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Astrology of Enlightenment

Dear C., This analysis is based on your birth chart, the transit analysis for this period of your life, and the period you are about to open your business, second half of May. All the information presented here is meant to help you understand better your way of being in certain aspects of your personality, especially those that influence directly your behavior in business, like vitality, decision making, and efficiency in action... I also will specify all the astrological requirements for being successful in business, regarding money and work, so that you’ll be able to bring harmony into all these aspects of your life. General aspects At first sight, your natal chart’s energy is a very well balanced-one. All the elements are represented in a quite harmonious proportion, this makes you easily manifest all the aspects of the human personality, and grants you a certain control over the different areas of this physical existence: material, mental, emotional and spiritual. Obviously, to make all these processes efficient and harmonious, we all have to learn several lessons regarding them, lessons that are within our deep self, with the tendency to „force” us to listen to them, sometimes through divine chance, sometimes through sufferance. In your case, the astrological aspects that bring tension in a natal chart are almost absent, fact that usually makes people very comfortable until a certain age, when everything seems to break apart, to make us remember that we have something important to do in this life.

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Astrology of Enlightenment

Your vitality, the energy that sustains your actions The Sun in your birth chart is in the sign of Sagittarius, bringing a lot of fire into your vital energy, and your body is built on fire also, based on your Aries ascendant. These two together bring a lot of passion in everything you do, and when you want something (either to do or to get), you put a lot of passion into it, a kind of desire that sometimes may consume your energy before getting to it. Someone with that much fire, and especially an Aries ascendant, have the tendency to light up very easily, to become very passionate starting from an idea, but the same way can happen very quickly with something new, and the old-one gets obsolete before it is fulfilled. This kind of receptive attitude is reflected in several aspects of your natal chart, and the need to build your life on strong and well defined beliefs is obvious, aspects that I will elaborate in each chapter depending on the specific area. Your vital energy depend on two essential conditions: one of them is forgiveness, and the other is the trine with Saturn that can amplify your vital energy to unimaginable resources. Your vital energy tends to be consumed at a subconscious level by remorse and a certain need for revenge. As other aspects of your natal chart tell you, your image in front of others is very important to you, and sometimes, if someone does something to affect that ego, he or she is not easily forgiven. It is very important for you to forgive and alchemize all the hate and sorrow that is deep within you. Even if you don’t manifest it, on several aspects you might still be upset by someone else’s actions, or maybe your own.

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Astrology of Enlightenment

If you manage to forgive yourself and others for their mistakes (it is probably more yourself than others though), you can benefit from Saturn’s help regarding your vitality. Try to become aware of your deep fears and sorrows, and get over them, becoming conscious that they exist only in your mind in the present. This will be a great way to release all the vital energy that you have in your natal chart. It will allow you to use it to do a lot of wonderful things in your life. To increase your vital energy, and bring harmony to the Aries energy in your being, I recommend you to do a lot of sports, sports that move your whole body, and put your body to work. Swimming is the best of all because it moves your whole body, and it also gives you control over the element of water, but any sport that means an effort for the whole body (like jogging, tennis, anything, but with Saturn in Aries I would avoid dangerous sports if I were you). Although it might sound interesting, through perseverant practice (meaning daily if possible) you can burn a lot of karma, you can bring harmony and vitality to your body and it can help you find your balance of which you will read a little further... Efficiency in your actions and the way to increase it to maximum An Aries ascendant will have maximum of its efficiency in actions respecting its ruler, Mars. Mars in your case is in Capricorn in the 10th house, bringing you an amazing efficiency in action, especially that it has trine with the Moon and Pluto, and a sextile with Neptune. It is a potential that few people have, because all the good aspects with the other planets (with Moon and Neptune) bring you inspiration from both your subconscious and a higher divine inspiration, you just have to listen to them.

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Astrology of Enlightenment

Your tendency though, is to be overwhelmed by your strong desires. Although Mars is in Capricorn, giving you ambition, perseverance, efficiency, the 10th house tells you that its lesson is self control and discipline. Your desires, with your ascendant in Aries, and Saturn in the same sign (I will be more detailed regarding this), your energy investment to chase your desires can be sometimes almost obsessive. You have to understand, that passion is natural and very useful, as long as you have control over it, and still have the self discipline to remain organized and focused on the long term result of your actions. It is like before every action you should evaluate the results, become aware of them and then being conscious of what the results are, act further. This is the way that you can benefit from all that inspiration, and efficiency that you already have as potential in your natal chart. Keep the courage and the passion, because they are your inner potential, but be conscious of the result of your actions, thus going to their completion.

