An Ideology that Kills!!
26/11 – One more
bloody page in Islam’s 1200 year
old history of Jihad against
Hindustan – Will this ideology
finally lead to extinction of Hindus?
An Ideology that Kills!!
26/11 – One more
bloody page in Islam’s 1200 year
old history of Jihad against
Hindustan – Will this ideology
finally lead to extinction of Hindus?
Prof. Vyankatesh Abdeo
Laxminarayan Sarma
(For Private Circulation only)
ver the last 1200 years Hindus and their holy land Hindustan
Ohave been the target of the most beastly attacks by forces
inimical to their very existence. No race in the world, excepting the
Jews perhaps, have had to withstand savage attacks from the West,
jehadi forces and forces out to baptize, convert and rule over us.

Over the years, almost 30 percent of the Hindu race has been
converted, mainly to Islam and in smaller numbers to Christianity.
The country that stretched from Kandahar in the West to Indonesia
in the East has been reduced to just 40 percent of its original size.
And the converts to an alien religion have become its enemies,
wishing and planning our destruction, sending jehadis across the
borders, waging a war against us.

And now, the information revolution has put a major weapon in the
hands of the anti Hindu forces. A major information war is being
waged in to us. Thousands of crores of foreign money is pumped to
wage this war.

To counter this, the Samark Vibhag of Vishwa HIndu Parishad has
launched a website www' to counter the lies, the
calumny, the hatred and the false motivated propaganda against
HIndus and Hindutva organizations, to give the average HIndu
acorrect picture of things as they are.

Kindly access the website. and recommend the same to your friends
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Inaugurated on December 21, 2008, by VHP
International President Shri Ashokji Singhal
Over the last 1200 years and more, more Hindus than any other
race have been butchered by the Jehadi barbarians in the name
of the ideology of Islamic jihad. But unfortunately, unlike the Jews,
the Hindus don’t have a strong racial memory of the carnage
inflicted on them right from the day Md. Bin Quasim invaded
Sindh in 712 AD.
Crores of Hindus fell victim to the blood lust of the jehadi
marauders, crores of women were raped, abducted and sold in
the slave markets of Arabia, crores were forcibly converted to
Islam, thousands of Hindu shrines including the ones at Ayodhya,
Kashi, Mathura and Varanasi were destroyed and replaced with
mosques, Hindu lands were usurped, Hindu wealth was looted
and carted away in elephant loads, Hindu places of learning
like Nalanda were burnt down and for over one thousand years,
Hindus were placed under bondage.
Nalanda University destroyed by the barbarians
Finally, in 1947, the Muslims carved out of Hindustan, an Islamic
country comprising the regions where they were in a majority and
called it Pakistan. Hindus, who were unfortunate to find themselves
caught on the other side of the border, were mercilessly butchered,
their women raped, their properties usurped, and even tiny infants
were not spared. Accounts of the period recall that infants used to
be tossed in the air and caught on the tips of spears killing them
instantly. Very few lucky Hindus escaped the Islamic carnage, hurt,
demoralized and pauperized, and made their way to a new home
and a new life in India.
Thanks to the anglicized and Islamized Congress leadership of
the time, while almost all the Hindus were driven out of Pakistan,
a majority of undivided India’s Muslims, remained in India.
Instead of calling India a Hindu republic, Mohandas Karamchand
Gandhi, and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, decided to make India a
secular democratic republic, giving way to all the problems that
we have been beset with since.
While secular civil laws, even in personal matters were enforced on
the Hindus and most of their shrines were put under government
control, , the Muslims were allowed special privileges like retaining
their personal laws pertaining to marriage, subsidies for Haj and
freedom to retain their
mosques and the huge
properties attached
thereto, their madrassas
and their dargahs.
Islamic ideology is
based on a concept of
Islamic brotherhood.
Geographical frontiers
matter not. It is the
umma on the one side
and the kaffirs and the
dhimmis on the other.
A riot scene .A common occurrence even
after Muslims got their Pakistan
The ultimate aim is to establish dar ul islam in the world, governed
by Islamic laws.
