CHAOS2010 Mayorov | Chaos Theory | Dynamical System

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June 1 - 4, 2010

Chania Crete Greece

MAICh Prefecture of Chania Swets


Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference
Chania, Crete (Greece) June 1 - 4, 2010 It is our pleasure to welcome the guests, participants and contributors to the 3nd International Conference (CHAOS2010) on Chaotic Modeling, Simulation and Applications. The study of nonlinear systems and dynamics has emerged as a major area of interdisciplinary research and found very interesting applications. This conference is intended to provide a widely selected forum among Scientists and Engineers to exchange ideas, methods, and techniques in the field of Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, Fractals and their applications in General Science and in Engineering Sciences. The principal aim of CHAOS2010 International Conference is to expand the development of the theories of the applied nonlinear field, the methods and the empirical data and computer techniques, and the best theoretical achievements of chaotic theory as well. CHAOS2010 Conference provides a forum for bringing the various groups working in the area of Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics, Chaotic theory and Application for exchanging views and reporting research findings. We thank all the contributors to the success of this conference and especially the authors of this Book of Abstracts of CHAOS 2010. Chania, May 2010

Christos H. Skiadas Conference Chair


Honorary Committee
David Ruelle Academie des Sciences de Paris Honorary Professor at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques of Bures-sur-Yvette, France Leon O. Chua EECS Department, University of California, Berkeley, USA Editor of the International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos Ji-Huan He Donghua University, Shanghai, China Editor of Int. Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation Gannady A. Leonov Dean of Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia Member (corresponding) of Russian Academy of Science Ferdinand Verhulst Mathematics Faculty, Utrecht, The Netherlands

International Scientific Committee
C. H. Skiadas (Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece), Chair H. Adeli (The Ohio State University, USA) J.-O. Aidanpaa (Division of Solid Mechanics, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden) N. Akhmediev ( Australian National University, Australia ) M. Amabili (McGill University, Montreal, Canada) J. Awrejcewicz (Technical University of Lodz, Poland) J. M. Balthazar (UNESP-Rio Claro, State University of Sao Paulo, Brasil) S. Bishop (University College London, UK) T. Bountis (University of Patras, Greece) Y. S. Boutalis (Democritus University of Thrace, Greece) C. Chandre (Centre de Physique Theorique, Marseille, France) M. Christodoulou (Technical University of Crete, Chania, Crete, Greece) P. Commendatore (Universit? di Napoli 'Federico II', Italy) D. Dhar (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India) J. Dimotikalis (Technological Educational Institute, Crete, Greece) B. Epureanu (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA) G. Fagiolo (Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy) V. Grigoras (University of Iasi, Romania) K. Hagan, University of Limerick, Ireland L. Hong (Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China) G. Hunt (Centre for Nonlinear Mechanics, University of Bath, Bath, UK) T. Kapitaniak (Technical University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland) G. P. Kapoor (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur, India) A. Katsirikou, (University of Piraeus, Library) Conference Secretary A. Kolesnikov (Southern Federal University, Russia) J. Kretz (University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, Austria) V. Krysko (Dept. of Math. and Modeling, Saratov State Technical University, Russia) W. Li (Northwestern Polytechnical University, China) B. L. Lan (School of Engineering, Monash University, Selangor, Malaysia) V J Law (Dublin City University, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland) V. Lucarini (University of Bologna, Italy) J. A. T. Machado (ISEP-Institute of Engineering of Porto, Porto, Portugal) W. M. Macek (Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University, Warsaw, Poland) P. Mahanti (University of New Brunswick, Saint John, Canada) G. M. Mahmoud (Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt) P. Manneville (Laboratoire d'Hydrodynamique, Ecole Polytechnique, France) A. S. Mikhailov (Fritz Haber Institute of Max Planck Society, Berlin, Germany) E. R. Miranda (University of Plymouth, UK) M. S. M. Noorani (University Kebangsaan Malaysia) G. V. Orman (Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania) S. Panchev (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria) G. Pedrizzetti (University of Trieste, Trieste, Italy) F. Pellicano (Universita di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy) S. V. Prants (Pacific Oceanological Institute of RAS, Vladivostok, Russia) A.G. Ramm (Kansas State University, Kansas, USA) G. Rega (University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy) H. Skiadas (Hanover College, Hanover, USA) V. Snasel (VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech) D. Sotiropoulos (Technical University of Crete, Chania, Crete, Greece) B. Spagnolo (University of Palermo, Italy) P. D. Spanos (Rice University, Houston, TX, USA) J. C. Sprott (University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA) S. Thurner (Medical University of Vienna, Austria) D. Trigiante (Universit? di Firenze, Firenze, Italy) G. Unal (Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey) A. Valyaev (Nuclear Safety Institute of RAS, Russia) A. Vakakis (National Technical University of Athens, Greece) J. P. van der Weele (University of Patras, Greece) M. Wiercigroch (University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK) M. V. Zakrzhevsky (Institute of Mechanics, Riga Technical University, Latvia)


