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Hannah Cheng Hcheng6@ucsc.

edu (408) 823-7668 June 10, 2012 Dear Profesor Bhalla, I am starting my third year at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I have a declared major in Psychology and minor in Education. I was on the premed path, but realized, during my 2nd year, that medicine wasn’t my passion; teaching was. I saw this lab assistant listing (#4920) on the UCSC employee request system and I am more than interested in this position. I would love an opportunity to participate with and assist you in your lab. I may not be a MCD major, but I have experience in working in psychology research for Professor Dom Massaro. I have worked with Dom Massaro in UCSC’s psychology department. I helped his research on how we can help children as young as infants learn how to read and speak faster. Not only was I assisting his research, I was one of his office assistants. I organized books in his library, worked in databases, and revised information and books in his folders for him to input them into his systems. Most of the time, I worked alone. But I was part of a team of 5 associates. I have taken chemistry, chemistry lab, and biology courses. So I am familiar with the chemistry labs on campus and what equipment is used for what. I believe I am qualified to assist in anyway, and if not, I am a quick learner that can accomplish anything. I have also enclosed my resume on the next page, which provides additional information about my past and current work experiences. I really hope I get the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my education and experiences would benefit your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to email at or to call my cell phone at (408) 823-7668. Thank you so much for your time.

Sincerely, Hannah Cheng


2nd year at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I have extensive experience in teaching and administrative assisting. In previous work, I have worked with people as a team leader, and with kids as an instructor. My objective is to pursue a career, which I would also enjoy. I have a major in Psychology, and minor in education. My main aspiration is to become a high school teacher, and then eventually work in healthcare.

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Two years of experience in teaching and customer service. Excellent ability to work with people of all ages. Excellent teamwork. Strong leadership qualities. Strong will to help others.

[ 2006 – 2010 ]

Milpitas High School


[ 2010 – Present ] University of California, Santa Cruz


[Mar 2012 – Present] Lab/ office assistant UCSC Professor Dom Massaro  Acquire and proofread children’s books and enter text into applications.  Find articles, and adjust text documents  Assist Professor Massaro in approving his research [Sept 2011 - Present] American Medical Student Association  Active AMSA member. Medical education is our main purpose, but volunteering and participating in community service are monthly activities. [Jun 2011- Present] Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Santa Clara CA   Volunteer Cashier at the hospital gift shop.

[Jun 2011 - Present] Piano teacher, Milpitas CA [Sept 2010 - Present] President of UCSC Wushu Club  UCSC’s first wushu team. I teach members martial arts and train for competitions nation and statewide.
[Jun 2008 – Sept 2010] California Wushu Academy, Fremont CA

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Instructor of martial arts for ages 4-12 Products imputer Administrative assistant

[Jun 2008 – Sept 2010 Summers] Samsung Semi-Conductor, South SF CA