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Port Kar - Scourge of Thassa, dark urban Gorean city book accurate role play Port Kar is a den

of thieves, pirates, and ne'er do wells, coming together to form a melting pot of different cultures, castes, and castaways who take pride in their shadowed alleys, canals, and ports rife with danger and risk. While these rules are "simple," we do have extensive laws on the books that help determine role play disputes. They are attached to this note card OOC RESIDENTIAL AREA IS NON RAID ZONE 1. AVATARS: Only adult humans are allowed. Kur and animal Avatars must be cleared first by the First Captain and Council. 2. METERS - GM meter only. Non-Gorean visitors are welcome to watch using the Observer Tag. Known Goreans are not permitted to be observers. Coming in with no meter/wrong meter is an automatic capture. 3. ARMED FEMALES - NO Panthers, Talunas, armed female mercenaries/outlaws/pirates/assassins. Free women may carry poisoned hair pins and/or daggers. If you are in violation of this rule, your actions and role play will be invalid and you will be auto captured. 4. DRAMA: No OOC drama. Role play CAN and WILL BE shut down by a moderator if OOC drama is apparent. Having said that, do not stop role play for your own personal invalidation We do not recognize non-Gorean limitations here, regardless of what it says on your profile. Role play will be moderated by sim moderators. Their ruling will stand. Going to another Mod/Authority to get a different decision or appeal is banning offense. 5. Copying IM's without express written permission by all parties is a TOS violation despite your pick stating otherwise. This is upheld by Linden Labs and you will be reported. The exception to this is copying an IM that is copied for reporting an offense to Linden Labs. 6. SLAVES: Slaves collared within this sim by citizens of Port Kar will be collared first to the city. Recurring slave theft is not permitted. 7. RAIDS: Raids with more than 5 people must be cleared with one of the moderators (listed above). Raids may not take place more than once per 3 days by the same group, unless a prior agreement has been made with a moderator. If you plan on capturing someone, you MUST leave a clue of where you have gone. 8. CHARACTER TYPES: Port Kar is a by-the-book sim. We recognize only those character-types found in the books. We do not recognize Fem-laws, ferals and ewoks. We believe that you can be creative in within the character-types without having to make one up. 9. CASTE COLORS :Goreans proudly wore the colors of caste the where a memeber of or a sash indicating their caste ...people that wear ALL BLACK will be hunted by the Assassins as it is considered to be impersonating an Assassin head this warning Note to female warriors, female outlaws, etc: You are welcome to come and role play in Port Kar, as long as you leave the weapons at home, are dressed as a proper Free Woman and behave accordingly. Basically follow our sim rules, this goes for anyone who wishes to role play in Port Kar.

Port Kar and all its affiliated properties are a private non profit corporation. Use of the sims is voluntary and not a right. Access may be revoked at any time for any or no reason.

================================================== THE LAWS AND CHARTER OF PORT KAR ================================================== Laws revised on April 23rd 2012. ALL VISITORS, OBSERVERS, AND CITIZENS ARE SUBJECT TO THE LAWS OF PORT KAR. IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE. 1.1 Free Women Dress Codes a. Modest Dress is recommended in Port Kar. Modest Dress is defined as: i. A veil covering the face for High Castes. ii. Complete coverage of the torso, legs and arms for High Castes. iii. Coverage of Torso and legs for Low Castes. iv. Closed toe shoes or boots for all Castes. The law only recommends and does not require these codes be followed for Free Women within Port Kar. However: ******************************************************************************** ** Free Women not conforming to these standards which are only recommended - risk unwanted attention. ******************************************************************************** ** NO FW ARE ALLOWED IN CITY KENNELS UNLESS APPROVED BY SLAVER TO DO SO OR BEEN ASSIGNED THERE TO WORK 1.2 Modesty a. Free Women may not show heat or sexual attraction to a man in public. b. Free Women may not participate in slave-like actions such as erotic dancing in public. c. Whatever happens in private does not apply.

1.3 Aggression a. Free Women may not act physically aggressively towards men. Free Women may argue with, disagree or debate with Free Men. b. Disrespect to a Free Man is not grounds for force collaring.

