2009 Prosperity Meditation of the Year

Victory is in Your Projection
from Praana Praanee Praanayam compiled by Harijot Kaur Khalsa and published by KRI 2006 "Victory is my goal, victory is my strength. Victory is my guide, victory is my teacher. Just learn one word, „Victory.‟ It is a very powerful word. Start the year with the word victory. You are already in it. Repeat it as many times as you can to engrave it in your every molecule, victory! Repeat it and make it the mantra of the year. The very mental utterance of this word is my gift to you. Bless you, be beautiful, be bountiful, be helpful, be your own grace. Best of the new year and life as may be. Let the wind be behind you, angels dance with you and your consciousness guide you to victory." ~ 12/31/92 ©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan 2009 Exercise #1 Position: Sit in Easy Pose with the spine straight and your chin in and chest out. Interlock your hands and place them on top of your head in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and rapidly flip-flop your tongue in and out. Time: Flip the tongue in this way for 5 Minutes. Then continue to flip the tongue and very briefly mentally concentrate on a mantra or a special wish before going into deep inner silence while still flipping the tongue. Feel the central nerve connecting the navel point to the tip of the tongue. Maintain the inner silence and do not stop the movement or in any way break the rhythm for 7 Minutes. (Total time for exercise #1 is twelve minutes.) Comments: “Just flip-flop your tongue, as shaky as you are, no matter how miserable and horrible you feel. You‟ll never forget this day, because you never expected that you would have a meditation flipping your tongue. But I will tell you how powerful it is; when you consciously flip your tongue, the central (shushmana naadi) opens up your entire system, including your psyche, to correlate to your obedience. It changes your inner strength. It gets rid of your inner fears.” “Don‟t remove your hands from your head. Normally you will want to do that, but once you establish a magnetic field, you must preserve it. Your neck will start hurting as your central nerve gets active. You are dealing with your most powerful organ of the body, called tongue. Just flip it inside out, inside in, left side right, right side up, upside down; no special manners. When you finish, you will not be the same person you were when you started.” Exercise #2 Position: Stay in the same posture, keep the tongue moving, and begin inhaling and exhaling powerfully through the mouth. Get all the garbage out of the lungs. Comments: “It will make you cough. It stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid and coughing is a common reaction to that stimulation. Just cough and keep on doing. Breathe heavily as if you are getting rid of all the disease in the body, all bad luck, all disease, all negative thoughts.” Time: 5 minutes Exercise #3 Position: Hold the posture. Inhale deeply, concentrate at the third eye point, hold the breath 10-15 seconds and exhale. Do this breath a total of 7 times. Then inhale deeply, concentrate at the third eye point, hold the breath 20 seconds, and exhale. Do this breath a total of 5 times. Take one more breath in this manner, hold the breath in for 30 seconds and then relax. Time: There are 13 breaths in this series and the series takes about 5 minutes. Exercise #4 Relax for 1½ minutes.

Exercise #5 Position: Stand up and rhythmically and energetically move your entire body as you dance to rhythmic music. (Yogi Bhajan had “Bhangara” music playing.) Comments: “This dance style is for the glandular system. Main job is to get the glandular system to secrete so that your blood chemistry can support your good health. Move every muscle.” Time: 8 minutes.

Exercise #6 Posture: Sit in Easy Pose. Raise your right arm straight up from the shoulder, perpendicular to the ground with the palm facing forward. With the left elbow relaxed at the side, place the left hand on the heart center. Eyes are closed. Breath: Breathe consciously, inhale, hold and exhale. Make your breath the longest, strongest, most breath. "Inhale as slowly as exhale as slowly as possible the breath are of equal duration)." Silently repeat the word “Victory” as every molecule. Just learn this one hand down, stretch it higher, that is

conscious self-controlled possible, hold as long as possible, and (making sure that all three segments of Mental Focus: Make an affirmation. many times as you can. “Engrave it in word. When you feel like putting your Victory!” Time: Continue for 6 to 7 minutes. To stretch the body for 20 seconds.

end, inhale deeply, hold tight and Exhale and relax.

Listen to Yogi Bhajan lecture excerpt

New Year’s Message and Meditation from Yogi Bhajan Lecture excerpts from 12/31/1992 I am going to lead you in a hypnotic meditation as a gift, so, basically the intention is to give you a new year, whether you like it or not. What is going to happen is very simple and classical. We are finishing one year in the Age of Aquarius. We‟ll be entering the next year. There is nothing to be afraid of and there is nothing to worry about. Simply we‟ll be miserable. The psyche of the planet changes every two thousand years. All the stars come into alignment and the angle of the sun‟s rays changes by one degree. That‟s all; it‟s not a big deal, but what happens is that as we cross into the next two thousand years we become very empty inside. You will experience that emptiness, as the years go by. There is no psychological, social, economic, personal, religious or spiritual reason for it. This has happened many, many times in the history of this planet. Every two thousand years, the stars come into alignment and the orbit circulatory system of the magnetic field changes, which affects the earth‟s axle and magnetic field. ...You have not yet learned what spirituality is. Religion is not spirituality. Your knowledge is not spirituality. Your happiness is not spirituality. Your good luck and tragedies are not spirituality. Spirituality is facing yourself with a smile when life confronts you. Everybody, whether he is a king or a queen, pauper or beggar, lover or a deserter, attorney or accused, Whether you challenge the challenge or you give in to the challenge, that is what decides your spirituality. Is your spirit higher than the challenge so you can face it? It is simple.

If your face and your grace do not give in to the challenge, you are spiritual, otherwise you are not. Period.

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