Client’s Needs Analysis Report

1. Introduction
Our company specializes in Advertising: Spans all media from: • mainstream advertising in: • television • radio • online & print • Interactive promotional development. Designs to your business: • logo • stationary • sales brochures • websites • advertising campaign Our Clients range from: • Business clients o E learning o Advertising o Web services • Local direct clients o Restaurant o Plumber o Marketing

2. Purpose
a. The survey carried out to ascertain information: • Manage and implement any changes that may be required in the way our company carries out its project development and maintenance. b. The survey was carried out to obtain information from our clients regarding: • The quality • Efficiency • Performance


3. Data Collection
a. The software was used was from a online site: • The survey was carried out by using a base template from and changing the questions to suit our needs for this survey. b. The clients targeted for this survey where our: • Business clients • Local direct clients c. How was the survey delivered? • The survey was delivered by email via the website

4. Analysis
a. Provide an overview of the survey response? • All clients who received the survey responded and submitted the answers. b. Charts and graphs to illustrate quantative data.

• Question 1:
• How satisfied are you with the direction we are going with the development of your project?

Satisfaction in direction of project

Good 33% Excellent 67%

Good Excellent

• Question 2:
• Please rate your level of satisfaction of your completed project?

Satisfaction with completed project 120% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 67% 67% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0%
gn Va lu e Pr ic Fu in g nc tio na Vi su lity al Pr ap od pe uc al ts el ec tio n Q ua de si lilt y

Satisfaction with completed project

In n

ov a



• Question 3:
How interested are you in any of our other products and services we have to offer?

Further projects

33% Interested Extremely interested 67%

5. Conclusion
a. Our clients’ are very satisfied with the way we have been handling the development of their project. • 100% impressed with 1. Quality 2. Innovative designs 3. functionality 4. visual appeal 5. product selection 67% unimpressed with 1. Value 2. Pricing 33% impressed with 1. Value 2. Pricing

b. Further projects with us in the future: • • 33% of our clients are Interested 67% are extremely interested

6. Recommendations
a. Our company should send further information regarding all of the types of projects that we deal with as clients are very happy with the work we do. b. The quality of our work surpasses the value and pricing that we charge.

7. Appendix
a. The results of our companies’ survey used for this needs analysis report