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N D C P, C E S B I N K M O A O N M N S A & C E S E L I G I B I L I T Y I N T E G R AT I O N




VP BInay is joined by DND Usec Azcueta, NDCP Pres de Leon, CESB Chair Abesamis, DAP President Kalaw, NUCESO President Davis and BGen Acacio, together with the members of the Technical Working Group (standing) during the MOA Signing at the NDCP Auditorium.


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The National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP), Career Executive Service Board (CESB), Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), National Defense College of the Philippines Alumni Association, Inc. (NDCPAAI), and National Union of Career Executive Service Officers, Inc. (NUCESO) entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) last 31 January 2012 at the NDCP Auditorium, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City. The said MOA embodies the general policy and the implementing rules and regulations to facilitate the integration of the competency standards of the fourstage eligibility process into the one-year master in National Security Administration (MNSA) program of the NDCP. Beginning with the ongoing MNSA class, all NDCP

graduates henceforth may be conferred CES eligibility together with their degree upon graduation. Vice President Jejomar C Binay MNSA, the Chairman of the Board and President of the NDCPAAI, considers the integration of the NDCP and CESB systems and processes as a potent instrument for revolutionizing the Civil Service, and does not only benefit future NDCP alumni but also the bureaucracy by providing our leaders with more tools to sculpt our nations future. Dr Fermin R de Leon Jr, NDCP President, sees the harmonization as enriching not only the Colleges academic standards but also its students career credentials and potentials as it prepares them
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Excerpts of the Speech of Vice President Jejomar C. Binay, MNSA during the Signing of the CESB-NDCP-NDCPAAI-NUCESO-DAP Memorandum of Agreement on Incorporating the Competency Standards of CES Eligibility into the MNSA Program, Auditorium, National Defense College of the Philippines, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City, 31 January 2012, 8:30 a.m.


By integrating the CES eligibility process and the MNSA program of the NDCP, each becomes more than just a brick in the edifice of State. The cooperation unleashes a wealth of skill and talent into both areas, and causes new strength to surge in our capabilities and what we deem possible for the nation. All of our institutions select the best men and women they can, and in the screening measures we employ, we seek to sort grain from chaff and determine which of the candidates has the potential to lead. In the crucible of our organizations, we grant not just the opportunity to extract these talents but to provide the tools and training needed to hasten their maturity. By joining forces, our union produces more than what each of us could do alone. We not only have senior executives who have gone through the meticulous CESO process, we also have government executives who have acquired that strategic national security framework and are able to apply this incisive thinking to all of their professional involvements. We have raised the bar and I believe that it shall rise further in the near future. In continuing to examine where we can push the envelope, perhaps you will permit me to suggest a few ideas for future partnerships. The incorporation of national security tracks and studies into executive training may be something that the CESB can consider. The NDCP is certainly more than willing to help, as they have never shied away from working with other government agencies for timely enterprises. I can also assure you of the support of the NDCP Alumni Association any time this should be required. Charles de Gaulle once remarked that all those who can get the best out of others, have always identified themselves with high ideals. We have managed to proclaim the excellence we wish to live. Our next task is to make this MOA and this partnership work. I have every reason to be confident that all of you can get others to do their best. It is my firmest conviction that we will make this work. Mabuhay

At this glorious time, I also urge all stakeholders to apply the same resolve and urgency to look into the standing concern of many NDCP alumni, especially those from the civilian government sector, who have served our country with distinction as thirdthird-level managers.

