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{Served 8am til- 1:59 p.m.!}

**Bread Choices: White, Wheat, Rye, English Muffin or Sourdough*

HUEVOS ESPIACA CREAMA 2 poached eggs surrounded by a creamed sauce, spinach & diced potatoes. All on top of a crisp flour tortilla w/ melted Mozzarella & Feta. CREAMED SPINACH OMELET Our original creamed spinach in a three-egg omelet smothered with Mozzarella cheese. Served w/ sauted potatoes, choice of ham, sausage, turkey bacon or bacon & toast. PLACITAS OMELET Three-egg omelet stuffed with sauted onions, mushrooms & red peppers. Topped with green or red chili, a blend of Mozzarella & Cheddar cheese. Served with sauted potatoes and a side of ham, sausage, bacon or turkey bacon and toast. HUEVOS RANCHEROS Two eggs; any style, atop a corn tortilla, covered w/ red or green chili, topped w/ melted Cheddar & Mozzarella. Sauted potatoes, beans & a tortilla on the side. BREAKFAST BURRITO Flour tortilla stuffed with two scrambled eggs, sauted potatoes, Cheddar & Mozzarella cheese, chili & ham, sausage, bacon or Turkey bacon. Smothered with our tantalizing red or green chili. PANCAKES Made from SCRATCH! Piled 3 high and served with syrup, butter upon request. Short Stack (2) MONKEY CAKES Our Pancakes with Pine Nuts in the batter then piled 3 high topped with bananas & Syrup! Short Stack (2) FRENCH TOAST Made with your choice of bread, sprinkled with powdered sugar and a side of ham, sausage, bacon or turkey bacon & syrup. SPAM, EGGS, BACON, AND SPAM A couple of Spam Steaks, cooked to your preference, two eggs any style, bacon, sauted potatoes and English Muffin. AMERICAN CLASSIC Two eggs, any style, sauted potatoes, a choice of ham, sausage, bacon or turkey bacon and toast. BAGEL SANDWICH Two eggs, any style, with melted Mozzarella & Cheddar cheese, and your choice of ham, sausage, bacon or turkey bacon. EVIES OMELET Sauted mushrooms folded into an omelet with cheese. A side of ham & wheat toast works well with this one, oh yeah, potatoes too. CHORIZO & SCRAMBLED EGGS Two eggs scrambled with our own Chorizo, a side of sauted potatoes and tortilla. DEBBIES SCRAMBLED Ham, sauted onions, diced tomatoes and mushrooms in 3 scrambled eggs topped off with melted Mozzarella &Cheddar cheese. BISCUITS & GRAVY Tender Homemade Biscuits served with Sausage topped with our Gravy and a side of sauted potatoes... OATMEAL Oatmeal? Yes, Oatmeal. Just good Ole Fashion oatmeal w/ Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Raisins and Milk or just plain. But you can always have it Gails way, a double order of Oatmeal! Scrumptious, Yummy & Heavenly!

SCONES {From Scratch}


Side Orders For Your Entre

Potato Salad Tortilla Chips BBQ Pinto Beans Sauted Vegetables Nothing Onion Rings Coleslaw Potato Chips Grilled Tomatoes Pinto Beans Side Salad w/dressing Fries Special Green Beans (Organic) Something

Green Beans (Organic)

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Chili on the side No lemon Directions With lemon No buns No attitude Restroom Chili not so hot Personal phone calls No Plate to the

Extra Mayo Mustard too!

To Drink
{One size only}

SODAS {Coke, Root Beer, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper & Sprite}


HOT TEA {peppermint, black or green}, MILK or OJ HOT CHOCOLATE

Not on sunday

BEER & WINE is Available the other days

Fries smothered in green or red chili with cheese melted on top.

Yep, its just chips and salsa! Well, probably the best homemade chips & salsa (yes, our salsa is green!) youll ever have! With a free refill


Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese, Red or Green chili on top crispy corn chips with a side of salsa.

Avocado, diced tomatoes, green chili, pinto beans, chicken, onions, Cheddar & Mozzarella cheese, just thrown a top a pile chips, Oh yeah our salsa too This is a Big Un!


Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese, melted w/ green or red chili between two flour tortillas and a side of our salsa. Add Chicken


A tasty pile of Organic green beans, deep sauted & seasoned. Once youve tasted them, youll never look at a green bean the same!

Organic Spring Mix Salads

HOUSE Salad Spring Mix, diced tomatoes and mushrooms topped with Cheddar & Mozzarella cheese. SALAD de PLACITAS Spring Mix piled high with Pine nuts, ham, bacon, avocado, onion, feta and bleu cheese. GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST Salad Spring Mix, diced tomatoes, onions, red peppers, Cheddar & Mozzarella cheese topped with TAST-E-grilled chicken tenderloins. GRILLED SALMON Salad Spring Mix, diced tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and a blend of Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese topped with a grilled salmon filet. TACO Salad A tortilla shell filled w/ Spring Mix, tomatoes, onions, pinto beans, avocado, sour cream, & cheese. Your choice of chicken, beef or egg plant

(Our pinto beans and chilies are vegan)

Cheese Enchilada

Two flat enchiladas with Mozzarella & Cheddar cheese, pinto beans & sauted potatoes & tortilla. Dont forget the chili!

