my procedures. gram to encourage residents sought! Registration informa-
best friend and I couldn’t to participate and raise funds tion for individuals and teams
imagine life without him. Fortunately, with help from for cancer research. “So will be available online at
‘Terrified’ was the only God, loving friends, family, many of our co-workers and
word that could explain my excellent doctors, and the friends have been afflicted
feelings. Not only was he knowledge that cancer by this disease,” explained Learn more about the mis-
attacked by this disease, research has gained with organizer Kim Lewenski. “We sion of CTRC at
but he was attacked by a the help of donations, just want do our part to honor
cancer that is so rare that Justin Raleigh was de- loved ones who have passed By Brad E. Bailey

24 JANUARY 2009
Adopt a Pig at the
Schertz Library
The Schertz Library, in conjunction
with Capitol One Bank, is
sponsoring a fund-raising activity
by giving out 600 piggy banks to
people who would agree to feed
them pennies (other coins are also
acceptable). Once the pig is full,
the adoptive family would pay a
visit to Capital One Bank, empty
the pig into the change counter Special story times
and take the receipt to a teller, who with refreshments will
would deposit the money into the be provided by Capital
Schertz Library Account. The family One Bank at the Schertz Library
supports the library and they get to on Wed., January 14th, 10 am-12 Noon
keep the pig! and on Thurs., January 15th, 10 am-12
Noon and 3:30 pm-4:00 pm.
The program also will include a best
pig name contest, recognition for For more information about the adoption
the “pig families” in Schertz Tales program, contact: Gail Douglas at
and prizes. 619-1712.


Thinking about putting in a Area is free to the general public. and how to do it;
vegetable garden this spring? Shop for bedding plants and 3. how to harvest rainwater to
Want to grow tomatoes, peppers, seeds, annuals, fruit trees and water your garden.
cucumbers and other edibles? other quality garden products.
Don’t know what to do to get See a demonstration of rain water Pre-registration seminar cost
started? Let the Guadalupe County harvesting. Have your hand tools is $25 per person or $35 per
Master Gardeners show you how sharpened. Get advice from couple; $30 & $40 at the door.
it’s done. Join us Saturday Feb. local experts on gardening and Registration includes a hot
7th starting at 9 a.m. for the First landscaping. lunch catered by McBee’s BBQ
Annual “Grow Local Festival” at and chances to win great door
the Schertz Civic Center located at Need more in-depth gardening prizes.
1400 Schertz Parkway. info? Attend the “Backyard
Vegetable Gardening” seminar For more information visit our
The Festival is co-sponsored by from 9:15 a.m. to 3 p.m. The website at www.guadalupecount
Schulz Nursery, New Earth Soils seminar will cover: or contact
and Compost, Fanick’s Garden Linda Bruno, 210-363-8380 or
Center and the City of Schertz. 1. the “basics of raised-bed
The Schertz Civic Center’s Vendor vegetable gardening – the “how”
Area will be open from 9 a.m. to and the “why”;
3:30 p.m. Admission to the Vendor 2. the best vegetables to plant

The City of Schertz will be

holding a General Election on
May 9, 2009 to elect officials for
Council positions for a two-year
term. The current positions to
be considered on the May 9th
ballot are Council Places 3, 4
and 5. Place 3 - Councilmem-
ber John Trayhan, Place 4 -
Councilmember Tony Wilenchik
and Place 5 - Councilmember
Michael Carpenter, currently
hold these seats.

The first day to file for a place

CARPENTER APPOINTED on the ballot along with a $5.00
filing fee is February 7, 2009
MAYOR PRO-TEM Deadline to file is 5:00 p.m. on
March 9, 2009 with the City
Secretary’s office.
Place 5 council member Mi- Carpenter graduated with hon-
chael Carpenter was sworn in as ors in 1994 from State Techni-
Schertz Mayor Pro-Tempore by cal Institute at Memphis (now
Mayor Hal Baldwin on Decem- Southwest Tennessee Commu-
ber 2, 2008. First elected in May nity College) with an associate’s
2005 and re-elected in 2007, degree in paralegal studies. In
Carpenter serves as the coun- 1996, he graduated with honors
cil liaison to the planning and from the University of Memphis
zoning commission, the library with a bachelor’s degree in
board, the youth commission liberal studies.
and the 50th anniversary com-
mittee. In 1996 and 1997 he attended
St. Mary’s University master’s
He also is active in the commu- program in clinical psychol-
nity as a member of the Knights ogy. In 2004, he graduated
of Columbus and serving in sev- from Webster University with
eral ministries at his parish, Our a master’s degree in business
Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic administration.
Church in Selma.
The Memphis, Tennessee, na-
Council member Carpenter tive is married to Melissa (also
works as a business develop- from Memphis), his wife of 15
ment manager for the IT firm years. Michael and Missy have
Avnet, Inc. He is in his ninth year two sons.