Keynote Talks
Gennady Leonov
Member (corresponding) of Russian Academy of Science Dean of Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia

Attractors, limit cycles and homoclinic orbits of low dimensional quadratic systems Sergey V. Prants
Laboratory of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Pacific Oceanological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladivostok, Russia

De Broglie-wave chaos Alexander G. Ramm
Mathematics Department, Kansas State University Manhattan, KS 66506-2602, USA Scattering by many small inhomogeneities Valentin V. Sokolov
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics and Novosibirsk Technical University Novosibirsk, Russia

Classical Versus Quantum Dynamical Chaos: Sensitivity to External Perturbations, Stability and Reversibility


Authors Mina B. Abd-el-Malek, Hossam S. Hassan Jan-Olov Aidanpää and Göran Lindkvist M. Amabili, K. Karagiozis, S. Farhadi, K. Khorshidi Title Solution of Burgers’ equation via Lie-group analysis Dynamics of a Rubbing Jeffcott Rotor with Three Blades Nonlinear vibration of plates with different boundary conditions using higher order theory Chaos, Quasi-Periodicity and Multi-Periodicity in Stars: Mathematical Modeling, Physical Theory vs Astronomical Observations Exploring process of fibre breaking in NOL samples of composite during quasi-static process of fracture Controlling Dynamical Networks The peculiarities of the motion of charged particle in space plasma configuration Forecasting the diffusion of technology Strange Attractors in Dissipative Nambu Mechanics The turbulent phase of the multichannel discharge burning with the electrolytic cathode Modulated fractals as the projections of the (+)-D fractals Jayanta K. Bhattacharjee, Sagar Chakraborty and Amartya Sarkar Barbashin M. U. R.Sh.Basyrov, Al.F.Gaysin Biri Venceslas, Giroud Anthony Katarzyna Bizon, Gaetano Continillo and Marek Berezowski A. Bogomolov, S. Pavluchenko, A. Toporensky Yu.L.Bolotin, V.A.Cherkaskiy, G.I.Ivashkevich A Methodology for Classifying Periodic Orbits 6 Page 1 1 1 2

Ivan L.Andronov

Dorota Aniszewska, Marek Rybaczuk Raina Arora, Nita Parekh Artemyev A.V., Neishtadt A.I., Zelenyi L.M George Atsalakis and Christos H. Skiadas Minos Axenides and Emmanouel Floratos L.N. Bagautdinova, F.M. Gaisin, E.E. Son Zygmunt Bak


3 4 4 4 5 5

Ethnicity and Ethnic Processes: The Chaos Theory Turbulent mixing in Gas Vapor Discharge Plasma with jet electrolyte cathode Using chaotic maps for heterogeneous fog rendering in computer graphics Model reduction by empirical spectral methods via sampling of chaotic orbits Escaping rate statistics for two chaotic systems in astrophysics Over-barrier decay of the mixed state in multi-well potentials

6 7 7 7

8 8


Volodymyr Bondarenko and Iryna Kovalevska D. Borgogno, D. Grasso, F. Pegoraro, T.J. Schep Wojciech Borkowski & Andrzej Nowak Vitalii V. Breus O. Cakar, O. O. Aybar, A. S. Hacinliyan, I. Kusbeyzi Acilina Caneco, Clara Grácio and J. Leonel Rocha Alberto Carrassi Stephane Vannitsem and

