Learning Plan

Topic Habit of Mind Class Term/Wk Duration
Persisting Thinking Flexibly Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations Taking Responsible Risks

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Unit 1 - Maximising My Potential – Putting into Action (Activator) Persisting Sec 4 Express and 4 Normal Academic Term 1, Wk 7 (13th Feb 2007) 1 hr
Managing Impulsivity Thinking about Thinking Gathering Data Through all Senses Finding Humour (P – Primary Focus S Listening with Understanding and Empathy Striving for Accuracy Creating, Imagining, Innovating Thinking Interdependently S – Secondary Foci) Thinking with Clarity and Precision Questioning and Posing Problems Responding with Wonderment and Awe Remaining Open to Continuous Learning

Resources :

2. 3. 4. 5.

CME Teacher’s Guide and Workbook 4A Annex A7-1, Annex A7-2 Worksheets 1 and 2 T-chart Video CD - `Miracle’

Strategies, Tools
180 Degree 2Q BAR Mind Map Thinker Keys Disadvantages / Improvements Ideas Matrix KWL / KNL Metaphor SCAMPER So, What's the problem SWOT T-Charts Venn Diagrams Y-Charts Think Pair Share 1:4:P:C:R Academic Controversy Continuum Expert Jigsaw Group Crossover Hot Potato Human Bingo Listening Box Paired interview Pairs Quiz Show Simple Jigsaw Silent Card Shuffle Triads POE FIP OPV Six Hats Wuzzlements CAF PMI AGO APC C&S HOTS Hot-Seating Interview


Cueing in: (How am I going to let the students know the lesson is focussing on these habits?) 1. Explanation of the uniqueness of each individual 2. Discussion of a Development Plan. 3. Viewing of video CD

Objectives: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to : • Relate to the 2 SEL competencies of Self Awareness and Self Management. • Define “Perserverance”.

Understand why there is a need to persist. Identify and demonstrate some ways of developing various aspects of themselves Identify the HOMs : Persisting and Thinking about Thinking.

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Learning Plan
Rich Tasks: PROCEDURES Topic: Developing Various aspects of a person My Development Plan (Self-Awareness) 30 min 1 Plastic bag for each group RESOURCES DURATION

1. One day before the activity, instruct pupils to each
bring an orange (with sticker labels removed) for the next lesson. Have ready sufficient plastic bags for the groups. (10 plastic bags per class)

2. Instruct pupils to examine closely the orange they
have brought. Remind them not to make any marks on their orange. 3. Get them into groups and provide each group with a plastic bag. Have pupils place their oranges into the bag to mix them up. 4. Have each group empty the bag of oranges on a table. Get them to look for the orange they have brought. 5. Invite some pupils to share how they identified their oranges. 6. Explain that, just as each orange is unique, each individual is also special, and develops and grows in his own unique way.

Example 1

7. Show pupils an example of a Development Plan.
Get them to reflect on what they can do to develop each aspect of themselves within the year. Remind them to think only of improvements within their control.

Worksheet 1

8. Have them come up with their individual
Development containing at least one action to develop themselves in each aspect.

9. Encourage them to display their Development Plan
in an appropriate place at home and to carry out their plan.

10. Teach the features and attributes of the skill of
Persistence in order to carry out their development plan. 11. Ask students when they should not persist. 12. Inform them that they may amend and improve their plans as time progresses.

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Learning Plan

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Learning Plan
Conclusion: 1. End the lesson with a relevant quote on `Persisting’. "Don't be discouraged. It's often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock." Anonymous 5 min

In Conclusion :

2. Show a snippet of a movie in class whereby people
persist to make their dreams come true. Encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings on what they can learn from the movie by filling in Worksheet 2.

Worksheet 2

20 min

Teacher’s Reflection:

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Learning Plan Teacher’s Notes on Persistence

Definition: Persistence is the willingness and ability to persevere through a different process or task.
Efficacious people stick to a task until it is completed. They don't give up easily. They are able to analyze a problem, and they develop a system, structure, or strategy to attack it. They have a repertoire of alternative strategies for problem solving, and they employ a whole range of these strategies. They collect evidence to indicate their problem-solving strategy is working, and if one strategy doesn't work, they know how to back up and try another. They recognize when a theory or idea must be rejected and another employed. They have systematic methods for analyzing a problem, which include knowing how to begin, what steps must be performed, and what data must be generated or collected. Because they are able to sustain a problem-solving process over time, they are comfortable with ambiguous situations. Students often give up when the answer to a problem is not immediately known. They sometimes crumple their papers and throw them away -exclaiming, "I can't do this!" or "It's too hard!" Sometimes they write down any answer to get the task over with as quickly as possible. Some of these students have attention deficits. They have difficulty staying focused for any length of time; they are easily distracted; or they lack the ability to analyze a problem and develop a system, structure, or strategy of attack. They may give up because they have a limited repertoire of problem-solving strategies, and thus they have few alternatives if their first strategy doesn't work.

Created by : Stephen Tan Suguna Ganesan Lim Wee Keng Lim Lin LIn

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Learning Plan


Self-Awareness / Character Building

Maximising My Potential

CME How are you feeling? What have you enjoyed? What has been most challenging? What has been most frustrating?

What are the 3 things I have learnt? What are 2 situations in my life that require persistence? What is 1 strategy I will use that will facilitate persistence?
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