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As we know,there are many countries in the world.Each has own its culture. Scottish philosopher David Hume wrote, “culture, then,is the great guide of human life”it is true that knowing the culture of a country is, in effect, a guide to understanding the soul of that country and its people.Culture refer to many factors such as art, music, food,literature,ect.However, on the assignment,I would like to show my understanding about meal culture. As a English learner,I am interested in English culture in common, English meals in particularly.Hence,on this paper, I would like show my understanding about English Meals.Speccially,I will compare and contrast it with Vietnamese Meal to show the differences and similarity between meals of two countries. I hope that my study will help people who are interested in English culture, will have more knowledge about English culture and intercultural communication of it with Vietnamese culture.


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1.Background of meal
1.1.Definitions about “meal” There are many different definitions about Meal In larouse Cobuild English learner’s dictionary: • A meal is an instance of eating, specifically one that takes place at a specific time and includes specific, prepared foodstuffs. Definition by Wood,R.C,(1995): • A communal meal in a dream is the image of communal activity of a ritual or magical nature. When interpreting the dream, note should be taken of the dreamer’s religious belief. In website:htth// • Food that is prepared and eaten, usually at a specific time. In short,although each person has own way to express the definition about meal,the idieas are in similarity. 1.2.Meals In common,there are three main meals in a day:Breakfast,lunch and dinner: Breakfast is a meal, often light, usually taken in the morning. Lunch is a meal that is taken at noon or in the early afternoon. Dinner is a meal that is generally served in the evening, starting some time between 6:00 and 8:30.

2.My finding
2.1.The breakfast meal


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The breakfast meal in England and in Vietnam is also considered that is a light meal.In breakfast meal,people often eat few dishes which is simple. However, the breakfast of each country is different from each other. Each country has a typical meal. What is a typical English breakfast? Most people around the world seem to think a typical English breakfast consists of eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, mushrooms and baked beans all

washed down with a cup of coffee. Nowadays, however, a typical English breakfast is more likely to be a bowl of cereals, a slice of toast, orange juice and a cup of coffee.Many people, especially children, in England will eat a bowl of cereal. They are made with different grains such as corn, wheat, oats etc. In the winter, many people will eat "porridge" or boiled oats. On the other hand,the Vietnamese breakfast is often lighter such as:phë(noodle soup), X«i, b¸nh m× (breakfast bread), ch¸o(Grilled Paste), bón(rice vermicelli), b¸nh cuèn(rice flour steamed rolls), ect.


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ch¸o X«i


Breakfast bread cuèn


In the past,wives in Vietnames family often get up early to make breakfast meal for the whole family.Nowadays,although they don’t cook it,wives buy it to prepaire breakfast meal. 2.2.The lunch Both in England and in Vietnam, lunch foods are varies.In the past,very similar things are eaten at lunch as at dinner - a hot meal, sometimes with more than one course.Evenly, lunch is actually the main meal of the day, supper being a smaller cold meal. However, since many people eat lunch while at work or school, this can be impractical.


In England,more appropriate are relatively simple foods that can be packed


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in a lunch box. This typically consists of a sandwich, a packet of crisps, a piece of fruit and a drink. The 'packed lunch' is kept in a plastic container. In contrast to England,Vietnamses children often have lunch at school that cook make. 2.3.The dinner meal According to tradition, English dinner or Vietnamese dinner is also main meals in a day. Dinner is an opportunity for them to share a meal and talk together after a hard day. However,in England,The traditional dinner meal is rarely eaten nowadays apart from on Sundays. A recent survey found that most people in Britain eat curry! Rice or pasta dishes are now favoured as the 'British Dinner'.Vegetables grown in England, like potatoes, carrots, peas, cabbages and onions, are still very popular. What is a traditional English Dinner? A typical British meal for dinner is "meat and two vegetable". We put hot brown gravy, (traditionally made from the juices of the roast meat, but more often today from a packet!) on the meat and usually the vegetables. One of the vegetables is almost usually potatoes.

