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Dr.Narayan Savant hailing from Karwar came to Bangalore at the age of 23 in 1975, with many ideals and aspirations. He joined

ITI (Indian Telephones Industry) as a Technician and worked there for 23 years from 1975-2000. Being a extraordinary individual with visionary objectives, he spent his free time and salary to give free medical treatment and offered community service from his own meager earnings. He also remained unmarried to achieve his special purpose. Due to a keen desire to serve humanity, he established Hari Om Healing centre in 1978 at his residence. What was started in a very small way has now become an ocean. More than 200 patients of all castes, creed or socio-economic status are treated free of cost each day at the various clinics. This work has been going on for the past 30 years regularly without break. When his activities increased and support came in the form of friends and volunteers he founded the Hari Om Trust to initiate rehabilitation and developmental programs in the environmental, medical fields and for social welfare in 1995. The demands on his time increased greatly because of a large medical practice and travel and other activities of the Hari Om Trust, therefore he took voluntary retirement from employment at ITI and has plunged himself into full time service of humanity. The Objectives and activities of Hari Om trust revolve around the motto Serve, Love, Devote. The main activities of Hari Om Trust are Healing (More Details on Service Initiative) Philosophy, Research and Development (More Details on Service Initiative) Main focus of activity is in the Medical, social and spiritual service and re-education of man for protection of human values and as a true friend of nature. All work is done only with Seva Manobhava or service attitude. Service is rendered more by personal effort and by the Grace of God the funds received though meager, are just enough to run the monthly expenses. Very little effort is focused on fund raising or recognition. His focus is to give to society much more than he receives. He has been associated with the activities of St. John Ambulance Association at the national and state level. He is presently the Hon. General Secretary of the St. John Ambulance association for Karnataka Rajya since 2002 onwards and is a National Council Member, New Delhi at the National level. Dr. Narayan Savant is in charge of executing its humanitarian functions and Public health care from the Karnataka State Centre. Dr. Savant has been associated with this organization for nearly 14 years now. He is presently doing an excellent service to this organization due to the wealth of experience that he has in the medical and public service field. He is also a state managing committee member for Indian Red Cross Society. (The St. John Ambulance Association is an International Humanitarian, non-communal, non-sectarian, non-political voluntary organization serving sick and wounded at times of calamities and during war and peace.)

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