Today is a milestone that many NDCP Alumni could only dream of. As the NDCP Alumni Chairman and President, I commend the Career Executive Service Board and our alma mater, the National Defense College of the Philippines, for taking this significant first step together and agreeing to integrate their respective systems and processes for the benefit of future NDCP alumni and prospective Career Executive Service Officers. The pioneers beneficiaries of this agreement are the members of the MNSA Regular Course-47 and the officer-students from my other alma mater, the AFP Command and General Staff College. The partnership that we forged today is a potent instrument for revolutionizing the Civil Service. The MOA we accomplished demonstrates that our sense of duty matches the tides of our times. Our resolve provides not just the hope of change but results and proof. At this glorious time, I also urge all stakeholders to apply the same resolve and urgency to look into the standing concern of many NDCP alumni, especially those from the civilian government sector, who have served our country with distinction as third-level managers. Indeed, today we disprove the mistaken notion that bureaucracies are hampered by inertia and are slow to change. In the mission of molding leaders for the governments service, the NDCP and the CESB are more united than ever as partners. The challenges that we face as a nation are new fronts which demand that the most capable professionals man our various battlements. It is incumbent upon us in government to guarantee the best training and education for our leaders, and whenever possible, transform these into strategic opportunities.

ang ating bansang Pilipinas! Mabuhay tayong lahat!


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to be more qualified and responsive to the demands of civil service. More importantly, as NDCP contributes to the AFPs pool of reservist officers with every MNSA graduating class, so too will the College contribute to the civil services pool of career executive service officers with an MNSA education. Joining Vice President Binay in signing the MOA were CESB Chair Bernardo P Abesamis, NDCP President Fermin R de Leon Jr PhD MNSA, DAP President Antonio D Kalaw Jr CESO I, and NUCESO President Corazon C Davis CESO II. Standing in as witnesses during the MOA signing were CESB Executive Director Ma Anthonette V Allones MNSA CESO I, NDCPAAI Secretary-General Shirley Marie Pelaez-Plaza MNSA, and the CoChairs of the Technical Working Group which drafted the MOA, BGen Ernesto R Aradanas MNSA AFP, and CESB Deputy Executive Director Arturo M Lachica, CESO II. The activity was attended by senior officials from the Department of National Defense and the Armed Forces of the Philippines, together with members of MNSA Regular Class 47 of the NDCP and the AFP Command and General Staff College Class No. 55.


01 - Mr Baltazar Catbagan (RC46) - Col Efren Daquil PAF (RC35) - Atty Cesar Dario (RC9) - Mr Romeo Dimaano (RC17) - Col Rajiv Kumar Gupta (RC44) - LTC Odilion Paderanga (RC44) - Mr Arthur Lawrence Acierto (RC43) - Engr Ramon Aguila Jr (RC27) - Mr Ramon Buyco (RC36) - Mr Rodrigo Mejia (RC36) - Engr Justino Pimentel (RC10) - Engr Jose Aguilar (RC30) - Brigadier Mahinda Hathurusinghe (RC44) - Mr Nicanor Olivar (RC27) - Ms Ma Amy Oyardo (RC30) - Atty Jaime Soriano (RC35) - Mr Reynaldo Villas (RC29) - CSupt Warieto Capitan PNP (Ret) (RC18) - Mr Ronaldo Carcellar (RC37) - Mr Danilo Crisologo (RC32) - Ms Charito Piga (RC22) - Ms Ma Benedicta Ramirez (RC35) - Mr Diego Rapanut (RC29) - Mr Arturo Lising (RC24) - Ms Divina Partosa (RC33) - Atty Editha Santos (RC40) - Capt Estelito Veloso PN (Ret) (RC10) - BGen Rolando Vinluan (Ret) (RC23) - Mr Reynerio Antonio (RC29) - LTC Abdul Razark Bin-mat (RC43) - Atty Melchor Encinas (RC2) - Mr Remegio Leao (RC28) - Dr Melissa Lim (RC33) - Ms Luz Palacios (RC22) - Mr Mariano Valera (RC16) - Mr Jose Vito (RC18) - Prof Remedios Cagulada (RC30) - Col Cesar Dionisio Sedillo Jr PA (RC42) - Mr Teodoro Simpas (RC18) - Mr Allan Alimodian (RC28) - Capt Ernesto Hugo PN (RC32) - Mr Elpidio Atal Jr (RC44) - Ms Elsa Bayani (RC26) - Col Jose Foronda PAF (Ret) (RC22) - Ms Basilisa Melivo (RC7) - Col Marcelo Nuguid PA (Ret) (RC7) - Mr Antonio Suratos (RC22) - Ms Letecia Balbao (RC11) - Mr Abundo Baliong (RC30) - Mr Huillio Belleza (RC28) - SSupt Rey De Veyra PNP (Ret) (RC24) - Mr Miguel Doctor (RC12) - Mr Vicente Escala (RC20) - Atty Bienvenido Feranco (RC9)
- Commo Nicanor Hernandez AFP (Ret) (RC25)





