Narberth Civic Association

Minutes of Board meeting, May 9, 2012 Call to order: 7:09 Board member attendance: Pres. pro-tem Deborah Lonsdorf, Liz Brown, George Lonsdorf, Georgette DuBois, Treasurer Christine Jackson, Secretary Jim Speer, Andy Haakenson Audience: Ed Ridgeway April meeting minutes approved Treasurer’s report (attached) accepted, noting the omission of NarbEarth Day income. Christine closed out an old account, combined into our bank account, giving us an unexpected income boost of over $700. Report of the president: none Federation meeting report: none (no meeting occured) OLD BUSINESS Looking for a new bank: Georgette: talked with someone from citizens, who said they would work with us to get a better situation if there was one available NARBEARTH DAY RECAP: It was good, lots of people, estimate was about 125-150 people at particular point, was turnover so guessing about 300-400 over the course of the whole afternoon, including exhibitors. Weather held out. Band opted not to be amplified, not sure how it worked out . Band could not be heard beyond their immediate vicinity. Next time we will ask them to be amped. Food concessions: vendor did not have substantial profit, so no real cut. To make better money would have to charge more, already high price for food. Long wait for food, maybe suggest two lines next year. Children’s garden, good success - kids liked it. trowels were to cheap, most broke. Next year get better trowels. Needs a larger sign. More fun things needed: like scavenger hunt Tote bag is not a good prize for kids Felt not sufficient connection made that civic association sponsors this event. Chris: originally when earth day was started, it was the spring membership drive. We should have some kind of brochure, more promotion Raffle only made $130 , prized totaled $1,000. Kind of a poor take.

Jim: Suggests that for this amount of prize value we ought to be able to leverage it better, to result in memberships. Idea: give 5 raffle tickets with new membership purchase Give raffle tickets to existing members? Georgette: print raffle tix ahead of time: tickets can say what prizes are, and who donated them Ed has ideas: kill 2 bird by printing a brochure: show what there is to do, give a shout out to sponsors, list on back what raffle prizes are. Charge food vendors a flat fee, rather than a percentage of their profit. Building membership: get everyone clear on what the civic does and what the benefits of membership are. Make a list and refine them. work on 10 biggest things, reasons to join Civic. Make sure that every one of the vendors understands that they need to reach out. should not just sit behind leaflets. Idea: ok to bring in ‘local’ coffee roaster from west chester? Ed: as long as we go to local people first, give them first shot. Local honey: ed’s father does honey in bucks county Try Bartram’s Garden next year. they have honey/bees THANK YOU EVENT: A thank you lunch will be held on Sunday, May 20. Board votes to budget up to $200 for sandwiches and other food. Georgette says will use John DiPrimo sandwiches, dessert, chips & salsa, fruit Christine & jim suggest board members voluntary donation to thank you party Georgette will make Evite. WEB update from George: New website features: Event details are made visible by clicking Upcoming Events items on the News page. Phone/mobile version of news of our town Rezoning page with info, faq, resources Coming soon: links that will auto subscribe to your home calendar NEW BUSINESS:

Harvest run - Phil Heifitz volunteers to organize a Harvest Run, to benefit the food bank moved - approved Message board: Civic is considering purchasing a new message board to replace the old one that was set fire to at the train station. Ask Bill Martin whether Civic can sponsor and run this. We’ll look into sizes and prices from Staples. CLEAN SWEEP Is it possible to leave the trash compactor unlocked, while we work on them? Jim will ask Bill. We have 15 scouts, more adults. Do we have enough to do? Label trash cans, provide appropriate labeling for separating trash. REZONING FORUM We have posters to put up, we are in the process of leafleting. MOVE TO ADJOURN Meeting adjourned 8:55 PM

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