And partition did not divide the Muslim umma. They continue
to be united by the Islamic ideology and all that it stands for. In
fact India has the second largest number of practitioners of the
ideology with all its ramifications.
All incidents of communal violence, terrorism in Kashmir and the
exodus of Hindu pandits from there, terror strikes across India,
forcible conversions and the abduction of Hindu women, the
violence against Amarnath pilgrims --- everything has its roots in
this ideology.
And fuelling this ideology has been the irresponsible, anti Hindu
vote bank Muslim appeasement politics that successive Congress
governments and their allies have been playing, the mercenary
hacks and intellectuals who parade as secularists, the Communists
and their fellow travelers, the various so called human rights
bodies and bigoted historians.
Somnath to Mumbai 26/11
Somnath, 782 AD: : “Sultan Mahmood’s soldiers broke
open the gate of the temple and forcibly entered inside.
Hundreds of priests were wailing aloud and praying to
God to save the temple. They were cut down in front of
the main idol. The Shivalinga, which was covered with gold
and jewels was broken into pieces. As soon as word of the
temple’s destruction spread in the town, the Hindu families,
men and their wives, along with whatever belongings they
could muster, tried to flee, but were mercilessly killed by
Mahmood’s soldiers emerging from the destroyed temple.
This slaughter left the entire town of Somnath totally desolate.
Thus wrote Ibn Assan, about Mohammad Ghazni’s slaughter
in which over 50,000 Hindus were slaughtered by Ghazni’s
barbaric jehadis in one single day in the year 712 AD.
The new Somnath temple that rose from the ruins of the one destroyed by
Mohammad Ghazni
Mumbai, November 26, 2008 : Just like their wild Jehadi forebears
from the barren deserts of Arabia,. ten heavily armed Jehadi
barbarians from Pakistan with the blood lust of jehad in their eyes,
their AK 47s blazing, the grenades hurled by them exploding ,
descended on Mumbai in the early hours of the evening of
November the 26th spraying death and destruction in their wake,
holding huge numbers of Hindus and foreign guests as hostage
and killing hundreds, injuring hundreds more. But they had not
reckoned with the raw courage of Mumbai’s Hindu police force
who took them heads on. Reacting almost instantly, the poorly
armed but brave policemen overcame the initial surprise and to a
large extent stymied what would have been a massive massacre
on a scale that would have had no precedent.
Roots of terror in jehadi ideology
26/XI, Mumbai’s 93 blasts, Akshardham, Parliament House Attack,
Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Varanasi, Guwahati and
the Islamic butchery of lakhs of Hindus over the last millennium
and more, has its roots in
the ideology of Jehad.
The Holy Quaran contains
Allah’s injunction to either
convert all infidels into
Muslims or kill them if they
do not comply. If a few do
manage to survive, they
should be allowed to live
only after the payment of a
tax called jaziyaa. Allah’s
instructions to humiliate
crush and emasculate
non-Muslim infidels is quite clear and uncompromising. The 12th
aayat in Sura 3 of para 9 contains an order from Allah to Muslims
which goes thus : I shall strike terror into the hearts of the kaafirs
(non believers) and you (allah’s faithful), shall then behead them
and crush every bone and joint of theirs.(Translation from The
Qar’an Majeed by Hazrat Maulana Abdul Karim Parikh Sahib).
The BAD ( Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Delhi)
happened – But the worst was to come – And it
was 26/XI
BAD happened, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi were bombed
in quick succession. India’s pseudo secular government woke up
from its hibernation. And reacted just like a flock of a myriad
slumbering birds when disturbed from their evening perch on a
tree by a stone thrown by an urchin.
And the usual impotent Congress Government
As usual there was condemnation. Sonia’s hand picked loyalist
and Home Minister Shivaraj Patil posed for TV cameras at various
venues, each time in a new dress, each time with fresh make
Female Victim of the recent
Delhi jehadi bombing
up, made the right noises. Super Sonia loyalist Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh, was at his most inaudible eloquent best, saying
terrorism will not be tolerated, that terrorism has no religion, and
that terrorists will not be spared.