1.4 Involuntary Face Stripping a. The involuntary face stripping of a Free Woman without cause is considered a crime in Kar and is punishable by fine. 1.5 Rape/Attempted Rape a. The rape or attempted rape of an unescorted, uncompanioned Free Woman is a low crime. A Free Woman has the right under these circumstances to defend herself with whatever weapons are at her disposal. i. Extenuating circumstances such as immodest dress or improper behavior may be

considered in any prosecution of rape. 1.6 Claiming Women a. The practice of Claiming Women in public as ones own is restricted between two Citizens of Port Kar. Companionships must be conducted with legally signed contracts. 1.7 Claimed Women & Free Companions a. Free Women who are claimed or Free Companions are considered legal property of the Free Man to whom they are associated. 1.8 Weapons a. Free Women may carry a dagger or poison hairpins for defensive purposes. No Free Woman may carry a sword or bow within Port Kar. Small hunting bows may be an exception during approved events such as archery contests or hunting exercises sanctioned by the city. 1.9 Life Debt a. A Free Man who saves the life of a Free Woman gains the right to enslave her or receive compensation in the amount of her fair market value as a slave. The Free Woman, her Companion, or her Protector may challenge a claim to such right, and the First Captain will rule. 1.10 Force Collaring a. A Free Woman is subject to involuntary collaring in the following cases: i. Speaking in a slave-like manner to a Free Man. ii. Any overt display of sexual desire or arousal in public. iii. Kneeling to or at the command of a Free Man, provided that this does not include voluntary kneeling while sitting. b. Any Citizen of Port Kar who force collars in the course of city duty must accept the collar on behalf of the city (i.e. turn the collared woman over to the city). c. A force collaring may be challenged by the womans Free Companion, Protector, or any male family member. The parties may agree to resolve the challenge by Right of Sword, but absent such agreement, the matter shall be decided by the First Captain. d. All force collars are subject to final review by the Council. e. Free Women force collared within the city of Port Kar will remain in this collar for a period of 12 hours of game play, or 3 days should such not be available between the parties. At the conclusion of this time limit, the free woman will return to her former status with full RP of her release. In cases where a Free Woman has been force collared for displays of extreme heat or slavish behavior, her collar may remain permanent based on the decision of the Council. f. Should the free woman submit to her collar, she will forfeit any and all rights to reclaim her free status and remain in the collar of the person she submitted to as that free persons slave. All laws regarding slaves will now apply to her. 1.12 Free Women and the Tavern Free women may enter the tavern freely. It is to be known and understood, however, that in Gor, Free Women would not be caught dead within a Tavern, shunning all activities within and wanting to pretend an ignorance to such things, or avoid it completely. 1.13 She Urts a. She Urts are exempt From the dress requirements but not the behavior requirements. b. She Urts have no family thus are left vulnerable to crimes such as rape. c. She Urts commonly beg for coin and food, but shall be punished if found stealing. iThe Caste of Thieves may also extract their own revenge on any She Urt found to be stealing without their protection.

2.1 General Slave Law Provisions a. Within these laws, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the following definitions and conventions apply: i. The masculine pronoun includes the feminine, and the feminine includes the masculine. ii. Slave means any person owned by another person. iii. Owner means a person who owns a slave. iv. Own and Ownership refer to the right to possess and control a slave under these laws or the laws of a city recognized by Port Kar. 2.2 Slave Status and Control a. A slave is the property of her owner and may be used, disposed of, or destroyed as he sees fit. b. A slave owned by an outlaw or other person without a Home Stone has no protections and may be freely taken as if unowned. c. A runaway slave shall be held by the city. If the owner does not claim her within seven days, she becomes the permanent property of the City. d. Only a citizen of Port Kar or a city recognized by treaty or convention may claim a runaway slave. 2.3 Abandonment a. An owner who fails to make in-world contact with his slave for a period in excess of 14 days shall be deemed to have abandoned her, and ownership of her shall automatically be conveyed to her Protector, the Owners Free Companion, or the City, in that order. 2.4 Voluntary Submission a. A Free Person may voluntarily submit herself to another Free Person. Voluntary submissions must be witnessed by at least one other Free Person. The person receiving the submission may: i. Accept the submission if it is unsolicited and targeted specifically to them. ii. Deny the submission, leaving the person having declared themselves a slave open to be claimed by any person. iii. In the case of Warriors only, kill the person submitting. iv. Accept the submission on behalf of the city of Port Kar, which shall be mandatory for submission received by guards, slavers, and persons acting as greeters for the city. 2.5 Manumission a. The freeing of a slave must be witnessed by at least one other Free Person. For a period of one hour after attaining freedom, the newly freed person shall be immune from forced collaring based on inappropriate attire. 2.6 Slave Offenses a. Aggression i. No slave shall purposely or negligently strike a Free Person. Violation of this section is a felony. ii. No slave shall purposely or negligently bear or touch arms except at the direct instruction of her owner and in his presence. It is an affirmative defense under this section that the slave is a Fighting Slave bearing arms at the direction of a Captain for contest purposes. Violation of this section is a felony. iii. Slaves in Port Kar are permitted to handle rocks, sticks, buckets, and brooms to defend themselves only. They may participate in the general defense of the city but not initiate aggression. 2.7 White Silk Status a. No person other than her owner shall purposely have sexual contact with a public or private white-silk slave. Violation of this section is a felony.

