Reasons to be in Colorguard You get to work with all of your band friends for half the year Nobody

knows what it is, so they can't tease you You can tease the cheerleaders for only being able to jump up and down while chanting stupid cheers because you know you have more talent than them

1. 2. 3.

4. Nobody cares when you hit yourself in the head, they’ve all done it before
5. 6.

It’s a great bragging right if you're on a good team We aren't as bratty as cheerleaders

7. You get to wear pretty outfits 8. It’s a very elegant -but tough- sport/performing art
9. 10. 11.

It counts as two different types of class credits. You get to go out with the hot percussion guys. You can be a proud “band geek”.

12. Guys love spandex. 13. You can yell at drum line when the look at your ass. 14. You have a hard time finding anything else to wear, besides guard tshirts. 15. You can never think of anything else to talk about, besides colorguard. 16. Getting dressed up to go to school means wearing what you'll have to wear to practice that night. 17. You go into the local Home Depot and ask for flag tape. 18. Your family knows your entire show, inside and out. 19. Being friends with anyone outside of the band just seems abnormal. 20. You fully expect your boyfriend to be at every competition... and be happy to be there.

21. You no longer flinch at colorguard terms like "strip", "flash", and "carve". Now you're scared of things like "jazz run", "pointed toes", and "pas de chat". 22. All your online screen names have to do with colorguard. 23. You have a whole dresser drawer dedicated to guard t-shirts, shorts, socks, underwear, and silks. 24. You spend all your money at competitions on guard shirts, boxers, etc. instead of food. 25. If there is a possibility it will rain, and your competition will be cancelled, you pray that it won't rain.

You watch televised parades (Macy's, Rose Bowl) for the bands and their colorguards, not the balloons and floats.

27. You know the words to all the band's stand tunes, and always sing along. Actually, you have printed copies of all music and bring them along to football games for reference. 28. You begin to look good in show makeup (at least you think you do...) 29. You name your equipment. 30. You see the guard more than your family. 31. You always step off on the left foot and march in step. 32. Life? What's that? You've forgotten what you did with yourself before colorguard. 33. Band music actually starts to sound good. 34. You own a tape of every show you've ever done. 35. You look for flags in commercials that show bands. 36. You have a roll of electrical tape next to your bed. And in your guard bag. And your backpack. 37. You have six different uniforms in your closet. 38. You spend more time in the guard room, band hall, gym, practice field, and your instructor's tiny office than you do at home. 39. The words "one more time" never mean one more time. 40. You have 7 tan lines - neck, arm, arm, thigh, thigh, ankle, ankle - that won't go away.

41. Your best friend becomes a six foot pole and a 3 foot silk. 42. The phrase water break has a whole new meaning. 43. Stadium nachos and hotdogs are a delicacy. 44. You have a giant brown spot in your yard from practicing so much. 45. You don't own any socks that don't have holes in them and that aren't solid black on bottom. 46. You worry how you'll fit all your patches on your letterjacket. 47. You make your mom film all your winterguard competitions, and as soon as you're done performing, you and the guard crowd around the camera to see how your show looked. 48. You spend all your free time (what free time?) looking at guard related websites. 49. You own every CD that contains a song you've used in winterguard. 50. All your "non-guard" friends roll your eyes as you talk about your show... again. 51. You cheer louder than the cheerleaders at the football games. 52. Every time you find a bruise or scrape, you automatically know it came from guard practice.

You actually like to pull the cart with the floor on it, and you consider yourself a good driver when you've hit less than 3 Coke machines.

54. What is "summer vacation"? 55. You cannot remember how many times you've hit yourself with your equipment because you quit counting after 50. 56. You have been in and taken more pictures than any of your other friends. 57. You've never actually watched a football game. 58. You know whether you've really passed your limit or not. 59. "Armed guard" means a girl with a pole, not a guy with a gun. 60. You know what's significant about June 14th. 61. You can show up to practice in your pajamas and dripping wet and no one notices.

