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Nike Running Nederland
Nike is an international sportswear brand and the world’s leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. The company is known and recognised around the world for its unique products and its distinctive identity. Nike Running is the division of the brand dedicated to promoting and innovating the sport of running.

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Objective: Re-position the Nike Running brand in the Netherlands and build a community both online and offline. Solution: Run targeted Marketplace Ads with calls-to-action that encourage engagement. Key Lessons: • Calls-to-action in Facebook Ads that encourage participation can help build an involved and excited Facebook community. • Facebook’s targeting can help its clients achieve simultaneous objectives. For example, creating multiple target groups can help generate large numbers of impressions while also reaching the specific users most likely to click to like a Page.

Nike wanted to re-position and re-invigorate its Running category in the Netherlands. “The idea was to show a different side of running, make it less technical and more creative. To just get out there, run and have fun” says Hans de Leeuw, Marketing Manager at Nike. Nike sought to bring like minded ’runners’ in the Netherlands into a Nike Running community and get them excited and atalking about the fresh view on running. At the same time, Nike Running wanted to promote its new running shoe, the Lunar Glide, to the running community.

Nike put together “Take Mokum,” a major online and offline campaign in Amsterdam. Mokum being a nickname for Amsterdam, the campaign’s title was designed to get people out running and to take on the city. Facebook Ads and the Nike Running Nederland

Our fans on Facebook have started doing the talking for us. They shared running experiences and became brand ambassadors, propagating the new positioning of Nike Running.
Hans de Leeuw, Marketing Manager, Nike

Advertising Case Study

Facebook Page, the free public profile that allows companies to share their business and products with Facebook users on an ongoing basis, formed the online centrepiece of “Take Mokum”. The unique campaign content, including an interactive element called ‘the graffiti challenge’ and running events, would be provided exclusively on the Nike Running Nederland Page and the web address for the Page would be promoted on every offline ad. Nike also opened the Nike RunHouse in the van Baerlestraat close to the Vondelpark. A place where the new generation of runners could experience the concept of TakeMokum, trial the product, get running training or just hang out with like minded runners. Working with social media marketing firm B!Digital, Boondoggle and Mindshare, Nike Running created and ran a series of Marketplace Ads for six weeks starting on September 1, 2010, to promote the brand’s campaign and Facebook Page. Nike Running took advantage of Facebook’s anonymised and aggregated user data to target two different groups. The first was a broad group of users aged 15 to 35 – the age range of most Nike customers. For the second group, Nike Running and B!Digital targeted people who are interested in running. To do this, they targeted an age range of 18 to 30 in conjunction with running related keywords, such as ‘competitor’, ‘run’, ‘Nike’ and other running related words. They also decided to geo-target Amsterdam to reach people who were most likely to take part in the events and see the ads that formed part of the offline campaign. Nike and B!Digital monitored the ads regularly during the campaign and adjusted their approach based on the results. They noticed that the age group of 15 to 21 year-olds was responding to the ads at high rates, so they directed more spend towards this age group. Additionally, they also decided during the campaign to create a new target group consisting of the friends of existing Nike Running Nederland fans. These users would see in the ad that their friends had already liked the

Page, which built extra trust into the campaign. The Facebook Ads campaign consisted of 12 Marketplace Ads inciting people to like Nike Running Nederland. Boondoggle and Nike decided to run only a small number of different ads in order to keep the message clear and crisp, in line with the Nike brand. The ads were shown in three phases: Nike Running, the “graffiti” challenge Nike created to engage runners both on Facebook and in their running, and a promotion for the Lunar Glide shoe. Each phase had its own unique visual associated with it. The calls-to-action were also kept simple and snappy and invited people to join the Nike Running movement. When people clicked on the ad, it took them to Nike Running Nederland Page, where they could click to like the Page and discover the Nike Graffiti Challenge, the Nike RunHouse events and other running relevant content that Nike Running shared with its Facebook community. “It was a call to action to a new breed of runners, to get out there, to share their experiences and keep in touch with the all the activities going on in the RunHouse” explains Hans. “That’s why we decided to use Facebook, as we could use the social architecture of the platform and because there was a good match with the people we were reaching out to”

Advertising Case Study

• The Facebook Ads received a total of 135 million impressions. “We have 4,5 million Dutch users on Facebook and the population of Holland is 16 million, so you can imagine that if we created more than 130 million impressions, we had a great impact on the Dutch market with this campaign,” explains Jesse Goedel, Product Manager at B!Digital. In comparison, he says, “If you put a reach block on a major online news site in Holland, you only get 8 million impressions.” Nike Running saw a 32% increase in sales of the Lunar Glide running shoe through key retail partners during and following the “Take Mokum” campaign. Friends of fans of Nike Running Nederland and people between ages 15-21 had the highest engagement rates. The number of Nike Running Nederland fans tripled during the campaign, increasing from approximately 2,000 to 6,000. The growth continued after the campaign, with the community growing by another 3,000 people in the two months following.

The Future
Nike sees its presence on the Facebook platform as a way to stay engaged with its target group and to promote brand values, new innovations and drive brand loyalty. The “Take Mokum” campaign brought a new, large and enthusiastic audience to the Nike Running Nederland Page and Nike Running will continue to converse with and support its Facebook community. This community is incredibly valuable to the company. For its next campaign or its next big running proposition in the Netherlands, Nike Running has an existing, targeted audience on Facebook that is ready to listen, engage and eager to take part.

The company has witnessed a significant increase in engagement with the Nike Running Nederland Page. “We noticed that our fans have started doing the talking for us. They shared running experiences and became brand ambassadors, propagating the new positioning of Nike Running. Then they became hungry and started asking for more,” Hans says. “And we achieved great reach and friend-of-fans viral promotion: everything users did became part of their news stream, where it is visible to all of their friends.”

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