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“Morgan the Magnificent” by John K. Winkler (Author) Amazon.


“A King is a man with a SECRET, that
mysterious something in him that
makes him a master (of himself) and
causes others to be glad to serve and
they are Spellbound by his influence.”
J.P. Morgan

The Million Mind March
Community / Master- Mind / Social Revivalists
What If?
You could sell something for $97 that was worth $500,000 and your customers sent you “thank you
cards” out of appreciation. What if your customers and buyers fell in love with you. For a change.

What If?
You if what you promoted and gave people a one year MASTER-MIND “book club” that taught the most
profound elements of Human Engineering and made this look like Charles Haanel’s, “The Master Key”
looked like he was on crack cocaine! What if what you sold actually CHANGED lives instantly!

What If?
Imagine earning $1,000 per sale and earning $500 on the sales of your protégés and you could earn as
much as $35,000 in under 60 days by selling only ten? What then? What if the “get it” was $14.95?

What If?
What if this wasn’t a primary program and just a fun little after hours club and we sold something unlike
anyone else has ever seen before; if it wasn’t MLM and everyone you knew wanted this! What then!

What If?
What if we “decoded” the greatest books ever written and actually taught people the SYSTEM of the
conquering chiefs and what if—–no one did this except you. An original product that no one else has.

What If?
What if what you sold something to people and their lives INSTANTLY changed? Imagine that.

What If?
What if you made more in one sale ($1,000) than you have in 2-3 years trying to build an MLM?

What If?
What happens if you had ten excited people and you earned $500 on EACH of their sales forever!

What If?
What happens if you shift from “distributor” to life coach and actually helped people become ten feet tall
and bullet proof and you actually became a REWARD for 10,000 people who loved you!

What if you didn’t have to “give away” your first two sales? What about that! Page # 1
“The desirable thing, is to possess sufficient Individuality
and Initiative to be your own bell-ringer - to be a law unto yourself,
so far as other men are concerned. The great men - the strong men -
care nothing for the flock, which so obediently trots along after
them. They derive no satisfaction from this thing, which pleases
only inferior minds, and gratifies only petty natures and ambitions.
The big men — the great spirits of all ages — have derived more
satisfaction from that inward conviction of strength and ability
which they felt unfolding into activity within themselves, than in the
applause of the mob, or in the servility of those fellow nerr-do-wells
who sought to follow in their footsteps.”
The Alpha Code / Author / Joe Schroeder / $17.95

Beethoven Martin L. King President Roosevelt James Dean Charles Haanel
1770-1827 1929-1968 1858-1919 1931-1955 18681-1921

Leading Indicators of Those Who Became Amazing Leaders Who Knew
How To Draw Large Crowds and Who Were Able To Build Vast Networks
They were able to draw people to them. Gathering a network is second fiddle to people who possess the
ALPHA Code and who are able to speak with certainty, conviction and who CAST their values
flagrantly upon other men. Martin King did. How big is your network? Are you a “law unto self?”

Men and women of HIGH mind are effortlessly able to draw OTHER minds, people and multiplying
circumstances to them. Disney did. So are all Presidents and Networkers who earn over $10,000 per month.
Test your own ability and charisma. What did you earn _____? Last month? Your Network size is____?

The Three (3) Hardest Things You’ll Ever Do in Business
#1 Convince yourself that you’re worth $25,000 per month.
#2 Convince other people that you believe in yourself.
#3 Draw a crowd of believers who decide to follow you.