Media’s methodic pro minority madness
– identifies roots of terror as Muslim
marginalization, not jehadi ideology
The Rajdeeps and the Barkhas, the Srinivasan Jains and the Goswamis,
the sickular Times and the Hindu, scrambled a gaggle of the usual
Delhi “faces”, viz. human rights activists, political analysts, .defence
and anti terrorism experts, retired military men, pseudo secular
intellectuals, and flooded the airwaves and the print media with an
unending diarrhea of words and more words.
The refrain was the same. Terror has no religion. Terrorists are
enemies of humanity. The major provocation for terror was the
HIndutva ideology, Godhra incidents, the Babri demolition; the
so called injustice meted out to the Muslims over the Amarnath
issue, the “marginalization” of Muslims, the economic deprivation
suffered by them, et al. In other words, blame for the terror strikes
was placed squarely at the door of the country’s majority Hindus.
And the hopelessly outnumbered Hindutva representatives on
the TV discussion panels and in the print media were hopelessly
outnumbered and silenced. If the other participants could not
silence them, the media anchors ensured that they were silenced.
Their attempts to drive home that it was the Jehadi ideology that
was the root cause of terror was drowned in the cacophony of the
pseudo secularists.
Amar and Arjun’s , Mulla Mulayam and Laloo’s
Vote Lust, UPA Government’s incompetence
make country more dangerous than Iraq
Not to be outdone, vote bank hungry politicians of various shades
from the Reds to the Laloos and Mulayalms to the Amar Singhs
and Arjun Singhs found the troubled waters ideal to cast their net
for Muslim votes. Not only did they express their skepticism about
the existence the Indian jehadi terror modules that had carried
out the blast, but they also came out openly in defence of the
jehadis of Delhi’s Batla House encounter, and went to the extent
of implying that the encounter there was fake. So eager were they
to please their Islamic constituents that they even questioned the
death of Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma attributing it to a fake
encounter. The Minority Messiah Arjun Singh even backed Jamia
Milia Vice Chancellor’s move to provide legal aid to the jehadis
captured in connection with the Delhi bombings.
Rising Public Anger
Amidst growing sense of insecurity, public anger was rising. No place
in the country was safe. The country, with one voice, was demanding
an answer from the Sonia
Gandhi piloted UPA
government. But as usual,
the incompetent men at
the helm, all of them Sonia
acolytes, were humming and
hawing that sent out strong
indications of their collective
impotence in dealing with
jehadi terrorism.
With elections looming large and the very existence of their vote bank
at stake, the Congress and its other constituents were at their wit’s
end. They had to save their government. They had also to prevent
their Muslim vote bank slipping out of their hands. “The nation be
damned, Survival is paramount” seemed to be their mantra.
UPA Govt. coins new term “Saffron Terror”
When Pakistan’s dictators find the going tough, they resort to
raising the old bogey of danger to their citizens from Hindu India
Angry Mumbai citizens took to the streets
to divert the attention of the masses from the real issues. “Islam in
danger” scream headlines in Pak newspapers. Taking a leaf out
the book of their Pakistani counterparts, what better way to divert
public attention than draw a red herring by inventing something
called “Saffron Terror”.
Congress spokespersons and the spokespersons of their allies, the likes
of Mulayam and Laloo, Amar and Arjun, Alva and Abhishek, Jayanati
and Moily, and the mercenary pseudo sickular intellectual lackeys in their
service took up the refrain and made it a major issue. The ever obliging
media lackeys took up the cry and for almost over two months, they were
screaming hoarse at the so called “saffron terror”.
The servile bureaucracy and the police made a beeline for their
cobweb ridden dead file rooms and came up with “dossiers”
pertaining to the alleged Malegaon blasts. They imprisoned a
holy Sadhvi, arrested a patriotic highly decorated army colonel,
detained several other patriotic Hindus and lost no time in giving
monstrous proportions to the so called saffron terror.
