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The last time I really sat down and examine my thoughts and feelings was when I had this

project in my Psychology class about Introspection. That was 7 years a go. I am 31 now and I have been re-thinking a lot about my motives, drives, pur poses, plans and long-term goals. According to studies, less than 5% of people look within themselves rather than without for answers to problems. Introspection is the process of observing the o perations of one's own mind with a view to discovering the laws that govern the mind. I have always been governed by the Law of Free Will. God has created man with t his attribute. We are creatures that are able to think and decide on our own. There are laws that govern us in all aspects: physical laws, natural laws, man-m ade laws and the list goes on. But every man is endowed with free will. He has the option to uphold or break these laws. However, even if I am governed with this kind of Law, I am fully aware of the Law of Cause and Effect. If I intenti onally break a law, there is an effect, there is a consequence, there is a punis hment. To have been gifted with free will comes a great sense of responsibility . There is no right or proper way of breaking a law, I believe. Even ignorance is not an excuse. I made bad choices in my life and all the more, these mistak es left lessons that gave me more wisdom in using my free will. I am thankful t hat I have a merciful and loving God who picks me up each time I fall. God can judge me of the wrong decisions I have made in my lifetime. The organized and s ystematic laws of man can judge me too and I am well aware of that. But in the end, what matters most to me is how God sees me though His eyes. Sometimes I find it hard to reconcile the other factors that influence my behavi or with the Laws that governs me. There are a lot to consider, a vast multitude of factors: genetic, culture, family, education, social orientation, trauma, bi rth order and so on and so forth. Each of these are woven into the tapestry tha t makes me who I am - that causes me to react to any situation. When I was a lot younger, I use to ask the question: "Why do they ..." But as I matured I learned to ask myself questions like: "What do I really want?" "Why d o I get angry?" "What makes me angry?" Having answered these questions helped me understand others. I have taken several psychometric exams and personality tests in order for me un derstand myself better. Thanks to my Psychology class, I see things differently now. Knowing myself better helped me improve the things that needs repair and to discard the things that are a burden to my existence. In one of the tests I took, it says that I have a Choleric-Phlegmatic (DS) type of temperament. The o ther test revealed that I have an Introverted Thinking with Extroverted Judgment (INTJ) and the other says I am a left-brain dominant. These types have their o wn advantages and disadvantages and the knowledge of one's own type has its bene fits. I ended up knowing what I need and differentiate it from the things I wan t. I am now in a situation where I am asking myself where to land for good as far a s my career is concerned. I am now 31 and before I turn 32 I want to be where I wanted to be. Last year was a turning point in my life when I had to make a bi g decision as to where my career would lead me. I left my five-year old job to t ry something new. I went out of my comfort zone to satisfy my curiosity of the outside world and it was worth it. I came to know what I really wanted and neede d at the same time. I want a life fied with how sn't suffice. n that I need that satisfies my needs. If it were only me, I can say I am satis much I am earning. But considering my three angels, I know it doe My kids' needs are my needs. This is another factor/consideratio to think about. I need a job that will guarantee a better future

for my kids. My motives has always something to do with meetings those needs. It will be so hypocrite of me to say that I don't need much money as long as I am happy with m y job. No. I need both but if I were to choose now, I'd choose the former, my happiness will come later. It will make me happy to provide enough for their n eeds. It's not hard for an INTJ like me to be happy and to restore energy. I ca n be happy knowing that I am making a difference. I can be happy when I indulg e myself in thinking and reading. I can be happy with mini-achievements. I can be happy knowing that my kids are doing good in school. In conclusion, all I can say is: I know what I know and more importantly, I know what I don't; I know what I want and more importantly, I know what I need.