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What are two WAN protocols that define parameters for data encapsulation? (Choose two.) PPP V.35 X.21 HDLC EIA/TIA-232 What is the purpose of assigning an IP address to a Layer 2 switch? to allow in-band management to provide inter-VLAN connectivity to facilitate election of a root bridge to configure a default gateway for the network



A Frame Relay service provider is reviewing a contract with a potential customer. Which term would be used when referencing the minimum guaranteed bandwidth that is provided on each virtual circuit? EIR CIR Tc Bc DE


A network administrator is creating an addressing scheme and has determined that the company network will require 8 subnets with at least 25 hosts on each subnet. Which subnet mask will meet the requirements? /25 /26 /27 /28 /29 What do companies gain from the services performed at the enterprise edge? faster communication with server farms stronger security against malicious attacks faster communication with Internet destinations enhanced performance and reliability through VLANs and redundant trunk links Which subprotocol does PPP use to establish, maintain, test, and terminate a point-to-point link? LCP




Refer to the exhibit. Assuming that all three routers are configured with the EIGRP routing protocol and shar information, what information can be gathered from the show command output? Router B has EIGRP adjacencies with both router A and C. Router B has a fully converged topology table. Router B has not formed an adjacency with router A. Router B has not formed an adjacency with router C. 8

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator wishes to deny Internet access to all R2 LAN hosts, while allow these hosts to reach all other devices on the company networks. Where should the ACL shown in the exhibit

placed to meet these requirements? R2: Fa0/0 inbound R1: S0/1/0 outbound R1: S0/0/1 inbound R2: S0/0/1 outbound R2: Fa0/0 outbound 9

Refer to the exhibit. What is represented by the Null0 route for the network? a child route that is defined a parent route that is defined and sourced from a physical interface a summary route for advertising purposes, not an actual path the result of the no auto-summary command on a router 10

Refer to the exhibit. Which route will appear in the routing table? R [120/1] via, 00:00:12, FastEthernet0/1 R [120/1] via, 00:00:12, FastEthernet0/0 R [120/2] via, 00:00:12, FastEthernet0/0 R [120/3] via, 00:00:12, FastEthernet1/0 R [120/1] via, 00:00:12, FastEthernet1/0


Refer to the exhibit. OSPF has been configured as a routing protocol on all routers in OSPF area 0. Based on cost value of the links, which path will be selected by the SPF algorithm to forward traffic from router R4 to network A? R4-R2-R1 R4-R3-R1 R4-R2-R3-R1 R4-R3-R2-R1 12 What are three correct host addresses in the network? (Choose three.)

13 Which component of the Cisco Enterprise Architecture is responsible for extending enterprise services to rem sites? campus core enterprise edge building access enterprise campus 14

Refer to the exhibit. If R4 is announcing all shown internal networks as a summary address to the ISP, which summary address will be most specific?

15 What two types of information would a network administrator receive after excuting a show version comma on a Cisco router? (Choose two.) the quantity of available memory the operational status of each interface the number and type of available interfaces the IP addresses of the LAN and WAN interfaces the list of MAC addresses of each connected PC the list of networks advertised by the routing protocol


Refer to the exhibit. Users on the network are unable to access any of the servers located on th network. Given the network topology and OSPF configuration, what two problems exist in thi network? (Choose two.) There is a routing loop occurring between all three routers. There is a network statement missing. Network has an incorrect wildcard mask. The OSPF area configuration is incorrect. /23 is an invalid subnet mask for the network. 17 In which scenario would PAT be the best choice? when a single local address should be mapped to a single global address when a single inside address should be mapped to multiple global addresses when multiple inside addresses should be mapped to a large pool of global addresses when multiple inside local addresses should be mapped to a single global address 18

Refer to the exhibit. EIGRP has been configured on all routers in the network. An EIGRP summary route is configured on the HQ router. How will packets destined for the network be handled by route HQ? The traffic will be forwarded to router R2 using the default route. The traffic will be forwarded to the BR1 and BR2 branch routers. The traffic will be forwarded to the BR3 and BR4 branch routers. The traffic will be forwarded to routers BR1, BR2, BR3, and BR4. The traffic will be forwarded to the Null0 interface and will be discarded. 19

