Daniel outline

An outline of prophetic book of Daniel

Greg Chiponda

27 December 2010

When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place (whoso readeth, let him understand), then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains." Jesus in Matt.24:15-16

Daniel 1- Daniel in captivity 1. Characteristics of the Sacred Writings 2. Five Historical Facts 3. Prophecy of Jerusalem's Captivity 4. The Holy City Three Times Overthrown 5. God's Testimony against Sin 6. Condition and Treatment of Daniel and His Companions 7. Character of King Nebuchadnezzar 8. Signification of Pagan Names 9. Daniel's Integrity 10. The Result of His Experiment 11. Daniel Lives till the Time of Cyrus. Daniel 2 -The great Image 1. A Difficulty Explained 2. Daniel Enters upon His Work 3. Who Were the Magicians?-Trouble between the King and the Wise Men-The Ingenuity of the Magician-The King's Sentence against Them 4. Remarkable Providence of God -The Help Sought by Daniel-A Good Example - Daniel's Magnanimity - A Natural Character-The Magicians Exposed 5. What the World Owes to the People of God 6. Appropriateness of the Symbol-A Sublime Chapter of Human History 7. Beginning of the Babylonian Kingdom 8. What is Meant by a Universal Kingdom 9. Description of Babylon 10. The Heavenly City 11. Babylon's Fall - Stratagem of Cyrus-Belshazzar's Impious Feast-Prophecy Fulfilled - Babylon Reduced to Heaps 12. The Second Kingdom, Medo-Persia-Persian Kings, and Time of Their Reign - Persia's Last King - Alexander the Great - His Contemptible Character 13. The Fourth Kingdom - The Testimony of Gibbon - Influences which Undermined Rome - A False Theory Examined 14. What the Toes Signify - Rome Divided - Names of the Ten Divisions - Subsequent History God's Kingdom Still Future - Its Nature, Location, and Extent. Daniel 3- The fiery ordeal 1. Nebuchadnezzar's Image vs. God's - Devotion of Idolaters 2. The Jews Accused - The King's Forbearance - The Fiery Furnace - Its Effect on the Chaldeans The Course of the Three Worthies - The Wonderful Deliverance - Its Effect on the King's Mind - Integrity Honored. Daniel 4 – Nebuchadnezzars decree 1. The Oldest Decree on Record - Humiliation Confessed - A Good Example 2. Nebuchadnezzar's Condition - God's Dealing with the King 3. The Magicians Humbled - A Remarkable Illustration - Mercy in Judgment 4. An Important Key to Prophetic Interpretation 5. Angels Interested in Human Affairs 6. The King's Acknowledgment - Daniel's Hesitation - His Delicate Answer to the King 7. Judgments Conditional - The Lesson Unheeded - The Blow Falls

8. The King's Restoration - The End Gained - Nebuchadnezzar's Death - Summary of His Experience. Daniel 5 – Belshazzar's Feast 1. Closing Scenes of Babylon's History - Celebration of the Conquest of Judea - The Sacred Vessels Desecrated - God Interferes with the Revelry - The Phantom Hand 2. Change of Scene - Daniel Called 3. The Lesson to the King - The Writing Interpreted - The Fulfilment Follows Daniel 6 – Daniel in the Lions den 1. Date of the Persian Kingdom - Cyrus Sole Ruler - Paul's Reference to Daniel's Experience Extent of the Persian Kingdom - A Fiendish Plot 2. Righteousness Daniel's only Fault - False Witness of the Conspirators - Daniel Undisturbed 3. The Decree Secured - The Victim Ensnared - The King's Dilemma - Daniel Cast into the Lions' Den – His Wonderful Preservation 4. Fate of Daniel's Accusers - Daniel Doubly Vindicated - The King's Decree. Daniel 7- The Four beasts 1. Chronological Connection - Rule of Scripture Interpretation 2. The Kingdoms Identical with Those of Daniel 2 - Why the Vision is Repeated 3. Change in Babylonish History - Deterioration of Earthly Governments 4. The Symbol of the Bear Explained-Grecia the Third Kingdom - Rapidity of Its Conquests 5. Signification of the Four Heads of the Leopard Beast 6. Signification of the Ten Horns 7. A Little Horn among the Ten - The Judgment Scene -Character of the Little Horn 8. Opposition of the Arians - The Three Horns Plucked Up - Millions of Martyrs - A Feeble Defense - Paganism Outdone 9. Meaning of Time, Times, and a Half -Date of Papal Supremacy 10. Date of Papal Overthrow - Rome a Republic - The Power of the Papacy Waning in Its Stronghold - A Later Judgment - The Ecumenical Council - Victor Emmanuel's United Italy 11. End of the Pope's Temporal Power - Its Coming Destruction. Daniel 8- Vision of the Ram, He goat and the little horn 1. Change from Chaldaic to Hebrew 2. Date of Belshazzar's Reign - Date of This Vision 3. Where was Shushan? - A Prophecy of Isaiah Fulfilled 4. The Angel Explains the Symbols 5. How the Goat Represents the Grecians 6. Alexander the Great - Battle at the River Granicus 7. Battle at the Passes of Issus 8. The Great Battle of Arbela - Subversion of the Persian Kingdom, B.C.331 9. Alexander's Famous Reply to Darius - The World Will not Permit Two Suns nor Two Sovereigns 10. Increase of Power - Alexander's Disgraceful Death - Division of the Kingdom 11. The Roman Horn - How It Came out of One of the Horns of the Goat 12. What is the "Daily"? - Two Desolating Powers Brought to View 13. When Oppression of the Saints Will End 14. The Sanctuary Explained - What the Cleansing of the Sanctuary 15. The King of Fierce Countenance

