AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT, BUNER 1. AGRICULTURE EXTN: DEPTT: MANDATE 1.To improve the living standard of farming community. 2.

To generate an exportable surplus of agriculture commodities. 3.To pursue Agril: development on sustainable basis. THE ABOVE GOAL IS TO ACHIEVED THROUGH:1.Dissemination of improved technology. 2.Up-dating the knowledge, skill & attitude of field staff & target group (farme rs). 3.Organizing farming community. 4.Involvement the forming community in the Agril: development process. 5.Facilitating the farming community in timely inputs/crop management. 6.Coordination with line agencies/NGOs/CBOs. 7.Quality control services of various inputs. 8.Facilitating the farming communi ty in marketing of farm produce. 9.Involvement of female farmers in Agril: Devet:. 10.Monitoring & Evaluation of various field activities and staff performance. 2. LIVESTOCK & DD. 1.Artificial insemination, promotional efforts for establishment of Dairy Farms in private sectors, and poultry farms. 2.Preventation of animal/poultry diseases, extension services & Training of vill ages on a. Prophylactic Vaccination. b. Management aspects and First Aid treatment. 3.Enforcement of preventation of cuelty to Animals Act, 1890. 4.Purchase of stores and Capital goods for the Distt: and any other business ass igned by the Govtt: 3. SOIL CONSERVATION. 1.Survey of the erosion affected area, preparation of feasibility report, techni cal estimates, sketch, design etc of the soil conservation structure. 2.Execution & Supervision of the on going scheme. 3.To give technical guidance to the farmers to over come the soil erosion proble ms. 4. Coordination with other Deptt: 4. FORESTRY. 1.Raising new forest and scientific management of existing public forests to max imize the production of wood & minor forest produce in the irrigated plantation having area upto 2000 acres. 2.Raising & Promotion of roadside plantations of local/district significance. 3.Promotion of social/farm forestry in provate land, raising of Forest nurseries . 4.Establishment of amenity Forest & recreational parks. Education of the public for tree plantation. 5. FISHERIES DEPTT: 1.Management & Development of fish in public water i.e. river, streams, dams, re servoirs, natural lakes and canals. 2.Extension services to private sector for promotion & Development of fish farmi ng & fish Hatcheries, Introduction of fast growing species of fish in public wat er & in private sector. 3.Conservation & protection of fish in public waters, enforcement of fisheries o

rdinance, 1961nd rules made there under. 4.Lease of fishing rights of public water & ensuring judicious exploitation of f ish under the fisheries Ordinance, 1961 & Rule made there under. 5.Issuance of fishing licenses for judicious fishing in public water. Implementa tion of fisheries policy related issues at district level. 6.Preparation & execution of development schemes. 7.Collection & Tabulation of Fisheries data of the district, Organizing Fish Pro tection Committee for community fish farming. 8.Promotion, awareness among masses about conservation of fish biodiversity and promotion of sports and recreational fishing faCilities to visitors. 6. WILDLIFE. 1.Establishment & management of private / community game reserves. 2.Protection, conservation/preservation and development of wildlife on private l ands in districts. 3.Issuing of possession licenses for birds which are not including in the Schedu le of protected animals of the NWFP wildlife act, 1975. 4.Establishment and management of Wildlife Parks on District Council lands.