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START EARNING 30K / DAY, 210K / WEEK or 900K / MONTH for ONLY P3,988.00!!! (We will teach you how ) ALL ACCESS PREPAIDS.. ALL NETWORKS.. ALL DENOMINATIONS.. ALL IN JUST ONE CELLPHONE.. We have more than 300 prepaid products (and still counting) ALL ACCESS PREPAIDS..

2. INNOVATIVE FEATURES: Simple SMS Commands LOW Capital Requirement Virtual Inventory (For Prepaid Cards, Earth-friendly) More than 300 prepaid products and services NO SALES QUOTA Web Tools and Web Reports Online Loading (International Operation) SMS - Triggered Bank Auto-Debit for Convenient eWallet Replenishment Eliminates pilferage, over-stocking & stock-out

3. Worlds First Over-The-Air (OTA) Reloading of RFID Card (AXS) for MRT Digital Stored- Value Card Start for as low as 300 pesos!!! Hindi mo na kailangan ng dealer sim cards at extra cellphone. Pwede mong gamitin ang existing at sim card mo. One load wallet for all prepaid products Hindi mo na kailangan irecord lahat ng transactions mo, all your transactions will be automatically recorded in your Vmobile LoadXtreme personal online account. Online Loading. Meaning, pwede kang magload online. Maaari ka din magbenta ng load kahit anong cellphone at simcard ang gamit mo. Basta alam mo lang ang ID # at PIK mo at ang product code na iloload mo. Kahit mawala ang cellphone mo, hindi mawawala ang load wallet mo. Bakit? Kasi ang load wallet mo wala sa simcard mo. Less risk di ba? Replenish your load wallet in many convenient ways. 1. BANCO DE ORO (Savings Accunt No.: 00-059-002607-0) Branch: ADB Avenue Ortigas 2. BANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLAND (Current Account No.: 4021-0110-91) Branch: Robinsons Tower Ortigas 3. METROBANK (Current Account No.: 007-261-50338-3) Branch: H. V. Dela Costa 4. UNIONBANK: (Current Account No.: 00-059-002607-0 Branch: Unionbank Plaza COMPARISON BETWEEN TRADITIONAL LOADING AND VMOBILE LOADXTREME:

4. SO, PAANO BA KUMITA NG MALAKI SA VMOBILE LOADXTREME? 1. BE A RETAILER Start for only P300.00 Discount of 8% - 12% on over 300 pre-paid products. Can generate more income through Retailer Affiliate Program (RAP) Whats in the retailer package Retailer Card composed of your ID# and SAC # (Kailangan ito para makagawa ka ng account as a retailer) Quick Guide Vmobile RAP Guide Product Price List Access to your personal online account Personal web site

5. PAANO KUMITA SA RETAILER AFFILIATE PROGRAM? RAP SUBSCRIPTION SALES (SUBSCRIPTION SALES OVERRIDE) Kung may kilala kang tatlong (3) tao na gustong kumita o mag-sideline, ganito ang pwede mong kitain kung lahat ng sasali ay makakakuha din ng tatlong (3) RAP Subscribers: MONTHLY GROUP SALES REWARD (GSR) Ikaw ay maaaring kumita ng karagdagang 8 18% ng 0.1% ng kabuuang load sales

ng iyong Sales Group. Halimbawa, kung ang bawat isa ay may average sales na P2,000 kada buwan, ganito ang pwede mong maging karagdagang earnings buwan-buwan bukod pa sa Subscription Sales Override:

6. 2. BE A DEALER A. Fast Track Package (Dealership) P3,988.00 Package Includes: 1 Dealer Card (Dealer ID No.) 20 Retailer Activation Cards 20 Business Quick Guides (for SMS Loading Syntax/Commands) 20 Price List (for Product Codes) 20 Retailer Affiliate Program Brochure 3 Product Guides (Comprehensive List of Products, Prices and Codes) 3 Smart SIM Packs 2 "LOAD NA DITO" Tarpaulins (Banner) 1 LoadXtreme Green Re-usable Bag

7. B. 3D Fast Track Package (Dealership) - P11,964 Package Includes: 3 Dealer Card (3 Dealer ID Nos.): 3 Accounts under your name. 80 Retailer Activation Cards (60 Regular Cards plus 20 Cards more) 60 Business Quick Guides (for SMS Loading Syntax/Commands) 60 Price List (for Product Codes) 60 Retailer Affiliate Program Brochure 9 Product Guides (Comprehensive List of Products, Prices and Codes) 9 Smart SIM Packs 6 "LOAD NA DITO" Tarpaulins (Banner) 3 LoadXtreme Green Re-usable Bag HOW TO EARN AS A DEALER / FRANCHISER? THERE ARE FIVE (5) WAYS TO EARN:

8. 1. BUY AND SELL OF LOADS / PREPAID PRODUCTS. EARN 10% - 14% EACH RETAILER SALE. Ex: You sell P1,000 load / day: 1,000 x 30 days = 30,000 x 10% = P3,000 / month (not bad for a monthly extra income considering that you are just texting to Sell loads, right?) 2. SELL YOUR RETAILER ACTIVATION CARDS FOR P250 EACH: Fast Track Package: P3,988.00 20 Retailer Cards x P250.00 = P5,000.00 (bawi na kaagad ang puhunan mong P3,988.00, at may tubo ka pa) 3Dealers Fast Track Package: P11,964.00 60 Retailer Cards + 20 free = 80 x P250 = P20,000.00 (bawi mo na agad ang puhunan mong P11,964.00 at may kinita ka pa) 3. FRANCHISE RETAILER OVERRIDE (FRO) EARN 2% FROM THE SALES/ TRANSACTIONS OF YOUR RETAILERS. Fast Track Package: 20 Retailers each of them sells Php 1,000 / day 20 x 1,000 = 20,000 x 30 days = 600,000 x 2% = Php 12,000 / month

9. (may Php 12,000 ka galing sa total sales ng mga retailers mo in 1 month,eh di lang naman 1,000 ang naibebenta ng retailer mo, more than diba?) 3D Fast Track Package: 80 Retailers each of them sells Php 1,000 / day 80 x 1000 = 80,000 x 30 days = 2,400,000 x 2% = P48,000 / Month (What if you have 100 Retailers? Or 1,000? Now, you do the Math!) 4. FRANCHISE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM (REFERRAL / ENDORSEMENT) Refer your friends, relatives and neighbors or someone you know who wants to have an e-loading business. Fast Track Package: P500 Regular Package: P1,000 3D Fast Track Package: P1,500

10. 5. DIVISION OF SALES FORCE BONUS OR TEAM ROYALTY BONUS PLEASE TAKE NOTE: MAXIMUM INCOME: P30,000 per day P210,000 per week P900,000 per Month In finding the RIGHT business you have to consider three factors. 1. PRODUCT Lagi bang ginagamit ng tao ang products? Gaano kadalas gamitin ng tao ang products? In this case we have PREPAID as our product.

11. Do the math kung gaano karami ang gumagamit nito. 2. TIMING 3. POSITION VMOBILE IS ON ITS PIONEERING STAGE so.... ANO PANG HINIHINTAY NINYO? BE A MEMBER OF THE HOTTEST FRANCHISING BUSINESS TODAY. BE A VMOBILE TECHNOPRENEUR NOW! OUR OFFICE IS CONDUCTING ITS DAILY BUSINESS ORIENTATION, at Ivan and Ken Internet Cafe at Borol ist balagtas,Bulacan near to St.Lawrence College. our contact no.s 0449130129 / smart 09398668485/globe 0905720505