make & do activity kit

Knight’s tunic

Cut your fabric to size. This will be approximately 60cm wide and 180cm long. You can trim it at the end to fit your child’s height later.


This activity kit contains:
1. Make and do activity steps 1 - 6 2. 4 template pages

Fold your fabric in half so it measures 60cm wide and 90cm long. The fold should be at the top.


Cut a small half circle shape out of the middle of the fold. To make sure its in the centre, fold the top lengthwise and cut through the four layers as shown.

Things you need:

templates a length of cord a piece of fabric ( we used polar fleece and jersey as it doesn’t fray ) scissors squares of coloured felt ribbon or other decoration as desired fabric glue ( or needle and thread ) tape measure


Using the templates cut out a shield shape with one of your felt squares. Use the other square to create the icons. You can make up your own special icons too. Use fabric glue to attach the icons to the shield. Then glue the whole thing to the chest area of the robe. Hand sewing it will make it even stronger.


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Glue or sew on any extra decotation such as ribbons or jewels. Slip it over the head and secure with a cord or belt. Team with our helmet, sword and shield for a full knight’s outfit.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

make & do activity kit
Decorations 1

make & do activity kit
Decorations 2

make & do activity kit

make & do activity kit
Decorations 3

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