16. By What Means the Romans Prospered Daniel 9- The Seventy weeks 1. The Short Time between the Visions 2. Daniel's Understanding of Jeremiah's Prophecy 3. Daniel's Wonderful Prayer 4. Gabriel again Appears - Vision of Chapter 8 Explained 5. Connection between Chapters Eight and Nine Established - The Time Explained 6. The Seventy Weeks - The Meaning of "Cut Off" 7. Date of the Seventy Weeks - The Decree of Cyrus - The Decree of Darius - The Decree of Artaxerxes 8. The Year 457 before Christ - Date of Christ's Baptism - Date of Christ's Crucifixion 9. Invention of the Christian Era - Intermediate Dates - Harmony Established - The Genuine Reading - Ptolemy's Canon - The End of the 2300 Days. Daniel 10-Daniels last vision 1. Time of Daniel's Various Visions 2. How Cyrus Became Sole Monarch 3. Daniel's Purpose in Seeking God - Scriptural Fasting 4. Another Appearance of the Angel Gabriel - The Effect upon Daniel 5. Daniel's Age at This Time - The Answer to Prayer Sometimes not Immediately Apparent 6. Who Michael Is - Daniel's Solicitude for His People 7. The Relation of Christ and Gabriel to the King of Persia and the Prophet Daniel. Daniel 11- A literal prophecy 1. Succession of Kings in Persia 2. The Rich King - The Largest Army ever Assembled in the World 3. Meaning of the Phrase "Stand Up" 4. Alexander in Eclipse - His Kingdom Divided among His Four Leading Generals 5. Location of the King of the North and the King of the South 6. Macedon and Thrace Annexed to Syria -The Syrian Kingdom Stronger than the Kingdom of Egypt 7. Divorce and Marriage of Antiochus Theos 8. Laodice's Revenge - Berenice and Her Attendants Murdered 9. Ptolemy Euergetes Avenges the Death of His Sister 10. Syria Plundered - 2,500 Idols Carried to Egypt 11. Antiochus Magnus Avenges the Cause of His Father - Defeated by the Egyptians 12. Ptolemy Overcome by His Vices - Another Syrian Campaign against Egypt 13. Rome Introduced - Syria and Macedonia Forced to Retire 14. Rome Assumes the Guardianship of the Egyptian King 15. The Egyptians Defeated - Antiochus Falls before the Romans 16. Syria Made a Roman Province 17. Judea Conquered by Pompey - Caesar in Egypt 18. Cleopatra's Stratagem - Caesar Triumphant - Veni, Vidi, Vici - Caesar's Death - Augustus Caesar 19. The Triumvirate - The Augustan Age of Rome 20. The Birth of Our Lord - Tiberius, the Vile - Date of Christ's Baptism 21. Rome's League with the Jews - Caesar and Antony 22. The Battle of Actium - Final Overthrow of Jerusalem

23. What is Meant by Chittim - The Vandal War - The "Daily" Taken Away 24. Justinian's Famous Decree - The Goths Driven from Rome - Long Triumph of the Papacy 25. The Atheistical King - The French Revolution of l793 - The Bishop of Paris Declares Himself an Atheist 26. France as a Nation Rebels against the Author of the Universe - The Marriage Covenant Annulled - God Declared a Phantom, Christ an Impostor 27. Blasphemy of a Priest of Illuminism - A Dissolute Female the Goddess of Reason 28. Titles of Nobility Abolished - Their Estates Confiscated - The Land Divided for Gain 29. Termination of the Reign of Terror - Time of the End, l798 - Triple War between Egypt, France, and Turkey 30. Napoleon's Dream of Eastern Glory - He Diverts the War from England to Egypt - His Ambition Embraces all Historical Lands of the East 31. Downfall of the Papacy - Embarkation from Toulon - Alexandria Taken - Battle of the Pyramids 32. Turkey, the King of the North, Declares War against France 33. Napoleon's Campaign in the Holy Land - Beaten at Acre - Retires to Egypt - Called back to France - Egypt in the Power of Turkey 34. Tidings out of the East and North 35. The Crimean War of l853 - Predicted by Dr. Clarke from this Prophecy in 1825 36. The Sick Man of the East 37. Russia's Long-Cherished Dream - The Last Will and Testament of Peter the Great 38. Startling Facts in Russian History 39. The Prophecy of Napoleon Bonaparte - Kossuth's Prediction 40. Russia's Defiant Attitude in 1870 - The Russo-Turkish War of l877 41. The Berlin Congress - Turkey Bankrupt - The Whole Empire Mortgaged to the Czar 42. Wonderful Shrinkage of Turkish Territory - The Revolution in Turkey Daniel 12- Closing scenes 1. The Reign of Christ - The Grand Signal of Its Approach 2. The Time of Trouble - The Resurrection - The Key to the Future 3. Some to Life, Some to Shame - Promised Rewards of the Coming Day 4. The Sealed Book Opened - Knowledge Wonderfully Increased 5. The Progress of a Thousand Years Made in Fifty 6. The Wise Understand - Daniel Stands in His Lot.

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