Auctus Rebus Financial Group Announces Game-Changing Legal Retainer Financing With many attorneys’ clients unable

to afford the upfront costs of powerful legal representation, Auctus Rebus Financial Group today announces the launch of their industry-exclusive legal retainer financing. San Antonio, TX, June 20, 2012 -- For attorneys across the United States, winnin g the most demanding of criminal or civil cases often pulls their clients out of legal trouble and into trouble with their finances. However, for the first time in the industry, Auctus Rebus Financial Group today announces their innovative legal retainer financing. The program makes even the most expensive of lawyers an affordable reality, by a llowing the attorney to offer affordable 3rd party financing of their fees to th eir clients. Legal retainers up to $12,000 can be financed for up to a sixty month period. Us ing this model as a guide, a qualified client could easily finance an $8,000 ret ainer with no money down and repayments under $200 a month. “Our game-changing legal retainer financing will allow attorneys to focus 100% on servicing their client’s needs, rather than turning the relationship sour by chasi ng payments. It ensures that attorneys get paid quickly, and at a level that all ows them to provide the best possible legal services,” says Alex Brown, President of Auctus Rebus Financial Group. Virtually all civil legal cases are eligible for the funding, as well as many fi rst-time criminal misdemeanor cases. People with cases that do not qualify for i mmediate financing are able to provide a guarantor to ensure that they can affor d only the best legal assistance when they need it the most. Following the recent financial climate, Brown and his team have ensured that the ir funding remains open to many people, even with past financial problems. “Credit score requirements are low because approvals are weighted highly on income and job stability. In fact people with FICO scores as low as 600 are often appr oved, and at interest rates that are lower than the average store credit card. I n addition, all clients receive a 6 months same as cash promotion,” he adds. The company hopes that, by removing the heavy up-front financial burden associat ed with many of the country’s top lawyers, people will be able to get the best lev el of legal assistance for their circumstances – regardless of cost. The Financial Group is currently working with an expansive network of approved a ttorneys, with every legal professional urged to contact them for speedy approva l. “We don’t want people to risk their case by using the wrong attorney. If you cannot afford your legal fees, ask your attorney to contact us today,” Brown concludes. For more information, please visit the official Auctus Rebus Financial Group web site: About Auctus Rebus Financial Group Auctus Rebus Financial Group headquartered in San Antonio Texas provides financi ng, alternative financing and no credit needed payment plans for legal practices , medical practices and many other businesses. Auctus Rebus Financial Group helps businesses and professional practices nationw ide grow by making products and services more affordable. Auctus Rebus Financial

Group is a highly rated member of the Better Business Bureau. Contact: Alex Brown Auctus Rebus Financial Group San Antonio, TX 888-890-8673

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