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Birth of an Extreme Boat
Mike Fiore (Outerlimits) and Dean
Loucks (The Art of Design) brainstorm
with Bill Pyburn at the Lake Cumberland What do you do
Poker Run about what could be....
when you’re a top-of-the-line
custom Vee-bottom builder and
some of your best customers tell
you they want a new catamaran?
If you’re Mike Fiore of Outerlimits
Powerboats, in Bristol, Rhode Island,
you get busy. “I didn’t want my customers
to go to another manufacturer,” he says,
“While some cat builders may ‘splash’
a competitor’s hull, I don’t believe
in copying someone else’s work—
I wanted to make my own
entry into the ‘Cat World.’”

42 E X T R E M E B O AT S M A G A Z I N E | I S S U E 4 . 2 I S S U E 4 . 2 | E X T R E M E B O AT S M A G A Z I N E 43
KEITH EICKERT | Power This 50’ Cat is powered by
twin Keith Eickert custom designed 598 cubic inch
engines with Vortech Superchargers. (Did Peters say
“probably” see some pretty high speeds?!) Though
The Outerlimits Team
(l-r) Paul Fiore, Aaron Crawford,
he was happy with his previous Keith Eickert Engines
that ran on regular fuel at 1200 HP, Pyburn was up
for a boost and gave Eickert the green light to go
Steven Dennis, Joe Da Silva faster. The new engine is more efficient because of
and Mike Fiore. the belt-driven centrifugal super chargers which are
similar to turbo chargers.


“They don’t take as much power to turn and
they generate less heat,” Eickert says. Plus, these
Let’s meet the team: piston-driven works of art run on 110 octane race


fuel, achieving 1700 HP. The engines also sport
MIKE FIORE | Builder After two years of development, on large luxury yachts and the design and engineering Eickert’s own serpentine belt accuracy drive and
Mike Fiore is seeing his, and his customers’ dreams of production boats, “Race boats keep following us!” he intake manifold systems, so most boats will be left in
come true at the 2007 Miami International Boat Show, laughs. “It’s like growing up—we don’t do the same things Pyburn’s wake when he turns his new cat out.
where the 50’ Outerlimits Cat makes its debut. Bill
Pyburn is the lucky first to see his cat “out of the bag,”
but two more are currently in production for other
we did in junior high--however, I do enjoy our racing
record!” he adds.
At first, Peters was reluctant to take on a powerboat
BILL PYBURN | Owner Bill Pyburn, and his father,
Bill Pyburn, Sr., are customers of Lake Cumberland
loyal and long-time Outerlimits customers, Bob Russell
and John O’Laughlin. “Our team put a lot of work into
creating this new boat,” says Fiore, “The innovation in
project—“one more time.” But Fiore’s company—and
his own competitive nature--provided the impetus. “We
had options in Europe, but we really didn’t have anyone
Marine, and had purchased other boats from
Randy Hartmann. When he introduced Bill Jr. to
Mike Fiore, the
the engineering, design and construction is evident, but
wait until you see how it runs!” he adds.
Fiore admits to still being considered the “new kid on
in the States who was building cats—Mike had a team
who understood—they had experience and didn’t need
assistance, and they had the ability to sell a winning cat.
synergy was
obvious. “I knew
that Mike would
the block”—even though his company is 14 years old and They were the ‘right’ people and have been extremely understand what
he has proved his mettle in building world-class Vee- easy to work with,” reports Peters, “They let us do what Bill wanted,” says
bottoms—including the 2006 National and World Champion we thought was correct, then they made the changes Hartmann, “He is


OSS Vee. So, as he planned the new cat and wanted some to the deck consistent to what they create—they have a a very discerning
top-notch advice on its hull construction, look—but we share the interest in building the best boat.” customer who
his first call was to Michael Peters. The Outerlimits 50’ Cat is an evolution of Peters’ would rather wait,
World Championship Tencara design made famous by and even pay more to get exactly what he wants.
MICHAEL PETERS | Hull Design Peters,
a modern-day boat building legend,
earned his reputation on the design and
the Victory Team from Dubai, and more recently, with
Spirit of Norway. “We didn’t take any risks,” he says,
“We had some European designs that were never
Mike understands that and is willing to go the
distance to get and keep a good client.”
“We first started talking about this boat last year.”
construction of racing hulls, primarily
in the European UIM circuit. Though
Peters shifted gears and concentrated
used in the States—but we’ve used this [hull] safely
and wanted to go with what we know works. You’ll
probably see some pretty high speeds.”
recalls Pyburn, “At the New York City Poker Run, I
went up [to Bristol] and took a look at the plug and I
knew right then -- that was what I wanted—

