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PRACTICAL INFORMATION FOR QUANTITY SURVEYORS PROPERTY VALUERS, ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS AND BUILDERS By LATE PT. JOGLEKAR AMIS Superintending Surveyor of Works (Retd.) Military Engineer Services Professor (Reid), College of Military Engineering Pune. Registered Valuer of Property Central Board of Difect Taxes G Sxbra marnegcrr) Pune Vidyarthi Griha Prakashan 1786, Sadashiv Peth, Pune-411 030. © Published by H.G.Bhosale B. Se, /M, Ed Chairman, Pune Vidvarthi Griha For Pune Vidyarthi Griha Prakashan 1786, Sadashiv Peth, Pune-411 030. ° First March 1974 Second April 1990 (Revised and enlarged) Third March 1992 (Revised and enlarged) Reprint December 1994 Fourth April 1997 (Revised and enlarged) Fifth : April 2000 (Revised) (P. V. G) Reprint June 2001 Reprint September 2003 Reprint October 2005 Reprint > May 2007 Price : Rs. 160/- (Rs. One hundred sixty Only) Author Late Prasannakumar Trimbak Joglekar 168, Navi Sadashiv) Peth, Ishaan Residency Off. Shastri Road, Pune 411 030. (Phone No. 24334760) @ Printed by RL. Shete Director, Pune Vidyarthi Griha Maharashtra Mudranshala Chhapkhana (Offset Dept.) 1786, Sadashiv Peth, Pune - 411 030. DEDICATION This book stands dedicated 10 the loving memory of my parents Shri. T. M. Joglekar and Smt. Umabai Joglekar NOTE BY THE AUTHOR This book is' intended and designed for day to day reference, mainly by contract managers and middle order executives of the building industry who deal with quantity surveying, estimating, analysi of rates, supervision bf works, drafting of specifications, checking of interim and final bills, preparing and defending claims, disputes, ete. | The aim has been to collect within the covers of this book the wide ranging and various kinds of basic data and information which normally needs a frantic search and poring through a score of different books and publications. Much thought and discrimination had to be exercised in selecting of items of information. Too much material packed into a reference book intended for daily use can be as harmful as the omission of some vital piece of information. Every effort has been made to achieve a high degree of reliability of the information presented. No pains have been spared in proof-reading and a meticulous correction of the text. The sources of information are quoted at relevant places in the book to motivate the reader to refer the various Indian Standard Specifications and other authoritative publications in original whenever more detailed and complete information is needed. Notes on specifications, as well as on approximate methods of estimating cost of construction, and a fairly comprehensive chapter on valuation of property has been added, in order to cover a major portion of syllabus for the subject of Quantity Surveying prescribed by various Universities. Finally, [ must thank the numerous users of the earlier edition of this book who kept pressing me to bring out a revised enlarged edition. Without their encouragement and a vociferous demand by the younger batch of executives, this edition would not have been possible. Pune. P.T. Joglekar 12 Apri 2000, Shriramanavani