Refer to the exhibit. Both routers are configured to use the EIGRP routing protocol. However, when the show eigrp neighbors command is issued at R1, the output displays that the routers are unable to establish adjacen What is the possible cause of this problem? EIGRP routing is incorrectly configured at R1. The autonomous system number is the same on both routers. The no auto-summary command is applied on both routers. The IP address of the serial interfaces of both routers is incorrectly configured. 20

Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator has configured R1, R2, and R3 to use RIPv2, and the network fully converged. The hosts on the internal network are able to access R2, but they are unable to access the Internet. How can the administrator solve this problem? Enable the Serial0/0/0 interface of R2. Configure a default route on R2 via Serial0/0/0 and propagate it to R1 and R3 using RIPv2. Configure a default route on the ISP via Serial0/0/0. Configure the correct subnet mask on the Serial0/0/0 interface of R2. 21 What is the function of VTP in a LAN switching environment? controls broadcasts standardizes VLAN tags simplifies VLAN management creates subinterfaces for inter-VLAN routing 22 What are two features of an extended IP ACL? (Choose two.) It uses numbers 1 through 99 for identification. It can permit or deny traffic based on source or destination address. It detects malicious attacks against the network and logs them on a server. It can filter traffic based on the protocol and port numbers.

It encrypts traffic between hosts.

23 Which type of distance vector routing mechanism helps prevent the formation of loops by preventing routing information from exiting a router interface through the same interface on which it was received? split horizon hold-down timer poisoned reverse setting maximum hop count 24

Refer to the exhibit. How will Switch2 respond to the VTP advertisement sent by Switch1? It will ignore the VTP advertisement. It will add two VLANs to its database. It will change its configuration revision number to 4. It will send the VTP advertisement to Switch1 to delete the two VLANs. 25

Refer to the exhibit. Which router or routers would be considered OSPF ABRs? R1 R6, R8 R2, R6, R8 R2, R3, R4, R5 R8, R9, R10, R11 26 Which two STP states allow a switch to learn MAC addresses? (Choose two.) blocking listening learning disabled forwarding 27

Refer to the exhibit. In what sequence (from first to last) does an OSPF router check the parameters listed wh selecting the DR? C, B, A, D D, C, B, A A, B, C, D A, C, B, D B, C, A, D

28 After comparing a previous baseline to current network statistics, the network engineer has discovered a significant increase in unwarranted traffic to the extranet. Which two steps simplify administration and contro the unwanted traffic? (Choose two.) define an ACL at the distribution layer to isolate packets add an ACL at the router in the enterprise edge to block the traffic deploy a Layer 3 switch to contain broadcasts connect remote locations directly to the intranet configure all hosts with the same default gateway to eliminate unnecessary broadcasts deploy one core ISP router to reduce the delay in path determination 29

Refer to the exhibit. A network support technician has been asked to set an IP address on one of the FastEthe interfaces on a new router. What is causing the interface to reject the address? The IP address is already in use. The technician is using a network address. The technician is using the wrong subnet mask for /26. The technician must enable VLSM on the interface. 30 What is the function of mutilink PPP?

It allows VLAN ID information to be forwarded between multiple routers on the WAN. It allows multiple physical links to be used as a single logical link. It allows multiple remote users to share the same VPN tunnel. It allows an enterprise to connect to multiple ISPs

31 Which device or component is located at the customer premises and provides the clocking signal for the customer router on a WAN circuit? DTE serial interface CSU/DSU central office switch internal clock on the router patch panel at the point of demarcation 32

Refer to the exhibit. Identify the path the frames will take from PC1 to PC2 in an OSPF network. R1, R5 R1, R3, R5 R1, R4, R5 R1, R2, R3, R5 33 What are two benefits of using ACLs? (Choose two.) They provide IP filtering. They reduce the processing load on the router. They simplify the configuration of inter-VLAN routing. They prevent routing loops and facilitate convergence. They identify traffic for multiple uses such as QoS and NAT.


Refer to the exhibit. EIGRP has been configured on all routers in the network. Router R1 cannot form a neigh relationship with router R2. On the basis of the show ip protocols command output that is provided, what co be the cause of the problem? Automatic summarization is enabled on both routers. The processes on both routers are configured for incorrect networks. There is a different autonomous system number on each router. The metric value for K2, K4, and K5 parameters on both routers is set to “0."