Record keeping of systems of random engineering characteristics of support during calculation of under border stresses of the rocks Lagrangian coherent structures in three-dimensional collisionless magnetic reconnection events Can artificial neural networks mimic arbitrary dynamics? Chaos in Cataclysmic Variables: Spin Pulses in Intermediate Polars Chaoticity in the Time Evolution of Foreign Currency Exchange Rates in Turkey Symbolic dynamics and chaotic synchronization Accounting for model error in data assimilation Transition form Poisson to GOE in Finite Interacting Boson System (using one- plus two-body random matrix ensembles with spin) Average-fluctuation separation in Finite Interacting Boson System (using one- plus two-body random matrix ensembles with spin) Legal chaos as the result of interaction of the institutional order poles Social chaos in the process of regional institutional reforms in the South of Russia and the Caucasus


9 9 10 10 12 12 13

N. D. Chavda, V. Potbhare

N. D. Chavda, V. Potbhare


N.I. Chernobrovkina Chernous V.V. Lidia L.Chinarova, L.Andronov Ivan

13 14 14 14 15

Chaos in Cataclysmic Variables: Outbursts in the UGSS Dwarf Nova Stars New Enciphering Algorithm Based on Chaotic Generalized Hé non Map Characteristic Relations and Reinjection Probability Densities of Type-II and II Intermittencies Comparative thermal Analysis of disc and drum brake Performance Multifractal and wavelet analysis of epileptic seizures Application of Local Forecasting Methods to Greek Stock Exchange Data Fuzzy weather forecast in forecasting pollution concentrations Dynamics of burning out of particles of the fuel dust in volume of the fire chamber of the copper Chaos, complexity theory, global financial crisis and the prospects for financial engineering research in (pre-emerging) financial markets: a work -in- progress Resolvents of linear operators, generated by

Octaviana Datcu, JeanPierre Barbot, Adriana Vlad Ezequiel Del Rio, Sergio Elaskar, Jose M Donoso and Luis Conde Vijay Dhadke Dick O.E. Yiannis Dimotikalis D. Domanska N.N. Efimov, A.S. Oshchepkov, А.В. Ryzhkov P. Oseloka Ezepue, O. Anwar Bé g & Alireza Heidari V.I. Filippenko

15 16 17 17 18 18



generalized quasi-differential expression Ruben Fossion, Emmanuel Landa, Victor Velazquez, Alfred U’Ren, Alejandro Frank Mădălin Frunzete, Adrian Luca, Adriana Vlad Kenta Fukushima, Vladimir Ryabov The dripping laser: quantum chaos in a phase transition in light 19

On the Statistical Independence in the Context of the Rössler Map Analysis of homoclinic bifurcation in Duffing oscillator under two-frequency excitation: Peculiarity of using Melnikov method in combination with averaging technique Creativity of information systems from the standpoints of synergetics Gas-vapour discharge between jet electrolyte cathode and solid anode at low pressures Processes ordering in nonlinear automatic phase control system Pre-fractal patterns in Iannis Xenakis’ algorithmic composition: a critical approach Synergetic potential of developmental education concepts Structural-scaling transitions and nonlinear chaotic dynamics of DNA ensembles Forced Chemical Confinement Fusion in Two Layers of Hydrogen Isotopes: Using A Difference Equations Approach Solution of Time-space Dependent Equations As Balance Transport Equations and Stability of The Numerical Method in Two Layers Reactor Design of Muon Catalyzed Fusion Arithmetic Modelling of Stochastic Dynamics Time Variant Chaos Encryption The Computer simulation for electromagnetic properties control of the metamaterial structures Quasy-optic simulation of multilayer objects in the problems of the electromagnetism Investigation Chaotic Dynamic of Biochemical Process using Lyapunov indices Comparison of different approaches to shock capturing turbulent flow simulations Aesthetic Considerations in Algorithmic and Generative Composition AN ANALYTICAL AND NUMERICAL INVESTIGATION OF THE DISSIPATIVE CHAOS IN SEMICONDUCTOR SUPERLATTICES

20 21

Gennady G. Galustov Al.F.Gaysin, Az.F.Gaysin, F.M.Gaysin Y. А. Gelozhe, A. V. Semenov Αnastasia Georgaki and Cristos Tsolakis G.I. Gerasimov Evgeniya Gerasimova, Oleg Naimark R. Gheisari

21 22 22 22 23 23 24

Gheisari R., Mohamadsalehi F.