Crude Attempt by UPA Government to Divert
attention : Crucifying Holy Hindu Sadhvi,
patriotic army officer at the altar of Muslim votes
Cornel Purohit, Malegaon Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur
In a bid to please their political masters, the police went out of
the way to extract confessions from the arrested persons. Flouting
every legal norm and civilized behavior, the then Maharashtra
CM Deshmukh’s cops perpetrated the worst form of barbarity on
the defenceless sadhvi. As claimed by Sadhvi Pragya they illegally
detained her, beat her up, questioned her chastity, played to her
obscene tapes got her admitted to hospital, and did not even
ensure the presence of a female constable when she was being
interrogated or when she was in hospital.
The attention of the entire nation stood riveted to the train of lies, half
truths and blasphemy chugging across the national landscape. Attention
was totally diverted from the jehadi terror of a few days back.
The police, too, single-mindedly were made to engage in the
vilification of Hindus, HIndutva organizations, Hindu saints and
patriotic Hindu army officers, both serving and retired.
Sonia Piloted Manmohan Singh Government’s
diversionary tactics
With the focus of the entire nation, the
government, the police and the media
firmly fixed on this vilification campaign
of Hindu saints, patriotic soldiers and
patriotic Hindu organizations, what
better benign situation could the
Islamic jehadis from across the border
wish for, to once again unleash the
dogs of death and destruction on this
holy land in furtherance of their 1200 year old ideology of death,
defilement and destruction?
Twenty Six Eleven
It was a balmy November evening. Mumbaikars after a hectic day
at work were relaxing at their favourite watering holes. This being
Sonia Gandhi with
Prime Minister
the Hindu season of marriages, immaculately turned up guests
were attending marriage functions at the Taj and the Oberoi.
Hundreds of foreign tourists were in these hotels to savour the
flavour of exotic, incredibe India.
All of a sudden, around 9:30 pm, the terrorists struck ! They attacked
diners at a South Mumbai restaurant, targeting the foreigners dining
there. Soon Mumbai’s central bub, the CST railway station came
within their sights. Simultaneously, the Islamic jehadis struck at the
Taj and the Oberoi. Armed
with sophisticated AK47s and
hand grenades, they jehadis
caused mayhem at these
places. Each venue witnessed
the death of hundreds. The
jehadis held hundreds captive
at the hotels.. They moved into
the Jewish centre at Chabad
House and took the inmates
Early reports on TV channels headlined “Breaking News” attributed
the shooting to a gang war but soon the horrific reality of the
shootings emerged. Starting from a Colaba Café, the shooting
spread like wild fire to the Taj Mahal Hotel, the Oberoi, CST
Station, Chabad House and the Cama Hospital.
Caught absolutely off guard, the poorly equipped Mumbai police reacted
fast and reacted furiously. They check-mated the terrorists at CST and
spread out to the spots where the terrorists had struck.
It was only hours after, that the reality of the situation dawned
on the police and the slumbering government. It was not just an
ordinary terrorist attack, but a war on this country. A war that
sought to undermine the country’s morale by attacking and
destroying its commercial and cultural capital and spread panic
throughout India.
Mumbai’s brave but poorly armed
police put up a gallant fight
The first few hours of the
invasion claimed the lives
of brave and illustrious
police officers like ATS
Chief Hemant Karkare,
encounter specialist Vijay
Salaskar and Additional
CP Kamte
A war it was. Out foxed,
out gunned, the brave
police were at their wit’s
end. Their antiquated world war I .303 rifles were no match for
the array of deadly arms carried by the terrorists. The bullet proof
jackets, the few that were available, were not up to the mark
and were no match for the deadly bullets being rained from the
terrorist’s guns.