The Vegetable Garden Burger Portabella Burger

A healthy and tasty veggie burger grilled and it comes with 2 side orders of your liking.

A Sauted Portabella cap topped off w/ chipotle, cheddar cheese & Pine nuts. Served w/ lettuce, tomato, onion & pickle, & a large side salad.

Black Bean Cake

Tasty grilled black bean cakes blended with onions, green chili, mushrooms & red peppers. Salsa, sour cream & a large side salad.

Leslie Soup

The almost impossible to find vegetable soup, that is truly vegan! A MEAL FULL!


Our Enchiladas and Burritos are Smothered with your choice of Green or Red Chili BEEF or CHICKEN ENCHILADA 2 flat enchiladas w/ Mozzarella & Cheddar cheese, Chili, Beef or Chicken & topped w/ onion, a side of pinto beans, sauted potatoes & tortilla. CHICKEN or BEEF BURRITO Your Choice! Stuffed w/ pinto beans, sauted potatoes, onions, Cheddar & Mozzarella, smothered w/ green or red chili & more cheese! GREEN CHILI CHICHEN STEW A hearty bowl of stew that will cure what ales you Hunger! With a tortilla too! Every bowl made fresh! NASHAS NEW MEXICO HASH Clan favorite! A hardy Mound of Seasoned Ground Beef, sauted onions & potatoes topped w/ green chili, served w/ a side of beans & tortilla TOSTADA 2 Crisp corn tortillas topped w/ pinto beans, cheese & garnish. Add a side of our salsa & you have a tasty meal! Add Beef or Chicken for $1.50

RAYS HUEVOS Rays Favorite! 2 eggs, any style, atop a corn tortilla, topped with ground beef & smothered in red chili. Served with beans, potatoes & tortilla

All Hamburgers are served with your choice of One Side! Substitute Buffalo on any Burger

A large patty of ground beef, grilled any way you like. Served with lettuce, tomato, onion & pickle.


The name says it all burger with Green Chili or it can be Red, w/ cheddar & mozzarella cheese melted on top.

A tasty La Montes Buffalo meat patty Grilled to Perfection! Served w/ lettuce, tomato, onion & pickle.


The Ol Fashion Burger with sauted Mushrooms & melted Mozzarella. Served w/ lettuce, tomato, onion & pickle.


A jaw droppin burger covered in TAST-e-BBQ Sauce , stuffed w/ lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, Dijon mustard & orings.

A patty topped with bleu cheese & bacon, stuffed between the hamburger bun. W/fries & TAST-e-BBQ Sauce for your fries.


Crisp bacon & cheddar cheese on a made to order burger. We recommend Fries or Nothing, but its your choice.

Taste this one, its full rounded flavor, possibly the most.ahhhhh.. (Our hot toppings of Habaneros, red and green Jalapeos, Yellow Hots, etc.) With cheese melted on top. The heat comes from the chilies or the stove. who knows.. (When available)

Grilled onions & burger served on toasted Rye bread with melted Cheddar & Mozzarella cheese.


A healthy Burger topped w/ our vegetable medley, then w/ green or red chili & melted cheese. Pinto Beans & Grilled Tomatoes on the side.

Grilled chicken tenderloin, then, not stacked, on spring mix lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and Dijon mustard.

Cheese burger
A classic burger on a corn dusted bun w/ cheese of course! Its hearty and full of flavor!

The Dubliner
A hamburger stuck between Spring Mix, tomato & horseradish sauce on the lower, then topped with coleslaw & Dubliner cheese.

ol yak burger
An organic ground yak, that is very lean! It takes a little longer to cook because its so lean! It comes with the ol usual garnish and a side.

SAN D W ICH ES & Stuff

All Sandwiches are served with your choice of any Side available! (See Side Order Page)

Our smoked corned beef, sauerkraut, sauted onions, melted cheese & 1000 sauce served on grilled Rye bread.

Local Favorite! Turkey, ham, bacon, avocado, green chili, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, Dijon mustard & mayo on your pick of toasted bread.


Only Available Friday. Our tender, boneless pork ribs, slow roasted & smothered in TAST-e-BBQ Sauce , piled on Grilled Sour Dough w/ onions & pickles.


Mayo spread upon a big tortilla, with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, sliced turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato &onions. (Add avocado for $1.25) with tortilla chips and salsa, yah!

An old favorite! Lotso Crisp Bacon, lettuce, tomato & Mayo, served on your choice of bread.

JUST A FOOT LONG A foot long dog with chips on its shoulder & a soda or a Domestic beer. ALYSES SANDWICH Turkey, tomato and organic spring mix on Grilled Sour Dough Bread. Recommendedmayo and mustard.


Two pancakes served with syrup(s).

Kids Classic
One egg, any style, choice of ham, bacon, sausage or turkey bacon & one slice of toast.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The ole favorite served with potato chips, unless youre Neil.

Hot Dog
One hot dog w/ one chip. Okay, well put more chips on.

Hamburger & potato chips with lettuce & pickles on the side.

Bean & Cheese Burrito

Pinto beans & cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla & choice of chili or not.

Cheese Pizza
Mozzarella & Cheddar cheese melted on marinara sauce thats also on a crisp flour tortilla.

One rolled cheese enchilada w/ pinto beans, sauted potatoes, tortilla & chili, if you like.