N.M. Glazunov Victor Grigoras, Carmen Grigoras Sergey G. Grishchenko, Nataliya N. Kisel Sergey G. Grishchenko, Nataliya N. Kisel’ Valerii I. Grytsay A.R. Guzhova, V.I. Kozlov, V.P. Statsenko, G.S. Firsova, Yu.V. Yanilkin Kerry L. Hagan Alireza Heidari , O. Anwar Bé g & P. Oseloka Ezepue

25 25 26 26 26 27

27 28


Alexander E. Hramov, Alexey A. Koronovskii A.E. Hramov, A.A. Koronovskii, M.K. Kurovskaya, O.I. Moskalenko Mikhail B. Ignatyev Gabriele Inglese Adela Ionescu Mihai Iordache, Lucia Dumitriu, Jean-Marie Paillot, Iulia Dumitrescu Sajid Iqbal, Kashif Ali Khan, Shahid Iqbal V. Jasaitis, F. Ivanauskas and R. Bakanas N. Jevtic, P. Stine, J.S. Schweitzer Audrius Jutas Vladimir L. Kalashnikov Svetlana Karitskaya Marcin Karwinski Rupak Kharel, Krishna Busawon, Z. Ghassemlooy O.B. Khavroshkin, V.V. Tsyplakov O.B. Khavroshkin, V.V. Tsyplakov Khavroshkin O.B., Tsyplakov V. V. Boris Khots and Dmitriy Khots Cha-kyum Kim and Jong Tae Lee Ivan Klevchuk

Unstable periodic spatio-temporal states of spatial extended chaotic systems Comparison of the Characteristics of Eyelet Intermittency and Type-I intermittency with Noise

28 29

The linguo-combinatorial simulation of complex chaotic systems Recovering a vector field with the aid of controlled noise Computational standpoint of mixing flows- from turbulence to chaos Analysis of Coupled Oscillators Applied to 1-D Antenna Arrays Understanding Chaos using Discrete-Time Map for Buck Converter Self-ordered front under aperiodically oscillating zeromean ac force: front dynamics with time delays Identifying Time-Series Candidates for Efficient Nonlinear Projective Noise Reduction II Basic deformation principles based on transformations of atomic systems of crystalline materials Dissipative Solitons: Perturbations and Chaos Formation Luminescence of structures formed in aqueous alcohol solutions of anthraquinone Nature inspired language modelling for text analysis solutions Modified Chaotic Shift Keying using Indirect Coupled Chaotic Synchronization for Secure Digital Communication Nonlinearity of earth: astonishing diversity and prospects Reducint of seismic vulnerability and short time earthquake prediction: Methods and instruments of nonlinear seismology Seismic lunar nonlinearity: peculiarities and Moon as astrophysic and cosmogonic detector Chaos problems in Observer’s Mathematics Hindcast of Storm Surge in the South Sea of Korea Bifurcation of countable number of periodic solutions in singularly perturbed differential-difference equations

29 30 30 31

31 31 32 32 33 33 34 34

34 35

36 37 37 37


R. Kobayashi and V.B. Ryabov Alexander A. Kolesnikov Alexander A. Kolesnikov Anatoly A. Kolesnikov Alnatoly A. Kolesnikov

Statistical complexity of low-and high-dimensional dynamical systems II Space flying vehicles orbital motion control system synthesis: power invariants

38 38 39 39 39

Synthesis method for new class of oscillators with inertial nonlinearity
Synergetics and scientific cognition Problem of synthesis of new natural laws: introduction in the system physics. Synergetics approach (plenary report) The method of adaptive control for amphibian aircraft motion under conditions of external environment extreme action Crisis control of risk society: synergetics conception Structural Heterogeneity of Detonation Diamond – Containing Material An Energy Based Investigation of Chua's Circuit Movement of the linear configuration of the five vortices 2D version of modified Nikiforov model Method of State Space Expansion in Non-interacting control Adaptive control of the nonlinear dynamic object at the stage of breaking under indefinite contact surface conditions Freedom and Necessity in Computer Aided Composition: A Thinking Framework and its Application A nonlinear Schrödinger equation in the statistical theory of spheroidal bodies On the relation between Vicsek and Kuramoto models of spontaneous synchronization Electronic computing equipment blocks placement based on synergetics principles

Anatoly A. Kolesnikov, Victor A. Kobzev, Phuong Nguyen Tatiana A. Kolesnikova Anatoly Korets, Alexandr Krylov, Evgeny Mironov Mustafa Kosem and N. Serap Sengor Korniy Kostkin V.I.Kozlov, A.R.Guzhova, Yu.V.Yanilkin Svetlana A. Krasnova, Victor A. Utkin and Anton V. Utkin Olga D. Kreerenko


