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Writing is Difficult

Writing is really an intolerable matter but the true is that without writing you cannot developed yourself whether it is English or any language. Writing helps us to think more and more theory and later put them together with correct manner. We have to follow and be careful about grammatical mistake when we are supposed to write any article. Many students agree with the quotation made by Sophy Burnham, "Writing is so hard." In my opinion, writing an essay is hard, but it has worth, and it is good way to organize your thoughts.

The first and most important reason is writing structures. To begin with, the grammar is important. In writing, sentences should have correct grammar. Paragraphs cannot be too short, and writing good sentences for an essay takes time. All sentences need to be written correctly then we can expect from reader to understand our passage. As can be seen, we should use of correctly conjunction and preposition. For instance conjunction is ( and, but, or,) to join individual words and independent clauses. Therefore with use proper grammar, we can be professional writer.

Another reason is vocabulary. Firstly, improving and increasing vocabulary is important to write a good essays, letters and notes. Besides that, we should know how to use vocabulary to write an essay. For instance, in English we have so many words that they have same meanings. Therefore we should know which word is suitable to use, and where we must use of verb, subject, adjective and adverb. Also For writing an essay we can use dictionary for exert better words. Eventually, the proper vocabulary can make perfect writing.

The third reason is writing skills. At first, writing skills are essential for effective communication. Learning to write well take times and practice .Whereas, Writing skills help the learner gain independence,

comprehensibility, fluency and creativity in writing. If they have mastered these skills, then other speakers can read and understand it. At the end, writing skills and specific abilities which help writers put their thoughts into words in a meaningful from and to mentally interact with the message.

In over all, writing is a hard thing to do .Whereas, if writers want to write a perfect essay or memo, they should have practice. Because with a few tips on writing and some practice. Writing custom essays becomes easier. I

suggest to everybody, if they want to write a well essay, they must observe the writings rules.

Reasons for writing:

People write less and less these days and the writing that many people do is often confined to text messages and emails. The former has its own characteristics and rules and these are often very far removed from any formal writing. The latter often encourages a very informal style and many people take pleasure in avoiding the use of capital letters and most punctuation rules altogether. Whilst we would have received letters from friends in the past, today we rarely receive a letter from a friend through the post. However, we do still write from time to time. occasional letters to friends love letters (if we're lucky!) letters to the bank manager (when we're not so lucky!) letters to our mum application letters

Some of us write for other reasons too, often related to work: work reports project proposals recommendations project assessments sets of instructions

Occasionally, some of us write for our own pleasure: short stories poems novels an autobiography the history of our town

Is essay writing more difficult than other forms of writing? Not necessarily more difficult, but certainly different! Essay writing for an academic course is certainly very different from many other forms of writing and in some ways it is more difficult because it has to follow a precise set of formal rules.

3 more reasons you find writing difficult

by SIMON on NOVEMBER 22, 2007

If youve read my post on the number one reason you find writing difficult, youll know its because you adopt a different, more formal tone when you sit down at a keyboard or pick up a pen. Now heres three more reasons:

1) You havent thought through what you want to say Thats bound to make things difficult. Take a spin around the room and talk it through with yourself (silently in your head is best. Doing this out loud gets you funny looks from the rest of the family / neighbours).

2) You havent done your research Youll need the facts to hand, and ideally uploaded into your mind, before you start. I find this is the most important part of a writing task. I get everything sorted in my mind, with the facts assembled, and then the words flow out once they are ready.

3) Youre trying to make it perfect. Write a draft, a rough version, a sketch. Youll be surprise how often it actually turns out really good anyhow, when youre not trying too hard. And remember, theres usually time to edit it later.

What are writing skills?

Writing skills help the learner gain independence, comprehensibility, fluency and creativity in writing. If learners have mastered these skills, they will be able to write so that not only they can read what they have written, but other speakers of that language can read and understand it.

Writing skills are specific abilities which help writers put their thoughts into words in a meaningful form and to mentally interact with the message.

Here are some writing goals as defined by Hampton 1989: Writers are independent when they are able to write without much assistance. Writers gain comprehensibility when they can write so that it can be read and understood by themselves and others. Writers are fluent when they are able to write smoothly and easily as well as understandably. Writers gain creativity when they can write their own ideas, not copying what has already been written, so that they can be read and understood.

Here are some kinds of writing skills: Comprehensibility skills for writing include understanding that writing is communicating messages or information. Fluency skills for writing include o recognizing the linear sequence of sounds o mastering writing motions and letter shapes o recognizing the chunking of words o recognizing the need for space between words o writing quickly Creativity skills for writing include the ability to write freely anything the learner wants to write. What are literacy skills?

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