The Lunar Node Axis (your unconscious inner drive and aspirations) The lunar South Node – North Node axis gives you the perfect image on the aspects that drive you from an unconscious level, you could say that in there are a lot of our hidden motivations and aspirations, of which if become aware, we can change the way we behave, and consciously change our lives toward its spiritual meaning. The South Node in your natal chart is in Libra, pushing you toward compromises because of others, and together with the Saturn in the 12th house and Lilith in the 1st, toward a lack of confidence and a seed of doubt very easily.

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Astrology of Enlightenment

This aspect might be another motive for which you tend to change very quickly your orientation and decisions. A South Node in Libra (especially that Venus is in Libra also) have the tendency to develop a kind of emotional dependency, which can create people the impression, that they can be a certain way or have a certain feeling only in the presence of a certain being. It is a kind of behavior that pushes people toward compromises, because a continuous need for balance, harmony, and a fear of conflicts and pain. Because you tend to identify very intensely with others (to feel them at a deep level), if someone hurts around you, you tend to live the same drama, so your continuous need in this life is to maintain balance by all means, but as you’ve noticed before, this is impossible. Your lesson brought you by this conjuncture is to keep maintaining the balance and the harmony, but through your own inner strength and balance, not through acting outside yourself, and trying to make others feel better. Obviously, the idea is not to hurt others, but to focus on your own purpose, and your own inner strength and confidence, to know exactly who you are and what you want, and then help others discover what they want, not to give up yourself, just because others want something else. This attitude will shift you toward fulfilling the North Node in Aries, which is a quite important test for you in this life. Learning the lesson of true self confidence and courage is one of your most important spiritual lessons in this life. The balance between your own purposes as an individual and taking others with you along the way without hesitation or compromises is the perfect spiritual attitude in fulfilling this life’s spiritual meaning.

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Astrology of Enlightenment

All this being about your Aries energy, what I said about sports, applies for finding this kind of balance, too...

Karmic limitations and spiritual tests on your way With Saturn in Aries, it seems that in the past you misunderstood the energy of courage and initiative. As I feel it, when true courage was needed you stood aside, and then at some very inappropriate moments you charged like a ram and hit the wall. The situations in your life that you are going through, put you in a position when you have to assume the courage and the initiative to act, otherwise you tend to lose all of it, and drop into states of disbelieve, doubt, making you feel like a lost child, waiting for someone to pick you up. The most efficient way to harmoniously live the Aries energy (of which you have quite a lot) is to live in the present. The Aries sign is the child of the zodiac, it is the most enthusiastic and spontaneous energy, that is why it is associated to courage, because it never thinks nor of what could go wrong, neither what others think. Of course, having certain responsibilities and targets need constant evaluation of our actions’ results, brought by maturity and experience... but what is important is always being conscious and responsible toward our target, , not our fears of what others might say or how they might react. The world’s greatest changes happened because people who wouldn’t listen to others regarding things that are impossible to do, and of course greatest tragedies of the world happened because people didn’t care for other people... the balance between the two is the point where you are in perfect balance, and if

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Astrology of Enlightenment

you have chosen this lesson for this life, it means that it is already learnt at a higher level in you. Remember about burning your karma through sports, and try avoiding dangerous or extreme sports during this life... With Lilith (the black moon) in the 1st house, you tend to lose a lot of energy with unnecessary movement, maybe a kind of agitation or gesticulation... you can solve this by paying more attention to what you are doing with your whole body, hands, foot, and save a lot of energy through more control over it. Again sport (for example some martial arts which are based on defense not aggression) can bring you control on this kind of energy loss.

Business – gifts and necessities With the 10th house, the house of businesses and career in Capricorn (which is the sign that rules businesses and career), Midheaven (which is connected to your more conscious aspirations) also in Capricorn, being successful in business is just a matter of initiative. Mars, the ruler of your Ascendant is also in the 10th house, so efficiency in this area is also a very easy task, as long as you respect what I told you regarding Mars, your desires and self discipline. Another condition is regardig Saturn, which beng the ruler of the 10th house, requires your special attention. With Saturn in the 12th house, you might become anxious sometimes, because it seems to you that you don’t have control over what is happening in your life.

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Astrology of Enlightenment

Those are the moments when you need to focus onto a higher level than yourself. In those moments a short prayer to God, or any deity or higher force you believe in, can ease your struggle, and bring you a state of peace and belief again, in those moments talk to the ones that help you regain your confidence, and to those who you know for sure that will appreciate you and understand you. This will bring back your courage and self confidence, and help you go further with more strength then before.