40 41 41 41 42 42 43

Johannes Kretz


Alexander M. Krot V.L. Kulinskii, O.O. Chepizhko Victor M. Kureychik Victor M. Kureychik, Veronika I. Pisarenko Semen A. Kurkin, Alexander E. Hramov, Alexey A. Koronovskii, Igor I. Magda I. Kusbeyzi, O. O. Aybar, A. S. Hacinliyan Andrew A. Kuzmenko

44 45 45 45 46

Synergetic ideas in innovative education
Chaotic Oscillations Control in Microwave Virtual Cathode Oscillators A Predator - Prey Model with the Nonlinear Self k Interaction Coupling x y Problem of electrical power system nonlinear control synthesis: synergetics approach

47 48


Andrew A. Kuzmenko, Vitaly V. Ozerov A. P. Kuznetsov, Stankevich N. V.

Synergetics approach to turbine nonlinear adaptive regulator design The stabilization of chaos in the Rössler system by pulsed and harmonic signals About transitional processes in penetrative convection Dissipation Rate of Kinetic Energy of Turbulence Inferred for the Upper Atmosphere from Sporadic-E Parameters Evidence for Deterministic Chaos in Aperiodic Oscillations of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cells in Long-Term Culture


49 49 50

Kuznetsova D., Sibgatullin I. Yurij Kyzyurov

George I. Lambrou, Aristotelis Chatziioannou, Spiros Vlahopoulos, Maria Moschovi and George P. Chrousos Boon Leong Lan


Testing the different chaotic trajectories predicted by special-relativistic and Newtonian mechanics for a slow-moving dynamical system Scale Invariance in Chaotic Time Series: Classical and Quantum Examples


E. Landa, R. Fossion,1 P. Stransky, I. Morales, V. Velazquez, J.C. Lopez Vieyra and A. Frank Rosário Laureano, Clara Grácio, Diana A. Mendes Rosário Laureano, Diana A. Mendes and Manuel A. Martins Ferreira V J Law, C E Nwankire, D P Dowling and S Daniels Michał Ławniczak, Szymon Bauch, Oleh Hul, and Leszek Sirko I.G. Lebo, A.I. Lebo Gennady A. Leonov G. Litak, R. Rusinek N.A.Loginov, Az.F.Gaysin, F.M.Gaysin, E.E.Son , Al.F.Gaysin Anatoliy V. Lubskiy Valerio Lucarini, Klaus Fraedrich Wieslaw M. Macek Vlad Maftei, Victor Grigoras


Research of chaotic synchronization phenomena on the field of visual processes in ophthalmology Asymptotic and practical synchronization of onedimensional chaotic quadratic maps using a nonsymmetric coupling Acoustic Emission within an Atmospheric Helium Corona Discharge Jet Experimental investigation of the cross-correlation function and the enhancement factor for graphs with and without time reversal symmetry The model of energy transport in turbulent under critical laser plasma of porous target Attractors, limit cycles and homoclinic orbits of low dimensional quadratic systems Dynamics of Steel Turning by Recurrence Plots Multichannel discharges between turbulence current and porous material Non-classical model of historical research and synergetic ideas Symmetry breaking, mixing, instability, and low frequency variability in a minimal Lorenz-like system Multifractal Turbulence in the Solar System Plasma Sensitivity Analysis of Chaos Synchronization in

52 52

53 54

54 55 55 56

56 56 57 58


Colpitts Oscillators Rakesh Mahla, Manish Shrimali, Anup Poonia, Chirag Jain Andrew A. Kuzmenko, Vitaly V. Ozerov M.B. Marinov Amirhossein Davaie Markazi, Ali Abbasi George Matalliotakis, Christos H. Skiadas , Vardoulaki Maria Random network of coupled chaotic maps for economic dynamics Synergetics approach to turbine nonlinear adaptive regulator design The constructive potential of social chaos in modern society: regional peculiarity Dynamical Analysis of AFM Micro-Cantilever and Control of Its Chaotic Behaviour via AFSMC Algorithm Dynamic Modelling and Comparative Analysis for Life Table Data of non-European Countries 58