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- Mr Nathaniel Marquez (RC46) - MGen Alfredo Ubungen AFP (RC37) - Mr Jose Francisco Ysit (RC18) - Commo Jaime Bernardino AFP (RC43) - CSupt Victor Boco PNP (RC37) - Mr Alvin Gerard Jaro (RC34) - Mr Philip Lopez (RC37) - Engr Ricardo Manubay (RC9) - Mr Romeo Meana (RC22) - Mr Allan Rey Ponce (RC34) - Mr Regino Villanueva (RC23) - Dean Rodolfo Agner (RC36)
- BGen Dominador Catibog Jr AFP (Ret) (RC18)




- Ms Josie Gonzales (RC45) - Ms Lolita Duro (RC34) - Mr Feliciano Parado (RC9) - Mr Jeffrey Uyam (RC46) 31

- MGen Antonio Anciano AFP (RC30) - Col Fred Castro PA (Ret) (RC28) - Ms Evangeline Cruzado (RC18) - Atty Casiano Eclar Jr (RC26) - SSupt Yakal Giron Sr PNP (Ret) (RC23) - Mr Vladimir Mata (RC40) - Col Benjamin Ambalong PAF (Ret) (RC27) - Ms Ma Consolacion Capino (RC33) - Atty Hilario Caraan (RC41) - Mr Jose Santos Carandang VI (RC42) - Atty Jose Cuevas (RC13) - Mr Claro Doctor (RC21) - Mr Manolo Miguel Domingo (RC32) - Col Gregorio Ferrer PAF (Ret) (RC28) - Mr Eliseo Gstchalian (RC9) - Mr Ruben Tingco (RC32) - Col Pablo Cajigal PAF (Ret) (RC20) - Dr Horacio Montefrio (RC14) - Commo Ruperto Andaya AFP (Ret) (RC24) - Mr Gerardo Garcia (RC24) - Ms Yolanda Lira (RC22) - Col Armenio Cristal Jr PN (Ret) (RC30) - Mr Renato Dela Cruz (RC36) - Mr Antonio Seville (RC33) - LtGen Ruperto Ambil Jr AFP (Ret) (RC19) - Mr Gaudencio Cantos III (RC43) - BGen Rolando Espejo AFP (Ret) (RC27) - CSupt Pedro Yanes PNP (Ret) (RC19) - BGen Jose Aquino AFP (Ret) (RC11) - Mr Wilbur Chan (RC25) - Mr Florante Macalisang (RC34) - Atty Romeo Pamute (RC20) - Mr Protacio Soriano (RC22) - BGen Tadeo Claravall AFP (Ret) (RC28) - BGenErnesto Dauz AFP (Ret) (RC25) - Atty Tirso Fausto (RC10) - Atty Bernadette Fuentez (RC27) - Mr Rodolfo Rocamora (RC22) - Atty Anacleto Buena Jr (RC28) - BGen Florante Buenaventura AFP (Ret) (RC7) - Col Virgilio Mordeno PA (Ret) (RC38) - BGen Loreto Rirao AFP (RC40) - BGen Reynaldo Sile AFP (Ret) (RC18) - LtGen Emmanuel Teodosio (RC30) - Ms Raquel Dalope (RC40) - Mr Romeo Esplana (RC40) - Mr Gabriel Santos Jr (RC22) - Mr Vicente Vinarao (RC13) - Mr Benjamin Villareal (RC10) - Mr Francisco Padua (RC10) - BGen Isidro Fajardo AFP (Ret) (RC20) - Mr Clarissa Garcio (RC44) - Prof Roque Magno (RC28) - Mr Policarpio Najera (RC22) - Mr Francisco Taccad (RC21) - Col Jose Dagum PC (Ret) (RC19) - Engr Eleuterio Galvante Jr (RC10) - Atty Ligaya Inciong (RC20) - Ms Teresita Panganiban (RC38) - Mr Angelito Villanueva (RC35) - Ms Constancia De Guzman (RC30) - Inp Gen Ricardo Jalad AFP (RC44) - Sen Loren Legarda (RC27) - Mr Reynaldo Padojinog (RC27) - Mr Dante Ruiz (RC29) - BGen Francisco Callerero AFP (RC34) - MGen Emilio De Leon AFP (Ret) (RC19) - BGen Galilieo Kintanar AFP (Ret) (RC13) - Judge Germano Francisco Legaspi )RC41) - Mr Rolando Valenzuela (RC23) - Ms Leonida Arriola (RC2) - Ms Stella Maria De Guia (RC26) - LtC Anselmo Junsay III PAF (RC41) - SSupt Melvin Mongcal PNP (RC43) - Mr Leonardo Osilla (RC24) - Ms Erlinda Rosas (RC12) - Mr Manuel Roxas (RC12) - Mr Eduardo Espejo (RC11)

