Eco Center Latinovac, Croatia www.latinovac.


Andrea joined EC Latinovac and got already funding for a project

Peter bought a house

Workshops about non violent communication with kids took place

Way mark to the Eco Center was installed by the local authorities

The stove is in function (Mirec from Zaježka built it)

The straw bale love nest was finished

ZMAG, Vukomerić, Croatia
First residents moved in this year The mosaics in the passage, kitchen and in the bathroom was done

The red house got sustainable electricity from the sun and wind, water from a 65m well, a compost toilet, a mass oven, and occasional residents ☺

ZMAG got funding for a regional project and two local projects to finish the wooden community house and to employ Matko

Rustica (also ZMAGUSTICA, while fusioned with ZMAG)

Garden planing @ Vukomerić in early spring

Beautiful garden managed by the Rustica crew Sunčana and Bo

Mulching and planting

Organic abundance and diversity from the Vukomerić garden

Eko Sense, spreaded around Croatia

Restoration of houses started in Blatuša, on an area of 100 hectares, to establish an eco village

Experimenting with ecological building materials

Experiments with natural insulating materials

Restoration of wooden house

Eco art center Eia, Croatia
The chocolate straw bale house of friendship was finished and the veranda widen. Solar panels were added for electricity... Fairies and butterflies moved into EIA

A butterfly garden was planted and a pond was built... Children educated in living as part of Nature...

Permaculture and eco living was promoted by many media reports and articles...

Many volunteers helped in Eia – harvesting lavender, planting, building... or-una/wordpress/

Center for Sustainable Development 'Una', Bosnia Herzegovina

Fight for preservation of the beautiful river Una by organizing trekking

Artist colony in Bihać, BIH

The Magician's Hat, Croatia

The community kitchen is on as well as the solar panels... The first wedding was celebrated already in it ☺

First real roof over the heads after a life as travelers...

The village begun to take its shape Water collection and solar power...

Finally an appropriate location for the Education center was found... and the permaculture design is on the way…

Workshops about sustainable building took place by starting a private passive ecological home near Varaždin

Kneja, Croatia

Good organic homegrown food already on the table this year...

A herb spiral workshop for a small basic school in Gornji Mihaljevec

Kneja was partner to Zaježka in the EU Youth exchange program and brought four young volunteers from Croatia and Macedonia to Zaježka to learn about ecological footprint, Permaculture and Ecovillages

Permaculture design is planned to be carried out for this place…

Balkan Ecovillage Network’s common activities this year…

General Assembly in EC Latinovac

Presenting BEN @ the 8th International Permaculture Convergence in Brazil, thank’s to the Danish Permaculture Network!

Preparing the regional project proposal ‘BEN – sustainability in practice’ for REC (we got the funding!)

Representing BEN in Convento San Giorgio at the GEN General Assembly

Installing DIY solar water heaters on the roof of the Agriculture high school in Banja Luka, BIH, through the regional project funded by REC (above) Worm compost bin workshops in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, BIH. also through the regional project funded by REC

Assembly in Furuli, Croatia

BEN Executive board on lunch break in Vukomerić, Croatia

Organizational self assessment workshop in Vukovar, Croatia, also supported by REC. It is a new project that we got from REC within the SECTOR program (also with help by written support from GEN Europe and the Council of the European Permaculture Network)

In Vukovar also the first BEN exhibition took place, where Armano and Igor brought their artistic work and presentations were held from BEN members about their projects, PC movies were shown… We brought a little charm and laughter to Vukovar…

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