59 59 59 60

Radu Matei, Carmen Grigoras Massimo Materassi Oleg Yu. Mayorov, Vladmir N. Fenchenko E.E. Meshkov Larisa A. Minasyan Eduardo Miranda and Jaime Serquera Olga I. Moskalenko, Alexey A. Koronovskii, Alexander E. Hramov, Svetlana A. Shurygina Banibrata Mukhopadhyay Iryna V. Musatenko Alexey S. Mushenko T.B.Mustafin, Al.F.Gaysin, F.M.Gaysin Anis Naanaa, Zouhair Ben Jemaa and Safya Belghith Vera I. Nemchina Umberto Neri and Beatrice Venturi N.Mohammad Nouri, Alireza Mofidi, Seyyed Mohammad

Nonlinear Dynamics in CNN’s with Second Order Cells Mutual Information and Dynamics Reliability of bioelectric activity (EEG, ECG and HRV) researches of the deterministic chaos by the nonlinear analysis methods Shock tube investigations of the instability of a twogas interface accelerated by a shock wave Concept of “self organization” in the light of cosmological problems Algorithmic Sound Composition using Coupled Cellular Automata Analysis of generalized synchronization in mutually coupled dynamical systems

60 61 61

62 62 63 63

Search for chaos in black holes and neutron stars Investigation Chaotic Dynamics of Nonlinear System Nonlinear adaptive control for aircraft flight under chaotic wind disturbances Turbulent mixing in gas-vapor discharge plasma with jet electrolyte anode Chaotic vs Classical Codes for Synchronous TH-UWB Multiple-Access System in IEEE 802.15.4a Multi-path Channel The crisis communication in the space of social chaos ON BIFURCATIONS TO LEADING TO CHAOS IN IS-LM MODEL Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Drag Reduction over Hydrophobic Surfaces

65 65 65 66 66

66 67



Amin Kariminia N. Mohammad Nouri, Seyyed Mohammad Amin Kariminia, Alireza Mofidi Tomasz Nowicki Investigation of Performance of Different Sub-grid Scale Models in Improvement of 3D Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Near Wall Boundary Layer Asymptotic behavior and limit sets of piecewise izometric transformations derived from an Error Diffusion algorithm Efficient Large-Scale Forcing in Finite-Difference Simulations of Steady Isotropic Turbulence On a Problem of Approximation of Markov Chains by a Solution of a Stochastic Differential Equation An ill-posed problem of determining nonlinearity in diffusion process Supergranular Activity Dependence The complete solution for the classical four-spin Heisenberg ring A bifurcation scenario for large-P Rayleigh-Benard Convection Data processing distributed systems 67


Ryo Onishi, Yuya Baba and Keiko Takahashi Gabriel V. Orman Jiaqing Pan U. Paniveni, V.Krishan, Jagdev Singh , R.Srikanth Leonidas Pantelidis Supriyo Paul, Sandeep Reddy, Pankaj Wahi and Mahendra K. Verma Ivan M. Pershin Andrey N. Popov Eleri A. Pound G.P. Pavlos, A.C. Iliopoulos, L.P. Karakatsanis, V.G. Tsoutsouras, E.G. Pavlos Vinicio Pelino, Filippo Maimone Dinis D. Pestana, J. Leonel Rocha and Sandra M. Aleixo R. Petritsch, S.A. Pietsch S.A. Pietsch, R. Petritsch Dmitry Pikulin S.V. Prants E.P. Prokopev

68 69 69 69 70 70

70 71 71 72

Synergetic Synthesis of Energy Saving Control Systems for Electromechanical Processes
Chaos as Compositional Order Complexity Theory: from Microscopic to Macroscopic level, Concepts and Applications Energy cycle for the Lorenz-63 attractor Regular variation, Paretian distributions, and the interplay of light and heavy tails in the fractality of asymptotic models Assessing ergodic properties of ecological time series The Ergodic View of Ecosystem Behaviour Tools for Investigation of Dynamics of DC-DC Converters within Matlab/Simulink De Broglie-wave chaos Synergetic approaches to problems of evolution of properties of materials and nanomaterials of the basis of silicon The chaos and order in human ECG under the influence of space weather and other external factors Scattering by many small inhomogeneities and applications

72 73

74 74 74 75 75

M.V. Ragulskaya , V.V. Pipin Alexander G. Ramm

76 77


J. Leonel Rocha, Sandra M. Aleixo and Dinis D. Pestana Paola Rodriguez Imazio and Pablo Mininni Vladimir B. Ryabov Zaynab Salloum H.Samadzadeh, B. Abdi A.M.Selvam

