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Retail Sales Interview Questions

A sales person is the key player in the retail sector. He she is the one who sells all the He/she merchandise that is brought in the retail store. He is the link between the buyer and the producer. He/she the whole sole responsible for the retail selling of merchandises that comprise of apparel, furniture, home-appliances, motor cycle and groceries, etc. His/her effective selling skills es, contribute significantly towards the growth of the business. Some of the frequently asked questions that are essential to crack the Retail Sales Interview are enlisted as under: 1. Describe yourself? aking This is the first ice breaking question through which your interviewer wants to initiate a formal discussion. You need to be cautious before answering this question and try to give a crisp reply to impress your prospective employer. Specify your academics, professional qualification and your qualifications working experience only. Advisably, do not talk about your family until you are asked for it. do 2. How do you learn about the product knowledge? Try to start answering this question with the importance of produ product knowledge. Now you can say that there are a number of ways to learn about a product. Informational material, training, experience, talking to other employees and internet are some of the prominent sources to gather product knowledge. 3. What special skills that you think you have related to sales? lls Excellent interpersonal skills, flexibility, consistency, diligence and customer service orientation are some of the key skills that you can add in your answer. 4. How do you find yourself fit for the retail sales? You can talk about the special trainings and experience that you have received throughout your career. Give a thrust upon the consultative selling skills and your ability to please the customers with your excellent analytical bend of mind. The above listed questions with your confidence and the optimistic approach can help you in surpassing the interview process with ease.

Shoppers Stop to open 24 stores

K Raheja Group-owned Shoppers Stop plans to open 24 stores by FY14."We plan to open 24 new stores in the next three years. To start with, we would be opening eight-nine Shoppers Stop stores in the current fiscal," Group Chief Financial Officer, C B Navalkar said. Presently, the company has 38 stores across the country, with a total retail space of about 2.3million square feet. Apart from the Shoppers Stop departmental stores, the company has five specialty retail formats like Home Stop (home furnishing), Mothercare (baby care), Crosswords (books & music), Estee Lauder (cosmetics) and Mac (cosmetics). The company is also present in the hypermarket space at 9 locations across the country through its 51% subsidiary-Hypercity (food, grocery and general merchandise).

Arvind Ltd eyes 100 exclusive stores this year

Mumbai/Vadodara: With the launch of its first 'Arvind Experience Store' in Gujarat at Vadodara, denim major Arvind Ltd. is eyeing 100 stores by the end of the financial year 2011-12. The store in Vadodara is the company's eighth in the country after seven stores in Andhra Pradesh. Talking about the future plans, Sanjay Lalbhai, chairman and managing director, Arvind Ltd. said, "We have already launched these stores in Andhra Pradesh. With the first store in Gujarat being launched, we are planning to add 92 more stores this year to hit the 100 stores mark." Arvind Experience Store is a first of its kind for the fabric retail channel. The Arvind store is a modern and futuristic layout to house all of Arvinds products. By offering customised tailoring and the best of Arvinds ready-made brands, the store is a complete lifestyle destination. Efforts have been taken to ensure that the store not only lives up to todays retailing standards but also creates its own unique positioning in the market. The Arvind Experience Store is built up on massive area of 2000 sq ft in Vadodara and will house world-class brands like US POLO Association, Flying Machine and Arrow. Talking further about the store, Lalbhai said, "Arvind Denim Labs, a concept exclusive to the Arvind store, will, for the very first time, customize washed jeans for their customers. Every denim order will be made in Arvinds factory exact to the customers specifications, with each and every detail customized to their preferences. With this offering, the company also presented for the first time in India, hand crafted bespoke denim. The denim section of Arvind Experience Store will cater to a segment ideal for the youth and for work wear. Studio Arvind, the customized tailoring offering of the Arvind store, is expected to bring to the fore all of Arvinds knowledge in creating world-class garments. Not only do they provide customized garments but will also offer different styles and fits for each category. Source: Business Standard