Money – the need for balance The house of money, the 2nd house is under the ruling of Venus, which in your case is in Libra, in the 7th house. If you want money to flow harmoniously through your life, it is important for you to keep emotional balance, and a certain equilibrium in manifesting your feelings, and satisfying your pleasures. Because Venus doesn’t have any aspects with the rest of the planets, emotional control depends very much on the balance that you maintain consciously over your feelings. This means that you have to pay attention to how you express your feelings toward others, inlcuding lovers, friends, relatives, everything that is emotional level. Your tendency is toward extremes, there are moments when you are overwhelming in expressing your emotions, other moments you are completely unreachable emotionally, if you want balance in your money, you will have to keep balance to this, it is like you can control money by controlling yourself.

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Astrology of Enlightenment

This doesn’t mean that you have to be controlled by not expressing your feelings, it means that you have to be constant within a certain range of emotional intensity, and avoid extremes as possible. Also, regarding small pleasures in your life, sometimes you tend to satisfy all your so called needs, other moments you are like an ascet, refusing yourself completely the small pleasures of life. Watch out this area also, try to maintain the balance the same way, let yourself enjoy life, but don’t go to the extreme, this will also help your self discipline part in your efficiency.

Work – a way toward emotional balance With the Moon in the 6th house, by work you can balance yourself at a deep emotional level (however, expressing those feelings is still your responsability), but watch out, the tendency to exaggerate is present here also. Work can be important, but if becomes too important, it can affect your health so try to maintain a well established work program, and keep it that way (of course with a certain flexibility given by the common sense). It is very important for you to work like you are not doing it for the money, or for success, or anything, you just work for the joy of doing it, and for bringing also joy to others. This attitude will unleash a transforming force inside of you and arround you, and a very high divine inspiration that can change a lot around you.

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Astrology of Enlightenment

Transits – the general astral influences in this period of your life There are two major transits going on in your life this period regarding the start of your business. One of them is Pluto’s transit over your Midheaven, this influence started in June 2010, and lasts until December this year. This is an extraordinary moment to change our direction in life. It is like divine providence coming into our life to change direction, but it is important for you to search you inner self, and become aware that all that you are doing in business, you are actually doing to transform your life and implicitely yourself. If you can see business as a way toward personal evolution, and a process in which you can aso help others to transform their life and bring something divine in it, you will have the power of Pluto sustaining you. You also have to pay attention, if you see things that are not going the way you planned, and after several attempts, they turn out not to work, try to find another solution, and do not force thigs to be the way you want them to. Pluto has the power of life and death, its touch can radically change your life, as long as you are open to it, meaning that you can abandon yourself to that divine providence, not forcing it to do things the way they are not meant to be. The second major transit is Jupiter crossing your Ascendant. This gives you the freedom to act, and the support of higher beings on your path, it is a period when you have a much greater freedom in your choices, and divine protection on them, giving you also the chance and asking you to take more care of your physical body, be careful to do this.

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Astrology of Enlightenment

The two influences together places you in a favorable moment for changing your life in the deepest sense of the word, finding solutions for you and bringing protection and support. There is another transit also, regarding the house of relationships, there might appear some karmic relationships on the way, beginning with december last year there is a great possibility to fall in love and start a relationship, or to deepen the one you are in right now. Certain tests of maturity and patience can appear during this period of two years, watch out for what I told you about compromises, and finding your own way insetad of being influenced by others. If during april-june you have doubts regarding anything you are doing or you are in, remember to stop, and ask yourself objective questions that help you become more relistic. The influence of Lilith over the 12th house can bring such moments, but its greatest power is your greatest power. It can make you believe things that are not real, so whenever fear or doubt appears REMEMBER to stop, and evaluate the situation objectively and thoroughly, this will make all the fears and doubts dissapear, and help you act consciously.

Best moments for starting your business The best period to start the business is after the 12th of June, because until that there is a quite unfavorable influence on your actions and specially business and work related. Jupiter is sending a square to your Mars, ending on the 10th of June, resulting in a loss of energy in your actions, especially if you are doing this business alone,

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Astrology of Enlightenment

without partners. If you have partners, their good influences might compensate on this loss, but it is not recommended to start with this aspect active. If you have partners, I can study their transits and find out whether your influence is neglijable or not in that case. There is also another aspect active, ending on the 12th of June, Saturn returns retrograde in the 6th house, which may result in a supplementary effort in work, much more than expected, without the result you forecasted. By my professional opinion, the 16th of June would be the best choice, it is without those negative aspects to your natal chart, and the moon being in Capricorn, it is a great day for business.

A few ideas to conlude... Sports can be the best way for you to bring harmony in several aspects of your life, including eliminating the karmic tension from your being... Efficiency, and harmony in several aspects of your life depend on your self discipline, your ability to stabilize the fluctuations in your desires, the way you express your feelings and satisfy your momentarily needs... You have all you need for success in business, by respecting a few small requirements that I have mentioned above, you can be sure that everything will flourish arround you, and you will be able to fulfill your life’s spiritual meaning by manifesting all your gifts through it.

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