Writing about myself turns out to be one of the hardest things but when we were handed the assignment

I felt this will turn out to be the easiest thing. Well here it goes. I, Sagar Relan, was born on 1986 May 12 at New Delhi. My father, Mr. S.J.B. Relan is a Chartered Accountant & has his own practice in New Delhi. My mother, Mrs. Neena Relan, is a Home Maker. I'm the youngest of 2 children. My brother,Saurabh Relan is also a Chartered Accountant, he got married 2 years back to Nitya Relan & on November 2 was blessed with a son, Rahil Relan.

After completing my graduation from Delhi university I was at cross roads, whether to go for a post graduate course or like many of my friends utilize my BA (Hons) degree & get a job. My best friend, Dev meanwhile was planning to go abroad for master degree in United Kingdom, he informed me about his plans during my birthday celebrations. As a kid I was always fascinated to go abroad for education purpose, so I gave his idea a bit more thought. After much dilemma I convinced myself that going abroad & doing a post graduate degree is the best option for me. Now the question arise was which course I should take up, during that time Investment banking was a profession which really intrigued me. So after much survey I zeroed on doing MSc (Finance) from University of Essex, London. On joining the course the realty struck me, I was 21 at that time & the average age of my class was 30. There were ex bank employees, people who had worked in stocks as my classmates, basically guys who have good amount of work experience & some knowledge about the subject as my classmates. Within months I realized that this course won’t be easy as the language used in the class & the command required was beyond me. But I struck it out, there was an option open for a month that students who wish change the course or leave the course are allowed. But for me it was choice I made, so no matter what I will struck it out. Which exactly what I did, I stayed up nights, burned the midnight oil in library & passed the course with 59% aggregate. Once the course was over, finding my dream job as a invested banker was upon me. But the recession really killed the dream that I had. During my placement time, Lehman Brother had gone bankrupt; Citibank was on the verge of one & all the companies I applied to had a strict policy. One the interviewer at

Barclays Bank, even asked me with no work experience & not the best grades I used expect into a investing bank that easily. I found it hard to believe, I didn’t invest money & time to hear a 35 yr old lady tell me that I am not good enough. I stayed on in London, worked at Tesco’s & ASDA, made a living & survived, but not working in the finance field always bothered me. After spending almost 2 yrs in London, I came back home, with tag of failing on my back. I tried hard for jobs here as well, but to no avail. I was in a state of depression as time was flying by, friends doing well in their respective fields. My parents wanted me to do MBA, as master degree from London didn’t really help me. I agreed with my parents that I needed to do MBA if I want to get into an industry other than finance. But where I disagree with them was at the timming. The lesson o lerant in London was never do a professional course without work ex, it provides you the analytical mindset. So mu hunt for job started, at this time I was despraete to work & earn my living & spend according to my wish. During this time, I met a senior Agency manager at MetLife, Gurgaon.i went through the process of selection & was offered a job of an assistant sales manager. I consulted my parents & got serious about taking up the job. I stood up & took up a job of Assistant Sales Manager at MetLife Insurance co. Gurgaon. The salary was good, workplace pleasant, but the peace of mind not. My father being Chartered Accountant would always help me find clients who were need of it. I felt as that I was cheating myself, doing a job where my contribution was zero & still was being payed, my self esteem took a hit. I knew that I wanted to move out of there, but where was the question. During that time I met Mr. Mehra, CEO AWL, a 3PL company based in Gurgaon, he is a family friend & a guest lecturer at IILM’s. my parents wanted me to speak to him & get some career prospective. I met him at his office, where we would constantly get disturbed with telephone & his managers meeting him for directions. I was taken aback with the multi tasking he did, I got really intrigued about his work & what he did. After which I got a 30min speech about supply chain & Logistics, on understanding the concept I convinced myself that this is the line I want to get into. The initial days of my job were very easy going, I was given a workplace to sit & understand the concept of logistics. My day would start with me logging on to system, marking my attendance & learning via observation. Wikipedia saved my

life, I would search all the terms used in office & learn. I got my first assignment after completion of my first month, the work was to make a database of prospect clients. I called about hundreds of companies spoke to their Supply Chain managers, wasn’t easy at first, many managers never really spoke to me & to whom I spoke were not that interested. My manager saw my struggle felt that asked me to move to operations if I wanted to, but I took it as a challenge to at least find a client whom I can talk to confidently & convey my company services offered. This will of mine motivated me & I got more confident, not only I spoke to the managers, I even managed to fix up meetings. My first ever sales meeting was with Ms. Anju Thapa, Telesoft Technologies, Noida. By the end of 1st year on my job, I progressed from being a managing trainee to Business Development manager. During November of 2009, there was a situation in the company, RFS our major customer whom we were serving as warehouse & transport manager had some issues with our services, our warehouse in panvel, Mumbai had failed to serve them as they wished. There were invoice goof ups, shipments being transported late & a lot of stacked up material at the warehouse. CEO of my company trusted me & sent me to take care of the situation. It took me & my team about a month to ractify the condition at the warehouse & get a all clear nod from RFS./ that was a very proid moment for me in the company. Upon my arrival back to Gurgaon, I could see,that my work friends took me seriously & respected what I had achieved. At back of my mind I knew that I want to be an entrepreneur, even at my workplace I wanted to work with freedom. But when you work for someone, he expects you to work according to the protocols, but I guess I was a rebel in that. So after working for an year, I quitted my job & started my own 3PL company “Right Freight Pvt. Ltd.” Initially I was scared when I used to think about the future, but if anything that I have learnt from my expreince is never back down & always be up for a challenge. Worked hard in my venture & did well, but one question that always shook me was if the company doesn’t work in future then what? Do I have a degree to fall back on? To which the answer was NO!! so my search for a good MBA institute started, I zeroed it on IMT, Ghaziabad as they also offer domain specific course along with UPES. My aunt, Dr. Sunita Chugh, had previously done research work here in UPES, she knew the faculty & Mr. Sanjay Kaul. She had good views about the college &

encouraged me to take it up, on her advice I spoke to official here at UPES & would go through the courses offered by UPES. I was certain that I wanted to get into LSCM branch as my background is of logistics & supply chain. I sat for UPSET exam that took place in delhi. After clearing the exam & was called up for a GD & PI round. My GD & PI went very well & I was certain that I will get through, which i did. My Career Alternatives after I finish my MBA, As I was an entrepreneur previously, I wish to go back & restart my work with enthusiasm, but one hurdle that I faced during my work was people would find it difficult to trust me & assign me with their work due to my lack of experience. Logistics & Supply chain are the core ingredient of a company, the basic functioning of a company depends upon it therefore they would need a solid background of the individual whom they choose to work for them. So my action plan for this situation is to find myself a job in supply chain sector in companies like Wal-Mart, Honda or even consultation work in Bains or Accenture, where I can enhance my skills as a supply chain manager. What I am sure of is that I don’t want to get into operational work as I did that in previous job. I wish to get experience working in any of mentioned industries either as a business development head or purchase manager where I’ll be at the fore front of the company. This will help in building my network with the respective managers of these companies. My ultimate aim is to be an entrepreneur & establish my company as 3PL & consultancy

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