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Profiles of MPP Students who are enrolled on the Double-Degree Programme

With SIPA Ms. Shruthi Jayaram, Indian, 20 years old Shruthi is enrolled in the Master in Public Policy (MPP) Programme where her main focus is on monetary policy and development. This is also the focus of her Independent Study Module, which examines the policy of inflation targeting in India. Prior to enrolling for the MPP programme, Shruthi was a Research Intern at the Centre for Civil Society in India. Shruthi holds a BA (Hons) 1st Division in Economics from St. Stephens College, New Delhi, India. One main reason for her enrolling in the double degree programme is the transcontinental exposure as well as the access to different perspectives on monetary policy it will offer her. Ms. Ahn Sun Joo, Korean, 24 years old Currently a trainee at the Energy Charter Treaty, Belgium, 2007, Sun Joo was a conference organiser for the APEC Task Force, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Korea, 2005. She majored in Western History & Political Science and is currently working on her Independent Study Module, focusing on the topic of Energy security and global governance, which assesses the role of international energy regimes. She has a strong interest in energy security policy as she feels that it is a critical issue to Asian countries due to rapidly-growing demand. Following her studies at LKYSPP and SIPA, she hopes to make a significant contribution towards the development of stable energy regimes in Asia. Mr. Zhang Chenguang, Chinese, 23 years old An OCBC International Master in Public Policy Scholar, Chenguang is presently an intern at OCBC bank, assisting in planning and executing the local incorporation and registration of existing branches in China as legal entities. He holds a First Class Honours degree in Policy Studies and Administration, City University of Hong Kong. He enrolled in the double degree programme because of its focus on producing effective policy-makers by helping to develop the skills necessary for the formulation and management of public policy. Chenguang has a great passion for public service in China as a future career, and is interested in comparative social welfare policy, particularly in healthcare. As such, he hopes that the double degree programme will offer him the opportunity to convert his passion into effective practice.

With LSE Mr. Muhammad Khalid Nadeem Khan, Pakistani, 27 years old An economist by training, Khalid holds a Master in Economics from Karachi University and spent four years with the National Institute of Public Administration before coming to Singapore. He is presently working on his Independent Study Module with Dr Ishrat Husain, Former Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan on Financial Sector Reform in Pakistan. His initial decision to join LKYSPP was motivated by the pursuit of multi-disciplinary knowledge and the desire to enjoy diversity at a place that is global as well as Asian. Through his studies, he has enjoyed learning from a country with exemplary public service. He enrolled in the double degree programme for the challenges it offers, and is proud to be joining the LSE community. He looks forward to learning from LSE and immersing himself in the rich English culture. Upon graduation, Khalid is eager to help his country and the world using the knowledge and skills that he will be gaining through his studies at LKYSPP and LSE. Ms. Ivy Ng Puay Li, Singaporean, 27 years old Ivy is currently undergoing an internship at the Public Policy Department of Credit Suisse. Prior to this, she had been working for Singapore Customs as a Trade Control Officer, dealing with strategic goods export control. She obtained a bachelors degree from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Economics and Statistics. Her interest in Public Policy was sparked by her work as a Customs Officer. Ivys current internship at Credit Suisse has provided her with an opportunity to assess the impact of public policy on the private sector. She believes that the double degree will equip her with a set of skills and experiences that will prove useful in her future career. Mr. James Orum Sheppard, Australian, 25 years old James is an Australian national who completed his undergraduate studies- a double degree in Economics and Asian Studies- at the University of Western Australia. He started work as a researcher on secular national politics and grassroots participation in Indonesia before joining the World Bank as a public sector governance specialist in 2003. Currently, James is a consultant for the World Bank's international survey on public sector employment and pay, and a member of the editorial board of the Asian Journal of Public Affairs (AJPA) at LKYSPP. His current research focuses on civil servant asset disclosure regulations in Asia. Through the double degree programme, he hopes to gain a deeper understanding of discourses in governance, sharper quantitative and qualitative analytical tools and awareness of development challenges in Asia Pacific. He also looks forward to contributing to a rich exchange of ideas, cultures and experience as well as forging friendships with an international group of outstanding individuals.

With Sciences Po Ms. Sumathi Chandrashekaran, Indian, 24 years old Sumathi graduated in English literature and law from the University of Delhi. Before commencing graduate studies at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, she worked as a journalist with the Press Trust of India. With an academic and professional background in law and journalism, she is particularly interested in how media and the law mediate and influence policy choices, decisions and outcomes. She chose this double degree programme because it offers an unparalleled and exciting multicultural perspective on policy-making. Sumathi is presently working on topics related to the history and evolution of regulatory frameworks. Mr. Wang Xiao, Chinese, 21 years old Wang Xiao joined the MPP programme upon graduation from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2006, where he majored in Finance. Prior to taking up the MPP programme, Wang Xiao was a research analyst intern at the Shanghai Municipal Committee. Currently, he is an intern with IDA and hopes to gain the practical experience required for a future career in a regulatory authority. He has also published a paper in the Journal of Shanghai Normal University. He feels that the double degree programme will not only provide him with a comprehensive global perspective and equip him with the skills and knowledge on Financial Policy, but also give him a unique opportunity to present the Asian perspective to Europeans. Ms. Shivani Ratra, Indian, 27 years old Presently an intern with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Thailand, Shivani is working on setting up an institutional mechanism for regulating Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Thailand. Before taking up the MPP programme, she was a Brand Manager with Avon Beauty Products in India and prior to that had worked as a journalist. She was also a volunteer with Greenpeace. Shivani holds a Journalism degree from the University of Delhi and an MBA from the Institute of Management Technology, India.