Call Center Interview Tips

Following are the basic things which we need to follow before going for a Call-Centre interview: Know about the company You need to get the information about the Organization from a website or through friends, relatives or colleagues at the company, if you have any. Documents to be carried Always carry an additional copy of your resume, letters of references and documents of past work experiences. Importantly, your educational certificates/documents etc. Prepare for most frequently asked questions (FAQs) You have to prepare for frequently asked questions. Most Call Centers look for candidates with the following qualities: Excellent communication skills/abilities including voice class and grammar. Customer Service skills and experience including an ability to work well with the customers. Technical skills including expertise with computers and other supports systems like handling phone, MIS reports and others. Professional Dressing Our look reflects our professionalism and aspiration for the position. Always avoid any dress or jewelry that does not communicate/suit a professional appearance. Be Yourself - Communication and interpersonal skills are a vital part of customer service jobs.

Some Important & Tricky Questions to crack Call Centre Interview

Q1. Explain us about your previous experiences of working with a Call Center. Describe how you assisted your customers. This question might be asked in the course of the interview or at any other peak during the process. Its very important to consider and review your past work experience. Get prepared to highlight any past Call Center work you have done, and experienced. Explain when youve worked successfully with other colleagues. Call Centers/recruiters like to look for candidates who are considered as team players. Its significant to always be truthful at a job interview. Q2. Are you capable with different kinds of computer applications? What are the kinds of computer experience you have with you? Internet telephones are most common in call centers. This kind of technology is better than using a land line phone and at the same time, is cheaperalso. Call Centers do maintain databases of customers, and are concerned with your aptitude. Log files/updates must be created after each call, and most employees also know the basic office applications such as MS Word, Excel, Power Points, etc. Q3. How do you consider the term teamwork? Recruiters are likely to prefer candidates who like to work in a team. Candidates lacking teamspirit always have a lower chance of being recruited/ hired. Be sure to let your recruiter/interviewer know that you love to work in a team without becoming strained or unfriendly. The value of teamwork always helps you to find the words you need to state the value of teamwork in the workplace.

The interest of your recruiter would be in how you conduct yourself. His judgment would be on your communication skills, voice, grammar and willingness to work in a team. And he would also like to know how you interact with a customer on the call/phone. Remember to speak crisply, concisely and clearly. He also may make you attend a mock call. So, choose your words carefully. Technical jobs would have more questions on the technical subject, while non-technical jobs would have more focus on teamwork and interpersonal skills. Remember that the interviewer always wants you to do well.

What to Wear at an Interview

Below are some tips on how to dress up for interview success:
If your interview outfit is more than a year old, then invest in a new high quality outfit which is impeccably cut, fits you perfectly and in which you look great. If you are applying to a very traditional organisation, then they are likely to have a stricter dress code e.g. pin-stripe suit. In this case, try to echo the in-house style to reinforce the impression of you as a safe pair of hands and that you are 'one of them'. Organisations with a casual dress code are perhaps the most tricky regarding an interview outfit. Wearing a tie could be a major faux pas. A smart coordinating outfit rather than a suit may be more appropriate. Jeans rarely are suitable even if worn by the majority of the staff on an everyday basis. Ask this before the interview. All interview outfits should be clean, free of dog hairs, deodorant marks, fraying hems or straining zips and buttons. The interviewer is going to be sitting staring at you for an hour and they will notice every sartorial flaw. Accessories are equally important. Briefcases and handbags should be smart and the contents well-organised. Pens should be decent quality. Business cards should be pristine ideally in their own holder. Make-up and jewellery for women should be subtle and unfussy. Heels are fine but should be comfortable for walking. Skirts and tops should not be too revealing. Have your hairstyle updated with a neat but modern style which is easily manageable. This can instantly enhance your appearance. Women who colour their hair should ensure it is freshly done for the interview. Men need to be clean-shaven or have their beards etc. closely trimmed rather than straggly. Clean fingernails, fresh breath, shiny shoes, deodorant are all essential rather than afterthoughts. Use aftershave or perfume sparingly as it can be quite intense in a small interview room.