“Dangerous Minds “

A film value analysis presented by

Melecio Salgado Balero BSED III- E


Dr. Danilo B. Solayao In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Values, Ethics and Relevant Laws Polytechnic University of the Philippines San Pedro Laguna 1st Semester S.Y 2011-2012



A. Title of the film: Dangerous Minds B. Scripture: LouAnne Johnson C. Director: John N. Smith D. Cast/ Character

Michelle Pfeiffer George Dzundza

LouAnne Johnson Hal Griffith

Courtney B. Vance Mr George Grandey Robin Bartlett Beatrice Winde John Neville Lorraine Toussaint Renoly Santiago Wade Dominguez Bruklin Harris Ms Carla Nichols Mary Benton Waiter Irene Roberts Raul Sanchero Emilio Ramirez Callie Roberts

Marcello Thedford Cornelius Bates Roberto Alvarez Richard Grant (III) Gusmaro Rivera Durrell Benton

Marisela Gonzalez Angela Toni Nichelle Buzhardt Nikki Norris Young Kareem

Rahman Ibraheem Big Desire Galvez Wilson Limpo Raymond Grant Veronica Robles Taiwana Roderick Lionel Benton Stephanie

Michael Archuleta (II) Oso Deshanda Carter Ebony Jerido Tanyekia Deanne

Brandi Younger Asia Minor (II) Karina Arroyave Paula Garces Ivan Sergei

Grip Pam Josy Alvina Huero

Mark Prince Edwards PJ Ismael Archuleta Skye Basset Lalo Jody

Gaura Vani Buchwald Warlock Cynthia Avila Mrs Sanchero

Roman J. Cisneros Mr Sanchero Camille Winbush Al Israel Tyeisha Roberts Mr Santiago

Brian Anthony (II) Joey Jason Gutman Lara Spotts Danny Strong Boris Vaks Adam Dianna Student Student

Irene Olga Lopez (II) Woman No 1--School Office Jeff Feringa Sarah Marshall Freez Luv Librarian No 1 Librarian No 2 Security Guard


I really do not know what kind of film is “Dangerous Past”. The first time I heard the title of the film, I was thinking that maybe it is all about killing.

I watched the movie during typhoon Pedring. It was a perfect day for me, even though electricity was running out. I was just alone contemplating about the movie.



Adam Webber is the only son of a scientist that invented a shelter bomb that situated under the ground of their house. Adam met a girl named Eve at the baseball card store. Eve is the woman who helped him out in everything that his mother told him.

Evening of year 1962, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Webber held a party in their house. During the party, a friend of them told that there will be a Cuban missile crisis. So madcap scientist Calvin Webber, and his pregnant wife went into their bomb shelter to avoid nuclear explosion.

Mrs. Webber gives birth to a son whom they name Adam. Adam grows up and nurtured by his parent with good values. Adam and his parents just spent a distinctly normal life in the bomb shelter for thirty five years. Webber’s supplies have run out. Mrs. Webber told Adam to go up and shop for their supplies.

The time has come that Adam step out and discover the world. Adam was so surprised with the things he has seen in the outside world. He encountered a lot of negative values that he had never been seen with his parents for thirty five years. Adam met a simple girl named Eve at baseball card stores. Eve is the woman that helped Adam to explore the outside world. Eve does not know where really Adam lives. She is thinking that Adam is from an ethnic or tribal group. She is very doubtful of the man that she has met. She cannot understand how Adam knows everything in the world. Eve admires Adam for being a good person and full of good values man.

Adam is exposed with new things through Eve and her gay best friend Troy. Adam was surprised when Eve hired a psychiatrist. Eve thinks that Adam is a psychotic. The psychiatrist tried to encourage Adam to go with her however, Adam resists against the psychiatrist. He run out and drove to his bomb shelter. Eve is trying to find Adam if where did he go. Eve did not lose hope. She accidentally found Adam near the adult store. And at the end, Adam and Eve fell in love with each other.

IV. Values Analysis

1. Explain the title of the film? How appropriate is it? Dangerous Minds is a very good movie for teachers and students. The title of the movie is appropriate to the title because it tells how dangerous to teach the minds of students.. 2. Characterize the protagonist/s and antagonist/s (if there’s any) of the story. Almost all characters in the film are protagonist. They displayed good characters.

3. Who among the characters impressed you most? Eve. Because she is the one who puts color in the life of Adam in the outside world. She has been a good friend to Adam from the time he has met him. Mrs. Webber. Because she is a submissive wife .She taught Adam good moral character and plays the role of a loving and caring mom. Mr. Webber. Because he is a faithful husband. He nurtured Adam and turns him into a good and respectful man. Adam. Because he is very respectful and courteous man. He shows a teachable heart and mind.

4. Which part/episode of the story do you like best? Explain. When Adam and Eve met at the baseball card store. It shows how a man leads a lost soul into a right path. Just like a hymn entitled ,” Jesus, Lead the way 5. Cite at least 5 lines or dialogues in the film that reflect the character’s values. “Manners are a way of showing other people we care about them.” -Adam “Uh, Eve, this is Adam. Look, I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me. And I wanted to tell you that I... that uh... that I wish so many good things for you. I wish so hard that all of your dreams come true, and... and that's all I... and that's all. “ “ Lord, let us be ever mindful of the needs of other” -Adam -Adam

“Excuse me sir, but I would really appreciate if you wouldn’t take the name of the Lord in vain” -Adam “I know, I mean I thought a "gentleman" was somebody that owned horses. But it turns out, his short and simple definition of a lady or a gentleman is, someone who always tries to make sure the people around him or her are as comfortable as possible.” -Troy


What were your feelings toward the conclusion/end of the story? If you were

the writer, how would you have ended the story? Explain.


The ending of the story is good because it helps viewer to think and to be creative

in doing the conclusion. If I were the writer I would end the story like Adam and Eve get married.

V. Conclusion and Recommendations
1. What Values have you gained from watching the film?       

Respectfulness Obedience Politeness Patience Faithfulness Prayerfulness Hopefulness

    

Helpfulness Honesty Religious Loveliness Open-mindedness

2. Would you recommend the film to a friend? If yes, why? If no, why not?

"Blast from the Past" is a great movie to watch because it has a lot of good values. I would recommend to my friends that “Blast from the Past” film is good movie to watch. I would say so that they can relate to the movie through the values that the film is showing.

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