The Alpha Code, by Joe Schroeder

Liner Notes
If the title of this book wasn’t “The Alpha Code,” it could have been called, “Zen and the

lazy way (and art) of drawing a crowd.”
Not because the Giants who have aspired into the ALPHA-STATE created their own work-from-home empires don’t work hard, because they do, they simply work in a different way. (1) They work for a loving, not a living. (2) They have shifted from “recruiter” to resource. (3) They have shifted from selling to sharing. Those are the three dimensions that separate people who are the HUNTERS versus being the Hunted. Here’s a fourth example—just for fun: (4) Giants who have tapped into the ALPHA-STATE have shifted from thinking about money to thinking about building up other mental Giants. Sharing MIND-SPEAK. Alpha style. Go ahead. Spend a week on that last one. Because if you truly understood #4 and you were to actually live a life of CREATING INCREASE into other people’s lives, as Oprah and I do, you would be so ahead of the curve that life would become a bowl of cherries for you. It would almost be like the world tilted for you a bit. As it has for me obviously. Here is another inside look at the ALPHA Giants who sit on top of the food chain. Use this as reason to pull your chin and to twist your imagination. Go ahead. Think with me here. Another example is, well, when everyone else is looking at what to do, the people in the ALPHA STATE are looking at---------what to see.


The Aphrodisiac of Discipline: When everyone else is complaining about being too tired or too over worked, the Alpha Giant is working harder and longer because they actually get turned on by the discipline that the art

of influence requires.
The Alpha Code As this book will explore, the Network Marketing Giants are not doing MLM. They are simply being more of who they already are and exercising a part of them that was always there, but not always awake. So where the new part-timer is looking for tasks that need to get done, in order to serve their employee mind, the Alpha MLM Giant is looking for more to see, instead of what to do. You Can’t Pursue What You Can’t See People who can “see” more than the common man can see always achieves more POWER. Always. He has too. Why? It’s because his SIGHT allows him to see the accumulation of increase and power in areas that remain darkened for everyone else. I SAW power in CREATING content that thousands of other people would pay me to us. You can’t pursue what you can’t see. I SAW power and riches in my ability to TEACH other people how to stand up and RULE. I saw that if I was able to TEACH ten people how to rise into the ALPHA STATE---that between us, we could amass an Army. And we did. Over 10,000 strong. But it started with a seeing. My own. I saw duplication that if I could lace my Mind within audio CDs. So I created and wrote 17 hours of audio CDs. That was over 100,000 units sold ago. You can’t pursue what you can’t see. -B-

The Employee Mind Alpha Giants know that success is something you see, not something you do. However, the mind of the traditional employee, who suddenly begins on this path of global distribution (how’s that for a fancy name for multi-level!) looks not to see anything, but to dothedo even harder. The average persona doesn’t have a working model of prosperity. They only have a model of work itself. That’s why they relentlessly ask: ** “What is the system?” Or “What is the task?” ** “Do you have a 1-2-3 step-by-step system?”

BECAUSE the employee has been conditioned to FOLLOW a set of TASKS instead of how to use his MIND to ATTRACT OTHER people.
Why? Most people seek to buy a cool list of leads. I always (yawn) created my own. Most try to recruit a few people. I attracted entire teams from other companies. Most follow. I always lead. Most try to get rich or to go F/T. I was always P/T. I made “MLM” my slave. For me, this industry was just another income stream. Nothing more. No emotion. Just business. Most work from 9 to 5. By 9 a.m. I have already clocked in four hours. Most Networkers hammer the phones. I only speak to people who call me first. Most MLM types expose and advertise their MLM. I always hid mine within whatever I was retailing. Cash turns me on. I am an Alpha Male. I am always on top. I am Joe Schroeder. Son of a Capitalist and a Good News Merchant.


Most people ASK other people to “join” them. I never needed to ask anyone. The Mind of a Hercules Recruiter My system made people ask me, “Hey Big Fella, mind if I grab an ID# and join your pyramid?” And I’d reply, “well, I guess so, okay.” A Prelude To a Dream: Average Networkers don’t own many books and tapes from most of the Networking super stars of today. Here’s why:

It’s because they don’t think they need to see anything new. They’re looking for
better pay plans. Not a better set of plans. They seek better leads. They seek better compensation plans. MIND-SPEAK, The Language of Kings: The Thumb Sucker struggling to make ends meet does NOT seek a better mind to SORT better information. They seek NOT the Alpha CODE for which without, they will NOT and can not ever learn the source code which would allow them to ** ** ** ** LEAD other people Duplicate themselves Attract other people Maintain a team, even if a crowd showed up.

Hint: I spent five years in libraries and read over 2,000 books PRIOR to ever building my organizations. Tip: THINKING precedes an action. A rich person has a rich persons THOUGHT before they take a rich persons action. Therefore, the key, if you are listening, is to grasp the ALPHA STATE and learn how to THINK more than it’s about what to do.


That’s because LIFE teaches you how to THINK and THINKING teaches you how to live. Period. Guys like me are simply better thinkers.

And let this book be evidence of that.
Books. Get The Books. Meanwhile, the Giant has a library of the “whos who” in MLM because leaders are readers and they are anxious to see new things that other

people have seen.
Sports The ALPHA Giant thinks and speaks about ideas and concepts. Most people just parrot back what they saw on the news last night or share the history about their local weather with other employees who dabble in MLM. The Giant asks, “what will it look like when I am done?” The employee mind asks, “what’s your system?” However, the system that they need is the system that will unlock their ability to do what they already know they should have done a long time ago. What is multi-level? It’s personal development with a compensation plan attached to it. You simply can’t attract the rights kinds of people and nurture those people into leadership until you become the right kind of person. Just can’t be done. Therefore, become the right kind of person and you begin to attract the right kinds of people. Mental Marketing I am not a Zen master. I don’t take karate, however I know more about marketing Jujitsu and mental marketing than I did yesterday. I am simply a contemporary man who has figured out that there is no such thing as security. That’s just a trick of the ego to make you yearn for everything that you think you need.


An Exercise of The Ego Here’s an easy exercise to erase frustration. The next time you ever get frustrated, just ask yourself this, “what lie am I telling

myself about this situation that is telling me I need to have something that my better self doesn’t really need to have at all?”
That will quiet the ego part of you that is stomping it’s feet and making you feel that you need something that you really don’t. The Anxiety Code Exposed Frustration is just the ego telling you that you need what you don’t really need to have. Do you think others? Think again. Think you need more money? Think twice. Think you need your spouse to agree with your entrepreneurial mind? How come? Maybe their time isn’t Gods time. In life, we are taught that we never have enough. Good for Visa and Master-Card. Bad for us. So we start to yearn and tread-mill for everything we think we need. In yearning there is anxiety and struggle. The Giants always seem to be in such control. Maybe because they are and they have dumped the burdens that most people still insist on lugging around. that you need the approval of


The Alpha Experience Trust me, our way is easier and far more predictable and of course, more profitable. I bought a big book once about Zen and I didn’t have a clue as to what in blazes the guy was taking about. I bet most westerners are like me and also have been confused by Zen. But then the more I read book the more I realized that my own power and influence has little to do with “MLM” and everything to do with how I have been taught to see things. This awakening or as the Japanese call a “Satori” is the appeal because of the new sight. The Third Eye Which is the Zen of the MLM Giant. They use their third eye to see things that the untrained eye never even knew existed. That’s what Zombie Marketing does. It speaks to people’s THIRD eye without them being aware that you are tapping into their predisposed Genetic Code. “Hey Zombie, Come Here, I Want You.” Zombie Marketing compliance gene. actually triggers people’s

Zombie marketing is why you are [here] now reading this. Because I spoke into you. Which induced a Genetic Response from you. Easy stuff. You’re about to become an expert. Natural Accumulation What this third eye awakened in me was my own ability to walk away from the nonsense of MLM and shift over and towards the flow of natural accumulation. And that’s what the MLM Giants have figured out. People who posses Alpha Speak.


The ALPHA GIANTS have figured out how to naturally duplicate their ideas, themselves and what they believe in. Almost like, whatever they think about comes about! Organizational Architecture

The variable then is this, it’s that who they are is driving their success more than what they are selling.
Do you think being an MLM Giant is mostly about better ads and better marketing? I’d think twice on that one. Here is a lock for you to pick: Are you a resource or a recruiter? Unlock that and the world will beat a path to your door. MLM Guru #112 This isn’t a book on how to be an MLM Guru. Being a Guru is hard work. You have to buy everybody dinner all the time and being the “answer man” can set you up for utter destruction. Remember, the world loves to tear down those at the top. Go for being incognito and when the company president asks you to join them after the annual convention for some fancy “insider” dinner, just tilt your hat, thank her and say, “sorry but they’re running old cartoon episodes of the Big Bob Square Pants on the tube and I simply can’t make it.” That kind of Giant thinking moves you closer to even more Freedom. That’s because the less you need massaged, the freer you become! your ego

Besides, what Millionaire do you know that ever became a Millionaire because they gave one rip about what other people thought of them! -H-

What stops people from locating 2,000 new leads to prospect is that they are afraid of what those prospects might think about them. I hope what I just said gave you an “ah-ha” and that you got what I was saying. Because Zen isn’t something you learn. You just “get it.” In an instant. You posses the ALPHA CODE! It’s where you always needed to be but weren’t sure it was okay to be there. On top. It’s a step in the right direction and then another and another and then, bam---you just are instead of being someone else. Other people begin to feel that about you and they are like, “wow---you’re cool, lets MLM together!” The Alpha Gene Pool One more clue. People who Alpha Gene are on the side other people are attracted exercise in authenticity: apology. Do you really need have fashioned the of authenticity and to that. Here is an An excuse is an love that bad?

“I Apologize, Please Love Me Again!” Think twice before you ever give people an excuse. You don’t need to apologize for not living up to other people’s demands on you. Besides, you can’t make money and make excuses at the same time. NEVER EXCUSE YOURSELF. Finally, if you play this game right, you can use MLM and the mechanics of this industry to make an absolute bundle. I have. Then, you high tail it off to some island somewhere where you can sit around all day drinking ice cold Martini’s and practicing your flute or whatever it is you’d really rather be doing! Here’s to more life! On your side, Joe

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