“The Theatre of Prosperity”
Each $2,041 Purchase Pays Two Tiers $1,000 and $500
Sell 10 who sell Only 5 Each and Earn $35,000
10 X’s $1,000 = $10,000 and 50 X’s $500 = $25,000

Master-Mind Nightly Live Revival Calls. Soldiers of Prosperity Focus Society! Page # 2
I Asked The Universe These Questions That
Most Men Would Not Have The Nerve To Ask!
The answer made myself and my friends wealthy and also made
My Elite Masters
of Mind System us live a life like a rock-Star. The ANSWER to these questions
took me 16 years to “decode.” I offer the answer for free on
Mike Dillard
pages 5 & 6 knowing full well 92% of everyone who I offer the
Robert Blackman
ANSWER to won’t have the stamina to exercise.
*Dale Calvert
Question To The Universe #1:
Tim Berger
How come educated “smart” people who earn $75,000 to $100,000 in traditional
*Josh Peak work can’t make even $5,000 a month here, in this industry and/or sponsor even
ten (10) people. . . .even if you gave them 1,000 leads for free. Why do they fail?
*Dennis Karganilla
Question To The Universe #2:
*Yanik Silver Is there a “hidden code” within the greatest books on personal power?
Terry Hansen
Question To The Universe #3:
Wes Wolf How can an uneducated “truck driver” earn $100,000 per month and people who
Mike Litman flop from program to program for YEARS can’t even glue 25 people together
when there are mean and arrogant ones who build dynasties in this industry?
Question To The Universe #4:
*Marlon Sanders
There had to the message of a Tony Robbins or people like him that made them
*Jerry Conti able to DRAW CROWDS to them. There had to be something, a subconscious
something. Something strange that they were NOT revealing. What was it?
*Diane Hochman
Question To The Universe #5:
Rob Fore If you lined up Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Tony Robbins and every great
Greg Drake “classic” of MIND THINK, what single secret “X” factor did they leave to the
Imagination whereby only an INVISIBLE EYE could read or find?

Question To The Universe #6:
The How can certain “types” of people who were classified as slow learners and SHY
Elite Alumni people become Millionaires when others given the SAME resources can’t even
Of get themselves to DO that which they say they will? WHY, WHY, WHY?
Million Mind March

The Answer on pages 4 & 5 and Took 16 Years of Research
Since 1998
** These man Giants who purchased my affiliate product also became trainers with me and/or did an interview coaching call.

Learn How To Obligate The Universe
Read Free Now. One Million Dollars is Now In Your Hands!
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“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” (Copyrights 1963)

Start Here: Get The Free eBook, “The Conquering Chief” Page # 3
I am So Sure That 99.9% of All Who Read These I Cross Referenced This Book Against The Bible,
Books Can’t See The Answer, I Will Show You Napoleon Hill, Wattles, Buddha and Einstein.
The Hidden Code. If You Deny This You Build Within Months I Was Earning in a Month
Your Own Cage. I Unlocked it as Did Others. What I Used To Earn Annually

Hidden Within The 1,000 Books on
Human Engineering You Have Read They
All Listed the Ultimate #1 Secret of Success

And it sounded and Looked Like This. . . .

After I Decoded “The “X Factor” Later

Without Knowing the SHADOW DISCIPLINES
Even if You Can “See” the Hidden Order The
“X” Factor Won’t Mean a Hill of Beans To You
It was grueling work. It made me focus into agony. No one had
cross reference these books. I did and I also uncovered a
The Theatre of Prosperity is: $2,041 SYMBOL that is left naked to untrained eye.
—— Joe Schroeder ——Social Revivalist / Capitalist
(Which Includes The 17 Disciplines)

The Results Can’t Be Denied
Until you are prepared to do anything and leave
no stone unturned, success will escape you. You Once Consecrated, I Summoned and
might not always have to do ANYTHING; but you Was Given Super-Natural Ability
will be required to be ready to cast your
ambition into agony. I traveled the world doing magic and become the #1 award
winner at the World Summit magic Symposium. The DVD of
(53 Minutes) this is available on-line. I never needed to be
What you do TO OTHERS, God will do to you. employed because this ability allowed me to manifest my own
What are you selling and does it add more life? work and thus, the ability to become a LAW unto myself.
I was able to write 12 books and over 100,000 people lined
“You don’t have to get it right, you just have to up to order my CD program. Strange, because in High School
get it going.” I was classified as “slow” and put into the special education
If and when you become anointed, He will grace **Ridgewood High, Ridgewood, NJ Class of 1978)
** Graduated #502 out of 541 students
you with everything you need in order to properly
perpetuate your dreams. Had a small stunt in “MLM” and became #1 out of 75,000
people in ForMor, Intl. (Conway, Ar) 2001.
Everything will be added to those who
multiply FAITH in their minds and the poor Magazine editors (4) called, such as John Milton Fogg and
HBC and asked to put my on their covers. The exposure put
who only multiply “not enough” in their mouths over 76 Million into my mind-set. Super-natural gifts came.
will remain poor and play the LOTTERY. Sleep and energy became non-issues and I was given super-
natural energy of both, mind, body and spirit.
The ultimate key to possession is within and
you can not get or have that which you first didn’t I sold over 9,200 people door-to-door. I was practicing the
ALPHA CODE for ten years “on the streets” because I re-
possess in mind and were first aware of. fused to get a real job. I used this FREEDOM to study tapes
and read books. They called me an “out cast” and I sold
All that I AM is because He is and if He wasn’t I OMAHA steaks , shrimp and Lobster. I still do that from time
to time to relax. Also because God resides in the common.
couldn’t and if He is not neither is we. Not an
inch of this world doesn’t shout, “all MINE!” I unleashed the “funded proposal” in 1996 and was the first to
place Full-Page ads (with Big Al) advertising MIND-SET
courses as a “front door” to build massive downlines.
All that you are allow SELF to do is confined
within your SUB-conscious. WHO you believe Built $500,000 per month sales volumes in combined
programs; Life Plus and ForMor International.
you are is all that you will ever allow yourself do!
Two Tier $2,041 Pays Re-Seller $1,000 and Their Sponsor $500. (Pay-Out is $1,500) Page # 4
“I am a Mime and a Mimic. Nothing I teach is new. All I did was lift con-
cepts that are thousands of years old. I sell air. I sell people back to them-
selves. Nothing more. I don’t teach “how to get people.” Instead I teach
how to get more of yourself. I sell air. I am an “air” salesmen and make
income from the mist of thought. Mind-stuff. I am like Oprah Winfrey
with a book club. You don’t need me. Who I am but an out-cast sinner
and someone who is a card carrying social revivalist. I am the guy my
friends laughed at years ago when I said, “I found the keys to wealth.”

Being a terrible learner helped me because I had to
read and re-read each page over and over. I am lousy
at reading comprehension. However, my problem
was actually my solution because this FORCED me
to “catch” the Hidden code.

Notice How These Man Giants Were All Saying The Same Thing!
However, Most People Still Can’t “Decode” What it is They Are Really Saying. . . .
What Almost No One Sees. EVIDENCE #1
This Thing Called You ——Ernest Holmes / Pg. 138
It is only when the intellect is NO LONGER obstructed or constricted by negative emotional reactions, arising
from false experiences reflective in FEAR and DOUBT that the word of MOUTH can immediately bear fruit.”
The Code: When your SUB-conscious doesn’t believe what the conscious thinks it retards all advancement.

What Almost No One Sees. EVIDENCE #2
Think and Grow Rich ——Napoleon Hill / Pg. 198 / Chapter, “The Subconscious Mind.”
“You are now engaged in trying to shut off the negative impulses which are reaching your inner mind of all
knowing we call, the subconscious. When you achieve this YOU will posses THE KEY that unlocks total
prosperity and the door to the infinite subconscious planet within you; power. Be warned that the inner
mind is never asleep as your frontal conscious mind sleeps; and the inner mind WILL
function on your habitual thoughts as a reflection of your neglect. I warned you.”
The Code: When your SUB-conscious doesn’t believe what the conscious thinks it retards all advancement.

