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1.0 PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS 1.1 Feed Water MaxTDS (mg/L) 1000 1.2 Feed Water Temperature (C) 70 1.3 Feed Water Max. Silt Density (SDI) 5.0 1.4 Feed Water Max. Turbidity (NTU) 1.0 1.5 Feed Water Chlorine Tolerance (mg/L) 0.0 1.6 Recovery (%) 70% (without recycle) 1.7 Permeate Production (GPM) 50 1.8 Permeate Flux at 50 GPM 18 1.9 Permeate TDS (mg/L) Less than 25 ppm 1.10 Concentrate LSI 1.5 1.11 Min. Line Pressure Required (psi) 20 1.12 3rd Year R.O. Feed Pressure (psi) * 1.13 3rd Year Concentrate Pressure (psi) * * REQUIRES A FEED WATER ANALYSIS 2.0 STANDARD FEATURES 2.1 Feed Water Inlet Valve 2.2 Programmable Electronic Control Solenoid Valve, Brass , 2.0" ROTROL II UL listed, NEMA-4, Back Mount Low pressure protection, automatic reset, to turn the machine off if feed pressure is less than 20 psi. Includes digital permeate, concentrate and recycle flow meter displays, two digital TDS displays with percent rejection display and visual high permeate TDS alarm, programmable automatic forward fast flush, contacts for liquid level controls and pretreatment lockout, and an on/off switch. Permeate, Concentrate and recycle. Digital display Prefilter in/out, Pump Discharge, Array #1 Feed, Permeate out, and Concentrate out Globe Valve, 1", 316SS, 275 psi To recycle a portion of concentrate to Increase overall system recovery Globe valve, 1.5, 316SS, 275 psi Monitor/Controller, on Electronic Control Programmable on electronic control

2.3 Flow Sensors 2.4 Pressure Gauges 2.5 Concentrate Control Valve 2.6 Concentrate Recycle Valve 2.7 Pump Throttle Valve 2.8 Two TDS Displays 2.9 Automatic Forward Fast Flush 2.10 Cleaning Ports 2.11 Sampling Valves 2.12 Emergency Stop 2.13 Control Panel Disconnect Latch 2.14 Sediment Prefilter 2.15 R.O. Piping Inlet/outlet

7 Cartridge, 40 long x 2.75 diameter, pleated, 5 Micron Left hand side of frame Removes chlorine. Off skid chemical metering pump, with 35 gallon tank, low tank-level control, H-O-A switch, and static mixer.

3.0 OPTIONAL FEATURES INCLUDED 3.1 Sodium Metabisulfite Injection in feed.


10 X 840 TAPWATER CUSTOMER / QUOTE #XXXXX 50 GPM / 72,000 GPD XXX Protects membranes from scaling. Off skid chemical metering pump, with 35 gallon tank, low tank-level control, and an H-O-A switch. Elevates permeate pH. Off skid chemical metering pump, with 35 gallon tank, low tank-level control, and H-O-A switch, with a Static Mixer installed in the line after the dosing point Provides high pressure alarm on electronic control Monitors feed for residual chlorine Digital display on electronic control, monitors pH in permeate Inline flow measurement display for Clean in Place Integrated Cleaning Station, installed on the RO Skid, including 316 SS booster pump/motor, plumbing and control valves, immersion heaters, temperature display and control, and array isolation valves. Off skid polypropylene solution tank. Thin Film Composite, Spiral-wound, Fiberglass-wrapped 600 psi rate 8" diameter x 40" long 10 Fiberglass, 300 psi 8 diameter x 4-elements long 3 2x4 --->1x2 Multi-Stage Centrifugal 15 TEFC, 3450 RPM 230v-460v / 3ph / 60hz Digital display

3.2 Antiscalant Injection in feed. 3.3 Caustic Injection in Permeate

3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7

High Pressure Switch Cold Water Membranes ORP Meter pH Meter

3.8 Flow Meter 3.9 Clean in Place

4.0 EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS 4.1 Membrane Type 4.2 Membrane Size 4.3 Membrane Quantity 4.4 Pressure Vessel Type 4.5 Pressure Vessel Size 4.6 Pressure Vessel Quantity 4.7 Array Configuration 4.8 Pump Type 4.9 Motor HP 4.10 Motor Type 4.11 Electrical Service 4.12 Flow Meters

5.0 MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION 5.1 Frame Welded carbon steel, epoxy primer & polyurethane paint 5.2 Electrical Enclosure PVC 5.3 Prefilter (optional) 316 Stainless Steel 5.4 Inlet (Low Pressure) Piping PVC, Schedule 80 5.5 Inlet Shut-Off Valve Brass 5.6 Low Pressure Switch Probe Stainless Steel 5.7 Pump 304 Stainless Steel 5.8 Pump Throttle Valve Stainless Steel 5.9 High-Pressure Switch Probe Stainless Steel 5.10 High-Pressure Piping Stainless Steel 5.11 Pressure Vessels Fiberglass 5.12 Concentrate Control Valve Stainless Steel 5.13 Pressure Gauges Liquid-filled, Stainless Steel case and internals 5.14 Recycle Valve 316 Stainless Steel 5.15 Automatic Flush Valve Brass


10 X 840 TAPWATER CUSTOMER / QUOTE #XXXXX 50 GPM / 72,000 GPD XXX PVDF paddlewheel sensors, PVC fittings

6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 6.5

DIMENSIONS Feed Water Inlet (in) Permeate Water Discharge (in) Concentrate Water Discharge (in) Frame Exterior (in) Weight (lbs)

2.0 1.5 1.5 192 L x 54 W x 66 H 3500 lbs (estimated)

Note: Dimensions and weight, piping, valve sizes, high pressure pump and membranes are subject to change for final design.