Dear CERT Family,
June 25, 2012

Dr. Saulo Gamarra is a Peruvian dentist who volunteered on His first mission trip with CERT in 2006. That trip carved an eternal mark in Dr. Saulo’s heart, later revealed in his comments at our closing banquet. Please allow me to recount a story we shared in a newsletter six years ago … as more is being revealed. Anita was an 8 year old Peruvian deaf mute, who was living with one of our partnering missionaries. The missionary and some of his children served as interpreters in our clinics, so Anita came too. Due to her age and physical limitations, Anita was into “everything”. If it were not for Grace, one might say she was “in the way”. But Dr. Saulo “saw” so much more. At the end of the last clinic day, Anita plowed her way into Saulo’s lap and gave him a big hug, the reference point to his comments in our closing banquet. Through a great big hug from a special child, Jesus whispered to Saulo, “thank you for loving my children and telling them about me.” As the words rolled out of his mouth you could “SEE” that Saulo was on a life changing journey with Jesus. Since his first mission trip in 2006, Dr. Saulo has volunteered on multiple CERT missions in Peru’s Andes Mountain and its Amazon Jungle. We’ve become pretty close serving on many teams together. Approximately three years ago, Dr. Saulo began telling me that he was unclear of what God wanted him to do. There was uncertainty of “direction” in his service to the Lord. THIS IS WHERE THE STORY GETS REALLY GOOD … Last spring, 2011 Dr. Saulo sold his dental practice, all his instruments and equipment. I asked him what he was going to do … at the age of 40 something. Four months later he is in Brisbane Australia with YWAM (Youth With A Mission), attending Discipleship Training School at the University of The Nations. After weeks of classroom study and discipleship training in Australia, young dental student in the Andes Mountains of Peru Saulo and other DTS grads were selected to do their “outreach” in Siligui, India and Nepal. I wish we had time to go into the miracles Saulo witnessed in India and Nepal, or should I say those Christ performed in and through him. BELIEVE ME, Dr. SAULO EXPERIENCED THE GREATER THINGS!
Dr. Saulo providing free dental care while teaching a

Anita … a messenger from the LORD

Dr. Saulo … giving Anita loving care

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” John 14:12
THE NEXT CHAPTER … Saulo recently visited in the USA for a week before returning to Cusco, Peru. Although I did not get to see him, we spoke on the phone several times. His recent step of faith, has greatly increased his faith. Its challenging yet encouraging to witness a man who at “half-time” in his life; when most are planning for retirement, Dr. Saulo is investing in his eternal rewards.

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TWO YEARS AGO … I would have bet the ranch Saulo would not return to Cusco. Good thing I don’t bet. He is returning, though a different man with a new mission. He is starting a free dental clinic for needy children in Cusco. I asked how he planned to fund it, with certainty he replied, “God will take care of it.” His “new mission” is the most exciting and what many Biblical scholars call the main thing. He will be teaching dentistry in a university, his main objective being to mold young dental students into DISCIPLES OF JESUS CHRIST WHO MAKE DISCIPLES OF JESUS CHRIST, … “Therefore go make disciples …” Matthew 28:18-20.

ANOTHER CHANGED LIFE … I just got off the
phone with 19 year old Lauren Heitzman. Lauren just returned from a five month stint with YWAM in Costa Rica. Her mom, Pam is a nurse who took Lauren on two CERT medical missions to Mexico five years ago. I wished you could have heard the Spirit in Lauren’s voice as she described her DTS training and outreach experience. Her first words to me being , “I am so different Bruce, I didn’t learn this stuff in church. We saw Him most in the poorest places.” I’ve been following Lauren via emails and Facebook and asked Lauren Heitzman and a new Costa Rican friend her … what’s next. Praying, she is feeling lead to take another leap with YWAM in Tijuana Mexico come January to battle prostitution and child trafficking. You might say this angel has found her wings and is learning to fly! There are dozens more people / stories similar to Saulo and Laurens. People of faith who took their first step with CERT are finding life, discovering what it means to truly live by giving their lives for others. Many are starting their own ministries, while others are committed to where they started. The first step … is to get started!

We cannot thank you enough for your prayers and financial support. You make it possible for CERT to GO. From June 22 – July 21 we will have 61 team members on four different teams in foreign lands. I can’t help but wonder how many will be “changed”. Let us pray that Christ is “SEEN” by all and He changes the lives of all those who go.

><> Might it be your time? ><> Might it be your finances? ><> Might it be your life? We have multiple trips needing team members this fall and 2013. We have life changing ministries in need of your best gift today. God wants all of us and He wants us all. (Luke 10:2)

Thank you for listening and stepping wherever God leads you,

e Bruc
Bruce Rainwater CERT Staff

PS … Your financial partnership provides “life” to those we serve. Please send your best gift today.

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