What Almost No One Sees. EVIDENCE #3
The Science of Getting Rich —Wallace Wattles / Pg. 21 / Chapter IIII
“The HARDEST thing you will ever do is to think truth versus appearance and circumstance. This will require
such laborious strength and mind that those who do will become kings, a Master-Mind and CONQUER fate!
Each negative experience tends to produce a likened experience. However, if you can THINK truth you can
bring a heightened reality to you. This is the FIRST requirement of bring rich.”
The Code: When your SUB-conscious doesn’t believe what the conscious thinks it retards all advancement.

What Almost No One Sees. EVIDENCE #4
The Master Key System ——Charles Haanel / Chapter Twenty-Four / The Last Treatment
“After you have (page 277) learned to form mental pictures of what you desire, the HARDEST part will be to
gain the belief that what you want and see is TRUE; and have the skill of faith to CONVINCE yourself of the
desire you wish to bring into manifestation and reality. This will be your hardest job.”
The Code: When your SUB-conscious doesn’t believe what the conscious thinks it retards all advancement.

Live Demonstration Nightly @ 9:27 PM (est) 1-641-594-7000 PIN 600088# Page # 5
Chapter (one) “The Master Key” by Charles Haanel, “The subconscious is like a benevolent
stranger, it can serve you and pour you a cup of provision most can’t even imagine.
The subconscious is the THEATRE of the most high phenomena.”

2 COR 8:14: My prosperity prospers others and THEIR prosperity prospers me.
You could also say, servant hood marketing is, “what you do to others God does to you.”
Fact: You could join 100 programs, be given knighthood by five Gurus and be given a list of
100,000 people and it (still) wouldn’t change your life if you secretly didn’t think you were
worthy of OTHER people’s money, their time or their hearts.

Why? Because the subconscious is more impressed with your doubts than your conscious notion of
ability. Why? Because the nominating thought in the mind always becomes your servant.

Therefore, all dreams of ambition get cancelled out by the “inner truth” that you secretly tell
yourself that others can’t hear; but sounds like an orchestra in your MIND. Your truth is
always revealed. Always. The fruit you bear both large or small are mirrors to your SELF image.

The Plank Analogy
If I said to you, “I will level a wooden plank ten feet long and two inches wide on the floor and
ask you to walk it,” you would. But if I offered you $100,000 dollars to walk the SAME plank
across two buildings that were a 1,000 feet in the air, you wouldn’t do it. Why? Because what
you imagined in your mind, as fear, would take control over the fact that walking the plank,
while on the ground, was at one time “easy” for you.

The conclusion is obvious: Your subconscious controls you by the dominating tho ughts
that you project to it through your imagination. Here, in this analogy, the dominant idea of fa l-
ling would become the strongest desire of the mind had to prove true. Which would cancel out
most people’s ability to walk the plank across two buildings. Even though they could if the
plank were leveled on their kitchen floor!

The SAME thing happens to most untrained people who attempt to shift from common to
large or from average to fortune. Their dominating FEARS discount all other actions that pre-
tend that they might be able to earn $10,000 per month in their own home business!

“Impossible” Stunt: Lighting a match with one hand!
When you tell people you could light a match with one hand, without using your fingernail as a flint they
would call you a liar and say, “impossible.” However, the secret is actually easy. Never forget this, that the
“rich don’t get rich doing certain things; they get rich doing certain things in a certain way.”

“Impossible” Stunt: Writing five (5) books in one year!
When you tell people you could write five books in a year, they would call you a liar and say, “impossible.”
I wrote, Alpha Code, List Horse, Warriors Nest, Mechanics of Wealth and Amazing Increase in under 300
days. You could too! Never forget this, that the “rich don’t get rich doing certain things; they get rich doing
certain things in a certain way.”

“Impossible” Stunt: Earning $10,000 in one day over and over!
When you tell people you could earn $10,000 in a single day they would call you a liar and say, “impossible.”
However, the secret is actually easy. Never forget this, that the “rich don’t get rich doing certain things; they
get rich doing certain things in a certain way.”

