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Systems/Database Administrator

Definition: Under supervision of the Solutions Architect, designs, develops and maintains server and database infrastructure for the Office of the Circuit Clerk of Kane County. Other responsibilities include installing, maintaining, troubleshooting and upgrading computer hardware, software, personal computer networks, peripheral equipment; assessing user training needs and training users in effective use of applications; making recommendations regarding hardware and software acquisitions; preparing documentation and providing user assistance to county staff; and performing related work as required. Characteristics: Primary job characteristics include design, maintenance, and configuration of application and database server hardware and software. Other job characteristics include performing general technical support functions, including physical installation, assembly, configuration and maintenance of the personal computers. An essential element of this classification is the ability to work independently and in a team environment to create, implement and sustain a long term strategic infrastructure plan to support the custom and sourced applications necessary for the efficient function of the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Examples of Key Duties:
The System and Database Administrator’s primary job function is ensuring the continued operation of critical and non-critical application services.

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Ongoing assessment of the current state of server and database technology employed by the Office, with change recommendations made as need arises. Continuation of the server consolidation/virtualization initiative of the Information Systems department. Ongoing assessment and revision of the backup procedures for the current and future server/database infrastructure. Research and implementation of improved application server products. Research and implementation of improved configurations and usages of current and future application server products. Assessment and recommendation on improved usages of existing and alternative database technologies.

Systems/Database Administrator


Education and Experience:
One of the following combinations:
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Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technologies or equivalent 4 year degree. Associates Degree in above field plus 1 year of applicable job experience. 3+ years of applicable work experience.

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions:
Must possess mobility to work in a standard office setting and to use standard office equipment, including a computer, stamina to maintain attention to detail despite interruptions, strength to lift and carry objects weighing up to 40 pounds; vision to read printed materials and a computer screen; and hearing and speech to communicate in person and over the telephone.

The Systems/Database Administrator must be extremely knowledgeable of Windows Server software and Active Directory, as well as competent with Linux/Unix server software. The Administrator must also possess strong knowledge of at least one major relational database software package, preferably Oracle MySQL Community Edition. The Administrator must also be familiar with various web and application server products such as Apache HTTPD, JBoss, IIS. An ideal Systems/Database Administrator would also be knowledgeable to varying degrees in as many of the below topics as possible:
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PKI with emphasis on digital signatures and website security. VMWare ESXi hypervisor operating system. Installation and care of rack mounted server hardware. Installation of various network devices. Installation, configuration and maintenance of many software server platforms Scripting knowledge in a language such as Python, VBScript or Perl.

Systems/Database Administrator

Personal Skills/Work Ethic:
The Systems/Database Administrator is an Information Technology Professional position. Honest and independent work ethic is expected and highly valued. Written and oral communication skills are also expected and valued. Specific personal attributes to include: • • • • • Advanced, individual problem solving skills. Strong technical writing skills to be used for systems documentation. Ability to communicate technical ideas and situations to non-technical end users and management. Independent prioritization and time management skills. Able to work with supervision and in a team environment when required.

Systems/Database Administrator