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Date: 04
h October, 2010.
Project : Development of Muscat International Airport Project
Client : Ministry ofTransport & Communication (MOTC}
Consultant :Cowl Larsen Joint Venture
Main Contractor :CCCTAVJV
MEP Contractor : Bah wan Engineering Co.
Product : Butterfly Valves.
Manufacturers : AVK International.
Dear Sir,
This has reference to your remarks on review sheet against our proposal of fire fighting
Butterfly Valves, We are replying with below clarification:
1. Provide ROP- CD certificate for the supply.
Reply: Offered Butterfly Valve EVTLS Is 1JL/FM Approved and suitable for Fire water. Generally
no other certifications or approvals requested by civil defence bodies for Fire water. Butterfly
Valves. Please refer attached UL Certificate for the same.
In addition to above, kindly note Civil Defence or ROP does not provide any special approvals
for Gate and Butterfly valves. They provide approvals for Fire Hydrants, Fire Extinguisher etc.
Please refer attached FM Certificate for the same.
2. It is required Gunmetal BS 1400 LG 2, Not Aluminium bronze BS 1400 AB 2.
Reply: We have offered Aluminium bronze Grade BS 1400 AB 2 which is suitable for Fire water
f Sea water applications. This Is proven material and UL/FM listed for our Butterfly valves. We
do not have Gun metal in our scope for fire water application.
3. External Coating Is required corrosion class 4.
"1 Reply: Body- We have offered Polyurethane coating RED RAL 3000 as specified.
Coatin thickness shall be 200-300 Microns for moist atmosphere
An ISO 9001:2000 Company
Distinguished Presence, fnnovnfive Tccluwlagies, Optimal Solutions
Internal Body- Rubber lined and suitable for corrosive application like sea watr and fire water
as well.
The corrosion class 4 is in accordance with Danish Engineer Association's instructions for
corrosion protection of steel constructions: DS/R 454
We hope the above offer is in line with your requirement, if you have any further queries please
feel free to contact us.
Thanking you once again and assuring you of our best attention at all times, We remain.
Faithfully Yours,
For, W. J. TOWELL & CO (L.LC)- Engineering division.
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Yogesh Kalshetti
Sr. Product Engineer
Mobile: +968 9320 1047.
Ph: (968) 24526081/24526082 Fax: (968) 24526422, Email: