Standard Bidding Documents: Design-Build



[This section is only for information of the MCA Entity/Employer, and should be removed when finalizing Bidding Documents prior to their release.] These Standard Bidding Documents for the Procurement of Design-Build (“Standard Bidding Documents”) have been prepared by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”) for use by the Millennium Challenge Account Entities (“MCA Entities”) receiving funding from MCC for projects involving works which are to be largely designed by the contractor who will then construct the works in accordance with the approved designs. These Standard Bidding Documents are consistent with the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines1. These Standard Bidding Documents are to be used to prepare bidding documents for the procurement of fixed rate contracts through Competitive Bidding (“CB”). These Standard Bidding Documents have been prepared based on the assumption that prequalification has taken place before bidding. The process of pre-qualification shall follow the procedure indicated in the Standard Bidding Documents: Pre-Qualification Document: Procurement of Works, issued by MCC (insert website address). In cases where no pre-qualification has taken place, (pre-qualification is not a mandatory requirement of MCC), this document can be used with some modifications. An alternative form of Invitation for Bids is provided and suggested modifications to the Instructions to Bidders are included at the end of this introduction. In any event, post qualification is recommended in all cases to reconfirm and verify the information provided by the bidders. Bidding documents prepared in accordance with these Standard Bidding Documents (“Bidding Documents”) will consist of the following sections. The Invitation for Bids (“IFB”) included in these Standard Bidding Documents is not a part of the Bidding Documents submitted to potential bidders and is included in these Standard Bidding Documents for information purposes only. The IFB provides information that enables potential bidders to decide whether to participate. Section I Instructions to Bidders (“ITB”) This section provides information to help potential bidders prepare their bids. Information is also provided on the submission, opening, and evaluation of bids and on the award of contracts. Bid Data Sheet (“BDS”) This section consists of provisions that are specific to each procurement and that supplement the information or requirements included in Section I, Instructions to Bidders.

Section II


The MCC Program Procurement Guidelines can be found at:

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