Beta(p,q)-Cantor Sets — Determinism and Randomness Cancellation exponents in helical and non-helical flows Predicting chaos with second method of Lyapunov Existence results for flows of slightly compressible viscoelastic fluid in a singular bounded domain Simulation and FEM Analysis of Batch Sugar Centrifuge Shaft Universal Inverse Power law distribution for Fractal Fluctuations in Dynamical Systems: Applications for Predictability of Inter - annual Variability of Indian Region Rainfall Transition of electromagnetic wave through a warm overdense plasma layer Variety of chaotic behaviour of the deterministic nonideal hydrodynamic systems A Model of Conflicting Populations for the study of Stock Markets Chaotic Modeling: Lessons and developments during the last decades Leader-Following Discrete-Time Consensus Protocol on a Buyer-Seller Network Classical Versus Quantum Dynamical Chaos: Sensitivity to External Perturbations, Stability and Reversibility Composing Chaotic Music from the Letter m On Logistic-Like Iterative Maps On the Timbre of Algorithmic Chaotic Sounds The Rainbow Effect on Composing Chaotic Algorithmic Music A Highly Chaotic Attractor for a Dual-Channel SingleAttractor, Private Communication System Compound Structures of Six New Chaotic Attractors in a Modified Only-Single-Coefficient Jerk Model Based on Sinh-1 Nonlinearity Observations and modeling of chaos and solitons in quasi-parallel bow shocks Manifestation of chaos in collective models of nuclei

77 78 78 79 79 80

Babak Shokri, Leila Rajaei, Sedighe Mirabotalebi A.Yu. Shvets, V.A. Sirenko Christos H. Skiadas Christos H. Skiadas and Charilaos Skiadas Sunantha Sodsee, Maytiyanin Komkhao, Zhong Li Valentin V. Sokolov, Oleg V. Zhirov and Yaroslav A. Kharkov Anastasios D. Sotiropoulos Dimitrios A. Sotiropoulos Dimitrios A. Sotiropoulos Vaggelis D. Sotiropoulos Banlue Srisuchinwong and Buncha Munmuangsaen Banlue Srisuchinwong, Teerachot Siriburanon, and Teera Nontapradit K. Stasiewicz, M. Strumik, B. Thidè Pavel Stránský, Michal Macek, Pavel Cejnar, Alejandro Frank, Ruben Fossion, Emmanuel Landa Tadeusz (Ted) Szuba

80 81 81 82 82


83 84 85 85 86 86

86 87

Importance of the Chaos for computational processes of Collective Intelligence in social structures



Reza Taghavi Zenouz and Farzin Ghanadi Yuri V. Talagaev and Andrey F. Tarakanov Sedat Tardu Siavash Tayefi and Abdolreza Ohadi Horia-Nicolai Teodorescu and Victor Cojocaru S.F. Timashev, Yu.S. Polyakov, S.G. Lakeev V.A. Timofeeva, A.B. Solovieva, Misurkin P.I., S.F. Timashev Dmitry V. Timoshenko Polina P. Tkachova Pichitra Uangpairoj and Kontorn Chamniprasart David Urminsky Maksim A. Vaskov Venger, E. F., Lokshyn, B. and Maslov V.P. Anna Vereshchagina

Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Flow Incidence Effects on Surface Pressure Distributions of Axial Compressor Blades Superstability and Optimal Matrix Correction of the Class of Chaotic Systems Imperfect phase syncronization of the wall turbulence: Experiments and direct numerical sumulations Investigating the effect of structural properties on bifurcation and chaotic behavior of passive walking biped with an upper body Complex Signal Generators based on Capacitors and on Piezoelectric Loads Anomal diffusion” in the dynamics of complex processes Parameterization of atomic force microscopy chaotic images Problem of search of the first integrals in nonlinear dynamics tasks From chaos to self-organization: structure and system of the poetic literary text Numerical Simulation and Wall Shear Stress Analysis of Pulsating Flow in the Channel of Plate Heat Exchanger Shadowing unstable orbits of the 3-body problem Chaos in corporate governance systems: typology, characteristics and overcoming ways Glue composition containing micro- and nanosized fillers The crisis of traditional family and the alternatives of the family institution development in different regions of Russia: theoretical analysis in the network of synergetic paradigm Nonlinear complex system’s hierarchical control strategies synthesis tasks Nonlinear complex system’s hierarchical control strategies synthesis tasks Chaos in Cataclysmic Variables: Superhumps in the UGSU Dwarf Nova Stars The ideas of synergy and Russian identity Mathematical simulation of urbanization processes based on analogies with physical fractals Patterns and Chaos in low- and zero-Prandtl number convection


