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Stress-Relief Acupressure Patches

Dr. Karen Kans Brain Balancing Protocol Using Y-Age Aeon Patches

General Guidelines: Use one patch per day, maximum 12 hours a day, daytime or nighttime, at your convenience Hydrate with plenty of purified water, about oz per lb. of body weight per day Choose any one of the points below to use daily or rotate through them to find your favorites You may wear the patch stuck to a hat, headband or scarf to hide it if you like. It doesnt have to be stuck closely to your head in order for it to work. When not in use, keep unused patches away from heat and your body (as they turn on when they are close to your bodys electromagnetic field, and they turn off when away from your body) What to Expect: You may feel more relaxed, calmer, happier, or have less brain fog You may feel you have more energy. But if your life has been stuck in stress-mode for a long time, you may actually feel sleepy. With continued use, you may have deeper sleep, waking up less at night, more vivid dreams, or feel more refreshed in the morning (signs of good quality sleep) The patches are powerful activators of acupuncture points. If you feel unwell, headachy, flu-like, it means your body is detoxifying (healing response). If it is mild, drinking more water or taking some vitamin C may ease the symptoms. If it is moderate or severe, take the patch off. Figure 1:

OPTION 1: Behind RIGHT OPTION 2: Third eye point OPTION 3: Top of head ear *Best anti-stress results are obtained when using Y-Age Aeon daily for a month or more. Ask your 1|Page LifeWave distributor for more details and other patch recommendations. Copyright Dr. Karen Kan 2012

OPTION 4: On Thymus Figure 2: Autonomic Response reflects a more balanced state after application of the Y-Age Aeon patch (previously code-named X-15)

How long do I do this protocol for?

I would do it daily for 1-2 weeks, then use it 4x a week after that. On the days you dont patch your head, use the other acupuncture points listed in the Y-Age Aeon product brochure. How soon will I see results? Well, that depends. The more hydrated you are and the healthier your diet and lifestyle, you should become brain balanced within two weeks assuming that you take steps to preventive measures (see below). I have found that keeping this protocol going past two weeks, however, helps the body self-heal at a quicker pace. In addition, I have observed that regular use of the Aeon patch on the head results in improvement in ones level of consciousness. I have found that my patients find the strength and courage to make decisions for their highest good, whether that is leaving a terrible job, or mending a strained relationship. I look forward to hearing about your great results! How do the patches help with stress? The Y-Age Aeon has been shown in clinical studies to normalize the stress response of the body (Figure 2). In the image above, the graph shows that the test subjects autonomic nervous systems stress response recovers to a more balanced state just minutes after the application of the patch. Although the acupuncture points on the head are particularly effective for a fast stress-relief response, there are other acupuncture points on the body that you can use with the Y-Age Aeon patch. A separate brochure is available on request. What is Brain Balance? Brain balance is what I call the healthy state of communication (or wiring) in your nervous system. When you are brain balanced, it means that the left and right sides of your brain are more synchronized. When the
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two brain hemisphere are more synchronized (like a choir singing in harmony), your brain functions optimally. Your thinking is clearer, you have better insights and ideas and generally, you listen to your intuitive guidance better. Having brain balance also means that the stress-handling part of your nervous system is able to regulate normally. So, in other words, you should be in a fairly relaxed state MOST of the waking time, and only go into stress mode when you really have to (example, swerving your car to avoid a deer in the middle of the road). Unfortunately, most of us in the modern world have our systems set on stress rather than relaxation! This imbalance, especially if long term, can create havoc in our bodies. We age faster, we have chronic problems that dont go away like allergies, chronic pain or eventually even succumb to disease states. If youve ever known anyone who cant heal from a chronic health condition, I will bet they are NOT brain balanced. If anyone you know has tried everything to get better and nothing works, their brain balance is the core issue. Thats been my clinical experience. When we can fix the brain balance, all the other therapies start to work, whether it is acupuncture, chiropractic, herbs or other LifeWave patches. How do I know if I am Brain Balanced? Sadly, most people arent. I do a specific simple test in my office to determine brain balance (see and then I use Y-Age Aeon patches to correct it. Here are some symptoms that Ive noticed people have when they are not brain balanced: cant sleep through the night without waking dont remember dreams stressed all the time chronic pain tried all sorts of therapies for a medical problem, but nothing seems to work chronic tiredness or brain fog edgy, irritable, quick to anger or sadness mood swings, depression/suicide symptoms difficulty with decision making, failing memory feels chaotic and disorganized a lot of the time What disturbs our Brain Balance? The most common causes include head injuries (even in childhood), car accidents, cell or cordless phone use or ownership (cordless phones are like a mini-cell tower in your home radiation 24/7!), clock radios, computers, iPads, wireless internet (WiFi), severe weather, earthquakes, solar flares and resulting geomagnetic storms and ingested toxins such as mercury, artificial sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose), MSG (monosodium glutamate) and severe stress.

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What can I do to prevent brain imbalances in the future? 1. Get protective devices for your devices. I use EarthCalm Quantum Cell for most cell phones. It modulates the frequency so that it is no longer harmful. It costs around $99 retail. Alternatively if youre lucky enough to have a popular smartphone model, get the LifeWave Matrix ($59.95 retail) which is custom-made for each model of phone and is the only cell phone radiation protection on the market that both deflects and absorbs up to 85% of radiation on the front of the phone and 95% of the radiation from the back of the phone (SGS independent study). 2. Exchange your cordless phones for corded phones in your home or use an EarthCalm Quantum Cell device on the base station of the cordless phone. 3. Get earthed every night using an Earthing bed sheet available at 4. Y-Age Aeon patch your head regularly, at least 4x a week, especially if you have risk factors (see above) and hear about severe weather (, big earthquakes (anywhere in the world) or geomagnetic storms ( Feel free to connect with my team at Live Long. Live Well. Dr. Karen Kan

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