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JPL SBIR Phase II Proposal Checklist for Recommended Proposals

(This form must be completed for any proposal that is recommended for selection.)

Firm Proposal No.
Please complete the following questions regarding the budget or cost aspects of the proposal and
contractor qualifications. If a question is not applicable, please indicate N/A.

1) Please list the deliverable items you expect to receive under this contract.
a. Final report 


2) Is there a good reason for not taking delivery of the contract deliverables?

3) Is overhead rate excessive? Yes No

If yes, what would be a reasonable rate?

4) Are labor/skill mix and hours reasonable, including having enough of principal
investigator’s (PI’s) time? (In general, the PI’s hours should exceed those of other labor
categories.) Yes No

If no, indicate what would be a reasonable mix?

5) Are labor rates reasonable? Yes No

If no, what should they be?

6) Are material quantities reasonable? Yes No

If no, what are reasonable quantities?

7) Are material costs reasonable? Yes No
If no, what should they be?

8) Is part of proposed effort subcontracted? Yes No

If yes, are signed copies of consulting agreements included? Yes No

Is 50% or less of total contract value less profit subcontracted? Yes No

(The company must perform 50% of the dollar value of the contract exclusive of profit.)

9) Is the company purchasing anything else with project funding (excluding common
supplies and materials)?
Yes No

Quantity Cost

Computer software

Other unique goods or services

Are items and amounts necessary? Yes No

Are item costs reasonable? Yes No

Will these items become part of the deliverable? Yes No

If no, please explain.

(In general, materials and equipment purchased are expected to become part of the
deliverable or are to be expended during the life of the contract.)

10) Does this proposal call for any travel? Yes No
If yes, what is rational for travel and indicate its importance to contract performance and

11) Will the PI be employed a minimum of half time (20 hrs/week) with the company?

Yes No

(The primary employment of the PI must be with the small business concern at the time of
contract award and during the conduct of the research. Primary employment requires a
minimum of 20 hrs/week (average), and it precludes more than half-time employment with
any other organization. A written release must be provided for PIs who are employed by
academic or non-profit organization. Co-principal Investigators are unacceptable.)

Is the PI the same as in Phase I? Yes No

12) Is this a joint venture? Yes No

If yes, has the company included a copy or comprehensive summary of the joint venture
agreement or partnership agreement?
Yes No

Have they described how the workload will be distributed, managed, and charged?
Yes No

13) Does proposal call for the use of any government equipment, facilities or services (GFE)?
Yes No

If yes, briefly describe.

If yes, does the proposal include an agreement for the use of GFE? Yes No

Are these services or facilities available commercially? Yes No

14) Does the proposal call for subcontracting any work to JPL or Caltech employees? If yes,
briefly describe and list the names of persons identified at JPL or Caltech.

15) Is there anything unusual or questionable about this proposal that should be brought to the
attention of the SBIR Program Office? (Please Call Byron at4-1246) Yes No

Name of Phase II technical monitor if funded:

(Phase I Technical Monitor)


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