Welcome Party Exclusively for girls from all departments By AUCS

In our university, during most of the events, the female students are unable to actually enjoy the event as they are restricted by our cultural boundaries. In our society, females cannot truly enjoy and have fun when male students are around as that is deemed indecent due to the fact that this is an Islamic state and half of the girls do pardah. As can been seen in any of the events including welcome parties, the male students get the opportunity to participate in the festivities and the event as a whole where we, the girls, are left to watch from the sidelines only. Even “comparing” in a welcome party is looked down upon and should they do so, they have to face the “hooting” by the audience. The girls should be given a chance to feel more like a part of the university. Thus, we, the team of Air University Cultural Society (AUCS), wish to organize a “welcome” party for girls only.

Our only purpose is to plan an event only for girls that will give them a chance to feel welcomed and to enjoy an event while remaining within the boundaries of our cultural and ethical values.

Our Plan:
Our Plan is to hold the event in the following steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Welcoming speech Skits Tittles Tribute to high achievers Parody A short movie Any talent the audience wants to show Ending

As this is going to be an all girls event, we will not allow any pictures or videos to be taken during the course of the event and will strictly adhere to this rule. The university’s rule of “no jeans” will also be followed. The timings are set to be 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm (Friday 9th December) so that the girls can go home before the night falls. Female faculty members will also be invited and they can bear witness that nothing objectionable should take place. As already “welcome” parties are being held, we will not be providing any refreshments. This is only going to be a fun event designed to make the girls feel welcomed and excited about the university they are studying in.

flyers and posters ...Rs 1500/(includes) 20 printed color copies a panaflex for the main attraction decorations... Rs 2500/(includes) cloth streamers (6 colors) lights (as the room it self does not contain enough lightning) gifts for the participants bouquets for the chief guests complete music system... Rs 2000/The University will be provided with all the purchase invoices and any leftover budget will be returned back.

Event Organizers:
Amna Ali 090601 (event manager) Ayesha murtaza Alishbah Tahir

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