26 JANUARY 2009

E E:
pril 27th –
PU CE, A : 8:00 a.m. to Friday, May 1st:
5:00 p.m.
ay 4th – Tu
teen eigh
a g e of e; 7:00 a.m. to esday, May 5th:
d the offic 7:00 p.m.
at taine filing for
Hav time of ime
th e r a t the t
at vote
g i stered ; Early votin
re ce g
Be a g for offi he Guadalupe will be held at the
of fili
id e n t of t utive E
1101 Elbel lections Office,
res sec Road, Sch
b e en a st six con eceding ertz Texas.
Have or at lea iately pr If you have
f d
City hs imme ; fu
please feel rther questions,
n t e on free to con
mo for offic e City ded, City Secre tact the
g th ta
fil in r to ro i
v 1030 or 61 ry’s office at 619-
n o bligo st due, p y be 9-1031. C
ea pa ma packets w a
ill be availa ndidate
Not b bligation a person if such City’s web ble on the
any ver, that ld office ely con- sit
o www.sche e at
howe d and h eing activ e forum.
e c te is b priat
el ation he appro
o b lig t
d in
ay for su ca-
td pli
0 9 - Las ration ap ction.
9, 20 egist e ele
April g voter r vote at th an be
mittin time to ion card ibrary,
it on in registrat chertz L ces.
r S ffi
Vote d up the ounty o
ic k e d C
p an

JANUARY 2009 27
2008-2009 SEWER BILLS
Sewer averaging for the winter months Commonly, unexpectedly high water bills
begins November 1, 2008 and continues can be traced to leaks (toilets, automatic
through February 28, 2009. Meter read- sprinkler systems, etc.), or “running” toi-
ings taken over this three-month period will lets. Garcia also suggests that residents
determine your sewer average for the next limit landscape water use, be frugal
billing year, which begins April 1. The read- when washing automobiles, and limit
ings will be averaged, and that average will unnecessary water use during the water
be multiplied by $2.24 for residents with an averaging period.
average below 12,000 gallons. For residents
with averages over 12,001 gallons the aver- The following are the averaging dates
age will be multiplied by $2.43. That total will for each billing cycle (identified on your
be added to the base rate of $3.75 (residen- water/sewer bill):
tial use). Cycle 1: Nov. 29 - Feb. 29
Cycle 2: Nov. 4 - Feb. 4
Customers are encouraged to use water Cycle 3: Nov. 22 - Feb. 22
conservatively throughout the averaging Cycle 4: Nov. 11 - Feb. 11
months to ensure their sewer/water bills Cycle 5: Nov. 4 - Feb. 4
remain manageable. People who use large Cycle 6: Nov. 15 - Feb. 15
amounts of water (watering the yard, bath, Cycle 7: Nov. 15 - Feb.15
etc.) during the averaging months can expect
higher sewer bills for the next billing year. If you are not sure of your cycle billing,
Karen Garcia, Schertz Business Office Man- please check information on our web
ager, advises customers to double-check site at: For more
all residential water systems (toilets, show- information on water and sewer billing,
ers/baths, outdoor faucets, etc.) for leaks averaging or other related topics, or call
and make sure their appliances are in good 210-619-1100.
working condition.
New Years Holiday Schertz Historical
City Offices Closed Preservation Committee
No Trash Collection Meeting, 6:30pm
Council Chambers
New Years Holiday Schertz Youth
Commission Meeting,
City Offices Closed
6:30pm - Admin Bldg

Martin Luther King
Parks & Recreation
Advisory Board
City Offices Closed
Meeting, 6pm
Community Center
Library Advisory
Board, 7pm TUESDAY, 20
Admin Bldg City Council Meeting,
TUESDAY, 6 Council Chambers
City Council
Meeting, 6:30pm THURSDAY, 22
Council Chambers Schertz Economic
THURSDAY, 8 Corporation
TSAC, 5:30pm Meeting, 11:30am
Council Chambers Council Chambers

