Fire & Ice: A Legacy of Secrets Novella

Lisa Logue

Publisher: Lisa Logue United States Text: © 2012, Lisa Logue Photo: © 2012, Lisa Logue All rights reserved.

Fire & Ice: A Legacy of Secrets Novella

Colorado, 1915 The morning air was crisp as I headed to check the traps. The dew dripped from the leaves of the branches I disturbed, wetting my hair and face. Surprisingly, it was still refreshing despite the bite in the air. There definitely wasn’t a shortage of cold mornings in Colorado, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Rounding the lake, I noticed a disturbance in the brush. Something had gone through, snapping branches and bending some smaller trees. Shouldering my weapon, I went in search of the animal. It was probably a large bear. Excitement gripped me at the thought of bringing the animal home; how I’d get it there was another story. A short way into the woods, the path ended abruptly. I stood in a clearing, using the sight of my rifle to search the woods around me. Circling around again, I noticed a small hole in the north end and proceeded slowly. Normally, the sounds of animals and insects would consume the small forest, but all was silent. The only noise was the crunch of my boots on the sticks and leaves. My racing heart thudded loudly in my ears. At one point I thought about turning back, but I couldn’t ignore the temptation of possibly catching the animal. The amount of meat would feed my family for probably a month and the hide would be worth a pretty penny. Not to mention my father would be proud that I managed to track and kill it. Disappointment followed soon after when nothing out of the ordinary appeared. The bear had probably been bustling about the night before, no doubt hunting the same small game as I. Sighing heavily, I headed back towards home with the small offerings I’d gathered from my traps. A few days meat was better than nothing. About a mile from the cabin, I happened upon a woman. She sat atop the stump of a tree, watching the lake tentatively. Her hair billowed in the soft breeze, creating a curtain of dark hair behind her. She was dressed in a simple riding outfit, but not one fitted for cold weather. “Miss, are you alright?” I asked.

“Thank you, yes I am. I’ve been waiting for someone and they haven’t shown,” her voice rippled over my skin like melted butter. “My family owns this land. Most people don’t trespass here. Do you have the name of the person you are to meet?” I stuttered. “What is your name?” she turned, captivating me. Her violet eyes held my gaze and my brain turned to jelly. “C..Christian,” I managed to say. “Christian, what?” she stood up, revealing just how tight the riding outfit was. “Christian Mason, ma’am.” “Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you. It seems I’ve been stood up. Would you accompany me to my caravan?” it was less of a question. “I’d be glad to,” I dropped my pack and rifle and followed her into the brush. “You seem too young to carry such a burden, Christian. Hold old are you?” “I just turned twenty-five. I don’t mind hunting, really. What else is there to do out here?” I laughed lightly, she smiled. “Hunting is a good skill. I learned to hunt when I was very young. My father was a master bowman. Have you ever used a bow?” “I was taught. As I got older, my father fitted me with my own rifle. My brother uses my bow now. I haven’t hunted with one in some time. If you don’t mind me asking, do you live here?” “No,” she giggled, “we’re nomads. As weather changes we move and so on. It’s a pretty rewarding way of living. New trades and knowledge everywhere we go.” “Interesting. I’ve lived here my whole life. I couldn’t imagine anywhere else, to be honest,” I smiled. “If I could show you, I would,” she said seductively. My knees almost buckled. I wasn’t a stranger to beautiful women. I’d been with a few, but never settled down. Most women were married by my age so often I’d find myself the object of affection and lover for a short time. Sure, it was exciting, but if my mother ever found out she would have killed me for it. My family ran high on morals. I cleared my throat, “I don’t think I ever asked you your name?” “Kali,” she said briefly and turned from me.

