Advertising Case Study

Hyundai NZ
Company Background
Hyundai New Zealand is the locally owned and independent importer and distributor of the global automaker and serves the New Zealand market. MBM is an independent media strategy agency based in New Zealand.

Facebook Executive Summary


In December 2010, Hyundai New Zealand was looking to establish a social media presence and to deepen its relationships with existing and potential customers. To create a hub for its social activities, it first created a Facebook Page, Hyundai NZ. The campaign’s main goals were to raise awareness of the Page and to engage with its fans. “The objective was to support and promote Hyundai as a New Zealand company, as a part of the New Zealand community,” says Sean McCready of MBM, Hyundai New Zealand’s media agency for the campaign. “We wanted to enter a two-way dialogue with customers, informing, entertaining and engaging them.” Objective: Promote brand awareness and build a community on Facebook to begin a dialogue with consumers. Solution: Engage people around a “Favorite Places in New Zealand” contest supported by Reach Blocks and Poll and Like Ads. Key Lessons: • acebook’s analytics can allow F a marketer to easily optimise a campaign and maximise campaign efficiency • F acebook Poll Ads can be an effective way to stimulate engagement with a brand

Before the campaign began, Hyundai New Zealand had published a book called Favorites featuring people’s favorite places in New Zealand. Hyundai decided to leverage this book, creating a contest that asked

“We see the value of having a community of fans engaged with the brand, so when they’re thinking about what make their next car will be, they’re thinking of Hyundai as a result of the engagement.”
Sean McCready, MBM

Advertising Case Study

people to like the Hyundai NZ Facebook Page and name their favorite place. Doing so gave people a chance to win one of four prizes of a weekend vacation in a Hyundai car. To promote broad awareness of the contest among all New Zealanders of driving age on Facebook, Hyundai ran a Reach Block, a media buy on Facebook Home Pages and other premium locations that guarantees a marketer will reach 100 percent of its target audience over a 24-hour period. In addition to Premium Like Ads, Hyundai also ran Premium Poll Ads. The campaign ran for five weeks in March and April, 2011. For the second Reach Block, Hyundai targeted people with the characteristics of the people who had responded to the ads in the first one. This allowed Hyundai to optimise its Facebook Ads and maximise its marketing budget. As the community on the Hyundai NZ Page grew, regular status updates were published about the contest, Hyundai vehicles , and Hyundai’s sponsorships in New Zealand on the brand’s Facebook Page.

“I was really pleased and surprised that the people who were responding to our ad matched the profile of the Hyundai buyer so well,” says Sean. “The ads were really effective at getting people to engage with the brand, using the promotion as the device, and really cost-effective as well.”

The Future
Hyundai New Zealand says it has seen how Facebook can create true audience engagement with its brand. They see Facebook as an important way to instill customer feedback and interaction into Hyundai New Zealand’s future campaigns.

• • 822,737 New Zealanders reached by the ads 21,462 unique engagements generated by the ads, for a 0.23 percent overall engagement rate 10,308 responses to the Poll Ads 6,000 fans acquired over the course of the fiveweek campaign, representing fan growth of 4,000 percent. Before the campaign, between December 2010 and March 2011, the Hyundai NZ Facebook Page gained 150 fans. With its current number of fans, the brand can reach more than 1 million friends of fans globally with Friends of Connections Targeting 9 million impressions, with 13 percent of the impressions being social impressions, or ads shown to people with the name of their friends who had already liked the brand

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