Citizens Police MONDAY, 26

Academy Alumni Parks & Recreation
7pm - Police Dept Advisory Board
50th Anniversary Meeting, 6pm
Committee Meeting, Community Center
7pm – Admin Bldg Board of Adjustments
Meeting, 6pm
MONDAY, 12 Council Chambers
Buffalo Valley Youth
Association, 6pm TUESDAY, 27
401 Oak St City Council Meeting,
TUESDAY, 13 Council Chambers
City Council
Meeting, 6:30pm WEDNESDAY, 28
Council Chambers Planning & Zoning
Meeting, 6:30pm
WEDNESDAY, 14 Council Chambers
Planning & Zoning
Meeting, 6:30pm
Council Chambers

JANUARY 2009 29
Chamber Members...
The Festival of Angels was such a wonderful and fun event for all
those who attended, especially the children. Once again our com-
munity came together to celebrate the holidays and provide a winter
wonderland for the kids to play, see Santa and experience snow.
The Schertz Chamber of Commerce handed out 42 1⁄2 dozen cup-
cakes provided by the Schertz Chamber of Commerce and City of
Schertz. Thanks to our members and businesses for the continued
support of such a fun event, and a special thanks to Jeanine Claus
and her mother for helping with passing out the cupcakes!

The judging of the lighting contest

took place December 10 and
the finalists were notified with a
sign in their yard on December
15. With so many extraordinary
decorations the choices were truly
overwhelming, but alas a decision
had to be made. The winners
were presented a trophy by the
City of Schertz Economic Devel-
opment during City Council on
December 16. Congratulations to
the winners!
The speaker for our January
lunch program will be Sena-
tor Jeff Wentworth who will be
bringing us an update on what’s
happening at our State Capital
and issues that may affect our
area. Please contact the Cham-
ber offices at 566-9000 or e-mail to
RSVP. Cost is $10 with RSVP and
$15 at the door. The luncheon
will be held at the Schertz Civic
Center on January 30 at 11:30am.
This is sure to be a popular
program so be sure to make your
reservations no later than
January 23.
Until next time, remember to...

30 JANUARY 2009
Schertz Chamber MARKETPLACE
Dear friend, Cooper, who are the cute kids in the picture. They get please call right away because this offer expires on February 15,
I want to give credit where credit is due. So, perhaps adjusted regularly and are some of the healthiest kids 2009, and I don’t want you to miss out. By the way, further care is
a confession can help clear the air so there’s no you will know. Their mom is also problem-free even very affordable and you’ll be happy to know that I have affordable
misunderstanding, Before I talk about my confession, with all the bending and lifting a busy mom of two does. plans. You see I’m not trying to seduce you to come see me with
though, let me say a few other things first. It might seem like a small thing, but it makes a big this low start up fee, then to only make it up with high fees after
Let me start by explaining the photo in this letter. You difference to her. that. Further care is very important to consider when making your
know, when I meet people in town they usually say, “Oh, It’s strange how life is, because now people come choice of doctor. High costs can add up very quickly.
yeah, I know you, you’re Dr. Martin. I’ve seen your ad with to see me with their neck, arm and shoulder problems. Great care at a great fee…Please, I hope that there’s no
that picture of you and the two cute kids.” Well, I’m the guy Also they come to me with their headaches, migraines, misunderstanding about quality of care just because I have a
in the middle. Years ago I was a college baseball player, but chronic pain, carpal tunnel, whiplash from car accidents, lower fee. You’ll get great care at a great fee. My qualifications…
I developed a painful neck, shoulder and arm condition. In backaches, ear infections, asthma, allergies, numbness I’m a Magna cum Laude graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic
my case it came on suddenly. The pain in my hands was in limbs, athletic injuries, just to name a few. College and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I’ve been
so intense that I couldn’t raise my arm above my head or Here’s what some of my patients had to say: entrusted to take care of tiny babies to pro athletes that you
even throw a baseball. I was afraid that I would lose my “I have not had a headache in months”- (Mary J.) may know. After practicing for four years in San Antonio I
scholarship if it continued. I went to my trainer and medical “Mood and attitude have improved” – (Lisa A.) moved my practice to Schertz. I just have a low exam fee to
doctor and was given anti-inflammatories. The problem Several times a day patients thank me for helping help more people who need care.
with those medications is that they just mask the symptoms them with their health problems. But I can’t really take My Associate, Dr. Kyle Stringer, brings over five years
and in my case did not help. Finally, after steroid injections the credit. My confession is that I’ve never healed of experience to our practice with the latest in pain-free
I decided against it. But, there’s more…A family member anyone of anything. What I do is perform a specific techniques.
of mine convinces me to give their doctor a try. This new spinal adjustment to remove nerve pressure, and the My assistant is Rebecca, and she is really a great person.
doctor did an exam, took some films, and then “adjusted” body responds by healing itself. We get tremendous Our office is both friendly and warm and we try our best to
my spine. The adjustment didn’t results. It’s a simple as that! make you feel at home. We have a wonderful service, at an
hurt, it actually felt good. I Forty-eight million Americans no longer have health exceptional fee. Our office is called
got relief, and I could use insurance, and those who do have found that their Schertz Chiropractic and it is at 17323 IH 35 North Ste 106,
my arm again. Oh, benefits are reduced. That’s where my I come in. I have (we are between 3009 and Schertz Parkway on the 35 South
did I mention that a significantly lower fee plan so that more people are Access Road). Our phone number is 210-646-6000. Call
this doctor is a able to afford the care they need. A whole week of Rebecca or me today for an appointment. We can help you.
c h i r o p r a c t o r. care in my office costs what you could pay for one visit Thank you.
It worked so elsewhere. Studies show that people actually pay less
well that I went for their long-term overall health care expenses if they -Patrick W. Martin, D.C.
to chiropractic are seeing a chiropractor.
school myself. You Benefit from an Amazing Offer- Look, you are P.S. When accompanied by the first, I am also offering the
Now for going to write a check to someone for your health care second family member this same examination for only $10.
McKenna expenses, you may as well write one for a lesser amount
a n d for chiropractic. When you bring in this article, you will P.S.S. Your time is just as valuable as ours, that’s why we will
receive my entire new patient exam for $17. That’s with be with you promptly at your appointment.
an evaluation and X-Rays….the whole ball of wax. But,