2.8 Collars a. No owner shall negligently allow his slave to be outside the owners residence without a collar. Violation of this section is an infraction, and the slave may be forfeit to the city. 2.9 Liability a. The owner of a slave is liable for damages resulting from his slaves actions. b. The owner of a slave is liable criminally for his slaves actions to the same extent as the slave, provided It shall be an affirmative defense to liability under this section that the owner took all reasonable measures to prevent the slaves action. 2.10 Punishment a. A Free Person may punish a city slave at any time, for any reason, but shall be liable in damages to the city for maiming or killing the slave. b. A Free person may punish a private slave if he or she is found displeasing. However, the issue should be brought to the owners attention. 2.11 a. Legal Testimony The testimony of slaves is admissible in legal proceedings when elicited under torture.

3.1 Allowed & Disallowed Weapons a. Weapons allowed in Port Kar: i. GM Compatible Swords, Daggers, Bows and other appropriate medieval level weapons as permitted. b. Weapons not allowed in Port Kar: i. Any push weapons. ii. Weapons loaded with unapproved scripts (bows with gun scripts, exploding arrows, etc). iii. Guns. iv. Bombs v. Any modern weaponry not explicitly allowed. vi. No dual wielding.

3.2 Right to Bear Arms a. All Free Men may bear arms in Port Kar, provided that a Free Man who draws a weapon other than in self-defense may be guilty of a misdemeanor. See section b. b. The warrior commander, his designee, or any Captain may require that any visitor to Port Kar disarm for the duration of their visit. 3.3 Reasonable Concealment. a. Weapons may be concealed, however within reason. A full length spear or bow will not fit under a cloak, etc. Be realistic with concealed weapons or the use of such weapons will be invalid. b. Not wearing sheaths due to lag is not a valid way of concealing a weapon. 4.1 General Combat Rules a. Any Person entering Port Kar who is not wearing an observer tag must wear a GM Combat Meter. b. As in any other case, questionable RP of combat may be brought before the First Captain, or his moderators, for arbitration. The decision of an arbiter in such a case is final. 4.2 Capture

a. A person captured in combat must be bound via RP (Three lines or more are recommended) or may resume fighting. b. A captured and bound person is subject to death, enslavement, or freedom at the discretion of the captor. c. A captured or bound person may commit suicide consistent with realistic RP. d. Any Free Man who is captured has a right to ask for the rite of Death of Blood and Sea from his opponent for the great love that those of Port Kar hold for the Thassa. 4.3 Death a. Death in Port Kar lasts for 24 hours. (Unless permanent death is agreed to by both parties) b. Persons who are dead must wear a ghost or dead tag for the duration of their death. c. Privately owned slaves of a Ghosted Citizen become the property of the slaves protector, the Ghosted Citizens Free Companion, The Port Kar City Kennels, The Council of Port Kar or the one who bested the Ghosted Citizen in combat, in that order. A Captain will arbitrate any disputes under this law. d. Persons who are dead may enter Port Kar but only speak in IM. 4.4 Challenges a. Any Free Man may challenge another Free to combat to settle a dispute. b. If the challenged party declines the challenge, the matter will be decided by the First Captain, or his moderators. c. The challenger may reserve the right to find a champion to fight for him d. Warriors may not refuse a challenge. e. The Free Companion or Protector of a Free Woman is considered the challenged party in any case where a Free Woman is challenged should said free woman not have the means to defend herself.

4.5 "Cheating" Cheating is Defined as the following: a. Use of Scripts, Objects, Animation overrides, or other devices to alter the amount of damage an avatar takes. b. To Move an avatar at beyond normal Speed, to aid an avatar in "Super Jumping' "Windwalking" or any other kind of Enhanced Jumping. c. To Move an avatar through a solid object. "Primming' Through Doors, and Windows is considered Cheating within Port Kar unless it is role played out in open chat. (Within reason) Example: i. *Coming to the large wooden door he examined it, Jiggling the handle feeling the firm wooden door locked his eyes Gazing over it for another moment* ii. *Searching through his pouch for his pick set as he looks through the keyhole, trying to assess what kind of tumbler it is using.* iii. *Finding the Picks within his pouch he slowly inserts them into the Keyhole, Moving them around to try to find the feel of the Tumblers* iv. *Finally with a 'Click" His picks slide into place, the door sliding open, returning his picks to their proper place* At that point you could "Prim" Through the door. For the Duration of your role play you may prim through the door back and forth as you need. However you must repeat the process on any additional "locked" Doors or windows. 4.6 Ropes, Ladders and Grappling Hooks a. "Instant' Devices. Any ladder, rope, or grappling hook that "Instantly" moves the user from