In the mean time, fanning out in pairs, the terrorists had the Taj,
the Oberoi and the Chabad House in their grip. Unable to make
a dent on the CST Station, two terrorists killed Karkare, Salaskar
and Kamte hijacked their Qualis, and ran amock through the city
spraying death until their march of death ended at Chowpatty
where the brave cops stopped them, killing one and arresting the
Pandemonium and panic
had the city in its grip. Johnny
Joseph the Maharashtra
government’s Chief Secretary
gathered his wits to call up
the Indian Navy to help. The
Navy responded by rushing
its crack commando squad,
the MARCOS who succeeded
in checkmating the terrorists
to some extent. Meantime,
A battered and shaken
foreign coupleehadi attack
The three Hindu heroes who checkmated
the Islamic jehadis from,
Pakistan, but paid with their lives
Joseph phoned New Delhi for
NSG commandos. His request was
acceded to but the commandos
arrived many, many hours later. The
brave Mumbai police held the fort
until then.
TV Channels a third eye
for terrorists to get real
time information ?
Adding to the over all panic was the battery of TV channels who
had parked themselves at vantage points at all the terror locations.
The reporters were going berserk, screaming hysterically into the
microphones leading to a situation of near panic all over the city.
While the country was facing a war, the tv channels were waging
another war, viz. the TRP War, a war to woo the maximum, number
of viewers.
As the siege progressed, the TV reporting became more shrill,
hysterical and absolutely careless. The TVs were carrying out a
no holds barred coverage, giving out every single move of the
commandos. They were, wittingly or unwittingly, feeding the
terrorists holed up at the various places and their “controllers” in
Pakistan, minute by minute real time updates about the situation
and thereby aiding them in countering our security forces. What
more help can the enemy receive than this irresponsible coverage
by the tv channels of the encounters.!!
Were Did the Terrorists come from ?
It’s a long story. It began in the badlands of Pakistan,
Masterminded, planned and executed by the notorious ISI
and the Lashkar e Toiba, a Pakistani terror outfit that has
been responsible for several terror attacks in India, the entire
operation could beat even the most meticulously written war
Scene of jehadi carnage
at CST Railway Station
Planning for the strike began
many months ago. Recruits
for the operation were hand
picked from various parts of
Pakistan, mostly Punjab. They
were given all round training
in Murdike, the viper pit of
terrorists in Pakistan for over
several months, Ten hand
picked terrorists were smuggled
into Mumbai through the sea
route. Their journey started in
Karachi where they boarded a ship Al Hussaini. They later on switched
over to a hijacked Indian fishing vessel off the Gujarat Coast and finally
made shore at Cuffe Parade in Mumbai traveling in rubber dinghies.
Abandoning the dinghies they fanned out to various targets in the city in
pairs and caused may hem that we all know about.
Citizens Butchered, City Raped, but Congress
politicians vanished ! Only to reappear later with
pompous statements
Picture of trawler in which
terrorists came to Mumbai
Bumbling State Home Minister
R.R. Patil
State CM Vilasrao Deshmukh who
undertook disaster tourism of Taj with
Ram Gopal Varma
One wonders what happened to all the Congress politicians during
the 60 hour siege of Mumbai by the terrorists. The administration
was totally paralysed. Who was in charge of the city during those
fateful hours? The DGP was cooped in his cabin till 1:40 AM
on the fateful day. New York on 9/11 had Mayor Rudy Guiliani
standing on Ground Zero guiding and encouraging his men. By
the same token, the CM, or the Home Minister or even the Mayor
were conspicuous by their absence. They left the city orphaned.
The statements coming out of their offices were misleading,
irresponsible and to say the least, absolutely discouraging. It
was much , much after the terrorists had been killed that CM
Vilasrao Deshmukh, with film producer Ram Gopal Varma in tow,
undertook , what is called a “disaster tour” of the Taj. Where was
he till then?
As for the Central government, the less said the better. Sonia
acolyte, Home Minister Shivraj Patil was at his sartorial best but
horribly ill informed, when he addressed the press in the wee hours
of the following morning. He did not inspire, much less impress.
The Battle is won, but the War is Still on !
Because it is jehad against Hindus !!
Thanks to the effort of the NSG commandos aided by the Mumbai
police, of the ten terrorists who entered Mumbai, nine were
killed and one, Amir Kasab, a Pakistani national from Faridikot
near Lahore in Pakistan was arrested. His revelations are indeed
But the war is still on! For the jihadi terrorists, it is a war against
the kaffir Hindus that has been going on for the last 1200 years
and more. As said earlier, Hindus have paid a very heavy price.
