Buen provecho / Enjoy

Pan con tomate 6 (+3 for Jamón Serrano or Mandrana Manchego or Boquerones) Toasted slices of country bread, brushed with garlic and fresh tomato Aceitunas marinadas 5 Marinated Spanish olives Padrones 7 Fried Spanish pepper, maldon salt

Sopas y Ensaladas / Soups and Salads
Gazpacho 7 Classic chilled Spanish tomato soup, dehydrated carrots, olive oil powder Cebiche blanco 13 Gulf shrimp, bay scallops, salmon roe, cilantro, avocado, red onion, cucumber, sundried tomatoes, crème fraiche Carpaccio de Remolachas 9 Roasted beets, endives, walnut, orange segments, Serrano ham, beet dressing Ensalada de cabra 10 Mixed greens, apples chips, deep fried goat cheese, candied almonds, marinated cherry tomatoes, red onions Terrina de remolachas 8 Roasted beets, truffle goat cheese, Pedro Ximenez dressing

Oysters (2 ea)

Mignonette and homemade horseradish ketchup Umami | Caraquet | Fire River

Seafood Platter
Plato Marisco 55 4 Umami, 4 Fire River, 4 Caraquet, 8 mussels, 1½ lbs Maine lobster, 4 clams, 6 poached shrimp, 6 sea snails, mignonette, marinated sour spinach with salmon roe and homemade ketchup

Embutidos / Charcuterie
Jamón Ibérico Fermín 14 Cured ham from the famous Spanish black-footed Ibérico pig Lomo Ibérico Fermín 14 Smoke-cured acorn fed pork loin Jamón Serrano Navidul 12 18-month salted cured Serrano ham Ibérico Pata Negra plate 28 Ibérico Fermín and 5J Pata Negra Selección de embutidos (choice of 4 for 21, 6 for 26) Sobrassada, Serrano ham, salshishon, fuet, chorizo imperial (mild or spicy), morcilla

Queso / Cheese

(individual servings, 6) Selección de queso (choice of 4 for 21, 6 for 26) Manchego (sheep), Tetilla (cow), Ibérico (cow, goat, sheep), San Simon (cow), Garrotxa (goat), La Peral (blue cow), Nevat (goat), Urgelia (cow), Idiazabal (sheep)

Croquetas de Bacalao 9 Codfish fritters, asparagus aioli (3pcs) Croquetas de Jamón 8 Serrano ham fritters, piquillo sauce (4 pcs) Croquetas de Queso 7 Tetilla and Idiazabal cheese fritters with plantain chips (4pcs) Patatas bravas 7 Crispy potatoes with spicy paprika tomato aioli Tortilla al minuto 8 (con chorizo +1) Minute Spanish potato omelet with caramelized onions Espárragos a la Plancha 12 Roasted asparagus, garlic, Idiazabal cheese cloud, herb oil, roasted almonds Espinaca 8 Sautéed spinach, pine nuts, golden raisin, garlic chips, olive oil Coliflor y Almendras 8 Fried cauliflower with mint almond milk dressing Huevo de Pato y champiñones 12 Duck egg, exotic mushrooms, shoestring potatoes, truffle salsa verde Pulpo en su tinta 14 Plancha pulpo, fingerling potatoes, tomato confit, padrones, squid ink sauce Fideua negra 14 Sautéed tender cuttlefish, squid ink, fideua pasta, Manila clams and aioli Foie gras y vieiras 15 Plancha sea scallops, seared foie gras, morels, green lentils, Serrano ham, spinach purée Arroz a la plancha 16 Slow cooked bomba rice, shrimp, asparagus, Tetilla cheese, trumpet mushroom Mejillones de Madras 13 Steamed Prince Edward Island mussels with curry madras, spicy chorizo, shallots, parsley, white wine Langosta y Lingüini 16 ½ poached lobster, squid ink fideua pasta, grilled shrimp, mushrooms, peas, saffron mussel broth Mini chorizo a la plancha 12 Smoked bacon wrapped chorizo, Cabrales cheese stuffed dates

Piquillos rellenos con cordero 13 Lamb stuffed piquillo peppers, sautéed corn and haricot verts Cansalada 15 Crispy pork belly with sea urchin, garlic Japanese eggplant, miso-tempranillo sauce, pickled ramps, dried Provençal tomatoes Lomo de buey 17 8oz grilled prime ribeye steak, grilled asparagus, potato churros, shallots tempranillo puree, maître D butter

2 person minimum; 19.50 per person; please allow 30 minutes for preparation Cadaqués Bomba rice, squid, shrimp, gambas, clams, mussels, cuttlefish, monkfish Valenciana Bomba rice, chorizo, chicken, pork sausage, squid, shrimp, gambas and mussels Negra Bomba rice, cuttlefish, clams and maya shrimp, squid ink, mussels, aioli Vegetariana Bomba rice, mushrooms, asparagus, peas, green peppers, red peppers, cauliflower, garlic, onions, saffron

Postres / Desserts
Churros 7 Dark hot chocolate liégeois Crema Catalán 6 Catalan crème brulée Chocolate Fundido 9 Molten chocolate cake with homemade strawberry ice cream Piruletes de Xocolata 8 Deep fried chocolate lollipops, Madagascar vanilla dip Degustación de helado 10 Homemade chocolate chip, plantain praline, lemon, fresh strawberry ice crea

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