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Angelo Cardinal Scola
Founder. The Spirit, during the most difficult moment in the life of the Church, impelled Anthony Mary Zaccaria to create the three families we have mentioned. The Holy Founder writes: “Unfurl your flags, my dear daughters, for Jesus Crucified is about to send you to proclaim everywhere the vital energy of the Spirit.” (Letter to the Angelic Sisters, Letter V- 1537) He encourages his daughters to seek only “the pure honor of Christ, the absolute advantage of neighbor,” and to humble themselves, giving life to a spiritual family characterized by the sensitivity of the Pauline mission, which is to spread the Word of God with doctrinal rigor and missionary zeal, precisely in imitation of the Apostle Paul. (…) We often speak of the importance of relationships—and from this point of view, we have enormous potential; indeed, even quite excessive—because all the relationships that we keep through practical means sometimes take away the importance of a direct relationship, a face-to-face relationship, which remains irreplaceable, but which makes us also forget of the fundamental relationship: the relationship with God who is the “pure love” that the Holy Founder spoke about, the Source of that paternity which assures us and keeps us safe even in the throes of our personal lives and in this time of both hope and confusion. (…) As regards the risk of forgetting God, our Saint said: Destroy this “most pernicious and greatest

on St. Anthony M. Zaccaria
enemy of Christ Crucified, which is nowadays triumphing almost everywhere—I mean, Lady Tepidity.” (Letter to the Angelic Sisters, Letter V- 1537) It is the indifference that we have nowadays, the sense of being “strangers” to God, the tendency of living our life as if God did not exist! (…) But we often live in tepidity, [in lukewarmness], and so we no longer see the importance of God in our close relationships, in the education of our children, in our work and daily concerns, especially our concerns for the young, and indeed in our choice of a government and a civil society that is based on a good and respectable life! We lose sight of the fundamental criteria of human existence because we do not live our life deeply rooted in the One who has loved us from the beginning of time and who has a plan for all of us. So this celebration is an opportunity for us to regain the sense of God in our lives. (…) Let us then, dear brothers and sisters, commend ourselves to St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria… this great Holy Founder, and ask the Lord during this time of prayer, charity, and fasting not to forget God in our daily lives. May the Spirit of the Risen Christ help us in our commitment to make a good confession in preparation for the celebration of Easter… and we entrust ourselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary so that our [act of penance] may be to all of us of great benefit. Amen. Angelo Cardinal Scola Archbishop of Milan March 24, 2012


ear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

There are many reasons why we gather in this Eucharistic celebration. They are all reasons of gratitude; first, for the completion of the restoration of this beautiful church known as the first church in Milan dedicated to the Holy Family of Nazareth, and then also for the task that takes place every day in this church in favor of our many young people who are here present and who also assumed the great responsibility of animating our Eucharistic celebration with their songs…; a gratitude also for the missionary work that this Congregation [Angelic Sisters of St. Paul] is already accomplishing in various parts of the world; indeed, a gratitude for the friendship, solidarity, and fraternity which we all demonstrate in this assembly. (…) But I have found—obviously, this is my feeling—that the main reason for this gratitude for which we celebrate this Eucharist is precisely the great relevance of the charism of Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria—the Founder of the Barnabite Fathers and of this wonderful Congregation and also of [the Laity of St. Paul]. During the time when the Catholic Reformation was taking shape, this great Saint and Master, who died so young, had such profound insights as to be authentically Catholic as to cross history that even today, in this time of great change and development, they continue to show their relevance. (…) I think that the Word of God today is particularly capable of making us consider and ponder upon once again the charism of this great Holy

Homily of Cardinal Scola on the occasion of the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at the Holy Family Church of the Angelic Sisters of St. Paul in Milan, Italy.

Angelo Cardinal Scola
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Prayer to St. Anthony
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In His Own Words by…
Angelo Cardinal Scola

St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria

Prayer Saint Anthony Zaccaria, helper of the poor and the sick, you who devoted your life to our spiritual welfare, listen to my humble and hopeful prayer. Continue your work as doctor and priest by obtaining from GOD healing from my physical and moral sickness, so that free from all evil and sin, I may love the LORD with joy, fulfill with fidelity my duties, work generously for the good of my brothers and sisters, and for my sanctification. Amen

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During the time when the Catholic Reformation was taking shape, this great Saint and Master [St. Anthony M. Zaccaria], who died so young, had such profound insights as to be authentically Catholic as to cross history that even today, in this time of great change and development, they continue to show their relevance.
Angelo Cardinal Scola, 2012

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