JANUARY 2009 31
ARKETPLACE To advertise please call (210) 619-1060, or visit

32 JANUARY 2009
MARKETPLACE To advertise please call (210) 619-1060, or visit

To advertise please call (210) 619-1060, or visit

Look for this HIDDEN Schertz

plane in one
advertisement somewhere in
every issue of Schertz Tales.
Be the 25th person to email and
A Gift Certificate for:

34 JANUARY 2009
(R-L) Miss Friendly City, Sarah Corder; Miss Sunshine
Julianne Royce; Miss Tri-County, Crystal Wilson;
Miss Schertz, Taylor Weidman; Miss Liberty, Sarah
Wiley; Miss Freedom, Ellen Goos

this month is
Miss Tri-County,
Crystal Wilson
Hey Y’all, my name is Crystal
Wilson, also known as Miss Tri-
County, or Peaches by my Dad. I
am the fourth of five children from my
parents Joe and Kathy. My brothers, to
whom I am known as Rugrat, and Munch-
kin, are Jeremy, Brian, and Jason. I have two
sister-in-laws, Erica and Gayla. I have one little
sister Emily. I have also been blessed with two nieces,
the sunshine of most of my days, Samantha and Lily, with a
third on the way. I have attended school in the SCUCISD from the
time I was at Northview, as a kindergarten student, to finishing my public
school years at Samuel Clemens High School where I am currently a senior.
I love to stay active, at school I am a 3rd year buffalo varsity cheerleader, a
four-year member, and two-year section leader in the Mighty Buffalo Band.
I am proud to say I am a member of the National Honors Society, Ad-
vanced Placement, and the International Baccalaureate Program. Outside
of school, I attend Schertz United Methodist Church, where I am a mem-
ber of the youth group, choir, and a Sunday school teacher, as well as a
nursery worker. I have lived in Schertz for 14 years and consider it to be the
only home I can hold in my heart. After attending Texas A&M Corpus Christi
I would love to come back to Schertz and teach 1st or 2nd grade in the
district. As an overall summary I would like to say I love giving, sharing my
time with others, and being an outgoing optimist. JANUARY 2009 35
City of Schertz
1400 Schertz Parkway
Schertz, Texas 78154

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e C
A R K E T P LtoAbe!
M he place

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magazine published by the
City of Schertz featuring the people
and places who contribute to its reputation
-Human interest stories and special features
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-Arts & entertainment
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