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india ranks 93 in corruption with 183 countries

India in the world

India's ranking in various world indices:
Human Development Index 2010 1. Rapid economic growth of the past decade has ensured India a place among the top 10 movers on GDP growth, but the country ranks a low 119 among 169 countries on the 2010 Human Development Index . 2. Life expectancy at birth is 64.4 years in India. In comparison, people living in countries such as Norway, Australia, New Zealand and many countries across Europe are expected to live beyond 80 years. The world average is 69.3 years. The Chinese are expected to live about 73.5 years 3. The number of years a person has spent in school is a dismal 4.4 years for India as compared to global average of 7.4 and 4.6 for South Asia. 4. Beginning 1980, Indias HDI values has increased from 0.320 to 0.519, an increase of 62%. In the same period, life expectancy at birth increased almost 9%, mean years of schooling by close to three years, and expected years of schooling by four years and per capita GNI by 254%. Report: Source:

World Prosperity Index 2010 1. India has slipped 10 places to the 88th spot from 78th in 2009.

2. China is ranked 58th in the list of 110 countries, which is topped by Norway. Other countries in the top five are Denmark (2), Finland (3), Australia (4) and NewZeland (5). 3. China is ranked 58th in the list of 110 countries, which is topped by Norway. Other countries in the top five are Denmark (2), Finland (3), Australia (4) and NewZeland (5). 4. India has ranked low on education ground (89th in the Index), Governance (41st) health (95th), Safety & Security (78th), Personal Freedom (74th), entrepreneurship and opportunity (93rd), and social Capital (105th). 5.India Ranking in various Indices Legatum Prosperity Index-- 88th / 110 Average Life Satisfaction Ranking -- 94th / 110 Per Capita GDP Ranking -- 86th / 110 WEF Global Competitiveness Index-- 51st / 139 UN Human Development Index-- 134th / 182 Heritage/WSJ Economic Freedom Index-- 124th / 179 TI Corruption Perceptions Index-- 84th / 180 Vision of Humanity Global Peace Index-- 128th / 149 5. On the lower end of the rankings were Zimbabwe (110), Pakistan (109), Central African Republic (108), Ethiopia (107) and Nigeria (106). 6. The Legatum Prosperity Index is the world's only global assessment of wealth and well being. It uses a holistic definition of prosperity, which includes factors ranging from economic growth to health and education, to personal freedom and governance Report: source:

Newsweek World's Best Countries List 2010 1. India ranks 78th on the World's Best Countries' list compiled by Newsweek magazine, which placed nations on the basis of health, education, economy and politics.

2. India ranking in various category: Education: 88th Health: 82nd Quality of Life:87th Economic Dynamism: 38th Political Environment: 48th. 3. Nicaragua is on 75th followed by Honduras 76th and Bolivia on 77th. Iran is on 79th followed by Botswana on 80th and Vietnam on 81st. 4. India gets 2.5 for freedom of expression, political participation and electoral processes from Freedom House with 1 being the highest score. Pakistan scores low with 4.5. 5. In the 'ease of doing' business category, India gets 133th rank, according to World Bank, which puts 1 as the best place to do business. Report: Source:

The Failed States Index 2010: India is ranked 79 in a list of 177 countries. In India's immediate neighbourhood, Burma has been placed at 13, Sri Lanka (22) and Nepal 25. China is ranked at 57th place. Dominic Republic, Saudi Arabia, Honduras and El Salvador are placed just above India in the list. 2009: India was ranked 87.

Childrens' index: 76 out of 81 countries. []

Child Marriage:More than a third of the world's child brides are from India. Nearly 25 million women in India were married in the year 2007 by the age of 18. (

Child Labour: About 44 million, or 13 percent of all children in south Asia, are engaged in labour, with more than half in India. (

Global Hunger Index: 94 out of 118 countries [International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington]

Global Peace Index: 2010 ranking 128 out of 149 countries; 2009: 122; 2008: 107; 2007: 109 []

Happiness ranking: 69 out 98 countries (World Values Survey data) []

Legatum Prosperity Index:45 out of 104 countries Average Life Satisfaction Ranking: 68th / 104 Per Capita GDP Ranking: 83rd / 104 WEF Global Competitiveness Index: 49th / 133 UN Human Development Index: 132nd / 179 Heritage/WSJ Economic Freedom Index: 123rd / 178 TI Corruption Perceptions Index: 85th / 180 Vision of Humanity Global Peace Index: 122nd / 144

Economic Fundamentals - Ranked 43rd Given the size of the workforce, India has a very low level of fixed capital investment Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Ranked 55th There is an increasingly good environment for entrepreneurship but the reach of the high-tech export boom is surprisingly limited Democratic Institutions - Ranked 36th India is an imperfect, but functioning democracy Education - Ranked 86th Education is an area in which India needs to make considerable progress, despite the well publicised presence of an educated elite Health - Ranked 88th India suffers severe underinvestment in medical facilities Safety and Security - Ranked 87th India has the highest level of casualties from political violence of any country in the Index Governance - Ranked 41st While India ranks well for overall governance, alarming concerns about corruption are pervasive Personal Freedom - Ranked 47th Citizens give India moderately high scores with regard to personal freedom and tolerance towards minorities Social Capital - Ranked 5th Indian citizens report high levels of membership in community organisations, allowing for a broad network of social capital Source:

Human Development Index: 134 out of 182 countries(2009) 126 out of 177 countries (2008) (

Mothers' index: ranked 66th out of 71 countries. []

Press Freedom Index: 120 out of 169 countries. []

Women's index: 64 out of 71 countries.[ /2008/SOWM-2008-full-report.pdf]