The Gift. Chuki, get ready, I m coming to pick you up, I called my wife from office.

20 minutes later I reached Babesa, she was still deciding which saree to wear. ww, women of 40 are still girls when it comes to dressing up, I thought. Please wear that green one . She agreed and started to get ready. coat and Another half an hour and we were ready. It's not every day you get to meet or see the royalty. And when we found ourselves just feet away from the King of Bhutan and His new Q ueen, I have to admit that despite my various internal mental conversations and preparations, I could not follow them. Over our short tenure in Bhutan, I had learnt to present the Gift in a white sil k scarf, how to hold it out as an offering, a mark of respect to the king but on ly if He approached and NOT to look directly in His eyes. We had lined hour, eep in stopped at Semtokha on the route of the Royal Couple. About 50 people had up and we joined them at the end of the line. I m hungry Chuki said after an I have not had my lunch . I angrily remembered the handy pack of biscuits I k my basanti (my car) parked 5 minutes away. Aw

You too wear your

My wife s hunger was also important as she is a diabetes patient. By the time she finished them in the car, the line of people had been ushered way-up by the secu rity. We decided to move further down in to the expressway. Basanti had found a lucky parking space opposite Hotel Migmar. Two to three hund red people had lined up and there was a special offering prepared for the Royal Couple. We too slipped in and stood patiently. The line was increasing every min ute and as more people were being accommodated, we found ourselves opposite Shea ree Square. My eyes were fetching the magic fairy tale couple. There was a stir far up along the expressway. They ve arrived!!!. My heart thumped . I had stopped noticing my wife or the people around me. Nothing mattered to me more than seeing them in Person!. I watched with excitement The Royal Couple walking down, meeting people, talking with them, accepting greetings. In a split of second They were surrounded eithe r by accompaniments or the crowd. And then suddenly His Majesty turned and walke d right in front of us. Tashi Delek Your Majesty, I managed to fumble softly while lowering my head, This i s for You, Your Majesties . He opened the scarf to find a book entitled, Royal Wedd ings . My smiles knew no bounds, my eyes shining in excitement and hands trembling as I held the book He was going through page by page! I have never seen this before He said. This is for You I said again, frantically hoping He would accept it. I was pretty n ervous in His presence by then. This is beautiful He complimented. He flipped through the whole book and noticed another copy below it with the sam e title but with a soft cover.

What is this? He asked. Your Majesty, this book contains felicitations from the Peo ple of Bhutan, I answered nervously. I will sign it and you shall keep it he added.

My mind was eeks . The officials preceding His Majesty had seen me in the queue and had specifically told me not to ask for His signature. That anyway was not in m y mind or intention. His Majesty flipped open the book again and signed it. Jetsun you must come here . From the corner of my eye I saw Her Majesty glide over next to His Majesty. Tashi Delek I wished.

This is beautiful , She said, Her voice was angelic. Her sweet gentle voice still reverberates in my ears. Her Majesty went through the pages. Do you have more copies? , I could feel His Majesty smiling. Yes, Your Majesty, BMS has published this and this Jetsun, sign here and He gave His pen to Her Majesty while helping Her find the pa ge. While Her Majesty signed, I could feel the world swoon. I was dazed with the incredible air of warmth and humility. Then they were gone. I noticed a car carrying His Majesty s Crown and swirled the Khadar into it, gratef ully. I do not remember clearly whether I said Thank you verbally. in my mind or had voiced it out

All along I had heard His Majesty to be The People s King. Now I adore Them. They are truly made for each other, Made in Heaven. The moment was the Gift. It s in my heart. Treasured forever. Tashi Delek to Her Majesty the Queen of Bhutan on the auspicious occasion of Her Birthday. My prayers and wishes for Her. And thank you admin for this page, where-in I am able to re-live the warmth of t he presence of Their Majesties.

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