A heavy price in terms of life, the honour of their women, their
assets and properties. Why even the Hindu nation that extended
from the steppes of Central Asia to the far shores of Indonesia has
been decimated to almost one third of what it was. Hindu Punjab,
Sindh, Baluchistan and Bangladesh were torn apart and usurped
by Pakistan.
But the blood lust and the lust for Hindu lands and property of the
barbaric jehadis has not yet been satiated.
One Pakistan general said, “hanste hanste liya Pakistan, ladte
ladte lengey Hindustan. Zulifquar Ali Bhutto, father in law of the
present Pakistan President Zardari once declared a thousand year
war on India.
All this is owed to the ideology of Islam that does not recognize
that kaffirs have a right to exist. Get converted or get killed seems
to be the jehadi motto.
But do our pseudo secular Congress politicians and their likes such
as Laloo and Mulayam (Mullah) Yedav understand this? Blinded
by their vote lust, their attitude towards Hindus have been inimical.
They along with the Congress are working against the interests of the
majority population of this country. The jehadis are drawing inspiration
from the Laloos and Mulayams, from the Arjun Singhs and the Amar
Singhs and are getting emboldened by the day.
Islamic terrorism once confined only to the Kashmir valley that
forced almost the entire Hindu population to leave the valley has
not sp-read its tentacles to other parts of the country.
How pseudo secular politicians in a frenzied lust
for minority votes, and anti Hindu media betray
the country
Pseudo secular politicians and their friends in the media describe
Muslim militancy to the sense of deprivation they are feeling. They
attribute this to their anguish over the destruction of the Babri
structure and the Godhra events. . Agreeing with them for a
moment without admitting what they say, what answer do they have
for the blood bath that Islam has subjected the Hindus to over the

last 1200 years? What about the partition and post partition riots
indulged in b y India’s Muslims? Was there any Babri demolition
or Godhra events? And what about the near destruction of Hindus
and their civilization by the Muslims over the last 1200 years.
An extreme ideology needs no provocation or cause
for action. It is something built into the ideology that
is at the root cause of jehad not only in India but all
across the world.
Our pseudo secular politicians are not only turning a Nelson’s eye to
this but are also tacitly encouraging this ideology to flourish, Glaring
examples of this can be found in some recent statements, attitudes and
actions of some politicians like Laloo Yadav and Arjun Singh, cement
scam tainted former Maharashtra CM Abdul Rehman Antulay and others
. And in the actions and statements of various law enforcement agencies
acting at the behest of their Congress masters.
Just to please the Muslim vote bank
1. For instance, just to please the Muslim vote bank, Amar Singh
and Laloo Yadav questioned the death of Hindu Inspector
Meherchand Sharma during the Batla House encounter with
terrorists. These shameless politicians even went to the extent of
saying that the encounter was fake and that Inspector Sharma
had been done away with. The pro Muslim secular messiah
went one step further by openly backing the Jamia University
Vice Chancellor’s decision to provide legal aid to the terrorists
captured during the Batla House encounter.
2. While making submissions before the court in the Malegaon
case, the police went on to claim that Col. Purohit had supplied
RDX for the Samjhauta Express blast. What a lie this was when
it was on record that n o RDX was found at the scene of the
blast. Quick to react, the Pakistanis denied responsibility for
the various blasts in India and quoted the police and the
politicians statements about the Samjhauta Express blast.
It is disgusting to see the government speaking in so many different
voices. What we have on our western flank is a huge venomous
snake spitting venom on us, poisoning our country. It is a huge
snake pit breeding dangerous snakes that has made life hell for
us, nay, threatened our very existence. It is high time that this
snake was destroyed; the snake pit was blown out of existence.
But will the Laloos and the Antulays, the Amar Singhs and the
Arjun Singhs, the Mulla Mulayams and their Shahi Imam friend
allow this.