The Sunday Roast Dinner is a traditional meal eaten by family


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For example, roast beef with roast potatoes, parsnips, peas, Brussels sprouts, green beans, Yorkshire pudding, bread sauce and gravy. Mint sauce or redcurrant jelly is often eaten with lamb, apple sauce with pork, and horseradish sauce (a type of mustard) with beef, cranberry sauce with turkey. Stuffing may be eaten with chicken or turkey.

Peas and tomatos

Bangers (sausages)and mash

Bacon,turkey, sausage…

Roast beef, roast potatoes, green beans and gravy

Fish and chips

Whereas, a typical dinner meal for the average Vietnamese family would include:

Individual bowls of boiled rice


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Grilled, boiled, steamed, stir fried (with vegetable) or stewed meat or fish or other seafood dish Stir-fried, raw or steamed vegetable dish Canh (a clear broth with vegetables and often meat or seafood) or other Vietnamese-style soup Prepared fish sauce and/or soy sauce for dipping.All dishes apart from the individual bowls of rice are communal and to be shared.

• •

C¬m tÊm nem r¸n

t«m ri

canh chua

A Vietnamese feast with traditional dishes

2.4. The desert The word Common desserts include cakes, cookies, fruits, pastries, ice cream, and candies.Is is common in both English and Vietnam, dessert is a course that typically comes at the end of a meal usually consisting of sweet food but sometimes of a strongly flavored one, such as some cheese in England.


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However, pudding or after would be more typical terms in the UK Although the custom of eating fruits and nuts after a meal may be very old, dessert as a standard part of a Western meal in common and English meal in particular.

Dessert, as served in English restaurant

Rice pudding

Fruit crumble and custard


It is common to eat a dessert (also known as a pudding, or informally as afters) after the main dish. Some have a separate final sweet course but mix sweet and savory dishes throughout the meal, or reserve elaborate dessert concoctions for special occasions. Often, the dessert is seen as a separate meal or snack rather than a course, and may be eaten apart from the meal (usually in less formal settings). Desserts are often eaten with a dessertspoon, intermediate in size between a teaspoon and a tablespoon. In Vietnam, dessert has very much kinds.Almost of them also are made to fruit.The dessert dish that is the most popular is “chÌ”.


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Vietnamese desserts

“ChÌ” is a sweet dessert or pudding usually made from beans or beans and sticky rice. Many varieties of ''chè'' are available, each with different fruits, beans (for example,mung beans or kidney beans), and other ingredients. Fruit smoothies are also popular. They are simple to make and require just a few teaspoons of sugar, crushed ice and fresh locally available fruits. The smoothies come in many varieties, including apple custard, avocado, jack fruit, durian, strawberry, passionfruit, dragonfruit, lychee, mango, and banana. The most difference between English dessert and Vietnamese dessert is that people in Vietnam often add some ice to the dessert when having because of the weather in Vietnam is very hot in summer. English people do rarely it.

Almost every nation has a reputation of some kind. As England, Vietnam's cuisine reflects its geography and history. English food at its best is hearty, simple, delicious fare, with the food and cooking of England developed to feed the colonial empire, which in its time influenced the rest of the world. The food and cooking of England is steeped


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in history and heritage, and the modern face of British food presents a dynamic. While,Vietnamese food has to be the healthiest on the planet. ." And indeed, with the heavy reliance on rice, wheat and legumes, abundance of fresh herbs and vegetables, minimal use of oil, and treatment of meat as a condiment rather than a main course.

It is very important to know traditions and customs of other countries. It helps to know more about the history and line of different nations. In this paper, I give some informations you about English meals. Besides, I also contrast and comparison it with Vietnamese meals. It is considered that


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Different cultures might have different rules for eating the same item. However, because of the process of sharing meaning through communication between people from two countries, both Vietnamese meal and England meal has been intercultural communication its means changes. I would like this paper is helpful to people are interested in English culture and Vietnamese culture in common and English meal and Vietnamese meal in particular.