88 89 89

90 90 91

91 92 92

93 93 93 93

Gennady E. Veselov Gennady E. Veselov Natalia A. Virnina Yuri G. Volkov Vyklyuk Yaroslav Pankaj Wahi, Pankaj K. Mishra, Pinaki Pal, Supriyo Paul, Mahendra K. Verma.

94 94 94 95 95 95


C. L. Xaplanteris and E. Filippaki Vilor L. Zakovorotny

Drift waves’ synchronization by using an external signal. The stabilization of a chaotic plasma turbulence The Interrelation Between Irreversibility and Evolution in the Dynamics of Electrical-Mechanical Systems in the Process of Friction and Cutting-Processing Chaos game technique as a tool for the analysis of natural geomorphological features



G. Žibret & T. Verbovš ek Author Index

96 97-


3rd Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference, 1-4 June 2010, Chania Crete Greece

Mutual Information and Dynamics Massimo Materassi , Giuseppe Consolini and Nathan Smith
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Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi ISC-CNR, via Madonna del Piano 10, 50019, Sesto Fiorentino (Italy); 2 INAF- Istituto di Fisica dello Spazio Interplanetario, via del Fosso del Cavaliere, 100, Roma (Italy); 3 Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Bath, BA2 7AY, U.K.

In studying the dynamics resulting from the interaction of two or more systems with stochastic elements, the use of information theory quantities, as the mutual information or the transfer entropy, has been growing in importance in the last decade. Those quantities are naturally de.ned for discrete-time systems, while must be generalized to continuous evolutions with some care. The goal of using the Mutual Information Analysis (MIA) and the Transfer Entropy Analysis (TEA) in physics of complex interactions is to the best mathematical form of a dynamical system mimicking the evolution of two unknown physical processes X and Y, of which one only knows that they do interact, and measures as proxies the time series x (t) and y (t) respectively. Here we propose a discussion of MIA and TEA, in which the role of non-linearity and memory properties of the dynamics is stressed: after a brief review of their de.nition, and of the problems arising in applying them to continuous processes (e.g. the binning problem), the more fundamental matter of unbiasing MIA and TEA from the potentially different degree of stochasticity in the processes X and Y is faced. In order to do this, some new quantities are introduced, which are the central result of this paper. Their application to some controversial natural and numerical cases is then showed.

Reliability of bioelectric activity (EEG, ECG and HRV) researches of the deterministic chaos by the nonlinear analysis methods Oleg Yu. Mayorov , Vladmir N. Fenchenko Institute of Medical informatics and Telemedicine, Kharkiv 2 Kharkiv Medical academy of postgraduate educations, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kharkiv 3 Institute of Children and adolescents health protection, АМSc of Ukraine, Kharkiv 4 Institute of Low temperatures NАSC of Ukraine, Kharkiv Email:
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There has been proposed a new approach to the process of investigation of bioelectric activity in the human and animal brain, basing on the use of multidimensional spectral analysis methods to detect cerebral hemisphere and subcortical structure regions involved temporarily in a certain functional system (according to P.K. Anokhin) for the purpose of realization of behavior acts, and the subsequent analysis and modeling of their nonlineardynamic parameters from the position of the deterministic chaos theory. The possible reasons of errors occurrence are analyzed at research deterministic chaos in bioelectric activity of man and animals organism (EEG, ECG, HRV, etc.) by methods of the nonlinear analysis. The complex approach is offered, allowing to increase accuracy and reliability of received results at a correct choice of stationary sites of a signal, a delay and scale of consideration, use of adequate parameters during attractor reconstruction (an estimation of dimension of reconstruction and embedding dimension), for estimating entropy process and maximal Lyapunov exponent. Corresponding software NeuroResearcher® is created and examples of «chaos parameters» calculations of typical EEG and ECG signals illustrated. Keywords: bioelectric activity of organism, EEG, ECG, HRV analysis, multidimensional spectral analysis, deterministic chaos, attractor reconstruction, attractor dimensions, delay, entropy, maximal Lyapunov exponent.


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