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NetSuite Tricks and Tips

1. Set Preferences: You can get to the Set Preferences in 2 ways, hover over the home button and select Set Preferences from the bottom of the drop down list or from your NetSuite dashboard find the Settings portlet and click on the Set Preferences item. a. General Tab i. Messages

1. Limit CC Field will make it easier you are creating Email messages 2. By un checking the Submit Warning you will not receive the annoying notice that you are leaving a page unsaved. ii. Optimizing NetSuite 1. Number of List Segments: Setting this higher will allow you see more items on a list (Like Customers or Saved Searches) but will take longer to load the list. 2. Maximum Entries in Dropdowns: This setting allows you to set the number of items a dropdown list has before it will open to a search window. 3. Type-Ahead on List Fields: By checking this box you are able to leverage type-ahead features in searches. 4. Check Spelling in Text Area as You Type: This will underline in red known spelling errors. b. Appearance Tab i. Centers and Dashboard 1. Use Classic Interface: this Check box ensures that you are looking at the menu items the same as everyone else (It is highly recommended this be checked). 2. Drop-Down Menus: You can set the way the main Menu acts like hover and drop down or just drop down when clicked.

ii. Entry Forms 1. Combine Similar Buttons in Forms: By checking this box you combine all the save buttons (Save, Save and New, Save and Print) in one button with Dropdown selections. My Preferance is to uncheck this. 2. Show Helper Icons: will allow you to click on the label to get help. 3. Enable Rich Text Editing: When you check this box, you are turning on the use of the editor. The Rich Text Editor can be seen on email and email templates. You can also set the default font and font size for the editor. c. Transactions i. Warning 1. Inventory Level Warning: Unchecking this box will stop the annoying popups that happen when creating a Sales Order. 2. Customer Credit Limit Handling: allows you to set how you want to handle customer credit settings. d. Reporting / Search i. This sections setup (As shown) is what I recommend; the only exception is Merchandise group their items dont show up as well. 2. Activities a. Calendar i. Edit Activities from Calendar: Having this checked will allow you to edit your events from your actual calendar.

Better Searching Tools

Use of NetSuite Wildcards can dramatically increase your ability to find what you are looking for. Using quotations ( search for me) in a search line will result in all files exactly match the information in the quotes. o T Smith RETURNS Tom Smith, Thomas Smith, Tina Smith but not Thomas Smiths Following a Search word with a Backslash \ will return results that match all words followed by the backslash. o Thomas\ Smith\ RETURNS only Thomas Smith The Percent % sign returns any number of characters that match the search criteria. o Tho% Smi% RETURNS Thomas Smith, Thomas Smiley, Thom Smitty The Underscore _ will only fill in one character. o Thom_a Smi_h RETURNS Thomas Smith Emails will automatically search only email fields.

UsingRecordtypeinSearches Using Record type is a great way to find just what you are looking for. cus: case: invo: le: op: ta: b: em: con: pu: item: Customers Note: case by number By using the letter e in front of a record type Invoice search will automatically open the file in edit mode. Lead Opportunity Task Bill , Bill Credit or Bill Payment Employee Contact Purchase Order Item

(More can be found in the Help by searching Wildcard)