We continued walking deeper into the woods. Again, I noticed it was eerily quiet. I cursed myself for not bringing my rifle. A strange prickling started at the back of my neck. Something was odd about the whole thing, but most of all, I didn’t want Kali to get hurt without me being able to protect her. “Is the caravan much farther? Something feels off out here. I don’t want us to find ourselves in a bind,” she crooked her head. “It’s not too far,” she continued on. I hesitated a moment, wondering how she’d managed on her own without a weapon. “Forgive me for saying this, but I don’t understand how you could have been meeting someone by that lake. It’s easily miles from the main road and completely surrounded by the dense forest. Are you sure it was the right place?” She stopped abruptly. Her back went rigid and she turned on her heel. She moved like a feline of some kind; each step was calculating and slow. A strange smile spread over her lips and her eyes took on a wild look. “Sweet Christian, you are too observant for your own good. I’ve been watching you a while now, you know. I’ve seen you hunt and trap, day in and day out. You’ve chopped fire wood and fished what game you could from that lake to feed your small family. I know deep down, you crave something more. That’s what had you in the arms of the women you’ve entertained. Something dark and passionate is inside you, struggling to get free. “I’m here to save you from this life and offer you another. Your potential is far reaching so many other men I’ve met. You could have anything and everything you’ve ever wanted. Of course I knew if I had told you this back there, you would have tried to run. By the way, it won’t matter if you run; you can’t get away.” “I don’t understand,” I backed away and stumbled over a rock, falling flat on my back. In an instant she hovered over me with the same awkward smile. “You don’t need to understand now, just relax. I will take care of you,” she whispered in my ear. Before I could scurry away, the fiercest pain imaginable assaulted my neck. She had pinned me down and it felt like she was slicing into my skin. I couldn’t even scream. Drifting out of consciousness, the world became a haze. Colors faded to gray, shapes to blobs, as I closed my eyes. I learned quickly what she truly was; a vampire. She told me as much the next time she drank from me and laughed when I passed out again. I would awake to her naked body pressed against mine, gyrating in ways I didn’t know existed. Momentarily, I’d forget the pain and ride the waves of pleasure while she massaged my flesh in hand and mouth before allowing me to release inside her.

Each time was different; both pleasurable and painful. Once or twice I’d wake up to her quivering flesh resting on my lips. I would oblige and relish in her climax before she’d take more blood and force me out again. The rollercoaster was one of dreams and nightmares. It continued that way for some time. My body ached terribly from the lack of blood, but she didn’t seem to care. I begged her to stop, to let me go, but she just shushed me and took more. I’d often wake in the night with hot tears fresh on my cheeks. The pain was of almost unbearable proportions. Unable to perform as she wanted, I figured the end was coming. I watched her through glazed eyes dress in the riding clothes and drape a blanket over my shivering body. Her lips moved close to my ear, but I couldn’t hear the words. Moments later she forced a bloody wrist to my mouth which inspired a series of gags from me, but she held steady. When I stopped thrashing she tore into my flesh again. I watched the world swirl into blackness as I swallowed the large amount of her blood that pooled on my tongue. I never thought I’d die in such a strange way.


Fire & Ice: A Legacy of Secrets Novella is currently in the editing stage. If you’d like to read more of Legacy of Secrets, please go to where you will find all of the information regarding this series.

Lisa Logue has written everything from poetry and short stories to her debut novel Cursed Secrets. Originally from Long Island, NY, she now resides in Tennessee with her family including her two sons. At the age of seven, Lisa began writing short stories depicting dramatic scenes of abusive relationships and murder/mysteries. After several calls home from the teacher, Lisa made it clear that while the stories seemed real, her imagination created the drama. But it didn't stop there. After the short stories came poetry with which she received many awards and won several contests. Her earlier poems were published in coffee table books and various online websites, proving she's no stranger to the written word. After a long two years, Cursed Secrets has finally been published. Lisa is constantly working to improve and adapt her writing to intrigue and entice readers. As an avid reader herself, creating "real" characters has been an important part of the project. While 'Cursed Secrets' encompasses a variety of supernatural characters, the human element is prominent and relate-able. When Lisa isn't writing, she's spending time with her family, working, or attending classes for her degree. She also loves to read and often finds herself curled up in a snuggie with a glass of wine. Spending time with her boyfriend of almost five years and their friends is another enjoyment and break from crazy daily life.

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