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01 - Atty Purificacion Quisumbing (RC10) 02 - BGen Felipe Berroya AFP (Ret) (RC29) - LTC Mohd Razif Bin Ramli (RC44) - Engr Isabelo Cosalan (RC21) - Mr Melchor Derilo (RC14) - Prof John Funelas (RC39) - Asst Dir Franklin Gali (RC45) - Col Fred LLosa PAF (RC37) - Mr Alfredo Loresco (RC12) - Mr Israel Malapitan (RC8) - Col Luisito Marcelino PN (RC42) - Atty Francisco Ontalan Jr (RC20) - Col Arturo Salazar PAF (Ret) (RC38) - Mr Kenneth Santos (RC45) - Mr Patrick Velez (RC44) - Cdr Neil Wark (RC37) 03 - Col Isauro guiang PA (Ret) (RC8) - Atty Mariano Mison (RC4) - Col Cesar Pobre (Ret) (RC6) - Col Jose Reyes PAF (RC33) - BGen Vicente Tigas Jr AFP (Ret) (RC21) - Col Cornelio Valencia (RC16) 04 - Atty Humberto Garganera (RC12) - Engr Jose Gatus (RC19) - Mr Celso Loriega Jr (RC21) - Col Conrado Sadsad Jr PA (Ret) (RC45) 05 - Cdr Rommel Labrador PN (RC44) 06 - MGen Rolito Abad AFP (Ret) (RC40) - Col Mario Mendoza (RC40) - Engr silvno Zanoria (RC25) 07 -Col Pio Alcazaren PA (Ret) (RC14) - LTC Khan Bin Mohamad Khan Ayub (RC45) - Commo Abraham Celzo AFP (RC43) - Mr Jorge Monroy (RC32) - Mr Ricardo Santiago (RC33) - RAdm Antonio Sibayan AFP (Ret) (RC26) - LtGen Horacio Tolentino AFP (Ret) (RC31) 09 - Mr Alexander Alestante (RC17) - Mr Rene De Guzman (RC37) - RAdm Euceo Fajardo AFP (Ret) (RC31) 10 - Mr Herculano Malana Jr (RC14) - Mr Guillermo Ruiz (RC24) 11 - Mr Guillermo Correa (RC18) - BGen Honorato De Los Reyes AFP (RC40) - BGen Dante Dinsay AFP (Ret) (RC32) - BGen Severino Estrella AFP (RC31) - Ms Marlene Ricarte RC13) - Ms Elnor Rosete (RC23) - Mr Jorge Taleon (RC3) 12 - Atty Amelia Cube (RC25) - Mr Raul Topacio (RC23) 14 - Mr Alex Abila (RC28) - Mr Allyson Belagan (RC24) - BGen Reynaldo Cruz AFP (Ret) (RC10) - Col George Gaona PC (Ret) (RC7) - Mr Sortili Rigor (RC26) - Mr Felizardo Virtucio (RC20) 15 - Atty Roberto Banico (RC13) - Capt Gilmer Batestil PN (RC34) - Mr Arupin Hussin (RC21)
- Mr Faustino Matias (RC17) - Commo Joshua Ramos (RC34) - Commo Armando Rodriguez AFP (RC38) 16 - Ms Fely Batoon (RC19) - Mr Felix Berenguer (RC3) - VAdm Ariston Delos Reyes AFP (Ret)(RC26)