the ground to the top of the device is illegal. b. The only valid devices permitted are ladders that someone must "Walk' up, ladders with delayed ((Your avatar is animated walking up for several seconds) scripts and animations. Grappling hooks that have "Delayed" Scripts and Animations where the avatar takes Several Seconds to "Climb", Rope Arrows by Slip Barret, or Navar Harbinger or similar Designs are permitted. 5.1- General Capture Rules a. The captor of a citizen of Port Kar must deliver a ransom letter within one half hour. The letter shall state the captors demands and shall be delivered to any Captain of Port Kar, the captive, the captives Free Companion, and the captives Protector. b. If the captor(s) chooses not to ransom back the captive(s), thereby choosing to hold that captive for three full days/6 game hours, then said captor does not need to send a letter. c. No ransom of actual Lindens will be valid. Ransom is role played out only. d. After captive period, any unransomed or unrescued captive shall be returned to Port Kar. e. The capture of slaves does not give the captor any right to sell, trade, give away or in any way change the ownership of that slave. The captor must keep the slave in custody in a Gorean sim during the 3 day/ 6 hour period. Abuse of any Captive will invalidate role play f. Taking any free or slave off Gor by force during a capture situation is grounds for invalidation of the capture role play g. At all times assume the gates are guarded. 5.2 Force Collaring during Capture a. Force Collaring of a Free after a capture is not considered submission. Voluntary submission is always permitted. Voluntary Submission must be documented and provided to a Captain of Port Kar and verified by the one who Voluntarily submitted b. The use of torture or threat to obtain the voluntary submission of a captive into one's collar is not permissible. 5.3 Branding, Piercing or other Mutilation of Captured Persons a. Branding, Piercing, Tattooing or any other permanent making and alteration of a captive that has not submitted voluntarily is invalid and grounds for termination of role play immediately. b. Citizens of Port Kar who engage in this activity likewise automatically invalidate role play 5.4 Non-Citizens Captured in Port Kar a. Slaves of Outlaws and those without a recognized Home Stone are subject to permanent capture at anytime. b. Slaves thought to be scouting for hostile forces or acting in a suspicious manner will be detained and questioned. If found to be innocent they will be returned unharmed. If found guilty they will be captured. c. Raiders, Outlaws, Pirates, or any force deemed hostile will be captured. 5.5 Validation a. Captures are subject to validation. If its not realistic for an escape or a capture to have occurred it is not valid! (except in case of auto capture due to sim rule violations) 5.6 IM Usage a. Captive may not use IMs to inform people of the capture. IMs are permitted to give notice of a rule violation. b. Should IM notification occur, the receiving party may not use said knowledge in role play to alter the course of events. Should this other party maintain this rule role play can be saved. cA Captain or moderator should be consulted before players start yelling about cheaters.

6.1 Interpretation of the Law a. All decisions of a Captain are final and binding unless provided otherwise by this Code. b. The Law will be interpreted by the Chief Scribe or Magistrate upon request by a Captain or the Council. c. Culpability. A person is not guilty of an offense unless he acted purposely, or negligently, as the law may require d. A person acts purposely if it his conscious object to act in a prohibited manner or cause a prohibited result. e. A person acts negligently if he fails to consider a substantial and unjustifiable risk of a prohibited action or result. f. A person who acts with a high degree of culpability may be convicted of an offense requiring a lower degree of culpability. g. Council Members are immune from regular prosecution and may only be held for trial before the entire Council. 6.2 Legal Proceedings a. All Citizens have a right to present evidence and defend themselves if they are accused of a crime. b. Trials will be presided over by High Magistrate in the cases of misdemeanors and by the High Magistrate or the Chief Scribe in all other cases. c. Legally acquired chat and IM transcripts may be introduced as evidence but only if all parties accept a text version as accurate. d. An IM transcript is only legal if all parties included in the said conversation are aware it is being used and have given consent. e. Verdicts and Edicts may be appealed to the Council by a citizen only. The Council will decide which matters it will hear. f. Appeals refused a hearing will be deemed denied. Appeals will be granted only upon a clear showing of error, fraud, bias, or other unfairness in the proceedings below. The Council may impose sanctions for the bringing of a frivolous appeal. g. All executions of a Free Person will be by impalement or hanging and be held publicly. Citizens and slaves are required to attend if at all possible. h. All Legal Proceedings and resulting punishments will be transcribed and kept on file with the Scribes. Such records are public, unless otherwise ordered by the Council. 6.3- Punishments a. A person convicted of a felony may be punished by torture and impalement or hanging. b. A person convicted of a misdemeanor may be punished by banishment. c. A person convicted of an infraction shall be punished by a fine, caste expulsion, or reprimand d. A Captain may authorize punishment less than that provided in this section, and may suspend all or part of a sentence or a specified period contingent upon good behavior. e. Branding, Mutilation such as ear notching or hand removal or collaring may be acceptable alternate punishments ~Port Kar City Law~ ~For All Black Caste~ Writen By : Lextonian Snowpaw ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Upon entering the city, you see the walls in the distance of the docks. What ever buisness that brought you here, you are sure you can achieve it if you are careful. On a post on the docks you see a parchment, tacked to the post with a dagger. Written in blood you read the coded words stating your guide lines / laws you must obide by while you are in the lands of Kar.