35 Which statement is true about ACLs that are applied to VTY lines on Cisco routers? ACLs can be used to encrypt VTY transmissions. ACLs are applied using the access-class command. When ACLs are applied to VTY lines, the VTY password should be removed. The ACL provides the flexibility for a specific user to login remotely from different locations with any IP address. 36

Refer to the exhibit. What are the DR and the BDR on the network? (Choose two.) The DR is router 1. The DR is router 2. The DR is router 3. The BDR is router 1. The BDR is router 2. The BDR is router 3. 37

Refer to the exhibit. R1 and R2 are connected via serial interfaces. Both interfaces show that there is Layer 2 connectivity between them. The administrator verifies that CDP is operational; however, pings between the t interfaces are unsuccessful. What is the cause of this connectivity problem? no set loopback incorrect subnet mask on R2 incompatible bandwidth incorrect IP address on R1 incompatible encapsulation 38 Which network statement would include the /19 network in the OSPF routing process? Router(config-router)# network area 0 Router(config-router)# network area 0 Router(config-router)# network area 0 Router(config-router)# network area 0 39 Which characteristic is associated with a floating static route? always appears in the routing table has an administrative distance of 0 is considered the primary route because of its low administrative distance usually has an administrative distance greater than routes learned from a dynamic routing protocol 40 Which three statements are true about the RIP and EIGRP routing protocols? (Choose three.) Both routing protocols are distance vector protocols. RIP forms neighbor adjacencies whereas EIGRP does not. Both routing protocols have a maximum hop count limitation. Both routing protocols use a composite metric for destination networks.

RIP and EIGRP both support equal cost load balancing, but only EIGRP supports unequal cost load balancing. EIGRP has a higher administrative distance making it the preferred protocol when compared to a RIP rou in the same network. 41

Refer to the exhibit. Router1 and Router2 are both running RIPv2 with autosummarization disabled. Which subnet mask will Router1 associate with network 42 What should be considered when designing an addressing scheme that uses private IP address space? Private IP addresses are globally routable. Address summarization is not recommended. Hierarchical design principles should be utilized. Discontiguous networks are no longer problematic. 43 What will be the two wildcard masks required in an extended access list statement that blocks traffic to host from the network? (Choose two.) 44

Refer to the exhibit. Host A originates and sends broadcast frames to the network. Which hosts will receive t broadcast frames? hosts B and C hosts D and G hosts A, B, and C hosts A, D, and G all hosts 45 Which two statements correctly describe RIPv1 and RIPv2? (Choose two.) Both broadcast their entire routing table from all participating interfaces to Both advertise their routing updates out all active interfaces every 30 seconds. Both have the same administrative distance value of 120. Both can turn off automatic summarization. Both support VLSM and CIDR.


Refer to the exhibit. A network technician has added router R0 to an existing network that contains router R1 R0 is configured with EIGRP and is connected to R1 via the Fa0/0 interface of each router. After completing analysis of the network, the technician notices that the routes to the networks that are supported by routers R0 and R1 are not being exchanged. What is a possible cause for this failure? R0 was configured with the wrong autonomous system number. FastEthernet interfaces on R0 are in a shutdown state. Interface Fa0/0 on R0 is configured as a passive interface. Interface Fa0/0 on R1 is configured as a passive interface. 47

Refer to the exhibit. Server7 has been added to the server farm network. The hosts can ping Servers 2 and 3 a Server2 and Server3 can ping each other. Server7 cannot ping the other servers connected to the switch. Wha the cause of this problem? The Fa0/1 port on the switch should be in access mode. The switch IP address is not on the same subnet as Server7. The switch port used for Server7 is not in the same VLAN as Server2 and Server3. The Fa0/0 interface of the router has not been configured for subinterfaces to support inter-VLAN routin 48 What is the effect of adding Layer 2 switches to a network? software-based forwarding elimination of broadcast traffic decrease in the size of collision domains permissible cable lengths greater than 100 meters 49

Refer to the exhibit. Which IP address can be assigned to the Fa0/0 interface of R1 to enable host A to access host B? 50

Refer to the exhibit. What is the result of configuring the newly installed R1 with the exhibited command? It will set the gateway of last resort for R1. It will configure the IP address on one interface of R1. It configures the router to forward traffic that is destined for the network through the interface with IP address It configures a static route for all packets with the source network address