44 45
E X T R E M E B O AT S M A G A Z I N E | I S S U E 4 . 2 I S S U E 4 . 2 | E X T R E M E B O AT S M A G A Z I N E

Midnight Oil
The teams at
Outerlimits & The design work is the easiest part--working with Dean was a
Art of Design were unique experience!” she comments.
working 24 hrs a day The boat is rich in deep reds that with a non-metallic
to get the entire rig flake paint, go beyond sparkle. “The flake is so intense that
ready for its premier it puts out its own glow,” explains Loucks, who blended the
at the 2007 Miami ruby tones with gold accents that take on various shades
Boat Show. from bronze to gold to white, as if the sun creates “hot
spots” on the paint. All the colors change with light, most
an additional focus with notably where the bronze pearl on deep red becomes
every ounce shaved from black, creating the sultry hood ornament silhouettes.
the hull, structure and The paint scheme, including the Golddigger label,
interior. “This cat will be repeated over and over like a Gucci print, is translated to
able to fly—like when a the tow vehicle, and even to the engine compartment
cat jumps and lands softly where everything from the valve covers, oil tanks and
on its paws!” Fiore says, DEAN LOUCKS | Design The sleek, hi-tech look of the engine parts are theme and color-coordinated.
“My team here really cat’s lines, are enhanced by its Art of Design (TAOD)
sharpened their pencils— paint scheme. Pyburn chose the name “Golddigger” as TRANSPORT | To complete the scene, Golddigger will be
they’re the best!” he laughingly surveyed the scene of Key West during the transported on a American Tilt hydraulic tilt trailer which
The air-conditioned, Offshore Powerboat Worlds and Poker when lifted or lowered 8” will provide added ease in
and off we went! I’m a cat guy—I’ve had three of them. I closed cockpit converts to an open cockpit with minimal Run weekend. “Nobody will forget it!” dealing with curbs and terrain. Angled European-style, the
looked at the market and Mike offered what I was looking for.” effort via removable doors—a bonus to Outerlimits he laughs, “It’s a cool name and my trailer will be a standard load, making it eye-catching and
That satisfaction drove Pyburn to buy an Outerlimits customers who enjoy the experience of a controlled wife is OK with it! Dean grabbed a hold easier to transport as Golddigger makes its way from event
47 GTX while he waited for the cat. “I knew that Mike has environment for high-speed, as well as the open-air feel of of the concept and really nailed it in the to event across the country.
the technology to build light and strong boats—he stands wind in their faces. “I like a sit-down boat,” says Pyburn, and first rendering.” The 379 long-nose 2007 Peterbuilt truck will be another
above everyone there,” he says, “And Mike is very safety though It took some getting used to in his Vee-bottom GTX, Dean Loucks, the artistic driving jewel-studded attraction in ruby and golds. The 2 x 6
conscious—that’s big for me—at 200 mph.” But service was the speed-lover now feels at ease in either configuration, force of TAOD, interpreted the fenders are covered in hundreds of Golddigger labels and
also a big sales point for Pyburn. so long as he is surrounded by the plush, comfortable and Golddigger theme with the input of thousands of them adorn the body of the truck. The seats
“I see that [Outerlimits transporter] truck and the guys in detailed Outerlimits upholstery. California-based air-brush artist, Yvonne are TAOD customized, as are the carpets, embellishments
red, running around and I think Mike has done something The race-style cockpit sinks the driver into hand-made Mecilias. Loucks saw her work, on TLC’s on the head rests and mud flaps. Extra Large smoke stacks
special. I probably did about 14 Poker Runs last year and bucket seats, positioned in custom carbon fiber constructed “Ride” TV show, in a paint-off with Mike Lavalle. They met at give the lowered truck a “tricked out” look, like it should
they were everywhere I’ve been. Nobody has service molds, supported by custom-CNC billet bases with the SEMA show in Vegas and he asked her for some input eat up the pavement. “It has been totally customized by
like Outerlimits. They make sure the customer runs, and matching footrests. Embroidered headrests provide comfort on his newest project. Known for her futuristic, sizzling hot, Dean—a one-off!” says Pyburn as he anxiously awaits his
finishes the events at all costs. That’s HUGE! If you can’t and support and the four passengers in the back get the female frames, Mecilias provided a combination of hi-tech newest entertainment package that Loucks estimates took
enjoy your boat, why own it? We don’t have the patience same cushioned treatment—and all in coordinating colors of body lines, combined with voluptuous 007-type, all-woman over 3,000 man hours to create.
for that. Mike brings something to the table that no one ruby red and golden tan leather. silhouettes. “The James Bond kind of pose seemed to ‘go’ “I love speed!” Pyburn says, chomping at the bit to get to
else does—peace of mind.” The carbon fiber dash features a Garmin 3006 more with the theme,” says Mecilias, “It’s flashy, sensual and the helm, “I have always been into it--I used to watch Miami
navigational system that includes GPS for the passengers as tasteful—more Victoria’s Secret type of embellishment.” Vice and waited for the day I could afford my first go-fast boat!”
THE BOAT | While Outerlimits has built its business well. EFI technology provides a digital read of fuel injection Mecilias, who has a Fine Arts degree from Cal State (a 232 Baja) “I’ve been very fortunate,” says the successful
and boats on the technology of carbon fiber and post- functions to the display panel and in addition, a series of 16 Long Beach, has been painting since she was a teenager. resident land developer, “I’ve come a long way!” •
cured epoxy construction, this cat takes the carbon fiber standard Autometer carbon fiber gauges, six per side and She has enjoyed great success in the automotive and Stay Tuned... In Part II of our coverage, we‘ll get the
construction one step further by adding a monocoque four in the center, provide data in analog format. Latham motorcycle world and is eager to do more boats. “Doing the boat out on the water so that we can truly experience
engine compartment. From the French for “single” or controls, a Grant racing steering wheel, and conveniently this new Outerlimits 50’ Cat. Yea Ba-beee!
“eggshell”, monocoque construction adds strength, as the placed instrumentation complete a dashboard that is
shell absorbs the stresses to the body and frame. This shell technically suited to this race-ready cat.
body style has been used successfully in planes and race
cars, and in this powerboat, will also isolate vibration and
noise in the unibody engine compartment.
“No one has this now,” says Fiore, “It will make the
rigging cleaner, the boat stronger and lighter and add to its
unique features.” As with all Outerlimits boats, strength and
weight are major considerations; in this cat, weight was


46 E X T R E M E B O AT S M A G A Z I N E | I S S U E 4 . 2 I S S U E 4 . 2 | E X T R E M E B O AT S M A G A Z I N E 47