Gold and Steel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Your Second Life Gorean Avatar must be a minimum of 3 months old to be considered eligable for the Black Caste. At this age, you can seek out the Black Caste for training IC. Anyone less than 3 months old cannot roleplay as a Black Caste in our sim. 2. When the Black Caste arrives on our Gorean Sim, he must read thoroughly the laws of our sim before continuing his RP. ? 3. If anyone is discovered to be masquerading as an Assassin but who is not a recognised member of the Black Caste, they may well be treated as an Outlaw 4. Absolutely no female Assassins will be recognised. 5. Any event that requires more than one Assassin must be sanctioned by the caste's High Council in order to be valid. The group of Assassins wishing to do so must petition the High Council to seek that sanction, which is reached by a majority vote. 6. An Assassin MUST wear the black livery of his caste and bare the mark of the black dagger on his forehead when he is ready to begin his Kill phase. During the hunting and observation phase the use of a disguise is acceptable. 7. The Assassin must emote wearing the black dagger on his forehead at least once while in the presence of his mark and before he attempts the Assassination. 8. Slaves CAN travel with their Black Caste Masters if the Assassin chooses to use his slave for spying or distraction purposes. He should of course expect the slave to be impaled if discovered.? 9. The Assassin is not required to seek permission from an Ubar or Admin, to hunt on our sim. We will not require knowing details of the the who the mark is IC or OOC. This includes that the Scarlet of the city is not required to stop you at the gate, and the only exception to wearing bows within the city limits. But to wear a bow you must be Dagger marked and masked. 10. If the mark is one of our own Citizens, to demonstrate the competence of the Assassins PTOIT (Planning, Tracking, Observation and Investigation Training), he is required to log three separate sessions on our sim, showing 3 different Date stamps, before he attempts his assassination of the target. 11. Non Citizen targets can be assassinated as the window of opportunity presents itself. In cases of dispute and for moderation purposes, we may ask for the Assassins PTOIT logs. Failure to produce logs may invalidate RP. 12. The contract against a Citizen in our sim is deemed to be complete when the target is killed OR the Assassin is killed (which ever happens first). When the contract is over, the reason for the kill and the client that hired the Assassin cannot be used against that same Citizen again. 13. The Black Caste are not required to follow the 30 minute Role-play rule before they strike. This includes killing any who try to intervene. The standard three lines of Rp/emoting is required for any kill to be considered valid.

14. Any assassin who successfully kills one of our Citizens can not kill that same person again until after a month has lapsed. 15. Following an assassination attempt the assassin must successfully reach the TP arrival/exit area and emote at least one line of escape or leaving before successfully teleporting out, doing so will be considered as having found safe passage away. 16. If the weapons you wear come with sheaths or quivers then wear them. Pulling a bow from your ass is not considered valid. Any hidden items should be emoted as being on your person upon arrival. The only exception for not carrying a sheath or quiver is when in the arena during organised Tournaments for lag purposes. 17Failure to uphold one or all of these rules will invalidate the Role-play. Persistent law breakers risk banning from Sims and ejection from the Black Caste. ================================================== Approved by the Council of Captains of Port Kar and Maintained by the Scribes of Port Kar. All laws as written above are subject to interpretation by the Captains

First Captain: Ethan Seerose other Captains: Trevere Crimson,Ajha Thaler Chief Scribe: Chief Physician: Warrior Commander: Ambassador: High Merchant (RP): Head Slaver: High Magistrate : Rhianna Khandr Sie Alcott Alirazia Brandi Beth Ronmark Erican Miggins Ajah Thaler

,Tank Laville.