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- Atty Antonio Jocom Jr (RC1) - Engr Mamerto Jonson (RC1) - Dir Shirley Pascual (RC38) - Atty Bernardo Zialcita (RC9) - LTC Armando Abejuela PA (Res) (RC40) - Col Joseph Aberde PAF (Ret) (RC36) - Mr Arcadio Gapangada Jr (RC38) - Dir Fatima Irene Rasul (RC38) - Ms Ahmma Charisma Satumba (RC44) - Dr Ombra Tamano (RC23) - BGen Angel Kanapi AFP (Ret) - Dir Commando Pilimpinas (RC40) - Mr Simeon Rivera (RC16) - Mr Renato Rapisura (RC33) - Mr Conrado Soledad (RC4) - Atty Edmund Dante Janda (RC25) - Mr Ronald Naguit (RC46) - Mr Antenor Roque (RC2) - Atty Benedicto Valle (RC24) - Ms Lilia Duldulao (RC18) - Atty Felimon Fernandez Jr (RC8) - Col Paterno Santos PA (Ret) (RC2) - Mr Ernesto Beltran (RC27) - BGen Rocky Denoga AFP (Ret) (RC22) - Ms Henerietta Fajardo (RC26) - Mr Ponciano Millena (RC27) - Mr Pedro Reside (RC16) - Mr Dominador Villena (RC10) - Ms Mary Adelino (RC43) - BGen Ernesto Aradanas AFP (Ret) (RC38) - Atty Ferdinand Dumlao (RC18) - LTC Christopher Estella (RC41) - Capt Emilio Naraval PN (Ret) (RC5) - CSupt Diony Ventura AFP (Ret) (RC19) - Col Domingo Alonzo PAF (Ret) (RC11) - Dir Cardito Callangan (RC35) - Atty Edgardo Inciong (RC21) - Mr Reynaldo Liganor (RC34) - Fmr Vice Gov Bernardo Ople (RC10) - Col Ernesto Tan Jr PA (Ret) (RC18) - Capt Alejandro Castillo PA (Ret) (RC4) - Ms Maria Theresa Escolano (RC43) - Col Jose Lawas PA (Ret) (RC7) - Mr Pablo Perez (RC13) - LTC Ana Bergonzosa Escarlan PA (RC44) - Atty Cesar Manuel (RC35) - Col Marcel Agustin Paares PAF (RC33) - Mr Consuelo Quimson (RC28) - Mr Hilario Andes (RC29) - Col Teodoro Evangelista PAF (RC39) - Engr Baliamen Mamainte (RC23) - LTC Santiago Medrana Jr (RC12) - Judge Abdulmaid Muin (RC29) - Mr Joselito Sanos (RC21) - Mr Rufino Santos (RC17)

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