And there are also snake pits in our Holy Land that are the breeding
ground for anti Hindu terror. They are the madrassas.,,,the existing
Abdul Rehman Antulay’s
Pro Pakistani Antics–
Comonl scum luinlod Abdul Pohmun Anluluy who is now
Minislor íor Minorily Aííuirs in lho union govornmonl,
hus ruisod quoslions uboul lho doulh oí Mumbui’s bruvo
policomun Homunl Kurkuro cluiming lhul u Hindu group
wus rosponsiblo. Ho wus obviously luking u cuo írom
lho slulomonls oí his collouguos in lho govornmonl und
omboldonod lo muko such bizurro slulomonls. Whom
is Anluluy working íorº ls il lho govornmonl oí lndiu or
lho Govornmonl oí Pukislunº Woll, Anluluy, Duwood
und Mobin uro ull Konkuni Muslims lll
ones and the new ones that are mushrooming all over the country.
Preaching the same kind of ideology that is at the root cause of
Islamic terror.
Time we woke up. Time we threw out anti Hindu politicians who
are siding with the followers of the jehadi ideology. Otherwise,
India is doomed. And Hindus will become extinct.
Now the Questions
How was it possible for 10 terrorists to plot and execute such
a complex operation in a strange city without local logistical
It is apparent that they knew the layout of their targets just like the
lines on the palm of their hands? Who briefed them and guided
The terrorists were absolutely at home at the Taj knowing every
nook and cranny like long time residents. How was this possible
for perfect strangers to the city?
Did the Indian Intelligence agencies receive intelligence about
the likelihood of such an attack? If so, why was nothing done to
prevent the attack?
Sources say that there were intelligence reports received
from the IB and RAW and these were passed on to the
Mumbai police, which, in turn, passed the same on to the
Taj Management. If so why was not anything done by the
Vilasrao Deshmukh Government?
Did the Indian Coast Guard apprehend a boat load of terrorists
off the Gujarat coast? It is said that the occupants of the boat
bribed their way out? Is this true?
If so has the government investigated this?

Who were the local persons or groups who provided logistical
and other support to the terrorists?
ON what basis did Hassan Ghaffoor, Mumbai’s Police
Commissioner State that there was no local support to the terrorists?
In the same breath, DG Police Roy was not so categorical about
the same?
Where was Hassan Ghaffoor till 12:20 am on the fateful night?
According to Ramdas Kadam, he (Kadam) had to wake up Hassan
What is the role of Dawwod Ibrahim and his gang in the attack?
Dawood was the mastermind of the 93 Mumbai bombings and
had brought the RDX for the blasts via sea from Pakistan. Besides
his network of smugglers is still in tact. Why weren’t these gangsters
arrested and questioned?
Narayan Rane has categorically stated that he knows that the
terrorists had some links with some members of the government?
Who are they? Why has not the police arrested Rane and made
him spill the beans?
Who is this shady character Tariq Parveen alleged to be Dawood’s
henchman. What was he doing during a meeting at the Congress
headquarters in Mumbai when Vialasrao Deshmuh was present?
The Vora Committee reports that some Muslim politicians are
involved in terrorist activities? Why have they not been named? It
will be worth noting that a former Congress minister from Gujarat
has been convicted for his role in the 93 Mumbai blasts. Has he
been quizzed?
The 93 blasts and 26/11 have a lot in common. For one, in both
the cases, the sea route was used. RDX for the 93 blasts came
via sea. The 26/11 terrorists also came by sea. Is there a linkage
between the two?
If so, why not interrogate all the accused and the convicts in the
93 bomb blasts case. And that includes convicted actor Sanjay
The various restaurants and bars in the Taj and the Oberoi are
the favourite watering places for the Bollywood Suparstars. A lot
of Bollywood denizens are known to have Dubai connections and
connections with the underworld. How is it that none of them was
present at these places when the jehadi attack too place? Was it
just coincidence? Was it premonition? Or was it something else?
During one of his TV appearances Vilasrao Deshmukh claimed
that over 20 terrorists had landed in Mumbai, How does he know
this? What happened to the other 10?
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