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of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarize that society. We can brutalize it. Or we can help lift it onto a higher level. - William Bernbach, American Advertiser. William Bernbach was one of the founders of Doyle, Dane, and Bernbach (DBB), one of the most successful and innovative advertising agencies in the Innovative the ability world. Bernbach to introduce something became a new or make changes to legendary figure in an existing product. the business of advertising the Advertising Agencies ability to convince businesses that are used people to purchase to create advertisements or support for products and products, services, services. or ideas. While Bernbach became Advertising the ability famous for his to convince people to work with purchase or support companies trying products, services, or to increase sales, ideas. Bernbach also realized that the Beneficial helpful or media could also advantageous. be used to promote positive Mass Media all forms ideals that would of communication be beneficial for involving a specific society. message intended for a certain audience. WHAT IS MASS MEDIA? Audience the persons The term that listen, view, or are mass media in attendance. refers to all forms of communication involving a specific message intended for a certain audience. The commercials and programs on television, the billboards alongside the roads, the advertisements in magazines and on- MEDIA FORMS line, and the messages promoted in music, Television video games, and Newspapers movies, are all Magazines considered to be Radio mediums of media. Advertisements Mediums are any Photographs tools that can be used Commercials to communicate Internet information to Video games individuals. Music Therefore, your Movies television, radio, iPod, and computer are all mediums for media. Regardless of the medium, audiences must always be aware of the fact that media is a creation all media has been created to promote an idea. THE CONSTRUCTION OF MEDIA Media forms are not created strictly for Mediums any tools entertainment. that can be use to Rather, media forms communicate are constructed to information to depict a specific individuals. message to the audience. Just like a house is built by incorporating many different parts to create a finished structure, media is constructed using a variety of techniques and strategies to create an engaging final product. While the construction of a house requires a variety of skills, media forms are skillfully created to appeal


to the general publics interests, values, and perceptions. One of the primary skills used in creating media is the ability to persuade. Persuasion is the ability to guide yourself, and others, towards the acceptance of a particular action, attitude, or idea. Essentially, if you are able to persuade someone, you are getting him or her to think or act in the same manner you are. When companies create advertisements, they are trying to persuade the public to buy their product or service. Movies, music, and television are able to persuade us to change our values and beliefs based on what is seen and heard. The element of persuasion is the foundation for the construction of media forms. DECONSTRUCTING MEDIA Overall, the existence of the media has provided many benefits for our society. Over time, the media has kept us informed, Persuasion the ability entertained, to guide oneself, and and aware. others, towards the However, one acceptance of a must particular action, remember that attitude, or idea. the media is a creation that Bias a tendency pr was produced preference towards a to fulfill a particular perspective. specific function. If the element of persuasion is at the core of all media, then are you not simply being presented with someone elses ideas? Essentially, all media has a bias a tendency or preference towards a particular perspective. Media forms are created to persuade the audience to accept the product,

service, or ideal that is being promoted. It is for this reason that we must try to deconstruct the messages that are presented to us by the media. There are four elements that are common in all media forms. These elements are: audience, message, purpose, and technique. Target audience Audience media the segment of the forms are always population that created to suit the would be the most needs of the target effected or interested audience the in the product, segment of the service, or ideal. population that would be the most effected Convey or interested in the communicate, product, service, or express. ideal. Message media Objectives goal, forms are used to end result. convey a specific message (buy a product/service, support an idea) to a large audience. The message will always be straightforward and clear, although the message may be presented in words, images, colors, or other techniques. Purpose media forms are created with specific intentions. These intentions are not always motivated by selling a product or service. Media also fulfills objectives such as informing, raising awareness, and entertainment. Technique all media forms employ certain techniques that make the finished products visually appealing. Also, techniques are used to convey certain messages or feelings to the audience. Techniques include images, repetition, and the use of colors.

MASS MEDIA Discussion Questions: 1. What do you think William Bernbach meant by the following statement: All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarize that society. We can brutalize it. Or we can help lift it onto a higher level. 2. Explain why audiences must remember that media forms are a creation? 3. Why is the element of persuasion such an important feature of media? 4. Think of an advertisement that promoted a product or service. How did the advertisement try to persuade you to purchase the product or service? Student Activities: 1. Create a glossary of the following terms in your notebook. a. Advertising Agencies b. Advertising c. Mass Media d. Audience e. Mediums f. Persuasion g. Bias h. Target Audience Reflective Journal: 1. You have just been given the task of creating a commercial for a new line of athletic shoes. What is your commercial going to look like? Will you use athletes or celebrities to promote your product? How will you convince the audience through your commercial that your shoe is the best? Will the audience feel anything while they are watching your commercial?