62. Your nails have never extended beyond your fingertips. 63. People ask you about your social life and you say, "Oh, you mean my flag." 64. You've been to every school football game and haven't paid for one yet. 65. You learn to love your instructor when you see other guards' outfits. 66. Forget judges, your parents, or the band. You know that the absolute hardest person to perform in front of is your instructor. 67. When you don't have the actual music to practice your routine, you just sing it yourself (and you wonder why people look at you funny, too...) 68. The word "democracy" is not in your vocabulary; however you are very well versed with the definition of "dictator". 69. You know that if you try something weird, it very well might end up in your show. 70. You make a website dedicated to guard. 71. No matter how big or good your guard is, you still get the smallest coverage in the year book. 72. You've never worked so hard for a chunk of wood with a piece of metal on it (a trophy). 73. Coming home before 4:30 pm on a weekday never happens. 74. The smell of sunscreen makes you think of band camp. 75. Seeing how fast you can fold the floor becomes your primary form of entertainment. 76. You know nothing is ever definite. 77. Having the show finished the day before your first competition is considered lucky. 78. You know what Jell-O arms and legs feel like. 79. 4 1/2 hours of sleep before competition is doing good. 80. The term battle of the sexes has been turned into "battle of the guards". 81. You wish they offered nap time in school. 82. You have practice 5 days a week and enjoy every second.

83. You know how to manage 9 girls and 1 bathroom. 84. You see the same people, all day, everyday, but you miss someone you saw 5 minutes ago. 85. Even if you are a perfectly nice person, you still have a guard hit list that includes evil bus drivers, past guard instructors, current band directors, a bunch of the drumline, some tubas, all those guards who act snobby, the whole cheerleading squad, and various members of the drill team.

Your can cram your 15-person guard into your instructor's office to talk, have a meeting, or listen to tapes, and you would rather be in there than in the band hall, which has a lot more room.

87. You will not consider anything over $5 for dinner. 88. Changing in front of guys no longer phases you. 89. You take over the guy's bathroom because the girl's is too full. 90. You've left your house wearing things you swore you never would, like curlers, spandex, and 2 tons of makeup. 91. You have never taken a dance class, but you know more terms than in the foreign language you took. 92. You practice more than the band that can only play the Star Spangled Banner. 93. Watching a half-time show has become more than a leisure activity. 94. You count all music in beats of 6 or 8. 95. You have seen the same guard tape a hundred times and still enjoy it. 96. Getting new members makes you ecstatic. 97. You can change, do your makeup, and fix your hair under any circumstances (on a bumpy bus, without a mirror, holding a flag, while the wind is blowing, etc.) 98. Guard tape fixes anything. 99. You freak out when you hear a song that you've performed to, and you instantly start doing the routine to it in your head. 100.Finals are a positive thing. 101.Your priorities are slightly off. 102.You can smile genuinely on command.

103.You have more inside jokes than any of your friends. 104.You have permanent rifle bruises. 105.You're lucky if your instructor gets your name right - or remembers it at all. 106.You permanently project to the press box, even if there's not one around. 107.Every time your guard gets the score sheets from a winterguard competition, everyone freaks out trying to figure out what the judges said about you, even though none of you have a clue how to read a score sheet. 108.You spin everything (pencils, brooms, sticks, etc.) 109.You fold the floor more times than you fold your laundry. 110.You'll skip major school events to practice. 111.You get very territorial about your equipment. 112.You can't stand sails. 113.You know where the stadium is for every football team your school plays and where every high school in your winterguard circuit is located, along with who can toss what on other guards, which ones have the trashy outfits, and where everyone placed at the last competition. 114.Even when you are dirty from the knees down, hot and sweaty, have 5-10 bruises in random spots, haven't eaten since lunch, have to get up at 5:45 am to go to competition in the morning, and are listening to your instructor yell at you, you are 100% positive that colorguard is absolutely worth it 115.