Pay-Out is $1,500 on $2,041 Theatre of Prosperity Page # 6
“Make your dreams
as if you were never
gonna die and live
your days as if they
were your last.”

James Dean: Dead Poet / Dreamer / Artist

Brave Heart
Wisdom School Read This Anytime Anyone Attempts to Separate You From Your Life’s Assignment
Live Seminars "I am William Wallace. And I see a whole army of my countrymen,
$297 here in defiance of tyranny! You have come to fight as free men. And
free man you are! What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?"
"Two thousand against ten?" – a man says, "No! We will
run - and live!"
Academy "Yes!" Wallace sho uted back. "Fight and you may die. Run and you
$497 will live at least awhile. And dying in your bed many years from now,
4 Week Tela-Summit would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for
Learn 7 Disciplines one chance, just one chance, to come back here as young men and tell
our enemies that they may take our lives but they will never take
Theatre ($2,041) our freedom.”—————–William Wallace / Brave-Heart / DVD
of Prosperity
6 Month Program Mel Gibson speaks these words which gives me cold chills. His army of 800 are
Commissionable out numbered by 10,000 and his men want to leave and go home. It’s early on
$1,000 & $500 in the movie. Then he decrees VALUE (his) )into them (see above), they cheer
and they BEAT the 10,000 bastards who want to steal their BIRTH RIGHT!
Warriors Nest
$97 (earn $80)
Manual and (2) CD How To Witness a Live Demonstration:
Masters Protégé E.
$25,000 Burch Johnson 1-973-555-1234
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Earn $25,000 Monthly
14 Weeks and One-On-One
Experience Amazing Increase. Page # 7
How To Become Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof
The “Alpha Code” Revisited Parts II and III
The Book To Study is, “This Thing Called You” (Barnes and Nobles) Author: Ernest Holmes.
24 Hr. Recorded Message Reveals and Unlocks Clue # 1 So Call Now 1-800-772-9781 Ext: 44

The Harry Houdini System of Attraction
** Believe in the voice inside of your head and follow it.
** Be daringly your authentic self. Daringly.
** Bring something original to the marketplace. Make it art.
** Work day and night. If you love it, it never becomes dull.
** Stop being a chump. Do Champion. Be more. Earn more.
** Learn how to draw humongous crowds!
** Turn who you are into what you DO— and then a lifestyle.
** Work on your worst possible self to locate your own Genius.
** Watch the DVD movie, “The Prestige.” Learn the Method.
** Get paid for being who you are vs. earning on a job title.
** Get wealthy earning from 1,000’s who want to watch you.
** Have 5-10 various income streams. Pray to no single one.
** Do what you do so well strangers will stand and stare at you.
** Give free shows in order to attract paying customers.
** Challenge the status quo. Be a fringe dweller. Don’t conform.
** Make WHO YOU are an example to 10,000 lives.
** Become wealthy giving away what you love to do.

** Create a life that GIVES EVIDENCE to what you believe.

Harry Houdini Was Daringly Himself. So was Malcolm.
Un-Lock The Combination. “The Method” is The Solution.
34 17 2 9 21

The Tao of Pooh
Effortless Calm / Utter Authenticity / Daringly Himself
Pooh always ate well. His level of attraction was immense
and the entire forest circled around him because in contrast
to everyone else, he appeared very important. And strong.
Eeyore was negative. Piglet was such a nervous little fel-
low and always hesitated. The Rabbit “hustled” people and
was calculating, while the Owl pontificated and never
walked his talk. His words therefore had no value. The
study of Pooh proves that SELF commitment always wins.

Nightly Inspiration Economy Revival Show at 9:27 PM (est) 1 -641-594-7000 PIN 600088# Pg. #8
CHASING James Dean

How Our Development System Works:
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